31 Philadelphia, PA
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My self-summary
not sure where my relationship is at the moment but i know where my heart is. my profile clearly says i am seeing someone- and if you read it you will know I am completely in love with this man. Not sure where he is emotionally tho...men are so vague when trying to talk about feelings.

Now about me-
I am FUCKING AWESOME. Thats all you need to know lol. I work hard and love harder. I have been seriously hurt in the past and have some deep seeded trust issues making it difficult to function in a real relationship. but when i feel in my heart that you are a good person and worth my time and trust i will give you my all. I don't use the word Love often- don't even say it to my mother. Mean? no. there is a history there and love is a strong word. Love is more then butterflies in your tummy and more then a programmed response to the people in your family. Love is knowing you would and will do any and everything for that person because they mean more to you than anything you could possibly imagine. Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to. When it comes to relationships I have given my true love to 2 men. The first love lasted 4 long years and was a horrible mistake-it took a year off and then sprung back up for a few months-again a mistake. i learned a lot of lessons the hard way and became a bitter girl who trusts no one and built a wall around herself. 8 years later i met a man. Tall and handsome and funny, he is kind and gentle. The kind of guy any girl would want to be with and those walls crumbled fast. I fell in love fast and hard. Everything i thought i knew about love and trust was meaningless. I have never felt love for anyone as i feel for this man. I have never trusted anyone without limits before this man. I went from a strong independent woman who needed no man to a mushy little girl with her head in the clouds in no time at all. Not sure if I am good enough for him but I do know that I am lucky to have him in my life. Like I said in the beginning I am fucking awesome and you would be so ridiculously lucky to have me in your life but i have found my king- everything I am, everything i have belongs to him.

I find it odd to write things about myself in the hopes that people will find it cute or amusing. I feel like i am marketing myself.

Basic info-
i am a horrible speller and i don't care.
i have an opinion about most everything!
i am a total dork.
i love watching the history channel. (except ax men and top shot, I don't know why I can't stand those shows.)
i think its adorable when people say "pop" instead of soda.
i normally curse like a sailor.
i like learning new things but hated school.
i have 6 tattoos and plan on more.
i love my job 96% of the time.
i believe cool aid comes in colors not flavors.
i love kids but don't have any and don't plan on having any anytime soon.
i wear flip-flops all year long because i love them!
on the rare occasion i wear shoes or boots i don't like wearing matching socks- it makes my feet feel boring.
i like to wear mis-matched earnings.
i might seem bitchy sometimes but i have a big heart.
i live life with only one regret and I plan on keeping it that way.
i am happy with my life.
i have dated females in the past and know we tend to be a bit needy...and crazy- sorry.
i have issues with the idea of religion but I am currently finding myself more open.
i love musicals.
i love musicals. (It needed to be repeated)
i am a big girl- in case you didn't notice that in the photos. some guys like it- some don't, but it is what it is. if you have problems with big girls continue your search elsewhere.
Sometimes I can seem closed off but I'm not, I just like to feel a person out before opening up 100%. I have nothing to hide but that doesn't mean you get to know all of me just because you seem nice.
i have a texting problem...well its actually more of an addiction...
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment I am the Program Coordinator for a non-profit child care organization in Philly. Its long hours and small pay but it is rewarding and i used to love it.
I’m really good at
being a bitch- but i don't like being a bitch because it makes me feel mean so usually i am just good at being a push over. but when i get taken to the point of bitch i do it very well. professional bitch, nasty bitch, bitchy bitch- i can do them all.
also really good at my job.
The first things people usually notice about me
that i am wearing two different earnings? my left ear is gauged to a 00 but my right ear just has a basic piercing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Yay books! I will go a month without reading anything, then i will read 5 books in a week. I am a total dork and i have recently read Wicked, the Hunger Games trilogy and every book written by Ellen Hopkins. Also a big dork/fan of Harry Potter.

Movies & TV: I dont watch too much TV but I love musicals and I really enjoy watching the history chanel. Lately I have gotten sucked into American Horror Story & Walking Dead.

Music: I listen to lots of different things, been to a a few ozzfests, saw Dishwalla, Manson, Korn, Hoobastank, Pink and Niel Diamond in concert. Currently in my car I have Eve6 & NKOTB.

Food: I have always been a picky eater but i have been trying new things and discoverd recently that i really like sushi. i also love italian food.
The six things I could never do without
In no specific order:
my nieces & nephew
my memory
my phone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to fix things, how to better myself
how to make my king happy
work (its sad, i know)
what to do next
life- my life- where its going
what do i want from my life- in my life- do I spend too much time thinking about me- do other people think about me?
where have all the cowboys gone?
On a typical Friday night I am
there is no typical friday night for me. everything depends on the week I had and if i am working that weekend. Friday nights can range from sitting in my office catching up on work, to being out with my friends enjoying good music, good drinks, good food and good company, or in bed by 9 sleeping like a baby- depends on the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have serious trust issues. Don't take it personally- I have learned from experience that I can't trust anyone except myself- and I am not even always honest with me.

Also- I have met 4 guys from this site. The first was a dick and he can suck balls, two were nice and we had a good time. the 4th is a good man, we spend a lot of time together and i hope to one day be good enough for him :)
You should message me if
You think you are awesome.