31 Spring Grove, PA
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My self-summary
I'm a geeky-gothy-plus-sized girl in a sporty-poppy-skinny world. I wear glasses, and have bad habits. I like to smoke, drink, and curse like sailor. I'm into cartoons and serial killers and have a high IQ. If you are into simple creatures, I think you've checked out my profile by mistake.

I can be silly and serious, my personality type is INFJ, and I hate practically everyone.

If this didn't scare you off you're either really fucking stupid or you're my kind of person. I'm not looking for fuck buddies or for a boyfriend, I've got that angle covered.

If you wanna chat, feel free to message me. I'll get back with you as soon as I'm in a social mood. Being introverted is fun but doesn't lend itself well to social networking ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Contemplating the mysteries of my universe. Recalibrating myself to exist in the realm of reality while my mind traverses the fictitious and superfluous.

Figuring out what my major is going to be when I hit up a 4 year university. Hoping to figure this out sooner rather than later but so many aspects of life interest me, not all of them profitable/practical. It is rather difficult to pick something practical while at the same time not so dull I will want to take an ice pick to my brain to achieve relief from the awful.

When I'm not doing any of the above, I'm reading as many books as I can get my hands/kindle on, I'm writing poetry or short fiction to amuse myself, I'm gaming on facebook (don't judge me lol), watching random movies (mostly cartoons), as well as figuring out how to get an income source so I can be self sufficient.

Oh, and apparently I help run the largest Marilyn Manson Facebook fangroup now. All 2nd in command and shit. O.o
I’m really good at
Social Networking (online), Problem solving, coloring, noticing inconsistencies in behavior, being quiet, small gestures of appreciation, listening to others, making analogies.

Writing dark/erotic poetry, Singing, Sewing, Word Games (Literati, Scrabble, Word Womp, Word Mole, etc), Reading, and diffusing intense situations.
The first things people usually notice about me
-->tattoos and/or eyebrow piercing

---> On this site? That I take a lot of tests and have answered tons of questions. No really, go take a look. I'll wait right here. *swirls ice cubes around in glass of iced tea* :)

-->If I lost 100 more lbs, I could probably make a fortune as a live action version of Daria Morgendorffer. ;)

-->blue eyes

-->hair is wicked long and oddly dyed, most of the time. Right now it is some sort of brunette mixed with reds. I am thinking of going back to bright red in the future, but for now this will have to do. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
1984, Anthem, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Anita Blake Series, Southern Vampire Series, Stranger in a Strangeland, Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Chronicles, The Hobbit, The Wheel of Time, The Kybalion, the Ender's Game books (even though Mr. Card has beliefs that are different from mine), the Hunger Games trilogy, R.A. Salvatore books revolving around Drizzt Do'Urden. The Giver, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Indian Captive and Sign of the Beaver. Oh and Aliens Ate My Homework by Bruce Coville. :)

Currently Reading: An Echo In the Bone (Gabaldon)

Forget Will Ferrell. Yuck. If it is a movie and he is in it, I'm so not down with it! Sci-Fi, Gory Horror films, Action, Comedy, Comic Book, Anime, Musicals, Documentaries, Fantasy... I really don't have a particular favorite genre. Whatever looks interesting and grabs my attention ;)

Specific movies: American Psycho, Mirror Mask,Labyrinth,Legend,The Sword in The Stone,Natural Borne Killers, The Crow, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Les Miserables,Rent, So much more.

Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, Dexter, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Weeds, anything interesting on Discover, The History Channel, or Animal Planet (non-"reality" tv, more documentaries), Big Bang Theory, Hemlock Lane, Daria, Dollhouse, Roar, Invasion America, Adventure Time, and much much more

Blutengel (Die With You is my favorite song at the moment), Diary of Dreams (Favorite song is She), Jack Off Jill (Nazi Halo), Hollywood Undead (Outside), Marilyn Manson (Thrift), Beautiful Creatures (Time and Time Again), Stabbing Westward (TV), Cradle of Filth (Nymphetamine), NIN (Reptile), KoRN (Alone I Break), Limp Bizkit (Behind Blue Eyes), Depeche Mode (World In My Eyes), REM (Losing My Religion), Eminem (Rap God), 3 6 Mafia (It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp), Ludacris (She Said), Adam and His Package (Punk Rock Academy), Sex Pistols (God Save The Queen), VNV Nation (Illusion), Cruxshadows (Winterborn- Subway to Sally Remix), Behemoth (The Lord is Upon Me), Poets of the Fall (Someone Special), Awolnation Sail, Ladytron, Goldfrapp, London After Midnight (Spider and the Fly), Terminal Choice (Don't Go), Velvet Acid Christ (Slut), Patsy Cline (After Midnight), Jeff Hilliard (Good Life), Lonely Island, Yvlis, A Perfect Circle (Pet), Tool (Parabola), Pink (Stop Falling) Dear gods am I still adding? I love music, okay?

Food: Nutella, Fresh baked bread, dark chocolate, Peanut Butter anything (practically), peppered beef jerky, pizza--from New England area; the further south you go on the East coast the less desirable it gets. I know this from experience. lol. Sushi. Pho. Turkey, ... I'm not very picky. As long as it doesn't look or smell bad, we're good. Oh and it doesn't have mushrooms in it. ; ; I'm allergic.

Beverages: Tea (Earl Grey, Chai, and Iced), coffee, chocolate or strawberry milk, Water
The six things I could never do without
music, coffee, sex, my glasses, soft fluffy things ;), not so soft n fluffy things
I spend a lot of time thinking about
philosophical things- like existentialism and misanthropy, serial killers and musicians, my next creative endeavor (I love to write poems and make stencil art, I love to sew and sing, creative things make me moist haha), why my phone after only four years would serve life better as a paperweight than a communication device, Schrodinger and how he obviously hated animals, how I wish I could get abducted by aliens cause I've been unimpressed thus far with Earth and I'm hoping there's a more awesome planet out there somewhere that I'd get to go to, how various religions compare to one another and all say the same thing, if Zeitgeist has any legitimacy or if it was just a really well done mock-umentary to get conspiracy theorists to salivate...

I don't know. I like to think about things a lot but I don't usually articulate it to the general population.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about how to trim this novel down to something more easily digestible. lol.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight. :3

Seriously though: I spend Fridays the same way I spend the other days. How ever the hell I want. There is no routine or set thing. I could be having fun with the fire pit in the back yard or I could be gaming until the wee hours of the morning. I could be out at a bar or visiting with friends in NY. I could be with friends in DE or also MD. I get around a bit. :D Life is too short to stay in one place forever.

I should mention: I have a license but I don't have a car or a job at the moment. I live in the middle of nowhere. I'm not a bad person, just getting through a bad time in life.

If you want to meet me, chances are good you're going to have to go on a road trip. Sorry!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've been dating someone since July of 2014 and I've never been happier. He doesn't mind that I play silly kid games (like toontown) and act like I'm 12 sometimes. xD
You should message me if
You feel like it. No, seriously. Do it. I dare you. :p

***If you're self-absorbed, extraordinarily vain, illiterate, and/or judgmental, we are not going to get along. If you just want to touch, crush and be on your way... you better be a great person with an awesome mind or I'm going to delete you***

If you put thought into a message and are interesting (we have interests in common and you can actually talk about them without using google) you're guaranteed to get a response from me.

Don't be corny, stupid, or crass. Thanks bai! n.nV