42 Los Angeles, CA
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My self-summary
I've been exploring monogamy for almost two years now with a guy and we recently decided to open things up. Not sure how it will go, as he's never explored polyamory before. We love each other and are good friends, but he's not into doing some of the things I like and need to do.

Previous to this relationship I was used to going- with my polyamorous ex as an awesome party/play partner- to Lightning In A Bottle, Fuente, DoLab parties, downtown loft parties, openings, exhibits, wine-tastings, etc. Being (only) with my new partner, I feel like I'm losing touch with my amazing artistic community, which feeds my creative expression in life.

As he has no interest in expanding his experience into these arenas, I now find myself putting up a profile on OkCupid.
What I’m doing with my life
Think I said it all down there...
I’m really good at
DANCING! I love to dance at underground parties and clubs, I love to hoop dance, and I love aerial pole dance. I recently did one of the pole solos- dancing between the famous girls' acts while the poles were being cleaned ;) - at Pole Show LA, and just made the cast of Girl Next Door at King King. Fifteen years of yoga has given me a strong flexible body that pretty much cooperates with whatever I ask of it, in whatever movement activity takes my fancy at the moment.

I'm good at writing and editing other people's writing. I can read any author and get the "feel" of their style and write something as if I was them and you wouldn't know the difference. (None of my time is spent doing that these days.) My own style is pretty unique as well. Right now I'm e-publishing my first novel. I don't know if I'll write another but I finished this one and I'm happy with it and excited to share it. It's called "Fringes" and is available at smashwords.com and Amazon.

I've played classical piano since I was six but after I learned my favorite Chopin piece- the Fantasie Impromptu that anyone who's ever heard the built-in keyboard demo songs at Guitar Center will recognize- I stopped focusing on dead composers' music and started writing and singing my own. Don't know where that's going but I'm having fun. I do still play the occasional nocturne or etude from time to time.

Sometimes I paint though I don't consider myself "a painter," but I had a few pieces up in the LA Municipal Art Show at Barnsdall last August, and more recently at Artwalk at The Brewery. I paint spines.

I'm a raw vegan chef but not because I went to culinary school. When I got into raw foods ten years ago, there were maybe two raw culinary schools in the country and nothing close to me. I ordered recipe books online, made some things, they tasted good, so I started selling them in health food stores and that's how I'm able to spend my days dancing, writing, singing, and painting now, instead of going to some 9-5 situation. I cannot imagine answering to any boss other than mysel

What I truly excel at though is enjoying life. I love that it's noon on Thursday right now and I have no one to answer to but myself, no where to go but wherever I feel like going. I haven't used an alarm clock in over a decade. Also, I don't own a television.
The first things people usually notice about me
My pink hair...sometimes with feather extensions.

But not to worry- no birds were sacrificed for my fabulous do- I know the names of the parakeets whose feathers went into my hair accessories and their feathers were lovingly collected from the floor of the house they freely fly about, over a period of weeks as they naturally molted.

...Can't say the same about the cows whose skin became my leather boots but hey, I do my best.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm currently reading "House of Holes" by Nicholson Baker. Love sexy literary fiction. Well-written erotica a la Anne Rice's Beauty series. Channeled books are fun. Non-sexy literary fiction is good too (and sexy in its own way, to literary nerds like myself), like early Douglas Coupland and Martin Amis.

Last movie I saw was "Pina" which I loved. Love 3-D movies in general. Avatar was spectacular. Before that was Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (European version, which I much preferred to the American). Prefer the more unique and creative stories/plotlines/approaches of European movies to Hollywood blockbusters in general, though reading subtitles after 11pm can put me to sleep, so if it's later in the evening, best if I only attempt movies in languages I speak.

Going to Lucent Dossier this weekend (seen them many times at festivals and love them). I always go to Cirque Berzerk when they're in town. Girl Next Door is fun. Love all the vertical arts shows- pole, tissu/silks, hoop, Cirque du Soleil's edgier shows...

Last thing I listened to on Spotify was Lullaby Renditions of Bjork. Listening to my Combustible Edison station on Pandora right now. Some of my other favorite Pandora stations are Groove Armada, Beats Antique, Pretty Lights, Trentemoller, Tricky, Psygone, OceanLab, CocoRosie, Lady Gaga, India Chill...

Last place I ate out was Cafe Gratitude. Before that, Figaro Cafe in Los Feliz- awesome deal on carafes plus they let you sit there for hours, like you're at a real French cafe in...France ;) If it weren't for cheese I could easily be vegan. On my own I eat mostly raw, mostly vegan, but when I go out I enjoy Italian, Mexican, Brazilian, Indian, Thai- it's always easy for me to find veggie options.
The six things I could never do without
My keyboard/piano.
My pole.
My hoop.
My laptop.
My iPhone.
My hair girl.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to get my creations out into the world.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have typical Friday nights. Any night can be Friday for me. It's sometimes more fun to go out on other nights when places aren't as crowded. This Friday I'll be at Lucent Dossier. Last Friday I stayed up til dawn typing book chapters into online e-publishing templates. Friday before that I practiced my pole routine all night in a panic over having to dance between Estee Zakar and Jenyne Butterfly the next day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
D) All of the above.