58 Benicia, CA
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My self-summary
Sunshine came softly thru my window today. HELP! This is such an interesting world-this internet dating. I can't seem to get the right grasp on how it is supposed to go. As i am sure you can tell i am not very good at creating an exciting profile read. So, maybe someone can rescue me from this hell instead of offering helpful creative advice? Are women really seeking someone new or just a remake of someone old from the better years? I am 58 and i do not look like the college stud i used to be- OK- just kidding on that part. I was never a stud other than maybe in my dreams. I am here to find someone new and start fresh. Are you open minded and willing to share ideas as well as accept others? Do you want to take a shot at enjoying life with a good guy who wants nothing more than to be happy and explore the new? If you are then i suggest you maybe give me a look. I am not your hard core intellectual who needs to talk down to anyone. Sure, i have a good education but you wouldn't know it by talking to me-unless my brain cells are perfectly aligned. Oh,very important to me,you need to have a good head on your shoulders and be happy within.

Doubt thou the stars are fires;Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar But never doubt i love. W.S.

I formerly owned the antique store where i felt overlooked on the top shelf. I have since discovered that the best things in life are sometimes hard to find. I think,and am pretty darn sure, i am a very good thing to have in one's life.

Here is what i need to add and maybe put out front. I am a single divorced retired dad. I have a son almost 11 and he is the most important aspect of my life. i know from experience that most of you women have shed the kids from the home and don't want to raise any more. I totally understand this and i wish you nothing but the best. So, to love me is to maybe accept and love my son down the road. That choice is something for you to decide later. However, my having a child doesn't not take away from the time i have available to spend with a fine woman. I have plenty of support here and can get away almost any time i want to. So, fear not, i will not have the my son is sick excuse popping up very often.

I am an eternal optimist but i am so afraid the proverbial half full glass will break soon. I believe that once you get through the not so always appealing outside you will find a gift worth cherishing. If you are not finding the one you want with your current method of choice then perhaps it is time to reconsider another view point? The more that you know me and get used to me the more you will adore me and be happy that you gave me a look.. I am very warm to the touch and can be soft and cuddly. I am also good at keeping myself up to date. I enjoy driving so fear not, for the right one, i will drive your way to make things happen. Rob PS i am thinking about adding old records to the my personal inventory and Music is the Dr of the Soul.
What I’m doing with my life
Update 10/26/14 I am just starting a training program for a half marathon along with my son. If you don't see me for a while then you will know that i didn't make it thru the training. lol I am living life to the fullest and doing my best to be a good person. I am experiencing newness whenever i can. I volunteer often with the homeless and less fortunate. I volunteer at my son's school and love the kids so much. They keep my smile even bigger than normal. I sing and dance in the rain tho not as well as ole Gene did. I try to listen and follow the words expressed by some many great artists over the years. As the Moody Blues wrote,Say It With Love.
I’m really good at
i am good with music, caring and showing those close to me that they are important to me. i am good at traveling and finding new places to explore. i am good at boating and communicating. There is just so so much more. I am good at listening and i am a great kisser. Oh, i am also one that is good at taking it on the chin. So, if you aren't really interested, just tell me. I can take it.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, smile and gentle yet determined approach to life. Once you take the time to know me you will see my gentle underside and i like to have my belly scratched/rubbed.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy reading most everything, try all different types of movies and am very much into music. I like most kinds and am open to listening to what she likes even if it hurts my ears. Food is something i love to cook as well as going out to eat. I like to try different foods and like to cook everything or anything. One never knows where the senses will lead us. Sharing the kitchen can be a fun experience,don't you think? My favorite types of music are rock,jazz,ragtime,classical and the blues. I listen to old 40's and 50's tunes. Some of my favorite groups are Jimmy Buffett, Moody Blues, Kitaro, Beatles, Pink Floyd,Fresh Air and most blues groups. I enjoy classical,jazz and the poetry of Frank Zappa. I am a huge fan of Frank Sinatra[and most of that rat pack music] and especially the Duets compilations. I sing in the shower but i make sure the shower is going good[water saving mode of course]. I love expanding my brain with new music and ideas. I enjoy the old match game and watching Graham Norton. Oh i really get a big kick out of the Craig Ferguson Late Night Show. I love art and am doing my best to be better at painting. Thankfully i am allowed to title my pictures or you might never figure them out. Do any of you watch Who's Line Is It Anyway? It is one of the funniest shows on tv.
The six things I could never do without
My son, red licorice, music, my pets, margaritas, and of course, Dreams. I should add water since it is looking more and more like it is going to be at a premium. While i am at it, let me add "Funky Cold Medina". I like good sex, hence the FCM.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Enjoying this wonderful life we have and walking the beach. Are men allowed to compliment a unknown woman on her perfume or appearance? How often should i message someone i have expressed interest in after making contact?Women have every right to be frightened of men but we should allow each other into the other's shell-inside the armor. We should be sharing hearts.

I recently watched a great movie called,"Hector and the search for Happiness." Here is what i learned from this road to self discovery.

1.Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.
2.Many people think happiness means being richer and or more important.
3.Many people only see happiness in their future.
4.Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.
5.Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness.
6.Does this person in your life bring you Predominantly A]Up or B]Down?
7.Happiness is answering your calling.
8. Happiness is being loved for who you are.
9.Happiness is feeling completely alive.
10. Happiness is knowing how to celebrate!
11. Listening is loving!
12. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
13.Happiness is loving like you never have before.
On a typical Friday night I am
I will be listening to or playing music be it home or at another venue i love to dance. I can enjoy a night just cuddling and or reading a good book,playing the piano. The more i think about it, most of my Friday nights are rarely typical. I do enjoy a little place in Martinez called Armondos.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Do i read your profile? Yes i do but i have to admit this. If i see a smile that appears to be real and full of life then i am more inclined to acknowledge these before i do the nicely staged and poised smiles. The really private info is available upon request and committee approval. Also, i have incorporated Skype into my scheme. I find it easier to talk thru that while seeing the other person at the same time. It can definitely eliminate those scary face to face meetings. Can you feel me?
You should message me if
You find anything here of interest. I am a fun loving and good man doing all i can to enjoy life and all it has to offer.
Everything is beautiful in it's own way.
Better Days Ahead
Music is the Doctor of the Soul
Say it with Love