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My self-summary
Warning: This profile is beyond long. I just got a message from a man who was very angry with me for the length. He said it took "three days to read it" and he sounded really mad that he had " wasted his time" ( Maybe it was bc i never answered his vulgar and gross message, idk?) So I'm puttin this here warning here. If your a little bit of crazy, and have some time, feel free to peruse. I agree it's too long, but wow was he angry...!
Ok, I begin.

"Nobody can save you but Yourself
And you're worth saving.
It's a war not easily won,
But if anything is worth winning
Then this is it"
-Charles Bukowski

That's all you can do is give it your best shot. Hey, I'm trying... Every day is a chance to " " take arms against a sea of troubles"
- William Shakespeare
OK! The " quote-a-master" portion of this broadcast is done ( for now. l just can't help myself )
My name is not Penny.
I was born in Tokyo, Japan to American parents, grew up in the unbelievably beautiful city/ country of Geneva, Switzerland...moved to this country as a young teen....., and that's my Big Opening Line. I tend to introduce myself that way, you know, bc it gives an aura of mystery...ha.
All that just speaks to my parent's interesting lives, i suppose.
Btw, this profile has gotten away from me, as far as length. I really need to do some editing, godhelpme. Another btw....what' s with all the pics of dudes holding up a fish? Do they maybe think that's a panty dropper? I'm not sure I get it? So many people here say they're " good at making people laugh". I think humans often make each other laugh. This is where "show" not "tell" comes into play. I do have to admit I really don't understand when people state how " smart" and "funny" they are. I can't imagine meeting someone and declaring myself to be those things
That can come through without announcing it ..imo.
Oh, and feel free to help with any editing, btw.
I swear I've tried.
ENFP, in case that's of any interest.
Ok, im on a roll with the " btw' s". Guys, I promise you it' s not that hot to take a selfie in a public restroom, with the urinal. And I get that its important to some of you, but no girl I know of cares about looking at a photo of your vehicle . I' m really just tryin to be helpful ? One more btw, why does okc make it look like you're " here" when you've signed off hours ago? Sometimes I forget to sign out...but even when I do, it doesn't look like it. Somewhat suspect, I think, relating to skewering the activity" stats?.

SO, anyway....most of my teenage years were spent in Woodstock, where my family moved to after Switzerland. I was very very lucky to have been able to experience that town when I did. So many artists and bands, from the Stones ( who did Exile On Main Street here) to The Psychedelic Furs, The B - 52's...all showed up in town to record albums at Todd Rundgren's Utopia Studios ( Todd lived here....on Mink Hollow road, of course?) The Stones played an impromptu gig at a local place, which is the kind of thing that happened alot back then. Btw, Mick Jagger seduced, and spent the weekend with my (18 year old) friend, who said he was "really nice and great in bed" and has a good story to tell ( along with thousands of other women...). All kinds of people came through.... Bo Diddly, The Band, of course. Albert Grossman lived here, which brought all of the artists he managed to the town at one time or another. .Dylan and Joplin among them. Levon Helm lived here until his recent death, and did great shows all the time at his home/studio. Dave Brubeck, Donald Fagan (who still does). People are "too cool" in Woodstock to fawn over celebrities. I don't think Bob Dylan was quite so fortunate. Locals were OK, but people from far and wide made pilgramiges to see him, thinking he was some kind of guru. I like when he answered back to a reporter " Hey, I'm just a song 'n dance man". I didn't mention him in my ridiculously long list of "likes", but I don't know if there's anyone in his league, as far as songwriting and just, well, greatness.
It was pretty interesting considering Woodstock was, and still is a small town. Just about everyone I knew played something, and the best times I can remember having were when we were all hanging out just playing and jamming.
It was a time when great music and musicians were everywhere.

I want to go 'off topic' for a moment. The age ranges that I put down for me are really ball park figures. Age really is so damn relative, and there are young people who seem 'old' and 'old' people who are young. That being said, originally, I had a somewhat higher 'age range' here, and I was getting messages from much older guys who really were, well, appearance and attitude. To be totally honest, I also started to get annoyed by all the men my age who had 25-40 as their 'range', so I decided to go much lower. That was also influenced by some 'lovely messages' (to quote OKC) from younger fellows, and even some lovelier meetings and dates that resulted from them, which got me thinking.....why not? I'm not obsessed with age, and I aint no cougar, homie. Why is there not a word like that for a man, Is the thing? Ok! Glad we had this talk.

I love language, words...."riffing" on life ( a friend once said I did that. I'm not exactly lsure what he meant, but it sounds good?). Lived in France when I was in my 20s, married a French guy, (who, it turned out, loved himself enough for the both of us) and learned to speak French. Not necessarily in that order, though. I have somewhat of a passion for" justice " /against injustice, and admire people who fight the good fight, big and small picture. I try to. This describing one's self thing is super uncomfortable. Well, ok, I'm starting to warm up, but really, i'm better at showing off in person? So many "I " sentences......goodgrief. Maybe that's a healthy reaction to it. OK, moving on. At my age, you're supposed to know yourself, a little, anyway, although I sort of don't really like any sentence that begins with 'at my age'. Having said that, I do know a few things about myself, especially what I'm not. I'm not boring or insipid or, in the very least, try not to be (and now you already know I'm not dumb, due to clever word usage?)

I like to be self mocking, because I suppose there is plenty about 'the self' to mock. I dislike anything that smells of self importance ( making this entire profile seem like utter hypocrisy, but, you know, hey) I often laugh loud and hard if I think somethings funny. On occasion , friends have been known to move a seat or two down the aisle in a movie theater, if Im getting too sort of loud....but I really do try and keep a handle on it.

Somehow, I've raised a bright and lovely daughter, who is smarter, wiser and cooler than me, so I it's fair to say "the student has surpassed the teacher". She is a young woman out in the world now, and while I am always her mom, we are friends, and I don't just love her, I really respect and like her, too.

One more thing. I must comment on the questions and results of same. The "OK Cupid" graph says I'm ' less mannered', 'more aggressive', 'kinkier', ' less romantic' and more 'indie' than other women. The thing is, I did answer the questions as honestly as I could, given the fact that some.of the choices were very constraining. And btw, I still can't believe I even answered most of those sex questions, mygod. But then I think, well, what's the big deal. That being said, I'm a serious person, and I am not here to find casual sex. That is easy enough to get, if one so desires it ( hey...did I imagine it, or did I just hear a chorus of " REALLY? Tell me where all this casual sex is, that you claim is " so easy" to get?)... I would hope for something more meaningful than that. And many of the 'conclusions' aren't really all that true. The 'indie' thing, i'm ok with, but not so much the rest of it. First of all, I believe in manners, which I think are pretty damn important, as far as human behavior goes, and I am polite and really have a strong aversion to selfishness and rudeness( for example, I don't like to hurt peoples' feelings, I mean, I avoid even hurting my dogs' feelings, which is pretty much every time I leave my house without them, so thats really tough, and I think its more than rude to not give a crap about treating our planet kindly and gently ). As for the kinky reference, I am not here for anything shallow? I grew up with pretty hip liberal parents who didn't put a lot of shame or guilt around the whole subject of sexuality, but I am not a casual person. That doesn't mean something needs to be a big huge deal? I am romantic, but not so much in the western sense ( well, OK, I realize the word itself is derived from Western sensibilities ) that implies all the things our culture has made it into, and reduced it to. I hope this helps to offset some of the 'staff robot's' conclusions, even a little bit forgodsake.
What I’m doing with my life
Besides fumbling and stumbing in the dark, and doing the best I can? In the American sense,meaning career....that would be human services, social work, which is something i'm good at and I like. That being said, I really love how you can be talking to , say, anybody from Europe, really, or most people who are NOT American, and more often than not, they don't ask you what you do for work, but are usually more interested in a sort of 'broader' sense of the word. So, as in what am I doing doing, I love walking around in the woods with my dogs, reading books on all manner of subjects ( currently a bio of Winston Churchill, and you really should be a little impressed, in the very the least), seeing live music and theater, and movies. I'll be checking out some of the films ( those are called 'FILMS') at the Woodstock Film Festival. I like to write,I like to travel ( I mean , doesn't everyone? ) , although haven't done nearly enough of that in a while. I like to go to NYC, and check out the old neighborhood and talk about how 'soft' it's become, and how much it's changed, with all the nice stoops chained off, the 'GAP' on St.Mark's. Not to mention all the living in the old tenement buildings, with tiny fifth floor walk ups on ave. A and 2nd street, going for a quarter mill now......the same ones that used to have bathtubs in the kitchen and cockroaches the size of gerbils.....
I’m really good at
Sounding like I know more than I do, which can be quite helpful in, say, a job interview. I'm a great audience, if somethings good, but a bit tough if somethings kind of weak ( hey, it ain't easy to have high standards). I was serious about dance and ballet and love all kinds of dancing.... Making a home warm, and beautiful and livable is something I like to do. I love to take my doggies to the river, and throw in sticks for them. By the way, I put Woodstock down for where I live, because I am right near there now,.and a lot of people don't know/haven't heard about Saugerties. I am a Woodstock kid at heart, but I like the proximity to the river in Saugerties, actually two converging rivers, which I think gives this town a nice feel, and I used to be good at chess, but in case you play, and you're really good,.I don't want to set myself up to be slammed.......
The first things people usually notice about me
Oh, c'mon.
This is almost too silly to answer.
How do I know? How does anyone know, forgodsake.
I do want to say I dislike the OKC choices for body type. I put "curvy" because it was the only close option. However, my daughter said that "curvy" is often an 'e-dating' euphamism for large, and I am not large. I suppose the answer depends on who is doing the 'noticing'? I'm pretty sure my humility and modesty jump out at folks right away? This part of the profile makes me a bit queasy ( as per my modesty). I have been described as friendly. But since this is asking what 'people' notice, and therefor, although I am a 'person', I don't feel qualified to answer......
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like classic literature as well as a good biography/non-fiction. Goodlord, this is a long, and pretentious sounding list. I know many people leave this part blank but personally, i'm always interested to see what people are reading and watching. Listen, I was an English. Lit. major, who btw, cannot spell, so cut me some slack, ok? Im not trying to show off. Well, at least, not trying any harder than you are ( weeell, maybe in some cases?)
But, SO, I have a special love for passionate, life affirming authors, being a passionate, life affirming, well, person ( I do like reading about the dark and macabre side of life as well. It's all part of the spectrum, and what I like/ respond to has more to do with the quality of the writing than anything else). My all time favorite writer in the ' life affirming/passionate' catagory, any catagory really, is Leo Tolstoy. It has been years since I' ve read the classics, but I hold many dear to my heart...from Homer to Joyce, Melville....and there's the great man and poet Walt Whitman, Allan Ginsburg, Emily Dickinson, of course William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, James Baldwin....and I'll segway on to Henry Miller,who' s stuff I read as a teenager, and re- read again this year. I can't in good conscience leave out the Great Master, Shakespeare, who besides the truth and beauty of his words and weaving a great yarn, influenced the English language possibly more than any other single person. I love me some great Russian writers .....Solzhenitsyn, Chekov, Gogol, Dostoyevski and NO, okc, I do not think Lolita/ Nabakov is " over rated", goodGOD...the man didn't just write beautifully lyrical prose ( and sorry, but calling Lolita " over rated" is beyond pretentious)..that novel seeped into modern thought, and became shorthand for a certain kind of man and young girl/woman ( that filthy Russian perv sure was great, boy)... Virginia Woolfe, Hermann Hess's Siddhartha was one of my first favorite 'adult' books, as was The Autobiography of Malcom X, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter Thompson, who had me laughing so hard while reading his stuff on the train, people stared at me...which takes a lot on a crowded NYC subway. Then there is Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Capote, and for non fiction, I love to read about history and pretty much anything, because so much is so damn interesting. I have trouble sleeping sometimes, so I read in the middle of the night. I always have a few on rotation. Lately I've been reading a lot of stuff by Micheal Pollan, who my daughter turned me on to ( The Botany of Desire is such a beautiful book ) as well as John Krakauer, he is wonderful (" Into The Wild", "Where Men Win Glory" to name a couple) and Bill Bryson, he's funny and brilliant. For films, I like many directors. Even if some of them have made more bad films than good ones, just making one great film is quite a feat. Scorsese, Kubrick, Herzog, Mira Nair, Baz Luhrmann, Wes Anderson, Ingmar Bergman, Lynch, Mel Brooks, Goddard, Malle, Fellini, The The Big Lebowski, The King's Speech (saw it many times. Could watch it again) , Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Stranger Than Paradise, The Thin Blue Line, Cabaret, Doctor Zhivago, La Strada, Twelve Angry Men, The Third Man, Dead Man Walking, Citizen Kane(!!) A Dangerous Method, 1900, Fannie and Alexander, High Noon, Shane, Apocolypse Now, Annie Hall, The Godfather, Beasts of the Southern god, the list goes on forever? I love Colbert, Mahr, Oliver and of
course John Stewart, who kinda started that TV format of great political commentary/satire /comedy. I do netflix rather than TV quite often.... Breaking Bad (brilliant look at how seductive power is, not to mention the acting, writing. And directing) House of Cards, Mad Men, Orange Is The New Black....I have an affection for Pawn Stars which is oddly addicting. Music 'likes' are all over the map and Im running out of room and likely losing my audience here with my endlessrambling, but if you 're still here, i'm amazed? I love 'punk' fom the good old days of Television, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, The Ramones,.NY Dolls, Iggy Pop...The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Kinks, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Nine Inch Nails, First Aid Kit, ohboy, how do you talk about music without going on and on. And on. There's jazz , Charlie Parker, Coltrane, Miles Davis, did I mention Charlie Parker? I'm not sure I can think of many things as beautiful as him playing "Loverman"......Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington.....where to stop....the list is endless.....classical, soul, rock and roll, reggae, anything thats done with feeling and style....Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline....there's so many, so many,its amazing I have time to try and meet someone. Food? I love lots of types and cultures and flavors......and I think dessert can be its own brand of heaven......
The six things I could never do without
The six things I could never do without.
The longer I'm around, and the more things I've lost or had to let go of, I guess I don't think there's too much that I would put on the 'can't live without' list. My daughter is not a thing, so i won't put her here. I think it's pretty fair to say love is hard to live without. Grace. I value that quality greatly, and hope I can let it guide me often. Im crazy about Avocados. I am a collector of great quotes, like : " The greatest thing in life is to donate anonymously and be discovered accidentaly" - O. Wilde. And " Everything in life is our fault. But that' s not our fault " - Quentin Crisp. I do love seeing the great things that people can do, big and small. Most everyone likes to laugh, and it' s pretty much essential for surviving life...and as the picture above shows, I love puppies......yeah, I know, pretty cliché, but, I mean, who doesn't love a puppy I ask?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where are my #%$& keys, who really did win the ' War of the Roses'? Anthony Bourdain, and its a toss up as to if i wanna date him, or be him. Why I even bother to write so much in this profile...because really, who tf cares? And is anyone really reading this work of profound yet funny\ ironic self description? I know I do. Read the profiles
that is....if they sound interesting and veer off from the usual pablum about being a really "sincere, nice guy" who " works hard and plays hard " and "hates drama" . What does that mean? Life can be exciting and wild and" dramatic". To that end, I love drama.
Not for nothing, if a man thinks flexing his biceps and alluding to ( wink wink) " size" is gonna excite a gal, he might well be right....but i' m not that gal. I think a certain amount of subtlety is much sexier and more confident. There needs to be some substance along with 'style' for me, anyway. Oh, and btw. ..all of that is out the window if you're super hot....ha.
Sometimes I think....although not obsessively....why did I do some of the stuff that I did in my life, and damn if I wouldn't sometimes like to go back and tell my younger self a thing or two, forGODsake.
How many more hours I have until I need to get up. My mom and dad, who are getting so very frail, and except for being there for them as much as I can, I am fairly and completely powerless to change that fact. I think about thinking, and how it does seem to have lost it's popularity sometimes, of course not with ME, no, never.
Oh, and I'm now thinking, why do I use so many 'dotdotdots'..........?
On a typical Friday night I am
Either home, telling myself.I'm totally cool with that, messaging guys on okc, bc from what men tell me on here, women dont make the first move nearly as much as i'd have though in the 21st century . Writing first and or responding doesn't mean I want to date you...more either that something sounded /looked interesting/ being polite for the latter. I think it's too hard to make that call based on pics and some essays, etc.
So back to Fridays... maybe out with friends, listening to live music and maybe sometimes wishing I was either home, or in France. Yes...I love France and the French, almost as much as they love themselves, and I speak it( c'est la verité, and this probably does.not impress anyone except me, although it should, you know, impress you) which I learned as a kid in Switzerland.....except I must add that I recently attempted a conversation with a French friend, and was reminded of how alarmingly 'rusty' I've becomedue to lack of practice.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Most of the sex questions would qualify, goodgrief........that stuff is pretty, um, private!
BTW, most people say something like " it wouldn't be private" . Usually the same ones that put oxygen and water, etc. for things they can't live without.
The question reads " the most private thing I'm WILLING to admit".
You should message me if
This one stumps me. The abstract answer would be "if.....your my kinda guy"....and of course, If i'm your kinda girl.( And btw, I don't mind short messages) Having said that, Im more sure of what I don't go for, than what I do. I don't go for right wing conservative men. If your looking for a nice pliable young thing, I assume you wouldn't have bothered to read this much, but to be clear, I'm nice...but I'm not pliable. I don't much go for superficial guys who think a fancy car and money is some kind of turn on. Im not looking for anything too heavy, but casual isn't my thing either, if that makes sense. I swoon for smart. I like really really smart. I like a warped and ironic take on things, but also someone who doesn't always take themselves too damn seriously. I like tall and goodlooking ( how original). But tall can also be an attitude. I've never had a type. Chemistry is an interesting thing......