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My self-summary
LOVE, PEACE, COOL VIBES, CATERING to the precious SOUL! ..If these words dont resonate with you, don't read any further. And if they do, then welcome! ;) I'm Interested in getting to know NEW people! ) Welcoming MEN & WOMEN! I would love a healthier , more spiritual circle! I'm moving to San Francisco in a few months! I'm thrilled!!! In the meantime I'm open to meeting and linking up with some like-minded individuals! 🙏🏾😀

Lets chat the day away over tea/coffee or dance the night away, meditate & zone out! Embrace one anothers energy! Im completely in love with life itself and my own life! This universe is quite an amazzzing one! I have been thru some very rough times in my past. That hurt and dissapointment and confusion has led me to pure happiness! Im very grateful to be alive and well. To share my zest and love with others! If you re a positively, spiritually, healthy and loving person we are soooo gonna get along like two peas in a pod! ;-)

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more. That plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds"-Nicholas Sparks(The Notebook)
Favorite love poem. And yea.. You guessed right! Im a true romantic, mushy, passionate person lol!

Seeking compassionate and spiritual cool people to hangout with, evolve with, have fun with and cherish life with! .... Someone who knows how to communicate and enjoys intellectual stimulating conversations regarding life, metaphysics and spirituality.. Or just someone who adds some extra color to life! Someone who enjoys their own life, loves the little things, someone who doesnt make most decisions thru the ego and CATERS TO THE SOUL!!! The more spiritually aware I become, the more I tend to make wiser decisions and crave living my life in a more healthier, happier carefree lifestyle!
*If your life is similar to the above, send me a mssg and let's celebrate life together!! Whooo hoooo!!!

Im a very independent, carefree, loving, wise, COMPASSIONATE person. I love making others feel good in their own skin, positive energy, excitement, PASSION radiates from me! Im a big sweetheart! but at the same time, I dont take any bullshhh** LOL!!

Im also a professional retired model. I change up my looks alot! Why not! Its fun creating new looks.

I LOVE EVERYONE & ALL RACES! Everyone is beautiful in their own way! White, Spanish, Black, Asian..It doesn't matter. Most of my ex's were English, Black, Jewish and Italian.

Most importantly, I love to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!! Through travel! I could be found anywhere! From DC, NYC to Jamaica or Puerto Rico! Who knows! Just depends on my mood and what type of getaway I'm looking for.. Adventure or pure relaxation! ;) I also live my life to the fullest by surrounding myself around positive energy/people, live entertainment and loving others. Embracing love in all ways of life with friends, family and especially with that special someone..

I love writing poetry,reading, getting tattoos, working out, sketching and dancing! I like going to lounges everynow & then. Hate the atmosphere, but I love the variety of music!

My pet-peeves are liars, cheaters and people who claim they're about something they're not. Just keep it REAL with me..
Whenever I need relaxation, I go to the beach and just lay out and listen to the waves crashing on the shore. It's so soothing and therapeutic! or meditate at home with candles and pure silence! ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Loving every damn moment!!! Surrounding myself around positive, happy, spiritual ppl. Sometimes its a task to find. I try to take each and everyday for what it is. I stop to smell the roses... Literally! I take long walks and take in the entire atmosphere.. the beautifully sketched clouds in the sky, the light breeze that blows softly thru my hair and how it feels on my skin, the warmth from the sun, the trees and its colorful leaves or flowers..just EVERYTHING! I enjoy my life in a variety of ways ;)
I’m really good at
Its amazzzing when you discover why you re here on this earth and what you re meant to do in this lifetime! And let me tell you it has nothing to do with working in an office or societies definition of work. It all boils down to one thing! LOVE!!! Expressing this in a variety of ways to others! That is the true service I seek fulltime all day, everyday! Even to those who don't seem to deserve it. Because those are the ones who need it more than anyone else! <3
I am also really good at my job as a legal assistant at my medical malpractice/criminal law firm.
Recently decided to pursue reiki healing & massage! Superrr exciiited about it! Love making others feel good thru energy soothing and transfer! I hope to get out of the law industry and get more established as a reiki practioner! Wish me luck!
Being attentive is pretty essential! So Im pretty great at that. My friends feel as though I shouldve been a therapist .

Definitely pretty great at channelling positive energy! Feeling the vibe in the atmosphere, reading auras, feeling energy from people and crystals! Trusting&allowing my intuition to guide me before making decisions! Oh yea! And Im great at being affectionate! It varies from person to person..depending on the energy/vibe!
The first things people usually notice about me
If you re spiritually aware, you may feel my positive, compassionate and jumpy energy! Varies with person to person. Sometimes its quite calming. But uhh..what else.. Im pretty friendly, respectful, non-judgmental, out-going. Although I can so be a little shy in the beginning in new surroundings. And...? You ll just have to see for yourself!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books-Anything by Ernest Holmes & Joel Osteen or Jackie Collins..one of my favorite books to read is " You can heal your life" by Louise Hay. Very inspiring novel... Also, "The magic of thinking BIG " by David Schwartz. "The power of your subconscious mind" and "Think yourself rich", by Joseph Murphy~great novels! Love it ;)

Movies-I love old classics like anything by Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley
Temple, Cary Grant and many others. As far as current films,
there's too many I love. Can't even begin to name them. But I love action films. Pretty much anything that Angelina Jolie is in! Omg! And I love that movie, The Notebook! Big fav!
I love documentaries/informative interviews of all such on the following- Dalai Lama, Oprah, Mother Teresa..and pretty much anyone who is/was a spiritual/positive influence on humanity. Anything regarding this awesome universe, metaphysics, crystals, UFO's, Area 51
The six things I could never do without
1. Soap
2. A great novel about adventure or metaphysics
3. LOVE! For others and the self ;) <3
4. Positive energy
5. A fresh cup of coffee
6. A passionate & deep spiritual connection w/someone! So deep, time flies by without us acknowledging it, eyes are locked (in a trance) as the windows to our souls are revealed! Feeling explorative and mesmerized! ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life in general. It's so AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL and very ironic! I'm just so grateful to be alive!

We all have our plans and goals for ourselves, but sometimes what we want isn't best for our lives! Either for right now or not at all. I try to cherish every moment of being on this earth.

Our minds are such a powerful thing! I ve learned a lot in the past few months, in that regards. Currently doing research with reading peoples auras, telekinesis, telepathic communication, astral projection and teleportation. Verrrrry Interesting! I also believe in soul mates and twin flames . I have met at least 3 different types of soul mates! It was a beautiful union, transformational.. I often wonder if I'll manifest my long-term soul mate! I feel I am quite close!
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm sometimes either at home watching a movie, by myself or I may have a few of my girlfriends over. Possibly doing research on metaphysics and crystals..

Or sometimes, I'm out with a huge group of friends dancing the night away at a nice club/lounge.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Umm.. I use to get a lot of funny and wild mssgs from all sorts. Dwarfs, married couples seeking threesomes, 80 yr old men asking if I would be their sex slave...ha ha ha.. No judgments tho. Whatever floats your boat! I just realized I needed to change my profile to be more strict with what and who I'm looking to attract I guess. It was a good laugh anyway lol!
You should message me if
*Send me a message if spirituality excites you! Its something you crave! And live by! Or if you can see us creating a strong positive force to be reckon with! Peace n Love! <3