36 Petersburg, VA
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My self-summary
Update: if you're attractive and think I'll like you in skipping formalities here. My cell number is 804 441 five six eight nine. Text me and let me know who you are both in name and profile name. Send a pic to verify and let's start talking! Not here for games, looking for someone amazing to settle me down. Hope we hit it off great!

A little about me:
I am a guy with NO INSECURITIES at all. I will not go through your calls, texts, pics, emails, voice mails, cars, purses and certainly will never accuse you of BS cheating. I do NOT understand men that act this way towards their women with no trust.. Without trust there is NO relationship can we agree on that?
I have NO MODESTY at all either. Chances are if you come by on our first date or w/e and I'm just getting out of the shower i will drop the towel in front of you as I get dressed and not even notice it unless you mention it to me.
A very special person to me recently told me that i was one of the most amazing guys, that I live life with a zest and I am almost too charming by the description. I really appreciate this person and hope they realize how much they really mean to me.
I am a very goal oriented driven guy who is ready to take that next step and settle down with the right woman. I know what it takes to keep a woman happy and please her. And one of the main things i happen to be really good at is COMMUNICATION, in the bedroom, out of the bedroom, in all aspects of life. I am the type of guy that goes out of his way to do the little things, along with big things when possible. I'm a hopeless romantic that wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes it is hard to penetrate but once you do it is one of the most beautiful hearts you will ever encounter. I love to tell the person I'm with and let them know by reassuring them daily how much they mean to me, how beautiful they are, and how much they have helped me in life
I will say that I am ready to impress and improve someones life, along with bringing up the quality of my own. Someone told me recently when I was kinda down on dating and thought about giving up. They told me that NOBODY is meant to be alone, we all just have to find that one person that makes us feel as if they are there at all times, even when they are physically somewhere else. I agree totally. That is what I want from someone, and what I wanna be for that person as well. So what is the right woman you ask?

The right woman:
Someone who takes care of themselves
AFFECTIONATE (if you are not affectionate I will not be with you)
Age doesn't matter as long as you treat me right
Now with that said no woman from 18 to 50's shouldn't take the shot because you never know who could and potentially will catch my attention.
Creative or artistic
Someone who can and enjoys cooking
A true partner
Family oriented and wants to build a family of her own with my son, her kids, a combo of both or have kids of her own with me
An amazing kisser
and finally someone who wants and knows how to take care of a mans wants, needs, desires, and keep him happy and pleased. (no not just sexually)

Thin, Fit, or Average build (sorry I do not date big women)
I know this sounds like I'm superficial, but that is not the case, but I will not date anyone who doesn't have the respect to take care of themselves, how will they take care of my needs?
I do not want a girl that is superficial, if you are only about looks that shows your personality and what you expect in a relationship, which is NOTHING at all.
LIPS are my Achilles heel, (if you have nice lips I am putty in your hands for real)
A nice ass
Gorgeous eyes and skin tone(whether it be pale or tan I like nice even skin tones)
What I’m doing with my life
WOW soooo much i am doing to improve my life and make it totally go in the direction that I want.
Searching for someone to share life's ups and downs with.
I write when I'm down, bored, or in deep thought. I sing to myself.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh, I just hope you can handle a guy with a quick wit with a hint of sarcasm, because sometimes I can tease pretty good.
The first things people usually notice about me
Definitely my Green eyes and my smile. I get complimented on them both all the time. My outgoing personality, and my nationalities due to my unique look in the summer. (I'm Italian, Greek, and Native American as the main part of my bloodline, with tiny hints of British and German way back.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I pretty much like all types of music, mainly country, and excluding most hardcore rap. *rap is NOT music*
I own over 300 DVD movies and go to the theaters 20+ times a yr to see new movies. That should be enough to tell you how much I enjoy movies
I love to cook, A LOT
T.V. I have a wide array of things i really enjoy watching, reality T.V is NOT one of them for the most part, since nothing about it is reality.. If you watch the Kardashian's, or stupid crap like that you will never get the remote with me around..
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future and how exciting it is, the past and how even in the bad I have learned sooo much. What my "type" of woman really is, or when will I be lucky enough to find her. How can I change the world for the better? I am self-righteous, and wish I could do so much and change so much, and help so many people to live better lives..
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have a typical Friday night, It could be one or two of a million different things I normally do. Do I go out and party and drink all my money away? UMMM NO that is just plain stupid and if you girls are looking for guys like that, well then good luck with the rest of your lives, you are gonna need it...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a heart condition which ill get into more once we start talking. It is interesting and plz don't discriminate against me because I have a heart condition, and mainly because I have scars on my body from surgeries...
You should message me if
If you are down to earth, if you are amazing as a person, if you want to really get to know a great guy and settle down with ONE person.
I don't have time for games so if all you want is sex just be up front about it plz.
You are kind
You are gentle
You are AFFECTIONATE (this is a MUST have to talk to me I require affection on a daily basis from anyone I'm with)
You have amazing lips, and a nice butt with gorgeous eyes.
Okay this puts some women off, but age really DOES NOT MATTER to me. If you are 18 or in your 50's you can be amazing, mature, beautiful, incredible, and perfect for me. AGE MEANS NOTHING SO DO NOT BE SHY NO MATTER HOW YOUNG OR OLD.
P.S. Plz message me and let me know If I have impressed you at all through my profile, or if it has been all about my pics? All feedback is positive and I will take all of it to heart as long as it's not said to me in a really mean or ignorant way.

P.S.S. TY all so much for taking the time to read my profile, and I wish us all the best of luck in finding the one person who will really be everything we want and more! You are ALL beautiful and amazing in your own ways, and I look forward to getting to know all about you ladies!

Update: I know I can come across as a douche, asshole, scumbag, piece of shit if that's how you read into my profile and it's honesty. But truth be told I'm one of the better men and human beings you may ever meet. I'm actually very humble for the most part. I'm definitely a guy who is righteous and defends innocent people who cannot defend themselves. Especially children and women. But enough now. Hit me up. Age doesn't matter I like you if you're 18 or 48 as long as you treat me like I want and deserve.