34 Ponca City, OK
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My self-summary
I had what I thought would be a career that was suddenly yanked out from underneath like a terrible magician does to place settings. I'm the human equivalent of flatware. The situation has proven to be frustrating and awesomely beneficial.

I have a cat that I just call cat...or have thought of naming "sCatman Caruthpurrs." She's the most loving, affectionate horrendous monster that's existed. No front claws, sneaks outside, and constantly attacks and terrorizes other cats in the neighborhood. I want a dog...

I love movies and Netflix has let me to love TV shows again.

I buy Transformers and toys to collect, trade, and sell. I collect phones to fix, sell, but mostly throw into a box after screwing them up. I love toys. I'm not stuck in my childhood, but I appreciate the shit out of modern toys and the art of toys of the past.

I love conspiracy theories. I don't absolutely believe that any are true, but wouldn't be surprised if any of the big ones are.

Several other things, too.
What I’m doing with my life
Getting things straightened out that I should have a long time ago. Life seemed scary, troublesome, and completely not worth putting effort into for a long time.

I realize that it's more than just worth it.
I’m really good at
In the past: Jenga, dressing like a hipster before hipsters were a thing (totally meta hipster...)

Now: dressing unassumingly, hating my cat, driving fuel-efficiently
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hard science fiction, speculative science fiction, medical manuals. If you like any sort of sci-fi, check out the Future Chronicles series; multiple collections of short stories set to a certain theme(AI, Robots, time travel, etc.)

Ravenous is hands down my favorite movie. Deadwood is the show of Shows.

I will always eat mexican food. Tex mex, sure, but I prefer questionable food from places too dimly lit or parked outside.
The six things I could never do without
Shoes, glasses, somewhere to sit, a poncho liner/woobie, iced tea(with no god damned sugar), a towel