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My self-summary
Hello~ My name is Lynn X)
My reason for being here is that I'm looking for my twin soul/flame (Edit: I think I have a completely new outlook on this twin soul thing lol... It's no longer my main interest, I think now I'm looking for my Soul Mate so a lot of the information here is probably outdated, but if you're a twin soul, that's great X3 ... A lot of things here are probably outdated |: I still love everything I'm talking about tho)

I'm going to attempt briefly describe my self through out my whole profile cause I write a lot x_x, There are 2 general key rules for me about anything I say

Rule Number 1: Is that there is probably a reverse version to to all of my statements...
For example lets say I were to say...
I like being petted, that =s I like petting people too XD
I like being a girl = I like girls
I like being a androgynous boy = I like androgynous boys
I don't like being considered a man = I do not like men haha
I like this video game = I hope you like it too XD
I admire other peoples self expression! = I hope you admire mine
All of these examples are true btw haha
Not all of these things are necessary at all, some are more important than others but I love when people are uniquely their own way too, I expect you to be unique haha, I like differences between people but I love twinly similarities too~ X3

Rule Number 2: Most things I say on my profile would have a whole book of thoughts I'm holding back on expressing which is what is making my profile quite a bit shorter... XD Ask me about anything I list/say and that'll be a good topic starter! But just know that my thoughts are pretty combustible~ XD Which is what makes up a big part of my personality I think? :0 So you're slightly missing out on that >.>
That's what messaging me is for!
Let's learn about eachother X)

P.s. I wish I could change my username and the answers to all my okcupid questions easily XD ... They aren't the most accurate

Ok so Time to be Brief or rather organized?

I love long conversations, Other peoples self expression a loot, my gender identity!, genderbends, darkness, androgyny, medieval stuff, japanese stuff, helping people, enlightenment, mutual actions and mutual love in relationships and friendships, switchyness romantically/platonically/sexually, following the law, honor, feeling like a prince/princess, feeling like a royalties knight (I love admiring people and romantic roleplay X3), roleplay and cosplay in general, being romantic X3, having my emotions explode in awe! XD, being an introvert to some extent, always being progressive, being compassionate and nurturing, guiding people!, cuddlezzz!, being an independent person (from religion to friends), that said I love unity a looooooooot <3 X) Team work, communication, cooperation, being blunt, battling problems as soon as possible, always sticking with people to no ends even if there is a huge problem present !!! and finally I love art a lot! (any kind of art, personalities, kung fu, parkour, video games, drawings are all art to me X3)

I am liberal, creative, open-minded especially when it comes to knowledge, good at learning things, horrible at being practical, neutral party in like everything from good and evil to gender XD, I'm androgynous 24/7 expression wise and My body/mind/identity/gender is neutral/neutrois, My identity would some times change to boy or girl at times however along with it my expression would lean towards the chosen side but still be androgynous :0 I'm also on female hormones and stuffz
Still in the middle of working on who I want to be but almost there~
Also I am a video game designer X3 mhm!

I hate when actions and thoughts come from my mind, circumstances, and emotions rather than from my heart and soul <3 Purity~
What I’m doing with my life
I want to develop and publish my own video games mostly
I also would like to make anime, manga, comics, paintings, music, etc just for the heck of it but it's not as important
I see all these things as forms of self expression and potential for beautifully passionate pieces of art X) Even something like gameplay mechanics is art to me~

I'm currently studying computer science (Likely will aim for a 4Year)
For reasons like knowledge for video game programming or just general programming, Also I'd always prefer to work for my self but I'd work for others too
I’m really good at
I am really good at Guitar technique wise (I'm fast) but i have no structure (I suck at keys), Moderately ok at Parkour, Sometimes good at Helping People, and I'm really good at a Few Video Games
And I'm good at explaining things too!
Good at trying new things? and making new things up too! XD

Current working on my drawing skills, concept designing skills, lohan kung fu skills, fighting game skills, and always becoming more enlightened?

I want to work on my piano and organ skills, singing, story writing, hair styling, cosmetology, clothes making, cosplaying, and cooking skills XD
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am really hyper but I love how hyper I am X3
It's like therapy to the soul~ <3
Less about the fun, more about the passion! and art~
It's a freedom of some sort

They Definitely notice how positive I am but sadly they don't even understand what positivity means :) hehe
Positivity =/= Pretty Rainbows
Positivity == Doesn't take shit from people XD But is humble about it

They also usually think I'm insensitive :c That one isn't true!
I have an extremely bizarre personality
If you're ever mad at me or concerned or anything, I beg you please bring it up... asking questions and saying what eachother think is important :0 I'll try my best to do that too
Less statements and explosive feelings
More questions and understanding and huggzz!! XD

P.S. I kind of exploited rule number 2 here
I could have just said "That I am hyper, positive, and insensitive but I disagree with the insensitive part XD"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm Going to look at this as what are my favorite things in general
Most of the stuff I like, Revolve alot on psychology and dark fantasy

And when i seek entertainment, i don't try to kill boredom, I try to find love with the entertainment XD like i get REALLY into stuff
Less Fun, More Meaningfulness And Art 8D
I'm like that with everything, That's why I'm so hyper
It's a sort of freedom I guess, There are many kindz

Books : Hunger Games, Fight Club, StarGirl, Scott Pilgrim

Manga : BERSERK, Gantz, Elfen Lied

Movies : FightClub, Hunger Games, Scott Pilgrim, Azumi, Watchmen

Anime : Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Gintama, Mirai Nikki, Full Metal Alchemist Brother Hood, Steins Gate, Durarara!!, Monster, Elfen Lied, Kaiba!, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hitman Reborn!, FLCL, Code Geass, Love Lab, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, watamote

Music :
Mostly Video game Music -> Any Fromsoftware OST, Many NES OST, All Danganronpa OST, Zelda OST, Lots of other games....

Secondly Japanese Metal/Rock -> Dir En Grey, Malice Mizer, Mejibrey, Aicle, Youhei Teikoku (The Lead Singers Voice Kills me), And alot of anime songs

Thirdly Nu-Metal, Dark, Grungy, Funky, Hoppy Things -> (Old) KoЯn, (Old) Incubus, Daisy Chainsaw, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Juice, and All Treyarch songs

Lastly I actually like all kinds of music but those are just my 3 most favorite types, I also listen to romantic japanese songs like buck tick, and screamo bands like alesana :D even some country songs XD but I don't know a loooot of the songs

Games : Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Zelda 2: Link's Adventure, Danganronpa1 and 2, Bloodborne, Resident Evil 0/1/2/Code : Veronica X, Killer7, Metal Gear Online 2 (Closed... D';), Metal Gear Solid 1-4, King's Field 1-4, Disgaea 1/3/4/D2, Super Smash Brothers, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Castlevania 1/3/4/RoB, Devil May Cry 1, Twisted Metal 2/Black/Harbour/Head-on, Mortal Kombat 9, Bioshock, Dead Space 2, Tenchu Wraith Of Heaven, Onimusha 1-3, sly 1-3, Blood Rayne 1-2, Viewtiful Joe 1-2, Valkyria Chronicles, (Anndd Never completed these but i like them any ways: Legend of Dragoon and Brave Fencer Musashi XD)

Number 1: FROMSOFTWARE (From Ps1 to Ps4!)
Number 2: Old Capcom (Mostly Ps2 games, maybe some nes)
Number 3: Konami (From Nes to Now! They are going mobile now tho so "Old Konami" more like :/)
Number 4: Nintendo ( Again Including Nes Days <3)
Number 5: Spike Chunsoft (Haven't played to many of their games but i love them so much already)
Atlus will probably penetrate into this list too some time in the future XD

Food : Sandwiches typical, sushi, mexican food, amish food, Fishiez, White Meat, Honey, chocolate(especially on cookies), most veggies and fruits, treenuts and legumessss, and spicy food X)
The six things I could never do without
1) My ability to make video games and express the wonderful ideas in my heart and soul...

2) Rule Number 1 Vise Versa, witnessing things other people create in general not just video games.... and Seeing them express there heart and souls X3 <3 (Could even be something like a kung fu haha)

3) Self-expression / Identity / Accomplishments / Traits / Values / Ideals / Style / Personality / etc... All of that is art... And I loveeee to see it in other people... It makes me sad when I realize they don't care about seeing it in me ;w;

4) My functional happy beautiful body~ (I mean that as in I'm alive! XD yaaaaaaay haha) Well also my own Identity and self expression and stuffz too >.< is extremely important to me

5) The ability to make deep bonds and never let anything ever hurt it! Not even the bond its self! Cause it's a bond for ever :D Attachment and Connection from even before recognition! <3 X) love my best friends sooo much XD

6) On an enlightened note, My heart... X) I may want the 5 other things I just said but if all else fails I'll always have my self atleast!
P.s. Careful using rule number 2 on my 6th value ^^^ It's one of the most explosive and most devistating topic starters in the world hahaha XD <3
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Passion, Art, and Purity X3
-I guess what to do when? Clearing my mind to be able to do those things?
-Better my self and lots of self love X3
-Gratitude and indulging in everything!~
-A Story I'm Writing
-Psychological Things and enlightenment
-Mystery and Darkness
-Thinking about Twinz conceptually rather than simply physically
-How random video games creators did a great job at what ever concepts/mechanisms they created
(Same goes for anime creators too)
-And Idealistic Romantic Love~ X) Soooo many romantic fantasies~
I'm a lover girl~ hehe
On a typical Friday night I am
Most likely on my computer XD
Listening to music! and talking to people X)
Love meeting new people!
Watching anime or being a video game addict XD
or Introvertedly making something~

Update: lol On fridays I have Lohan Kungfu Now X'D
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1) I don't like being in the sun... I'm a vampire CX A Nyctophiliac! haha
2) I'm extremely open minded, I'd dwell into almost anything for the purpose of art, knowledge, experience, ambition and usefulness
3) I love making every one feel loved even evil people haha except they may be scary at times so that's when I'll hide XD

Don't know if these things were even private in the first place?
Idk i felt like they fit
You should message me if
You'd like to talk about twin souls/twin flames/mutual kabbalah crowns X3 Or especially if you feel that you eternally connect with me :0

If you paid attention to rule number 1... XD and can give me the reverse feed back to many of the things I said, Definitely message me X)

If you found my Rule game interesting definitely message me too :D I love games in all sorts of ways <3 X3 and I love making people think and stuff! Well I mean message me if you like my personality in general so far haha, Then I'll get to know yours
And remember rule number 2 if you don't know what to talk about :0

If you're passionate about things in general, and you like being enlightened (Kabbalah Tree of Life in my case X3), anddd Like the idea of introvertedly working together on things like creative art (art as in anything not just drawings! remember programming video games? 8D), making amazing experiences together, gathering knowledge together, working on our dreams together, and goals! etc XD Then we are going to have a blast~
This goes for relationships and platonic friends!
I'd even learn things I didn't think I'd ever learn to support our amazing teamwork together X3 I'm that kind of introvert haha

Simple chatter, friendships, bestfriendships/platonic any one can message... That said I'm not really up for simple chatter atm cause time :c but for friendships if you make the time I'll make the time too X)
as for Relationships, girls and androgynous people only (Including androgynous boys)

A long message would be nice if you can, if not that's ok
You can be emotion triggering and romantic straight off the bat if you like, It'll be very artistic and less bound to societal norms you know? :)
We don't have to be close to do that, we'll build up closeness as we go! But just remember I mean romantic XD Not sexual haha
I'm also not saying every one should message me romantically
It's just if that's what pleases your desires X)