29 Philadelphia, PA
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My self-summary
Hi! This is Pieman's ex and he should really learn to come up with more original passwords! I'd ask that you not alert him to these changes and let's see how long it takes his dull mind to figure it out :)

Summarize Pieman? Well he has a tiny penis. Seriously. It's like 3.5-4" tops. He's very self conscious about it and actually stopped and asked me not to laugh at it before he took his pants off for the first time.

And somehow he used that tiny penis to cheat on me with another ex.. who he is still "friends" with.. and will probably cheat on you with.

I do wonder if that little dick still works though... because I kicked him in the balls so hard he threw up a little
What I’m doing with my life
He likes to say he's a doctor.. but he's a physical therapist. I suppose technically he has a doctorate level degree... but he's not an MD

He also excels at cheating on girlfriends and getting slammed in the balls
I’m really good at
having a really, really small penis.

making girls laugh their asses off at the noises I make after they kick me in the balls
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Basically he has the sense of humor and wit of a 12 year old boy. He's Homer Simpson in that episode where he's judging the film festival and wants to pick the guy getting hit in the nuts with a football over the masterpiece film.
The six things I could never do without
Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Strawberry rhubarb pie
Pecan pie
Lemon meringue pie
Key lime pie

Not even gonna change this. Dude likes his pie. But I would add "Sex toys to satisfy my girl because my tiny dick can't" to the list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Is there really any doubt anymore that women are the superior sex? Biologically speaking, is there any valid argument that men are not inferior to women? I don't think there is.

Again - not going to change that. It might be his only redeeming quality. He DOES think that women are the superior sex. He doesn't treat them like it. But it's a start?

He also spends a lot of time worrying about his really small penis and if girls will laugh at it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Masturbating to sad internet porn
You should message me if
You want to set up a meeting and as soon as he gets there you kick him in the balls and yell "YOU KNOW WHY" and walk away

You want to promise not to laugh at his tiny penis but then rofl when he shows it to you