38 Reading, UK
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My self-summary
I had to do jury duty the other day.

I was forced to interact with regular people.

Consequently... I now hate all of you closed minded, judgemental, intellectually inflexible, mouth breathing arseholes.

Yeah, maybe I was just unlucky and randomly got stuck with 11 complete pricks.... but I don't think so, the exact same thing happened last time I was on a jury... 'normal' people are the fucken worst.

If you totally understand where I'm coming from then maybe, maybe I'll be happy to talk to you, the rest of you... leave me alone!
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to get my graphics company up and running properly.

"Hey buddy, you want to buy picture?, I have picture in back of car. It perfect for you."
I’m really good at
Noticing that Will Ferrell is not funny.

I mean, I'll give him a few points for the Oblongs (the fact that you don't know what that is, is a clear indicator of how much you suck).... but nope, nothing [else] he has ever done is in any way funny.

I totally respect the dude, he's clearly smart enough to have worked out how to manipulate idiots, doing painfully low brow horse shit so the plebeian masses will give him lots of money, good move.... but not funny.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Whatever you watch/listen too?..... yeah, probably not that.
The six things I could never do without
- Duct tape (yes, it is 'duct', not 'duck'... only idiots call it 'duck tape', even in reference to the products of the company 'duck', who make tape... I mean, you're not taping ducks... at least, I hope not).
- Epoxy resin.
- Soldering Iron (and solder).
- A decent bed.
- Someone to share that bed.
- and, Idiots..... I do so enjoy having a good bitch at some grade A idiocy (as will be demonstrated momentarily)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately?; Feminism.

Or more specifically; how the living fuck can anyone take the modern feminist movement seriously?

I mean, there is actually a feminist section active right now, who's goal is to legally redefine ALL sex as rape.
If these shitwits had there way: all a woman would have to do to secure a conviction... a rape conviction! is to demonstrate that sex did indeed happen.
The 'logic' being that no woman in a loving relationship would ever press charges.... but every woman should have the ability to completely destroy a man on a whim.... yeah?
Coz, as we all know, there's no such thing as a bat-shit crazy bunny boiler... nope, all women are completely benevolent and 100% creatures of logic.

If you can read that these people exist and not feel your skin crawling at the awfulness? then you are a very, very sick person... kindly stop, you know... everything... talking, eating, breathing... just stop, you add nothing to humanity other than being something for reasonable people to laugh at.

And yes, I know I'm cherry picking the worst of the worst (I am fully aware that most of you are simply egalitarians who lack the language/world view to realize you don't need to be a 'feminist' to believe in, even fight for equality), but I'm not using this as an example of what feminists think, I'm using it as an example of how the feminist movement is fucked up.

You have these crazy cunts running around saying despicable things... and you never question them, you still let that shit go on under your umbrella term and don't call these arseholes on their shit, there is literally no self examination in feminism.
Everyone deserves to have their voice heard, right?

"Listen and believe" (if you're not aware, that's a modern feminist mantra, because anything that even resembles 'think' or 'question' is anathema to the construction of a brainwashed cult)
Well no, some people are just fucken idiots and nothing they say should ever be taken seriously.

Even people who aren't idiots need to have their shit checked before anyone accepts it.... this is the scientific method... this is why science is almost always right... without it you get ridiculous bullshit, bullshit that must be backed up with calls to 'believe' not calls to 'think about it and draw logical conclusions'.... without it you get this cult mentality of 'you're either with us or against us', which is simply not helpful and only serves to foster the type of no grey area thinking that's currently working so hard to ruin everything good about modern society.

Sure, feminism was important, even vital back in the day.... you know.... when that chick threw herself in front of a horse to make a point.... yeah, that made sense (you know... if we ignore the fact that by modern standards it was CLEARLY a terrorist organization)
And the second wave... that was good work, forcing the creation of legal frameworks that acknowledge no difference between genders... yup, all good (again, if we ignore the childish, violent, radical horseshit that was still bubbling to the surface).

And yeah... equality is very much a novelty concept all over the parts of the world where brown people come from (I know, but I calls it as I sees it) and you should be fighting to get equal legal and social conditions for the +/- 2 billion women who ARE oppressed.

But now?... in the western world?.... Pfft!
You won that battle 30 years ago, now you're trying to flog the dead horse... but the horse died so long ago and it's been flogged so much that its turned to powder and blown away in the wind... you're fucken ridiculous examples of what happens when you let intellectual and moral children have their say.... and expect to be taken seriously, without anyone pointing out the errors.... because anyone pointing out errors in your 'logic' causes you to get your feelings hurt... and by your dipshit logical progression, that is somehow a bad thing.

"Waaa, waaa, the mean man pointed out the ideologically unsound bullshit I was spouting was based on falsified data made up by radical lunatics in the 1960s.... he's oppressing me!" (Oh, how I wish I was joking, but nope... this is how the conversations invariably end)

You deluded twatwits still think you're living in the nineteenth century..... you (most of you) are middle class white women.... you are the single most privileged class of human to ever walk the earth (discounting the outlier that is royalty)... and you're pretending to be oppressed?

Fuck you!

Middle class white cunt.... thinking everything that makes you uncomfortable, anyone questioning your narrative (let alone anyone who calls you on your shit).... yeah, that's 'patriarchy' and we're oppressing you.... right?
(even when women, non-whites and/or poor people do it)

I just don't understand how anyone can be so blinkered.

You're living in a delusional fantasy world...
a bullshit world where, even if you did get everything you wanted.... there still wouldn't be anything resembling equality, because you idiots want equality of outcome, and to have that you must completely fuck over equality of opportunity by handicapping anyone who is better at anything than the weakest in the community.

If I'm good at X, and the most spastic, chromosomally impaired retard on earth also wants to do X, then by feminidiot 'logic'; they should earn as much doing X as I do.
Well no, fuck you. I was bright enough to identify my talents, work incredibly hard to hone those skills and then use them strategically and constructively to put myself in a good position... and you arseholes want to flood my peer group with useless fucks just to fill a quota that you decided was a good idea without even asking anyone who works in my industry.... FUCK YOU!

The modern Marxism of morons!... suck my alliteration!

You want 50% of all politicians to be women.... despite 85..90% of people who show any interest in politics being men.
Meaning that if you idiots have your way, around 40% of the people representing us in the world will be under qualified and considerably less capable, just there because on a whim you morons decided that it should be 50/50.... but never once dud you take a step back to actually think what that would mean.

You want 50% women in the board room, because one moron feminist 'scientist' once did a study that found that women in the board room increase productivity.
Sure, but never do you shit heads actually look at the raw numbers... the raw numbers that show very clearly that one or two women in the board room increases productivity (very, VERY slightly).... but adding more women beyond those first few; has absolutely no positive effect at all.... in fact, larger studies show a steep negative correlation between the percentage of women running an organisation and its market effectiveness.
i.e. a few women is good, it adds the female perspective to discussions.... but the more you add beyond those initial few the worse a company performs.
But nope... that's just data.... feminism is clearly based on feelings.... you know, unless the data agrees... then it's based on data.... until the data stops agreeing, then it's based on feelings again.


Egalitarian 'equality of opportunity' is the only thing that can possibly approach an 'equal' world, but a sizable percentage of you idiots actually decry it simply because you cant compete on a level playing field (and no, I'm not saying 'women arent capable of being competitive', Nope, not at all... I know damn well they are.

No. I mean you, you personally... you are a terrible person; stupid, entitled and obnoxious, the reason you fail in the real world is because you're fucken useless, your gender studies degree does not make you as valuable as an engineer. Learning how to write scripts to perform statistical analysis on huge data sets will get you a high paying job, studying communications will get you a job at McDonnalds... and as much as you may not like it... yes, that is fucken fair, you are not being oppressed, you simply made bad life choices and now you're too much of a chickenshit piece of all arseholes to actually look at yourself honestly and admit that you did it to yourself, you have nobody else to blame and you need to take responsibility instead of trying to blame the patriarchy... you did it to yourself.... you did it to yourself because you are an idiot.
(Sadly however, as we all know (at least, all of us who actually take an interest in how the world really works) from the Dunning–Kruger effect... the fact that you're stupid means that you're too thick to ever realize it, even when someone like me takes the time to spell it all out for you.... you're dumb and you'll never get it.... you're dumb that's why you so eagerly align with this ridiculous horse shit)

And don't get me started on the deeply unhealthy fascination with rape.
1:5 female college students are sexually assaulted or raped, right?... that's a popular feminidiot statistic, rape is so prevalent that you see it everywhere you look.
But, nope... it's actually a little under two thirds of one percent (which is obviously still too many, but fuck you for lying about it)... the reason you see it everywhere is because you're fucken obsessed.
In my experience, the more 'feminist' a girl is, the more likely she is to get off on being pinned down and treated like a fuck toy.
Ya'll get all pissy when a female character has her 'agency' removed in games and movies but the first thing you do when you're banging us; is have us do exactly that to you.

Its fine for YOU to pretend when you're making the choice to pretend, but fuck any man who makes his own choice and does as little as watch that shit on TV.

Ya'll need to get your shit straight because the truth of you completely undermines the theory of you..... EVERY SINGLE TIME!

And if you can actually resist the urge to drop to the lowest energy state every time anyone questions your bullshit (i.e. just call anyone who disagrees a misogynist/rape apologist/similar) then please feel free to debate me..... but I know damn well that not one of you ever will, because deep down you know the truth... the truth that everything you believe is based on cherry picked data, propaganda, misinformation and outright lies, but being the moral coward that every feminist is.... you would prefer to continue with the self deluded facade of being a good person (You must be a good person, right?... You're striving for equality and all that crap!).... yup, that's much easier than performing precursory self examination, because doing so would force you to admit that you are (inadvertently) a terrible person, and you simply don't have the balls to do that.

Own your shit and admit you're wrong... very, very wrong.
It's the first step towards not being wrong.

Your whole movement is socially destructive, it's toxic and it ruins everything it touches, get the fuck away from it because the 90% of the world who can see how ridiculous it is.... yeah, we're all laughing at you and your childish, ill-conceived babbling.
On a typical Friday night I am
Being incredibly boring, sitting at home working on some 3D graphics crap.... Friday is not an 'out' night in my current regular schedule.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Boobs do absolutely nothing for me. Yeah, I play with them (because I know you like it) but they are largely just fleshy bags of glands and fat... I simply don't get the fascination.
Sure they're not as comfy to cuddle up to but give me a nice little tit any day. Not that they float my boat either, but they are more aesthetically pleasing... IMO.... and wont give you back problems.
You should message me if
Oh, fuck you!