32 Concord, CA
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My self-summary
Hi thanks for visiting me. I'm an eternal optimist so here I am and here you are. I'm interested in meeting new people. Yeaaaaaaaah! INFJ. Taurus. Recording artist. Exercise slave. Sooo what's new? I'm growing my hair out long to donate to the children in Locks of Love. I'm back in school; best decision ever. I'm pretty happy about it, in fact this is the happiest I can say I've ever been :). I have two bachelor's degrees and I'm applying to nursing schools to get my master's degree, VERY exciting!! I study a lot but I still balance my life with things I enjoy so it's not such a routine.

I easily adapt to people, ideas, and environments so I have a large amount of interests. Love stupid humor, anything that makes me burst out laughing. Any type of humor, almost everything can be hilarious. I'm here for the same reason you are: I want to expand my options for meeting a lover/best friend I can laugh with. A woman of substance. I'm very monogamous and have been my whole life. I'm a fun person so I need someone that can keep up with my energy.

FUN THINGS I ENJOY: I love exercise, anything beach related, hiking, sporting events, art, culture, Stand Up Paddle boarding, traveling to different cities, producing music, people watching, trying new places to eat, cooking, making people laugh. Overall, I have an enormous amount of interests and am pretty upbeat.

ADJECTIVES (I consider myself): genuine, intelligent, playful, sensual, honest, kind, loyal, huge goofball, sweet, clever, motivated, humble, a bit nerdy but in a cool way, I'm incredibly curious. I'll kill spiders for you, so will Tekno. I can be a gentleman and know how to treat a lady. I enjoy giving compliments, receiving them is cool. Intelligence, playfulness, and selfless acts are important to me.
I'm sarcastic.......................................................... sometimes.

If any of these apply to you, you're off to a great start. I'm much cooler in person and a great conversationalist, I bet you are too. :-)
What I’m doing with my life
Working on getting my masters. I'm motivated, I have goals, and try to reach my full potential, daily. Thanks Aristotle. I lift weights, sometimes I put them back down. I consider life a collection of mini goals so I'm always aspiring towards something.

When I'm not doing the above, I am a music producer for a few record labels. I write all sorts of music. I'd like to start a record label in the future.
I’m really good at
Making this profile, this is long, my bad. Cooking all the foods EXCEPT vegetarian lasagna (it was a bad experience I choose to forget happened haha). Saving money. All domestic things, sans sewing. I can carry all the grocery bags in one trip. Conversing and relating to people. Giving advice. Self introspection. Philosophy. Making people laugh but sometimes they just laugh at me, I guess the desired result is still there :). Pushups. Russian, Japanese, and bad mobster accents. Oh! and back and foot massages. I kill it when rubbing skeletal muscle tissue.
The first things people usually notice about me
At 6' 2", 197lbs people have often said I have the strength of Hercules and the flexibility of Gumby. Gumbercules!!

I've been told women like my arms, hands, and butt (in that order). A stranger recently told me I have kind eyes so I guess that counts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Plato, Aristotle, non-fiction, new medical findings
Shows: Walking Dead, Futurama, football. Archer is F'ing hilarious
Films: The Terminator, The Fifth Element, Dumb and Dumber

Music: whatever sounds good to the ear or my mood, I got it all. From classical music to techno, from Billie Holiday to Killswitch Engage, from CRVCHES to Ryuichi Sakamoto, from Pink Floyd to Tool. I'll keep you stocked for eons.

Food: I eat all the foods. A high protein diet so things like turkey, chicken, beef, sushi, greek yogurt, string cheese, and pho are amazing though.
The six things I could never do without
I like nice things but I'm kind of a minimalist so it doesn't take much to keep me happy. Probably why I have a cheerful demeanor. But if I see something I absolutely must have, it was mine like 5 minutes ago.

1) Gummi Bears and Scotch (White ones specifically)
2) My Scrooge McDuckian vault
3) Caffeine depending on how busy I am
4) Tekno, my meow
5) My "indoor" voice
6) Humor

6 Things I COULD do without:
- shin splints, the struggle is real
- mayonnaise, pickles, eggs, and peanut butter. Bleh.
- the words selfie, yolo, bae, and fleek
- pants
- folding my laundry, it's a battle every week.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How planets in our galaxy orbit on a horizontal plane and not a vertical plane. My goals and what I can accomplish next - how to get there. If mermaids who never get married eventually accumulate a bunch of catfish. As a philosopher, I often think about the Fundamental structure of the world and how my worldview can best resemble it. When someone is telling a joke that is really not funny but they laugh anyways, which in turn makes me laugh. :) I wonder what Tekno does when I'm not home. Although agonizing yet rewarding, I try to find the right record label for my music. I like Penguins.
On a typical Friday night I am
Crushing it, whether it is producing music in my studio or being a relaxing, homebody Taurus.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Somehow I ended up with a cute little black cat. Weird because I like dogs.

That's not juicy enough? I've been off Facebook for 13 months. Still not!? I'm open, not a private person. Ask me and I'll set the juice loose! :-)
You should message me if
You want to see the Deadpool movie with me.

For any reason, don't be shy. I admire women that take the initiative. I don't have a "type" of woman, I'm more attracted to character traits, interaction, and chemistry over physical traits. Blue eyes, intelligence, and having a playful side kinda get me going though. ;-)

You like: anything you have read so far, sharing the big spoon role, dancing, exercise, going to music festivals, intelligent conversations or just like to bullshit about nothing.

You are kind, affectionate, appreciative, and enjoy the same.