27 Oxford, UK
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My self-summary
I'm an easy going, music obsessive (if they don't contradict each other on some level?!) who is fortunate enough to make my living from teaching guitar, performing and consulting (on music / guitars. Of course!).

I'm happily polyamorous (ethically non monogamous), I work half the week in Oxfordshire and also teach in Berkshire (Reading).

I'm looking for open minded, passionate, creative people who ideally share my interests, ideals and musical tastes.

My political persuasion is more than little to the left of centre even if that does make me a bit of a hippy cliche. I'm also kinky & geeky.
I’m really good at
Teaching guitar... Playing guitar... Anything guitar related really!
I enjoy mental stimulation and like good conversation, strategy games (cards etc) and am a bit of a history buff.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Wow this list is potentially endless, although I have got particular soft spots for Blues music, Heavy Metal, Trip Hop and 60's tunes although due to my work and music degree, I've spent quite a bit of time listening to almost all genres. And there's something I like about most of them...

Movies: Like my taste in music, my taste in movies is very broad but I'm a massive Nolan, Kurosawa and Tarantino fanboy. My favourite movie of all time is Blade Runner and the runner up is probably Seven Samurai.

Books: Anything by William Blake, George R. R Martin, Phillip Pullman, Stephen King, Joe Stretch, Murakami and Neil Gaimen. I love to read although I struggle to find the time to due to work and other commitments.
The six things I could never do without
1) My Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
2) My Gibson Lucille
3) My Telecaster
4) My Stratocaster
5) My Musicman
6) My Flying V
7) My Martin Acoustic

Ooops… that's 7...

8) Being a rebel...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Morality, Polyamory, the inns and outs/plot of whatever book or show I'm watching/reading at the time, complex musical harmony and being radically honest.. sex.
On a typical Friday night I am
Like a lot of people on here I don't really have a typical Friday night, it can vary between something musically related, socialising with friends or family, enjoying the company of someone close or just taking a breather by reading, relaxing, creating.. or by doing other earthier things...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm quite the sucker for women older than myself. It's a bit of a weakness..
You should message me if
You at least LIKE guitars… (Half joke)
You are open to the concept of polyamory.
I try not to be attached to outcome (across the board) but it would be nice to chat to people who are genuinely looking to meet up at some point. I do enjoy chatting but am looking for an ongoing mid to long term relationship.