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34 F Valparaiso, IN

My Details

Last Online
Jun 26, 2009
5′ 6″ (1.68m)
Body Type
A little extra
Catholicism, and laughing about it
Taurus, and it’s fun to think about
Working on university
Rather not say
Rather not say
Relationship Status
Seeing Someone
Relationship Type
Has dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Irish (Okay), Latin (Okay), Sign Language (Poorly), Swahili (Poorly)

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My self-summary
I have never been a slave to the masses nor to the chains that hold them to a flock mentality. I am an individualist with my own mind and thoughts that can poison humanity if I don't numb it with the fodder of degrading ignorance.

Each passing moment is a chance to make something of nothing, to create a suture in time to make a lasting impression on the world and I am trying to find a way to make my mark on the world -- a feeble attempt.

I embrace my uniqueness and abnormalities of character and exploit my own ideals that I am impervious to the slings and arrows others would send my way when in truth, I can be as easily wounded as anyone else. Heart on sleeve and stars in my eyes -- guiltless to a fault and ever sanguine.

I am a misanthropic degenerate, but retain hope and a spark of humanity for this grand experiment in life. In no uncertain terms am I anything but who I am and will never alter myself for anyone else.

I am misanthropic, jaded, and engaged
What I’m doing with my life
I am existing for the edification of a society that is actually tolerable.

Looking for kindred spirits among those tossed into the throng and expected to claw their way out and still have their soul in tact -- these are the survivors of this world and people that I associate myself with and admire.

Now that I've been away from the medical community for a substancial amount of time, I realize that I should go back to the idea of being a nurse. I had once started to become numb to the pain of others just to get through the day so I had fled the medical field. I had this whole utopian ideal that if I could fix the world and save as many lives as I possibly could, it might make up for some of the shitty things I've done in my past.

So, as soon as I can, I'm going back to the medical field.

I am excited to return to the field for something that I enjoy and have enjoyed since I was young. Once again I'll be saving lives in the medical field like my adult academic life had started out with -- It's my chosen path.

I read about four novels a week and have turned on my artistic side as of late. I've been painting this massive black silhouette of a bare branches tree on my living room wall with the idea that when I'm finished I'll put pictures of my family on it. So, I took tons of pictures of my family and tweaked them by adding torn black borders and developing them in black and white. As soon as I get them all framed and the tree is done, I'll hang them and have my very own "family tree" in my living room. Yeah, it's a 'craft' project, but there were no pipe cleaners or glitter involved, so it's not gay.

And by 'gay', I don't mean homosexual; I mean retarded.

And by 'retarded', I don't mean mentally handicapped; I mean gay.
I’m really good at
Being myself and not pretending to be something I'm not; Sifting bullshit from truth; Speaking my mind but having the sense to know when to bite my tongue; Being a good friend to those few who have found a place in my heart; Listening when a friend needs an ear and giving out the advise some seek; Seeing things for what they are; Trusting my decisions and never looking back; Never wondering "What If?"; Dreaming up decorative ideas for Halloween so I can fully enjoy my favorite holiday next year; Being genuine about everything that I am; Screwing the living daylights out of my fiance; Honesty; Making lists of things completely unnecessary of list making; Loyalty; As girly as it sounds, I'm really good at cooking; Playing with my dogs, Moxie Crimefighter and Dapper Gumshoe; Telling a hilarious story just to make my friends laugh; Cuddling with my fiance; Finding trashy things to watch on VH1; growing flowers and herbs from seeds
The first things people usually notice about me
My bullshit tolerance level is zero. I am sarcastic and cynical, logical and level headed. I speak my mind and don't lie. I have a tough exterior to guard against the thieves of sincerity, but the inner sanctum is still unsullied by constant dismay. I laugh with my whole heart. I surround myself with good friends. I can be silly and girly at times, rough and tumble with the boys at other times.

I didn't mention it before because I hate putting so much emphasis on the physical, but I've had strangers reach out and touch my hair. Old ladies, little boys, etc. They touch my hair and are surprised that it's not a wig or chemically processed into feeling like straw. My hair is bright red -- orange, according to my five year old neice.

My eye color is also a thing that people notice. I've been accused of weraing color contacts; Sorry folks! these blues are all mine, the contacts as just so I can watch telly.

Let's not bullshit, I'm so pale I'm nearly translucent. I'm aware of this and don't care. I have freckles from my youth spent in the sun, but I have noticed that as I got older and went out of doors, my skin doesn't react to the light like it did when I was a child. I burn. Terribly. Ten minutes in the full sun without SPF 55 UVA and UVB waterproof/sweatproof all day sunblock -- I'm as red as a boiled lobster. After fifteen minutes, I start to blister. So, I'm really pale. No big deal. I have no wrinkles and am not risking skin cancer or spending stupid money in a tanning bed "cooking/crisping" my skin to a dark tan. When I'm sixty, I'll have tight pale skin while those numb cunts who go tanning every week will look like leather handbags.

Okay, so with all that in mind and paired with the provided photos ... No Little Mermaid jokes, no Powder jokes, no Wendy's jokes, no albino jokes, no Ronald McDonald jokes, no ginger jokes. Got it? Good.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have favorites out of each category, but to list those would take far too long. So, I'll sum it up into generalities and drop some names.

A.) Anything Palahniuk writes. Gaiman. Vonnegut. Hemingway. Thoreau. Nietzsche. Steinbeck. Clarke. Cooper. Cornwell. Rowling. Browning. Hamilton. Evanovich. Harris. Pierce. Plath. Sexton. Dickinson. Stein. Austen. Thackeray. Buck. McMillan. Walker. Defoe. Scott. Alcott. Wilde. Moore. Meyer. Buckley. I heart books.

B.) Quentin Tarantino films. Hitchcock films. Kubrick films. Scorsese films. Coppola films. McTiernan films. Schumacher films.

C.) I listen to what suits my mood: blues, jazz, rock, metal, techno, punk, pop, classical, R&B, classic rock, trance, folk, cultural, ska, hard rock ... Just about every genre. I have a love for Nina Simone and Otis Redding. I listen to mostly classic rock right now and some select other stuff like Violent Femmes, Portishead, The Clash, Mazzy Star, Bob Marley, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and that song "Dirt Room" by Blue October (it's so dark and violent, I LOVE IT) -- It's just the kick I'm on right now.

D.) I'm digging on strawberries and green beans in addition to many other fruits and veggies. Maybe I have scurvey or some other vegetable-lacking disease. I crave locally grown fruits and veggies at this time of year. I really love to cook and own more cook books than a normal, nonprofessional chef should. I bake too! So I really can't pick a favorite in this department any more than I could at the others.
The six things I could never do without
The Philosophical 1.) Silence to think. 2.) Noise to fill my mind. 3.) Music to salve my soul. 4.) Dreams to haunt my nights. 5.) Passions to ignite my desire. 6.) Shoulders for leaning/crying on.

The Realistic 1.) Shelter from the elements. 2.) Food to nourish my body. 3.) Clothing to cover myself. 4.) Water to keep me hydrated. 5.) Companionship to keep my mind sharp. 6.) Tools to work with to build, etc. with.

The Silly 1.) Samurai. Seriously, how badass are Samurai! I want to be one! Maybe not Ronin though. 2.) Strawberries. They are my favorite fruit. Did you know that five strawberries have the same amount of vitamin C as an orange? 3.) Calvin and Hobbes. It is my favorite comic strip. 4.) Marsupials. They have pockets built right in! 5.) A Towel. Can't thumb a ride without one. (If you know what this means, message me.). 6.) Piglett. I have a stuffed one and I love it. I snuggle it at night when it storms. It's the only pink thing I own. Maybe this should have been in that section about private things I am willing to admit ...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The path I have carved out for myself built on the remains of the past.

Scary films and books.

People who mean something to me.

My Amazon wish list and how to stop adding things to it. Seriously, it's gotten out of hand.

Finding my niche.

What book/series to read next.

How to make my wedding plans a reality on a tight budget of $20,000.

The next really funny joke I plan on telling my friends.

Fun summer activities for visiting neices and nephew.

How amazing I'm going to make Halloween next year!

Why in the hell Hugh M. Hefner traded in his Girls Next Door for a couple of 18-year-old skank twins who have cavernous twats.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I won't eat food that has touched another food, which I shirk the blame of onto parents who made a child-sized version of me eat out of a three-sectioned plate.

I collect all forms of dragonflies. I can identify over a hundred different species of dragonfly.

I have a system for everything because I have a mild form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

I love horror movies and being scared.

I have secret crushes on John Cusack, Gary Oldman, Angelina Jolie (who doesn't?!), Johnny Depp and Paul Giamatti.

I own dice that have more than and less than six sides.

I have piercings -- Twelve of them. Guess where.

I watch cartoons and anime.

I have a secret comic book fund in my top dresser drawer that my fiance doesn't know about.
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi girls
  • Ages 24–54
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends
You should message me if
You aren't going to waste both of our precious time with being just looking for someone to fill your bed when you feel the need to slake that thirst. If I just wanted to play sneezy dicks, I would.

You can respect my relationship status (I'm engaged to someone I love deeply) and won't piss me off by hitting on me or any other such bullshit.

You can be a human being and have a personality.

You want talk and can say something interesting and not generic, especially about my physical appearance.

You have a really funny joke to tell.

You have a strong desire to confess your darkest secrets.

You aren't a douchebag.

You're going somewhere in this life.

You know how to play chess.

You have a secret desire to own a monkey and have worked out a plan to get one and are willing to share that plan with me so I can get a monkey of my very own.

... Or a marsupial.

... Or a fox.

... Or a sugar glider.