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45 Closter, NJ Man


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Atheism, and very serious about it
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My self-summary
Write a little about yourself. Just a paragraph will do.
Greetings, women of the web!

I won't bore you with phony catch phrases or wordiness, and I'll get right down to it so I won't be wasting your time.

I'm boldly unique.

The Most Interesting Man On OkCupid, or at least a runner up.

This profile will offer you a little bit of an insight into my mind unlike, say, oh, Every Other Guy's Profile you'll ever read. It is necessary in order to avoid prejudgment. Yes, I am That complex an individual. Misunderstood and misinterpreted. Especially in today's age of conformity, outgoing pretentiousness, and show-all/show-off principles. I don't fit in. I never will fit in. I refuse to fit in. I am my own man through and through.

The question is: can you handle frank opinions?
Or must everything be wrapped in a rainbow and be
"totally fucking awesome" to you?
Answer Yes to the first question and you many proceed.
Also if you don't like to read (or Can't read) then you'd best skip my profile, too. It stops illiterates dead in their tracks. That's intentional, too.

There's lots of food for thought here.
If you're closed-minded and walk around bright-sided with an Everything is Wonderful attitude, chances are you won't like me. I'm a guy who faces harsh reality and accepts it because it's Real; it's Truth. And I don't close my eyes to poverty, inequality, injustice, misery, or other undesirable factors; much less say it's in the hands of God. Lately, believe it or not, I'm Told--by OKCupid's most popular ladies--that these things exist only in my mind--and to think otherwise is...Wrong!

So many people can't face real people or reality. That goes double for women these days. I got an e-mail from jeterznurse with this simple line: "I can't take you or your profile seriously." That's funny, because I'm dead serious.
It was followed by accusation after accusation, beginning with my profile picture (more of that later). She was also the typical OKCupid girl--that is, of the "nice" variety who wouldn't either ignore my initial e-mail or return it with a threatening and final one-liner befitting a child.
A more recent one, a 51 year old Livin2write sent me this: "OH MY GOD UP YOUR MEDS" after I sent her a couple of e-mails, (mis)judging her by her above-average profile, which started off with something like:
"I'm a laid back person who isn't really impressed by things. I'm not one who judges others, if you are, we probably wouldn't get along." It goes on to state that she's seeking "an unpretentious person who is passionate and enjoys the simple pleasures."
In reality, she's nothing and stands for none of this.
The sweet talk of heavy duty bullshit.
It hurts. Because this is the Standard and not the Exception. Maybe they copy from the same book? Maybe they even Pay others to spew this hypocritical rubbish just to Look Good.
They're all the same, mirroring the society they're raised in. In the community there is my belief that the values of the market—selfishness, materialism, competition—are driving out the more desirable values of trust, self-restraint, mutual respect and generosity.
Maybe I should just give up. You can read on if you want, but most of you will just give up here and now, and I don't blame you one bit since you can't teach a dead rat to climb trees. Though you can teach a tree squirrel to water ski.

==>Here's the Important Stuff you might wanna read first:
I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't take drugs (but I won't discriminate against you if you do!).
I don't even curse (much).
I'm hyper-rational, stable, and don't get into fights (physical or otherwise).
I'm a homebody.
I'm financially secure.
I'm monogamous.
I've never been married and I don't have kids.
I've never been arrested nor spent time in jail.
I'm a lover not a fighter.
==>If any of this turns you off, just quit reading now!

Presenting the thinking woman's man. More or less.
With all the stops removed.

I'm a non-conformist and a minimalist so some may call me an oddball.
I, however, consider myself to be the most rational man on here.
And that's as far as I go for bragging.
If you want to hear me out you may read further. Most will not.
Then again most will not so much as answer a simple e-mail either. So allow me to elaborate on where I'm coming from and Why...

Here's me in a nutshell on four fingers:

Retro - Because everything good was in The Past!
Music, movies, prices, women. People even dressed and behaved much better back then (not like today's Freaks). Nothing is left today but cheap ripoffs and exploitation. The only reason Rap took off was that too many people felt sorry for talentless blacks; while the other half were afraid to speak up and call it Trash, out of fear of being called Racists! Now we're rather stuck with it in a permanent sort of way. The Past had All the great thinkers; All the great speakers. Hell, just compare some of Bush's or Reagan's speeches to those of Lincoln or FDR and you'll see my point. This isn't rocket science, speaking of which... The great inventors of New ideas and things died out last century. What we have today are guys who hack old ideas and make them their own (Virtual Realty, wow! That's another name for 3-D Simulator with interaction chucked in. 3-D's been around for a century, and all they do now is refine it a little bit and call it New. Computers get smaller, wow, that's also just refinement. Ditto for all portable conveniences.) In the realm of literature all we see today are recycled ideas and copycat storylines. I prefer real books to "e-books" because I can feel them and carry them around and store them--and don't need a Reader nor will they be lost when the power dies. Everything today are cheap hacks of the past, dollied up with CGI and bright shiny colors. There will still be no substitute for the originals like Arkanoid, Tetris, and even Galaga, regardless of how much glitter and greater resolution they throw into the 3-D craze today. And whatever happened to Pinball? The best stores and places to hangout were in the past. Today we have a distilled down, yuppie-ized remaking of everything with piss-poor selections and outrageously inflated prices. When I tell people today that back in the 70s and 80s department stores had multiple floors and full aisles dedicated to ___...they think I'm delusional.
It's also an obvious reflection on society when a country keeps building more banks and churches than anything else! It shows what the people really care about. Much of "anything else" now consists of Starbucks and those Asian-run sweatshops where yuppie women go to get their nails done or backs massaged! Jewelry stores are also popping up everywhere, while news/magazine/book stores--all Practical stores--are facing extinction. How women are brainwashed into going nuts over a piece of crystallized carbon that has a ridiculously high price tag attached to beyond me. Plastic, follow-the-herd, conditioned people. This nation is sick. There is no Originality left; no effort to even Try to be different or go against the grain. Everyone wants cheap and fast sales of Established names, styles, and goods. On top of this, change is rarely for the best. I'm talking about everyday change you may encounter in your own neighborhood. I don't adapt well to change, mainly because change is usually (statistically) for the worst. Sometimes it's initiated just for the sake of change. In most cases it's just to line some selfish bastard's pockets. In fact, that's probably the case 99% of the time. Like cutting down row upon row of trees to put a sidewalk in which nobody uses nor ever needed or wanted. Some contractor got $$$$$ from that deal. Oh, but they do have their excuses: "To better serve you!" or variants on that line. Invariably it's got nothing to do with Your welfare but Their own which is why it's implemented in the first place. I question all new developments and I always see how it's to cut their costs along the line or rake in more profits. Usually it's done to screw the consumer, too, and s/he ends up paying More which is, of course, the whole point of the so-called upgrade! I am always asking "Why is this being done instead of that?" "Why is this being done At All?" I inevitably receive the same old unpleasant answers, whether they come tomorrow or years down the line. Then there's the media... What I find outrageous is how many kids today Refuse To Watch Black & White Movies! If you want real, quality acting and talent you look for it Back There not Here and Now. Yet Hollywood today keeps raping my childhood. The Originals are always the best. The new movies are rollercoaster ride 3-D kiddie thrills, lacking acting, directing, and anything of substance. You see them Once (usually at the Imax Theater) and that's it. Like a Disneyworld attraction. But the franchise has got your dough opening weekend, and that's all they want. They're not interested in contributing to a time-honored legacy of quality that will be cherished generations from now. They just want to make a fast, fucking buck. I don't go to the movies anymore. They're now remaking "The Terminator" believe it or not! As if remaking "Total Recall" wasn't enough, or "Solaris" or "The Day The Earth Stood Still" or...
It leads to the next category:

Neo-Luddite - Because Simple is superior to Technical!
Your vocabulary term of the day is: "Planned Obsolescence."
Look it up. New is Trash. Old Lasts. Quality manufacturing is Gone in this country. You don't get what you pay for anymore. Above all: Keep It Simple Stupid. I've a 50-year-old can opener that still works. It cost under a dollar then. Buy one today for $11 and the plastic piece-of-shit won't last a month, assuming it works at all! I shelled out nearly $1,000 for a top-of-the-line snowblower at Sears some years ago and after 5 years I've got a useless lump of plastic sitting in my cellar. It won't start. That was the turning point for me. I've got a 40-year-old lawnmower from Sears which still runs. I've learned to appreciate the utter simplicity of certain technological designs: there is just no comparison when it comes to the very straightforward and easily-serviceable engine of an old car compared to the jammed-to-the-max nightmare under the hood of a modern one. The old one, properly maintained, will easily outlast the new one. Not just the big things either. A pair of sneakers would last me between 5 to 10 years (depending on how much foot-power I'd put into them!). Today, a pair are lucky to last One Year
before they start to literally disintegrate. And they're not only much poorer made but Cost More today too! Oh, if I could only have foreseen this, I would've purchased a hundred pairs back in 1980 for $5 or so each and kept then in storage for when I'd need them... Come to think of it, I'd have done the same for White Castle burgers, a thousand or so, when they were twenty-something cents and stored them in liquid nitrogen or something. They were Bigger back then, too, and tastier. Here I go again overlapping the Retro category. Planned Obsolescence is the wonderful driving force of cutthroat Capitalism and growing corporations and is wholeheartedly responsible for countless landfills and dumping everywhere of Junk. Polluting the seas and all that floating plastic and other non-bio-degradable products. Waste, Waste Everywhere until the planet can't take it anymore!
Consequently I've grown a great fondness for antiques. I am also something of a packrat--not a hoarder, per say; Not like those unbalanced people on certain shows! Don't get me started with DVD players that last One Year Or Less. I've tried them. I still find myself going back to my huge collection of VCR tapes. Funny how DVD players are so simple (they just spin a disc and beyond that they are virtually solid-state with nothing touching the media!) while the old VCRs (with their intricate gears, feeds, and tape paths which grab, move, and eat-into the scrolling media!) Outlast the newest gems on the market! But new is prettier, but prettier won't do you any good if it doesn't last, if it constantly breaks down, needs batteries, or takes longer to operate than a simpler, old fashioned alternative. And the more and more entrenched people become with online-whatevers (e-mailing, services, monitoring, billing, streaming, etc.), the more Vulnerable they become to hackers and other cyber-crooks. They're constantly getting worked up, buying new junk to stay "upgraded" and guard against hackers and evil-doers. The companies have them happily jumping through hoops, Upgrading! They don't even Know what they're upgrading only that it's "Newer" so it must be better (even if the upgrade is a weekly software "fix" which amounts to a font change!). The latest worry is being spied upon by their own webcams and cams in their cars, maybe even their toilets (or haven't they've gotten there yet?). But they call all this "convenience" for some reason.
Guess what? You can avoid all this BS by simply Not Starting and Not Playing the game! My computers are older and I've never owned a digital camera, web or otherwise. Everything here is Wired not Wireless. Ah, but play My game and you'll be nailed as technically backwards like me, and you can't possibly live with being ostracized by everyone. That's what it Really comes down to it though: peer-pressure and being Different.
Well, I can, just as I can for being an Atheist. But who's going to have the final laugh, I wonder? I am stronger than the masses, at least in mind.
They don't realize this. Or don't care. Both probably. They don't know they're forfeiting their Privacy. They don't know that their electronic toy is allowing others to Track them. Maybe they'll learn the hard way when their credit card is hacked and end up in a hole. Then they'll start All Over Again, making the Same Stupid Mistakes again! The more time you spend online, the more trouble you're asking for. The more Info you give out. People today are not only slaves to technology, but they're addicted to it. "I can't live without my phone" "I can't live without GPS" "I can't live without satellite TV" (Whenever I hear this, to me, it sounds like a baby whining "I can't live without my bottle!" "I can't live without my doll!" "I can't live without my Gameboy!") Fine. DON'T LIVE! Because I don't call that living. That's being selfish, arrogant, and living to show off your worth through your purchased products to further your own instant-gratification addiction (which, if you properly matured, you should have grown out of shortly beyond your teenage years). To sum this syndrome up: Work-Buy-Consume-Die.
In rich countries today, consumption consists of people spending money they don't have to buy goods they don't need to impress people they don't like.
Well, that's You all over--NOT ME! Now take a good look around you. There is something seriously wrong with people these days who cannot work--or even just walk across a parking lot--without being constantly Electronically Placated. If you ask me, anyone who has to spasticly type on a piece of plastic instead of looking where they're walking while maneuvering around speeding cars--deserves to die a slow and painful death. Because those degenerate genes should be eliminated from the possibility of being passed on to future generations ASAP. This is serious shit and it's accepted as The Norm because Big Business is making shitloads off of these kinds of people. If they were just teens, I'd understand; they need to grow up. But these are people of All ages. I see middle aged guys with these Spike-things sticking out of an ear that they refuse to remove as though it's a cork holding their liquified brains secure in their skulls or something!! This is only the beginning and it's going to get worse. And, again, the tech won't last! But you'll just keep peeing away your earnings and then cry when you really Need money someday but don't have it because you're living from paycheck to paycheck in the materialistic game most people play in this country. Maybe if you'd quit talking your head off all day long or typing all day, your mind might start working, thus the next category. But before I go there, a simple health warning from me about what's generally called Electropollution and perhaps the most important (as in life or death) reason for being a Neo-Luddite in today's society. How do you explain the explosion in cancer cases all around us? It's the new medical franchise; that's what it is! Microwaves everywhere = Cancer everywhere. It's very simple and it comes from wireless up everyone's ass. Not just cell phones but WiFi and 'smart' meters hooked up to monitor your electric and gas expenditures, and those wonderful Optimum 'hot spots' and any and all transmission masts in general. They are multiplying because people are spoiled and big business ("profit over people") Wants you to be spoiled. Radio frequency fields chop up DNA, given enough time (or as they say: time, duration, and distance). RF tags placed on wildlife often results with cancer cells Growing Around the tags on the animals; and that was years ago, long before microwave masts and WiFi routers were mounted everywhere. Just one of those inconvenient truths you'd best not know about. Just one of many observations. But you'll keep reading the same old bullshit stories about "we don't really have proof yet"--and They will keep pointing fingers at sugary drinks, lack of exercise, smokers, Non-vegans... Maybe they will be blaming Global Warming for it next? They've blamed everything else. There is such a thing as being fooled and such a thing as Being a Fool. I am neither, thank you very much. "But Everyone's doing it!" you can munch on, too. A couple centuries ago "everyone" had a slave, too, and a few thousand years before that "everyone" thought the Earth was flat. Doctors will just go about doing their business diagnosing and treating it NOT curing it or going to the Source.
"Oh, you're SUCH a nay-sayer, Retro. It's no wonder you're SO unpopular! I'm NOT giving up my iPad or Cell or GPS or...because of the things you say!" You don't have to. It's Your decision just as it's Your life not mine. This comes as nothing more than a warning to you and you can take it or leave it. Just please don't kill the messenger. I've certainly had my share of that. If anything you should be thanking me for Caring Enough to warn you! For this you may call me deranged or paranoid. Frankly, I don't care because I've had to live with this pigeonholing all my life; if not for this then for that. You see "Job: Science/Tech/Engineering" in the right side bar? Maybe if I were a dentist or janitor you would best ignore me, but I can only say that I do know a thing or two about what I am talking about because I have worked in this field all my life. If you develop brain cancer, don't say I didn't warn you.
Here's a nice little summary of the situation, read it if you dare:
Cancer is but One of the maladies associated with RF exposure. Just one of many which range from simple headaches and sleep disorders to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, and even ADD/ADHD. It's been a long-established proven fact that microwave fields open up the blood-brain barrier which filters poisonous blood and prevents it from entering the brain--when you're head's in a microwave field, heavy metals and impurities otherwise isolated from your brain cells go right through your brain, notably aluminum deposits in your body, thus Alzheimer's Disease. Otherwise it's fertile ground from brain cancer. You want to prevent 99% of future Alzheimer's and brain cancer cases? Turn Off the world's microwave emitters! Those masts, those wireless routers--all that shit!
I'm tired of the finger-pointing. Aluminum and other toxic build ups in the brain isn't because there's more going around in the environment, it's because the blood-brain barrier is Down and Allowing these toxins to enter the brain! It will only get worse, as has been plotted on graphs. Without existing in a microwave field, you could chew on an aluminum can all day and all year long and Never get Alzheimer's (you might get a build up of aluminum elsewhere in your body but Not Alzheimer's!) so long as your blood-brain barrier's intact. It's very simple really. It's also Big Wireless's Big Secret they don't want you to know.
This isn't my primary field of expertise either but this is but the tip of the iceberg of what RF does, because normal cellular growth alone is disrupted...Okay, I'll get out of geek mode now! Oh, yes, this "speed addiction" where nothing is ever Fast Enough and you have to get a million things done faster and better than everyone else is all inter-related to the microwaving of mankind: that's how your brain cells behave when they're under attack but Can't meaningfully communicate this fact with your Cognitive centers of your brain! Your ancestors Weren't like this; taking things slowly and coolly. It's great news though if you're employed in the medical field! Big Pharma's making dough on pills for anything and everything you've got, and then some (they keep making up New disorders!)--not Cures of course just Medication to keep you coming back for more and more pills. Now you can call me a kook for this and move on but if you get anything out of my profile, I hope it is this for your own sake.We would actually be better off without the Internet. Seriously. When you consider how the vast majority use/abuse/exploit it... An analogy would be like having the greatest compilation of books ever written and unleashing a classroom full of 5-year-olds there who would throw the books around the room, rip the pages out, chew on them, make paper airplanes, and ultimately destroy
and waste such resources.

Introvert - Because I'm a deep-thinking Intellectual!
Part-nerd, part-geek--but oddly enough, neither one.
I don't need attention nor do I seek it. Needless to say, I suck at flirting. I enjoy my own company (to a limit, of course, since I'm Here!). I'm an avid reader with thousands of books in my collection. My writing is for my eyes only, this webpage being the exception. I'm not into small talk but into intense talk. I hate loud, obnoxious, runaround people who chit chat constantly about absolutely nothing of any value and have to constantly be on the move somewhere, and in constant need of getting noticed.I see hyperactive twits running around everywhere going nowhere. They speed and showoff to no end. Furthermore, these busybodies have very little going on upstairs beyond instant gratification. Whenever two or more Extroverts get together it's a virtual Battle of the Assholes to see which one's the true Alpha Male--and who gets the Alpha Female! The so-called phone-heads annoy me and I leave them to their own fate. I am the Anti-Yuppie and the Non-Conformist. From my own personal experiences, I've found that the most Outgoing Extroverts are the most shallow and self-centered of people. They cannot exist without attention and without people telling them how great they are. They are also constantly over-compensating for this lack of an inner soul. These are the people who are constantly laughing, usually at things which aren't particularly funny or aren't worth laughing at. The most outrageous of these extroverted people have the least-developed consciences and, in my opinion, are probably destructive and/or dangerous individuals. I also don't give a shit whether you have a great sense of humor or
not. I read this crap in every other profile. Frankly, I find people with humor on their brains all the time to be super-shallow airheads, extremely insecure with themselves who use humor to compensate for their inability to carry on an intelligent conversation. Humor in another person is
about as valuable an asset to me as whether or not there's a little rust on the inner hubcap of the spare tire in the trunk of a new car I may consider buying.
And this is me all over:
Quiet is good. Try it sometime. You might like it. You might even Invent something or discover something new. You might even question some silly Stone Age bullshit, as in the next category:

Atheist - Because Science not Superstition is going to save Humanity! What do I have against religion? What's it done? Violence, Hatred, Discrimination and the Dark Ages. Mindless conformity and Fantasy substituted for the real world.
Take responsibility for your own actions and don't drag-in an imaginary friend or demons to justify your own so-called reality.
The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree... Yeah, makes perfect sense.
And if you don't do what he says, you'll burn for all eternity in Hell. But we have free choice. And you Should Fear Him. But, you know, he Loves You! And he's conveniently 100% invisible except for the occasional appearance on a piece of burnt toast, tree, dirty toilet, rusted sign. Sure. And that so-called likeness is of course just a crude artist's conception since not one painting, drawing, or statue exists of the real guy since there never was a real guy since he's the culmination of thousands of years of metaphorical sun gods which preceded the religion and which the religion's stories and beliefs are cribbed from.
The older religions were either wiped out by Christians or the people simply grew up and dismissed them.
Don't get me started on Islam, thank you very much. They take peoples' Heads Off for so much as naming a teddy bear "Muhammad" since that's an obvious "insult" to "The Prophet."
And anything which disagrees with "The Prophet" is destroyed, including libraries and knowledge (they finished off the great Library of Alexandria centuries ago, using tens of thousands of scrolls and books to heat public baths because the knowledge went Against their religion!). The Great Pyramid and Sphinx will be next because that's "idoltry" to Islam and Cannot be tolerated. Of course when they're blasted to rubble, the apologists will simply say that a "radical" Islamic Faction did it, not the peace-loving Muslims of "The Religion of Peace." And life will go on, maybe with the Statue of Liberty being targeted next, who knows?
This stuff makes Scientology look almost respectable by comparison--and it's got a lower kill-count, too! These observations are all objective and verifiable but the overly-religious vilify me for stating them because they themselves do not want to face them because, well, it would be too much of a shock to come to terms with living a lie and having to face the fact that their parents and parents parents and parents parents parents...were living lies. And all that time and money and effort wasted on delusions. I have said many times in the past that the very future of our entire world could hinge upon the rejection or further propagation of religion. For the major religions of the world their “end game” would more or less require a complete annihilation of all humanity. It is honestly one of the most sickening and disgusting aspects of the major religions in my view. There are actually some people in the world that would see major atrocities as a welcomed sign that their “god” is at work. Most religions ultimately boil down to selfishness in the end. Saving your own immortal soul's ass, so to speak. Doing things not just for the sake of helping others but to light up the eyes of God because He dictates it must be so to enter Heaven; so they rack up greater frequent flier points with the Big Man... If you want to be a genuinely good person, be a selfLess person who does so not just to
earn a higher seat in the afterlife. Care about our Earth not fantasy Heaven.Try to improve the Human Condition of society around you for the Sake of society not because scripture commands it! So there's a mighty difference here between an Atheist and a Theist. That's why Atheists generally care more for the future of our environment and our planet, because we know we're grounded here as are our descendants. This world isn't just a brief stopoff "testing ground" (an Unfair one where some people are born rich, others are born poor, and still others are born crippled or handicapped) where the Lord probes us to see if we're Worthy of Heaven. In order for us to really be able to progress, for us to really move towards a better future and a better world it is necessary that we push religion aside, It is the only sensible choice. So I'll stick with sanity and my science books, thank you very much! Now if a person just wants to believe in an intelligent creator or universe, that's fine, but when a religion becomes huge and a "gang" with a leader and followers, then we've got the current insanity I speak of. A person believing in religion to be happy is no different than a drug addict taking dangerous drugs to be happy. Now many people would say that if someone wants to do that kind of thing they should be free and welcome to do it but I don’t know many people that would encourage drug addicts to continue to take more damaging and harmful drugs “as long as it makes them happy”. There is a very real and powerful harm that can come to the people that are impacted by the religious believer. The most religious are also responsible for the population explosion and therefore the using up of valuable resources faster than they can be replenished, to say nothing of poverty. They don't care because This World is just a temporary stop-over on their way to Heaven, and Jesus/Allah says to just keep having many, many kids (and Muhammad even says that poverty is to be Honored!). Compared to the overly-religious, Atheists have few if any children. Because we're Responsible. OK, I'll get off my soap box now. Religious people hate me for saying these things because they're true but, of course, They have the Right religion while everyone else does not. I'm also tired of "religious freedom"--it's all about doing what they want and denying other people of it. It's rather like "You don't get to eat ice cream because it's what I eat" crap. If you're a member of our "club" you get all these rights, but if you're Not, it's screw you!

If society were a little bit different: more Educated, more Open and Accepting...I would not have to Justify myself and type those above paragraphs for all four aspects. Yet here I must.
People are reactionaries; they no longer think, they make rash judgment calls and are fed by paranoia and hearsay. Ignorance breeds ignorance. The reason I must go into such nauseating Detail and Explain Myself is because of a sweeping
epidemic of Ignorance which originates right here in America.
People make stupid-ass ASSumptions and spontaneous prejudgments because they no longer want to
think. They condemn people before giving people a Chance to state their case. Well, I'm stating My case. Whether you wish to hear me out or prematurely condemn me is up to you.
So I feel that it's absolutely necessary to spell it all out for you and explain myself as to why I am the way I am.
So if I sound like a nay-saying idiot ranting and raving atop a soap box, it is FOR A PURPOSE. To Convey to you Who I am and WHY I AM THE WAY I AM. I can't emphasize this enough.
A simple example: I don't own a cell phone. Do you Know what kinds of responses I get to that? "You must be a total fucking Loser if you don't own a cell phone!" "How can you LIVE without a cell?!!!" "You haven't enough brain cells to Operate a cell?" Yeah, and plenty more. And to hear these things over and over And Over AGAIN. Let me put this one to you another way though. If you are an inner-city resident who uses public transportation and Does Not Own A Car, I am Not going to piss down your throat in a rage and say you're a backwards bimbo because you don't own a vehicle. Soon, one day, I also suspect that anyone who doesn't have a GPS in their car will get their ass fried ("How can you Drive WITHOUT a GPS??"). It's coming. One day, unfortunately.
Society Condemns people who go against the grain. Society is the way it is through Popularity which often has nothing at all to do with Reason or Practicality. It is often dictated from the top down (since Capitalism demands the higher-ups be Served by the "lower forms" within; Capitalism determines what you Consume to keep up with everyone else). You really don't "need" something; rather, you are Told that you "Need" something and your choice of that something is how you will be accepted by your peers. If you refuse to participate in this game, you are an outcast...and the name-calling game begins!
People need to be accepted So Badly in this society that they'll do virtually anything to remain a part of it. Including selling their souls. We see this when people convert to different religions just to be Accepted by the Majority. People who sellout their very own Principles can stay the hell away from me.

Add those four up and that makes me a Minority, in this country at least! I'm a has-been "reject" which nobody wants anything to do with.
(Until the electricity goes out, the communications satellites above fry, and everyone is left dealing with a bare-bones, low-tech survival situation. Holding useless plastic toys which don't respond. Then we shall see who lives and who dies! "I'm not Connected anymore! Help me! I can't read my e-books! I'm all Alone! Not even God is answering my prayers! Waaaah Waaaah Waaaaah!" Maybe under those conditions they would seek me out to help bail their own asses out. Maybe. Because then and only then will I be "useful" to them. Useful. That does seem to be the goal of every woman on here: find some guy to Support her; someone she can Use. This may sound somewhat nasty of me but that's the impression I get from the majority of women on here, especially by the questions they would ask from how I dress, what clubs I attend, what kind of car I drive... In a word Materialistic.)

It has led to me adapting a rather reclusive lifestyle, of which I had no choice in the matter. It is the way I am.

I don't expect my soul mate to perfectly mirror me in all four categories of course, but to merely accept me for what I am and where I stand. Because you're not going to change me and I'm not going to change you.
The first category makes me a no-go for women who expect me to "Keep up with the Kardashians"--and all the other latest sitcoms, movies, and Hollywood HYPE--all of which I haven't a care in the world about. Oh, I've given things a chance, an odd episode here and there--and I always come away from the stuff feeling cheated, having wasted my time, bored, having had my intelligence insulted and/or repulsed. So you would think that Older women would dig a young guy like me with old values and a lover of more Old than New. I've nothing against older women but they tend to have something against me: I generally look Young Enough To Be Their Son. They are Uncomfortable with this. Also, thanks to Conformity (via their friends and their children) they've already rejected much if not all of the past and embrace the modern and new. I can just see their kids brainwashing them into believing that the latest Disney piece-of-crap-animation-flick is Totally Awesome and the Greatest!
The second category is often misinterpreted as meaning I'm backwards or something. I've a degree in computers and electronics in fact, but that does not mean I must wallow in the latest and greatest. You'll note the prefix "Neo" in there. Again, technology is a Tool, not something to live by or for.
That third category puts me in the position of not only thinking things through conclusively but to research and investigate many aspects of life. I've spent my entire life doing so. And I'm now writing about it. I'm not hyper nor outgoing so don't mistake this for not being Fun or not liking you because I don't grovel at your feet and pour on the flattery. I'm deep and a deep talker. Small talk is not my thing. I also function best in small groups; ideally just me and you! I cannot emphasize this page enough:
And don't get me started on all the crap I've had to deal with from people who think an Introvert is a psycho, stalker, serial killer, school shooter, or something not to be trusted. Women can be very, very scared of guys like me. Especially when they're programmed by big-mouth extroverts who see them as rivals: "That guy reading a book over there is Queer! He's not for you! In fact, believe it or not, I'm convinced he's a pedophile and child molester, too!" Sweet.
Needless to say, the fourth category steers the overly-religious women well away from me, often out of sheer ignorance. It's the ultimate date-killer. Indeed, the more religious a person, the less likely s/he'll have anything to do with me...sometimes even to truly paranoid extremes of resentment.
Now let me get up close and Personal...because this fourth category is painfully important and due special attention.
You'd be blown away by how many times I didn't get the girl simply because I don't believe in Jesus (or Allah where applicable, for that matter), meaning, to them, that their association with me would bar their soul from reaching sanctuary in Heaven, because The Creator of the whole universe will frown down. Seriously! Those are the straightforward ladies. Usually it's their parents or family
members they hang it on, claiming they would not approve of a godless guy. Ultimately I find myself alone and never know whether to believe them or not. Then there's women with kids from a previous marriage: "I have my children to think about..." which Implies: "...and I can't trust them alone
with you!" Alright. That Hurts. Enough! Now try this shit on for size multiple times--it could drive you to drink. I don't drink or rely on cheap substance escapes. I simply embrace the kick in the balls and move on. Or try to. The hurt remains.
The power of propaganda, preached by people who on the other hand claim they are preaching Love. Okay. Well, it is best you reveal this stigma of yours here and now rather than later, I suppose. It is again pure discrimination, praise the Church!
I'm going to Hell and anyone who touches RetroActive2014 will share the trip! Do you truly believe this? Yup. The word you're looking for is Superstition. It stands in direct opposition to Science, which is where I stand. Non-belief is the ultimate date killer, and generally speaking Killer period. Today Atheists FACE THE DEATH PENALTY in 13 Nations, all of which are Islamic. You know, just for Not following a superstition and minding your own business you can literally lose your head. Nice. Very, very nice. Praise Allah and "The Religion of Peace." Holy shit is right. Guess, what? Most Americans are religious and take their religion Very seriously. I generally don't date Hispanics or Blacks for this very reason. I'm not prejudiced--rather, They Are! Hispanics and Blacks have that deeply rooted Jesus bug which steers them well clear of Non-Christians big-time. Of these few minorities who've tried to befriend me, they do so because Lord Jesus is instructing them to save my soul and, uh, Convert Me... No thanks. The remainder simply say that I'm demented, a lost cause, and I should seek professional help or guidance. Basically they give me a "get lost, loser!" push. I've come to accept this as The Christian Way (i.e. Join Us or F-O), but it's really no different for most other mainstream religions. Islam alone is pretty nasty in this regard! (Whenever 9/11 comes up, I want you to remember that Religion did it. Islam. No, If's, and's, or's, or but's about it. If you read the Kor'an and study what every baby Muslim is brought up on and forced to recite for the rest of his or her life, as they pray five times each day to Allah to have mercy on their pathetic souls to be allowed to enter Heaven one day, you'll know exactly what I mean. Unfortunately. What Christians don't want to hear though is about their own faction called Dominionism whch is just as bloody as Islam--If allowed to be unleashed--and with the same closed-minded mindset. For a hint of this watch the documentary called "Jesus Camp." As an Atheist I'm sitting on the sidelines watching these different factions going at one another in the name of fantasy deities. It's NOT entertaining. It's most distasteful and I had hoped that humanity would have matured beyond this shit by the 21st century.).
What we end up with is a nation of feel-good instant-gratification idiots who only see the bright sides of everything, shun and ignore the negative rather than daring to try to Acknowledge and Fix the undesirable components to make life a better place for future generations. "God and prayer will take care of the negative!" I've learned that Selfishness is the key behind this meme throughout religions. Confront a
Muslim or a super-conservative Christian and their reasoning comes down to caring about Your Own immortal soul and getting it into that next world, as opposed to caring about your fellow human beings Here And Now and Their Future on Earth. What little "caring" they do, however, is not dictated by the desire to really help others but because they'll Look Good in the eyes of God because The Bible (or Kuran) tells them to do such-and-such. They're basically trying to get a higher rating on their soul for when departure time comes so they get First Class seats in the afterlife! So it's a To-Hell-With-This-Planet attitude because Earth doesn't matter since they won't
be living here forever! And that is the key in understanding their attitudes towards conservation, climate change, and anything here-and-now Real and secular. You will get this to a somewhat lesser extent from the more moderate believers, but there it is sitting at the core of their beliefs: "I'M gonna make it to Heaven and I don't give a shit about anyone or anything else here!" So they can't comprehend Atheists. Without Immortality dangling before us they figure we're Evil
and have no motivation to want to do any Good because we can't be bought! All this, needless to say, goes hand-and-hand with Capitalism and, particularly, America's Republicans of the Catholic faith. Trust in God, do whatever you want, and if you do something bad say a dozen Hail Marys and you'll be forgiven. That last bit is the Mafia credo apparently.

Retro + Neo-luddite makes me something of an antiquarian--though selective, very selective! I can also appreciate steampunk, though I rarely use it myself. What I
consider "post-modern steampunk" includes such things as low-resolution monochrome screens (which are rather nifty for watching old B&W movies and shows on).

If you take all four of these qualities together, I'm a spectacularly unpopular guy. That goes not just for being among women but people in general. Americans were different in the 80s and 90s. They were less religious and more science-oriented. More flexible and accepting. Today they are a self-serving, paranoid, pretentious people; unwilling to think or accept anything outside of their own tiny, Hollywood-created realm. And anyone or anything that does fall outside of their parameters of perfection Gets It. You drive an old Chevy, you're a worthless bum. You drive a new Lexus, you're totally awesome! You enjoy your own company and don't shoot your mouth off, you're probably up to nefarious
devil-deeds, or just plain old retarded. You don't believe in God, you're Evil because you obviously worship Satan. You stand behind gay rights--you probably Are gay! You don't believe in Noah's Ark or Creationism? Hahahaha! I don't trust you, I don't like you: you should be Watched and you should see a psychiatrist! You're Not Normal! Conform or Die!
Oh, hell, why not just Blame Me if you've got a streak of bad luck and it's a rainy day, too! Ignorance has become unchained in this country. It's too much for me. It's very trying on my mind and body. Sometimes my heart feels like it's either going to explode or stop beating. That's why I'm on OKCupid. I have no other place to go. I am even hesitant to cyber-flirt here because I know all too well the kind of responses I would receive. I've been getting their tired, predictable, condescending messages all my life. I've really had it. You also don't have to tell me that nobody's going to date a "loser" who's not happy-happy 24/7, 8 days a week. Women
want some idiot with a fat wallet and a phony smile plastered all over his face. My curse is that I was born with a conscience in a state that wears a false conscience on the outside. I'm less materialistic when I should be wallowing in it because this is crying-out-loud Capitalism at it's most grandeur. I'm in this boat because I've removed myself from the Keep Up With The Jones' Game because, again, I'm an Introvert and feel no need to flaunt. So that alone gives me a unique perspective. Unfortunately. The thing is, I can't close my eyes to how
deceptive and manipulative my fellow men (and women) are. Everywhere. They're living to play a Last Man Standing/Stab Everyone In The Back Game. The guy with the most money or goods wins--and to be successful you have to hide behind a 100% bullshit smiling facade! You get there by hook or by crook, by lying, cheating, bribing, murdering, destroying the environment... But say a couple Hail Marys and God'll forgive you, and you can start all over again. America is becoming a Mafia state. But that's okay because "God Bless America" - God's chosen America as His state! (This BS line is relatively recent, incidentally, as it was put upon American money in the 1950s at the height of the Red Scare by, you guessed it, the holy Republicans. They have since flown with this as Justification that America was founded as a Christian State!)
So if you unify those four qualities up above, you also end up with a philosopher, whether you like it or not (because that darn brain won't turn itself off). You probably won't like it because, sad but true, truth is often painfully unpleasant. But do you want the truth or do you want to lie to yourself? Most people can't live
without lies. That's why religion is thriving: it's a crutch to distract from reality and to reinforce these competitive, backwards ways which will inevitably lead to Mankind's destruction. Having studied it in it's myriad of forms, new and old, it is unquestionably a form of mental illness. A very Dangerous one. But one that Capitalism simply cannot do without because it's So Very Profitable!

In addition to being a philosopher, if you put those four highlighted qualities about into one person, you can probably imagine all the Shit I've taken throughout my life. Discrimination. Bullying. You-name-it. Just because I refuse to Conform to the masses. And I face Reality, no matter how unpleasant that reality may be. It's real.

Now if you'd like to know details of my history, jobs, accomplishments, where I am and where I'm going, sexual thrills and chills, the names of all 36 of my ex-wives and hundred-odd babies...that's between you and me. To be divulged In person. Because too much personal crap is already being broadcast online, and I find it uncomfortable.

I also know darn well that in being so forthright and honest, I'm probably committing dating suicide here and now. So be it.
At least I'm not playing the role of a deceptive SOB. There are probably thousands of Them on here for you to choose from.

Unlike Them, I am a man of my principles and I live by them. I don't take bribes. I don't sell out. I don't kiss ass.

I don't date often and since coming aboard here that's truer now than ever! Think of me as that rare, Special Edition person.

I'm obviously not intended for your average, run-of-the-mill dance hall broad. Though all open-minded ladies are welcome to check me out. As a potential mate. Not as a freak of nature.
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
Living it. Because as far as I am certain, this is the Only life.
I'm also living in the Real World, which cannot be said for the majority of people these days.

Below my means, saving for the future, conserving energy and fuel, recycling... The way every true, caring American should be living... But when was the last time I actually met another Caring American? Certainly not in this neck of the (nearly decimated) woods, sister! My neighbors are very much the opposite, wasting electricity, water, fuel. That's how millionaires behave when they live in mansions and judge others by what they have rather than how they act. Through waste--conspicuous consumption--they openly display their wealth, their power, their careless disregard for anything other than themselves. Seriously. They are saying "Look at me, I've got money and resources to burn! I import bottled water to water my exquisite lawn! I drive the least fuel efficient vehicles because they're big and I Can waste gasoline like water! I have over a dozen outdoor spotlights on 24/7 because I Can afford to waste electricity... Because I Am Bigger And Better Than YOU!" Now imagine if every American citizen behaved this way (and indeed many Aspire to become this Type of person)... What the hell do you think would become of this planet and The Rest of Humanity living on it? Well, this is the Mafia/Italian Way typically embraced by 21st Century Republicans in this country. Speaking very broadly of course but also just reminding you of progress and trends.

As a politically-incorrect Liberal surrounded by the very opposite. Those who tell me to Get a Life!

Trying to be a better man.
Wanting to be loved.
Not wanting to die alone.
(Little things like that)

So I'm also on here looking for a companion. Obviously.
And she doesn't have to necessarily be cover-girl quality, either.


Anyway, here are some random thoughts from my radical mind.

I'm going to leap back on my soap box one more time, because right now I'm chatty and because, well, I've nothing much better to do. Another deep look inside my sick psyche. Though be warned that this section is strictly optional for you to read, and if you don't already hate RetroActive2014 already, by the time you finish reading his section You Will hate me, or your money back! So perhaps it's best if you don't read it so I actually have a snowball's chance on Vulcan (40 Eridani A) of actually securing a date with you?
Here are a few "sheeple issues" which bother me, being the very responsible person I am and Not following the marching moron crowd of simple-minded thinkers in their cliques:
I think it's pretty funny (or sad, depending on your perspective) how everyone's beating the shit out of Smokers these days as though this vice was just invented yesterday and not thousands of years ago. And there's not one scrap of evidence proving that second-hand smoke is anywhere near Evil as portrayed. (But isn't it funny that those commercials are appearing more often now And that they're financed by affiliates of cell phone corporations?) Hint: those poor minimum wagers who go around blowing leaves and cutting lawns take in more harmful fumes from combustion engine powered equipment in One Day than any "second hand smoker" will breathe in a Year. But that's okay because they're just minimum wage losers and the lawn results speak for themselves, right! Now those fumes are an entirely different beast from the tobacco puff variety! And those of you who are still scared of second-hand smoke should seriously consider not roughing it since campfires produce considerably more smoke than cigarettes! Meanwhile, smoking is
being banned everywhere, not just in restaurants but in open parks, stadiums, and you can't even smoke in your Own Car or maybe even your own apartment (depending what dictator is operating where). I fear there will soon be no-smoking States in the U.S. and eventually the whole nation will go smoke-free. I'm sure it will make some hypochondriac or demented people feel a whole lot better, too! Smokers are treated like lepers and are freely discriminated against everywhere. "Vile and disgusting" they're called. I guess it's wonderful to be able to freely direct your hate against a group of people and get patted on the back for it. Americans need these kinds of release valves for their emotions. If the manic fear and hatred of smokers keeps up, I fear they might even give Atheists like
myself a run for their money as Most Hated of all people. What's this world coming to? And I am saying this as a man who never smoked but co-existed alongside a mother who smoked heavily for 50 years and was raised in a smoke-filled house; and I am asthmatic, too. But I was born with that malady and it didn't develop from second-hand smoke exposure. And I've never ever had cancer. Wow. And my back yard shack used to be filled with punk smoke, too. I used to hang out in smoke-filled casino rooms during my vacation time. My bedroom had incense burning from time to time. I used to breathe all that in in addition to second-hand cigarette smoke. Must be my strong believe in Lord Jesus which saved me! I consider my asthma a childhood thing of the past, too. I don't use an inhaler and I can run, jump, and do all that extrovert crap if I wanted to without having an asthma attack. Praise the Lord! Maybe he has a Destiny in mind for me... Or if it wasn't him, was it...Satan? Nah... What I'm driving at here though is the sheeple response I come across almost consistently these days: "Smoking disgusts me!" - They say this not out of reason but because it's now Trendy to Hate smokers. You know what disgusts Me? Religious loons who indoctrinate children with fear of Hell and demons and raise them on the edge of sanity in dysfunctional families to HATE Science and critical thinking and generally anyone who doesn't believe Jesus is Lord thanks to 2,000 year old fairy tales penned by goat herders and because their parents and their parents parents were brainwashed the same way. And there's nothing Trendy about that!

Meanwhile women everywhere are doing this "Vegan" thing as though they think they'll save the lives of animals and close slaughter houses by eating plants! This "movement" of going herbivore is one of the most ridiculous trends I've come across. Humans are omnivores. We need both meat and vegetables. Seriously, think about it. This is a fad no different than the Get-Smokers league. If you want to be liked and Accepted by the clique, you Must Obey... Yet at the very core of the issue I respect them for steering clear of 'factory foods' which are non-nutritious slow poison. But I feel sorry for them as well for avoiding meat altogether. It's like living your life without any sort of cheap pleasure food. And even the healthiest of eaters are going to Die sooner or later! On this subject, Capitalism (money!) has corrupted the FDA decades ago (and All of those other like-named "administrations"), allowing countless food addictive poisons to be approved of.
MSG, Aspartame, you-name-it. The crap is everywhere now and in everything. People associated with these abbreviated organizations take bribes and don't give a damn about the impact upon the masses. One little guy like me who dares to bring this stuff up is shot down. Because there's strength in numbers and even more strength in Big Business. What happened to "nutrition" (and has had Obvious affects upon the human mind) has happened more recently with the cell phone industry and Wireless radio frequency in general. Scientists are paid to shut up and give Supportive evidence that nothing is amiss and everything being peddled is Safe and dandy. But getting back to the "veggies" - just eating them won't save your life, especially when they're genetically engineered from the get go! And you still need meat much as your body needs light And dark. Our nation suffers from massive malnutrition and obesity--to say nothing about the resulting chemical imbalances in peoples' brains! At least one scientist has said that had 'factory foods' been eliminated and people ate 'real' food, this country would be a utopia of well-balanced people and that alone would substantially decrease the number of prisoners behind bars and crazies on the streets! But again, I'm going off-vector and babbling on about things you don't care about.

People are great when like-minded idiots get together in groups like this and spread the word. That's how religions start, you know. In most cases it's about "Health" because Americans live in perpetual fear and Health sounds so good to them--because no one would dare go against being Healthy. There are therefore scams after scams after scams, and scams built upon other scams throughout the nation deliberately modeled after being Healthy as in exercising and looking good and fit. Massage, Acupuncture,'s all a load of proven bullshit but there's massive money to be made through it all to it persists just like frigging fortune tellers and their Tarot card hokum. No wonder all strip malls feature at least one useless spa or gym facility and that's to say nothing of these ridiculous nail places for women. Bullshit self-help books follow which include Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret"--arguably the biggest, best-selling load of crap since the Holy Kuran.
Americans piss away so much of their money on this nonsense it's a wonder the middle class is still alive.
Don't get me started on bottled water users/losers who think that tap water is poison and they're drinking "healthy" by pissing away their money into corporations playing the public for fools who are only selling tap water back to them. It Is tap water, a very simple formula H2O, and it doesn't come from some far-off glacier land despite what's suggested by the stupid picture on the label. The millions of dollars of oil wasted just on transporting the water, how communities are raped dry by the corporations, and how countless tons of non-bio-degradable plastic is covering our planet. But you don't give a shit any more than you give a shit about that gas-guzzling SUV, so long as you Look Good and can impress people by looking stylish, Big, and sophisticated. Oil prices are sky high today more than any other time in the history of oil--but Americans still insist on pissing their money away on HUGE Vehicles which are not only fuel Inefficient but Costly and spew out more greenhouse gases than any other vehicle this side of large cargo transports. Single drivers though "need" these huge whopping things for a myriad of excuses. Soccer moms need them because they need the
Room. Excuses after excuses. They want to feel Big, they think that Big means Secure and they "care" about their kids. Blah blah blah. It's all bull. SUVs are Dangerous vehicles which handle like bricks on the highway, with no stopping power, are happy to roll over, and have that unique central mass distribution to make them Lethal when striking other cars or say nothing of being outright ugly. And boy, the people who drive these things really are something else; most shouldn't even be allowed to drive bicycles much less heavy metal murder machines. SUV's are Fashion Statements; nothing more, nothing less. Conspicuous consumption showing your wealth and how little you care about gas prices. They are the modern day equivalent of 1980s boom boxes: except back then Blacks were fixated on them and they didn't destroy the environment or piss away our nation's fuel reserves or drain wallets dry in the process.
But do you know what's really sad? Who do you think is pouring all their savings into such useless crap like bottled water? Or "has to" have that Huge whopping SUV? Rich White people maybe? Guess again. Statistics show it's the lower-end working class folks, even the minimum-wagers who are doing it. The vast majority are Minorities. Why? The same reason they are welcomed here: they're ignorant and easily persuaded and taken advantage of by big corporations. There are bottled water companies deliberately targeting the Spanish community with labels in Espanol. Asians who come over here who've previously lived around community wells in some ghetto community, call it the Shin-Bow-Wow village, see water being sold in stores and are too brain-dead to realized it's the Same Water coming out Free from their faucets! They buy buy buy and see other Asians doing it so they Accept It. And they eat up Corporate Elite's BS about all tap water being poison! It's the poor working class Asians who MUST own SUV's too, not your average, gas-efficient little cars. Why? It satisfies their inferiority complex to Be Big on the road, especially when you consider that most Asians are short... Other insecure minorities follow suit. The result is they don't learn to save money and invest it and remain nicely ghetto-locked for the remainder of their lives and their children's lives.
When cell phones first became popular, believe it or not, it was the same deal: minorities Ate Them Up. It makes them feel Important, Powerful, and makes them think they are better accepted in America... What does a janitor making $5 an hour need with a cell phone? Just try to tell them this though and they Will attack you. For they can't face the truth--they refuse to face the truth--that they've been played for Fools. It is exactly the same in trying to convince religious people that their believe system is a load of nonsense. Mark Twain once said that it is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. I get the same old rhetoric over and over again: "Well, I don't know about Your water but I happen to know for a Fact that My water I buy comes from a Glacial Spring in the Wilds of Canada!" "I drive a SUV because it's bigger and Safer than your puny car...and can your car climb Mountains?" Yeah, and you wouldn't dare take that thing off-road or, pray tell, use it for hauling for fear of dirtying it up.
"If you were more Open and Accepting of these things, Retro, you'd be a much Happier person and people would Like you more!" And I'm sure if I had a lobotomy and had No Brain and thereby didn't question Anything, I'd be much happier, too! I'd fit right into the Muslim community, in fact. Praise Allah!

I am Hated for all of the above opinions. Women may pick and choose but they Hate Me for one thing or another here. Because they are a Part of the System. Their Clique would turn Against Them if they ceased to Conform. As though I invented smoking, fuel efficient cars, tap water... I am stating my opinion which, unfortunately, goes against the grain for Most Women who are directly opposed to it. Therefore they do not want to date me. Therefore I am Alone. Unfortunately for them I have statistics, science and Knowledge to fully backup and debate to death all of my statements...and here we go again with women on the losing side not wanting a smart guy in their lives! To top all this off (not even bothering to drag "Atheist" into this massive mess) I'm Unpopular and in the minority so certain people feel empowered to hurt me.
What rules in this country is popular opinion and not reason. It is in turned geared to conspicuous consumption and "looking good" more than being practical and truly caring for one another and the environment and its resources. After all, how can you say No to your favorite Hollywood stars who go around gulping down bottled water as they race along in their huge SUVs? You wanna be just like them. All Americans model themselves after these people. Likewise this is why we have racism too, because of Memes and how Blacks model themselves after Hollywood Black Stereotypes in movies who are, it turns out, Created by White racists to separate the races and ensure that Blacks act, dress, and Behave a
certain way. Surely you don't think that all Blacks were born in the South, do you? You'd think so judging by their 99.9% Southern accents. No, that's not genetic, that's a Learned response. Just like the slang, the over-sized drooping pants, the backwards cap, the gold chains... Because Whitey wants you that way, and you Obey because your neighbors have obeyed and followed the collective Image. Go against it and you'll be saying your "ethnicity" is under attack and Whitey Wants You to Act White. Not act White, but act Rational as an Intelligent member of Society is what you Should be thinking. Not like a Clown to Reinforce Racism Against You. But if you did that, well, that's not very good for business if people start thinking that all people are Equals, now is it?
Open up your minds and Think On Your Own, for crying out loud! Just because your Friend, your Hero, your Neighbor does, acts, or thinks a certain way Doesn't make it right and mean you should Emulate that person (to "prove your worth" to him). I've seen That pattern repeat constantly.
I am alone but I have peace of mind because I am my own person. I do the right thing and live my life this way. I'm not a hypocrite. I just have to live out this lifelong sentence of being rejected for being rational.
The ultimate price is loneliness.
You have no idea what loneliness can do to a man. Even a guy like me who's comfortable with books, old video games and video cassettes gets lonely. I control it without crutches; without drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or Jesus. It's an extra load of weight on my mind. It also demonstrates my relentless willpower.

Now when you ponder all of the above pondering which I've pondered and take it all into consideration, it's no wonder that the middle class is disintegrating in America. The top 1% of Americans are super-rich beyond my comprehension (they are called Plutocrats) and grow ever more wealthy by the year, raking in hundreds of times more money than anyone of the middle class. What this all means is that sooner or later there
will be a collapse in this country or a revolution, or most likely both. It will not be pleasant and will make the various recessions and Wall Street scandals and the Great Depression look like walks in the park. People tell me to shut up for so much as thinking such thoughts. They say, "Retro, why don't you worry about last night's reality show, sports heroes, racial slur, or gay marriage." I tell them these are all truly petty diversions for simpletons. So, why do I care? Maybe because my ancestors invested far too much blood, sweat, and tears into this country and I don't want to see the whole thing go to waste. I am also completely helpless to do jackshit about any of it, for I am for all practical purposes an absolute nobody. Unfortunately one with a finely-tuned mind which is utterly useless in a society of mostly un-tuned minds, and my typing all this is only Turning You Off from me since you don't give a shit about it all and odds are you haven't so much as read one-tenth of my profile since it's too much for you to read Or care about since you're only here to find some guy to buy you drinks and maybe a dinner.

So is that my problem? I care more for the Big Picture than about myself? Should I be a greedy, shallow, pretentious robber and only feed my own passions and needs? I feel that I've evolved beyond that from seeing thing from different perspectives. Or should I only flaunt and care about how great I look and how much attention I can raise, and only surround myself by feel-good butt-kissing "yes" people who'll reinforce my own ego? Those are the majority.

If I were a drinking man, I'd have poured myself several drinks by now. Instead I'm a thinking man, and that gets me into trouble every time!

Constant exposure to reality has led me to this ideal summary:
And, yes, some people will hate me and even fear me for being a stark realist. But I can no more deny this
than I can accept the power of prayer regressing my Big Mac into a happy cow.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
* Being cool-headed (rather than just Cool), logical, rational, and thoughtful. Strategic and calculating. I plan everything. Not being "spontaneous" is another strike against me since most women on here want that. Well, I intend to Outlive the spontaneous dickheads.

* Abstract, out-of-the-box reasoning--without the help of the Connected Collective. If you don't follow the crowd, you think for yourself. When you think for yourself you come up with original ideas. Granted, they may not necessarily be feasible concepts but they differ, often radically, from the mainstream. This is a hidden strength. I find myself inventing things...only to discover they've already been invented and patented long ago!

* Trust, reliability, sustainability, fuel efficiency, honor, and decency. All without the need to bribe me, seduce me, or prostitute yourself to me. So kick my tires, hop aboard, or let me try you on for size. The bottom line here is that I can offer you an extremely Stable and Reliable relationship.
One that runs like clockwork; like a well-oiled machine.
You would not have to worry about me running around with another woman Or hanging around in bars getting drunk (since I don't drink and I don't hang out in bars!).

* Making Love not War.

* Being a pacifist not an asshole (If you think this makes me a wimp, get lost!). I've had it up to here with the gun-nut Alpha Male spectacle. Real men stand up for what's right even if it puts them at risk of being put down and condemned by the Majority. Remember that. Speaking of which, I was just fed a high-fecal e-mail bullshit story on here by one Lisabbyblue about her definition of an Alpha Male, implying that I'm an inferior piece-of-shit. She got the last word by blocking me.

I'm disturbed by the constant crimes of humanity and injustice. The Waste. The conspicuous consumption. The landfills. The slaughter of wildlife and extinction of species. The ever-growing excessiveness and pretentiousness of the upper classes--and the stupid middle classes always trying to keep up with the Jones' until they're bankrupt. I'm also allergic to Conservatives, but I'm sure you ascertained that all by yourself by now. I'm basically very Rational and not driven by greed or by superstition. I don't take bribes. I am my own man.

Sometimes I think I am the only person left in my town who cares about nature and wildlife. You'll note that I don't like cats and dogs. I'm allergic to them and they attack my grey tree-dwelling friends. Dogs and cats these days are also inbred, domesticated-to-death, and probably genetically-engineered. I prefer wild animals who can think for themselves and aren't bred to obey human commands. Animals smart enough to feed themselves and don't have to Be fed by humans. Yes, many people think there's something wrong with me for having such thoughts, too. The same people think it is wrong of me to take the crumbs and bones of my meals and feed them to the squirrels and birds (and if they don't care for it, the nocturnal animals, including racoons, possums, and skunks, will). My neighbors would throw out whole crates of perfectly good food if it was the wrong color, and they're very proud of flaunting that fact as a show of prestige and power.

Funny how women want the opposite in a man.
A Non-caring, selfish, big-mouth showoff with a fat wallet.
Because the media programs Americans to be this way. To favor the extrovert over the introvert; the leap-first before the thoughtful. Indeed, society is becoming anti-science, anti-intellectual, and pro-Surface-over-Substance.
As you continue reading my profile you will discover that the Majority of women on OkCupid fit this to a T. Then again, OkCupid is a microcosm of our society at large. Sad but true.

Here I go again, babbling on, overthinking and all that. Sorry.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
The photo of me is pretty crappy but it's the only one I have. It was taken on the spur of the moment and I had no intention whatsoever of uploading it. My eyes are closed because the sun's shining into them, my body is hunched to properly support my furry friend on my shoulder. Yes, that is a live squirrel, a female named Betsie with 8 breasts (arranged in 4 vertical pairs), not that she ever needed that many nor do you care to know, I know. The picture was taken on film and the photo scanned-in when I had a working scanner because the piece-of-shit broke on me (read the section on me being a Neo-Luddite!). I'll never buy a scanner again. Nothing is made to last anymore. Nothing! Even these frigging socks I bought a week ago have holes in already.
I am truly astounded though by the rejection.
How women judge a person based on a photograph.
How many women on here put down "My smile!" or "My eyes!" (or both) in answer to this field? I'd roughly guess something like 90%. Oh, I wish I Could judge people based upon their smile or their eyes. But regarding My photo...
"I can't date a guy who wears a red cap and carries a squirrel around on his shoulder!" - Right, little girl, I was Born this way with a rodent lodged on my shoulder and an old cap on my head. I eat, sleep, shower, bathe, and crap with them on me 24/7. I'll be buried with them, too! If this is too much for your little mind to comprehend then you shouldn't be on here. You should be in a crib playing with your dolls. Seriously there ARE some women on here that simple-minded and who claim to be adults. Unbelievable. I guess this is what the cell phone generation comes down to: a complete lack of simple reasoning and the ability to Think on their own even on a very basic level! A picture is worth a thousand words to them (which only stands to reason since they obviously Cannot read otherwise!).
One crappy photo Does This to me. You will read elsewhere in my profile regarding this problem of declining I.Q. among people in the 21st century.
This is but one small "proof" of that.
The second "proof" is how I am called a liar when I state that I do not own a digital camera or a cell phone with a digital camera. They in turn go on to proclaim I am some form of scam artist. With this wonderful showering of hate, I feel like joining the squirrels in the trees. They are far more compassionate than women of today.
So let me just say this again for the record: I'm not a photographer - I'm not into snapping photos - I don't make videos. Is this so mind-bogglingly difficult for women of today to accept? Women of today who go around pointing their toys at everyone and everything and snapping photos all day long like some little girls who just were given a new toy from their parents, and want to play-play-play. Because that's how I view this syndrome. Just because you, your friends, bimbos in TV commercials (who coincidentally are selling phone plans) and your TV idols may do this does not mean it's a worldwide prerequisite for life in the 21st century, any more than cruising around in a SUV at 60 MPH while you yap on your phone, type on your laptop, gulp from a bottle of crystal spring water, and put lipstick on--all at the same time--is. Again: I'm Retro and I'm a Neo-Luddite. Just in case you missed it the first time.

Tall, handsome, sexy.
But with all-natural eyebrows which have lives of their own and which may frighten younger viewers! Parental discretion is advised!

Yet reserved, somewhat aloof.

A man who doesn't want to stand out in the crowd but wants to blend into the background and not attract attention.
Because a lot more can be accomplished indirectly and from a distance, rather than being an obnoxious, loud-mouthed asshole.

I'm rather the opposite of most people on here.

They emphasize pictures. Showing off. Image over substance. This is why tattoos are more popular than ever. Americans of
the 21st century are Addicted to Attention. Another sign of the degeneration of humanity. Ditto for piercings. People are advertising their belligerance and flaunting "look what My body is capable of withstanding and how Powerful I look compared to yours!" (Rather like the visual counterpart to Rap music: "My ear drums are stronger than yours because I can withstand this shit!") Maybe you'd like to take it to the next level and have your Brain pierced--that'd Really impress the shit out of me! Oh Yeah. From my perspective, tattoos always
have and always will be associated with sailor men, bikers, and the lowest form of human life on this planet: street gangs. Those who possess them have fallen victim to peer-pressure and the need to become one of them. That tattooless are stronger-willed people, much like those who do not
drink or smoke; and have no desire to be a part of the crowd.

I'm not like other guys. At all. I'm more akin to Commander Data meets Mr. Spock meets the Third Doctor meets John Drake/Number Six, with a little Dr. Walter Bishop chucked in for good (mellowing) measure. That's mentally not physically, mind you. Physically, I'm more like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger--but with all the muscles removed and without the stupid accent and cliches!

And, yes, I'm a man of many paradoxes. Those Big Four highlighted boxes way up above, if you study them too closely will seem self-contradictory. Again, I'm Complex and everything about me needs explaining. Examples...
===The Paradox Zone===
While I'm an Atheist, I've read and studied more religions than most average Americans. Just studying these old beliefs tends to make any rational person into a Non-believer because the beliefs within are so far-out. I think it was Isaac Asimov who said the Bible is the best maker of Atheists--if actually read cover-to-cover Without the selective cherry-picking promoted in Sunday schools.
While I'm a Neo-Luddite I've a strong background in electronics, computers, and engineering. I understand what technology Does to us humans--and how it affects us physically And mentally, and Why we should back-off rather than embrace it to ludicrous levels. I've been online since the mid-1980s via Electronic Bulletin Board Systems (using Commodore 64s and starting with a 300 baud modem before the average person even knew the terms uploading and
downloading!) and I can type up to 100 words per minute with a good keyboard. I'm pointing this out so you don't believe me to be some redneck hermit who lives in a shack in the woods and pisses on technology because it's too "complicated" or "the spawn of the devil." Like religion above, I Know it because I've been immersed within in. I reject both for Rational Reasons.
While I'm an Introvert, I can talk for hours upon hours on specific subjects of interest. Being an Introvert does not necessarily mean Shy, it means selective and intense. I don't go in for small-talk or "wastes of time" relegated to showing off and gaining attention. I won't bullshit you on how lovely your hair is or how beautiful those clouds are up there in the sky. Such things are a waste of time for me.
But again this is one of those urban myths, of sorts, about Introverts in that we don't talk. We Do talk but about things of interest or importance, and we can talk and talk and talk...
While I'm Retro, I'm still open to new things. The catch here though is that the new things I Try to embrace are not all let-downs or disappointments. The new movies are not new at all beyond possessing superior special effects (usually exploited to ridiculous levels of implausibility). The new toys on the market hardly live up to their expectations, much less their service lives. It's not as if I don't give them a try Because they're new but because they don't live up to my own criteria of being acceptable as new. My last "upgrade" in entertainment was to DVDs and now we have Blu-Ray ones which, while looking nicer, require new players (with the same limited hardware life!) and new ($$$$) screens to view them on. And while you're at it buy all-new discs to play to take advantage of the extended resolution. It is but a slight upgrade using the same basic technology (unlike video tape vs. digital) and I've no wish to "trash" my rather extensive media collection for a somewhat better picture. I had already invested sufficient money in past entertainment technology, and after all it Is just Entertainment. So I reject them. Again, bad movies are still bad movies even if viewed in super-resolution. The same exact premise is true for the new 3-D craze which will probably die out as fast as the previous 3-D craze. These are money-making business schemes hoisted upon the masses. Perhaps if I were a millionaire with near-infinite time on my hands and big stakes in the movie industry, I would choose differently. As it stands now I'm still amazed by the quality upgrade of standard DVDs compared to my old taped off-the-air recordings of TV shows. It's good enough for me.
So, time after time, I find myself falling back to the Past and enjoying things From the Past. That's why I'm Retro. Another point I should make about being Retro is that there are some definite cutoff points. How can I say this? Just because a particular writer or musician did great thirty years ago Does Not necessarily mean that this person I am in love with today. Talent fades with time. Some singers from the past, alive today, simply Should Not Sing if their voices are shot. Likewise, writers who turned out masterpieces decades ago but have lost their creativity but are still writing today are probably turning out crud. They should stop when they're ahead and we should embrace the best of their output during their peak years.

So you see, it's really about Education on my part, not because I don't like a particular person or taste who exemplifies a particular topic. But because I've more or less thoroughly explored the field and can make a logical judgment decision based on what I Know of it. The very Inverse of this is a serious problem which permeates Americans these days: they don't like some superficial aspect and trash it all based on some feeble assumption. At worst, they'll take this a step further and make up stories, piling BS atop BS. Thus we have stereotyping, urban legends, and all sorts of other nonsense floating around.

Feel free to debate any of this with me. In person.
Though the odds are that you won't...because you either can't or you're looking for a cash cow guy. It's much easier to block me. It's been done before and it will be done again. So go ahead and say it: "I don't like your tone!" - Blocked.
Now if you've gotten past that, read on if you dare.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
20th Century.
In some cases, 19th.

To sum it all up, I can say Sturgeon's Law to it all.
(That is to say, I don't worship George Lucas but love his classic 1977 flick, but after gulping that down I don't think I could tolerate "Howard The Duck"...I hope that you can see where I'm coming from here! Let me just lap up the top 10% output of every artist and avoid the rest. Okay? The Who had "Pinball Wizard"--but the rest was mediocre to forgettable tripe! Likewise, if Bram Stoker hadn't written "Dracula" nobody would have heard of him today because the rest of his output was meager to substandard. I wouldn't call him a "master of horror." Ditto for Karel Capek--who's he? A century ago
he wrote a little play called "R.U.R." which coined the word "robot." Apply Sturgeon's Law to all media and you'll have a better appreciation of where I'm coming from. Again, I'm not a groupie. Not a follower.)

But just to give you a taste in books I've read, here are several authors who have, you could say, beaten the odds and turned out some memorable works, or at least their cream of the crop was worth my reading time: Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Alan Dean Foster, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Frank Herbert, James Blish, H. Beam Piper, Philip Jose Farmer, and many many more writers whom you also have never heard of because they rarely ever made the New York Times reading list of books aimed at the masses and/or are probably long-dead now. Once they hit that list or have some momentum to spur them on (like Oprah's list!) anyone and everyone eats them up, regardless of how pathetically bad the authors are. Rowling and Byrne come to mind here, or those politically-motivated joke books by the likes of radio hosts and other bible-damaged minds! In any case my approach to different authors varies: sometimes I eat up anything and everything by them, other times I simply focus on their specialized series of books, while other times I will only consume their most popular works or those which I fancy for various personal reasons. Science Fiction is my forte and I prefer Farmer's "Riverworld" books more than anything else of his, as I'm not particuarly crazy over fantasy. Likewise for Fred Saberhagen's "Berserker" stories--I avoid his Dracula and sword and sorcery stuff. Whereas Robert Anton Wilson's "Illuminatus" universe has much to offer me but I steer away from his otherwise paranoid offerings. Likewise for L. Ron Hubbard--I hated his Dianetics and Scientology crap for obvious reasons but I gave Battlefield Earth and his ten-volume Mission Earth stuff a go and, while I wouldn't call them classics, they did give me some considerable entertainment value. I've found myself very much open to "shared universe" publications though. Star Trek I've religiously been eating up since I learned to read. Likewise I've read just about every book which adds to Niven's "Known Space" universe and Asimov's "Robots/Empire/Foundation" universe. Funny though how the creation of these things date back Decades...

I'm Retro, remember? I've tried some of the new stuff and I've found myself disliking some of the new stuff. Actually, all or most. New books are often bloated, padded out unnecessarily to sell them for higher prices. The word Derivative also comes to mind if you've read series books as often as I have. We need originality in a bad way today.
So I find myself reading many non-fiction works; technical books and studies which reflect the real world. "Affluenza--When Too Much Is Never Enough" by Hamilton and Denniss I just read. It perfectly mirrors my own views on America (and then some!)--though it's written about Australia!

Movies I've already discussed: you can't hide bad writing with massive CGI budgets; to say nothing of the piss-poor acting and gimmicks (shaking camera and lens flare come to mind).
If young punk writers can't write, the films substitute by padding on the action to ridiculous lengths of unrealistic insanity (like guys can really leap 12' into the air while fighting and by choice they wear dark glasses fighting in dimly lit rooms). At worst, when they're all used together, new flicks can be nauseating. The last "real" Terminator film was Terminator 3; the last "real" Star Trek film was Star Trek: Nemesis. Stop the remakes, reboots, prequels, and re-imaginings--I wanna get off! Have mercy! I almost miss when actual Sequels were made--now Hollywood's gotten so lazy they're Remaking and remaking in a Very bad way as to totally screw-up the originals' style, characters, themes, and purposes. Case in point is Man of Steel! They couldn't even continue the Friday The 13th series and decided to do a half-assed lame Remake of the original. Hollywood isn't getting a penny of my money anymore until they shape up.

I'll get this out of my system now:
Not the endlessly reshown "classics" but those obscure little films and shows which came and gone, maybe never to be released on DVD and possibly lost forever.

Probably the best example of the degeneration of both Hollywood and the American I.Q. is the movie "Gravity" which was nominated for 7 awards. Plot summary: Annoying woman has unpleasant (and unrealistic) time in space.
To think that this insulting, glossy piece of crap would be worthy of 1 award is outrageous (beyond the obvious visuals of course). Image over Substance. In spades. I would sooner choose "Galaxina" or "Dark Star" over this steaming load. Both had low-to-no budget but had Characters and Story. "Gravity" had an immense budget to blow on special effects and two overrated actors to do little-to-no acting. Star power + FX = All That Matters in movies today! Something like $200,000,000 for This? I wonder how much of that chunk went to Bullock and
Clooney? I wonder how much of that went to mouse-clicking CGI nerds. I don't care either way but with that kind of blown cash, I think one movie with a budget like this could probably solve the homeless problem in America... And you guys wonder why I'm retro and prefer the old films from the past... The real crying shame of course is that "Gravity" failed consistently on all levels: the science is Bad, the plausibility is Not There at all...No Realism whatsoever. If they would have at least gotten the physics right, it could be appreciated on that level, but director and writer simply Didn't Bother. Just like all things today it seems: nobody Bothers. Good enough is good enough. If it Looks good it's Great is the mentality. Put a turd in a candy wrapper and most people will buy it. They make Fast money, and that's all that matters. Propaganda wins over substance. That again is the American Way in the 21st Century. Now, am I being "negative" here because I am a science fiction movie connoisseur who judges films based on far more deeper criteria than FX? Because I have somewhat higher standards than a teenager who enjoys only special effects, and writers and directors who cater to these teen audiences? (And no, I didn't spend a penny to see "Gravity"--I saw it free via my own means.)

It should not surprise you then that I enjoy obscure, oddball music, books, movies. Unknown and under-appreciated items. Still and all I can't really call them favorites as, with all things, I enjoy certain aspects and I dislike certain aspects. To me there will never be a "perfect" song, book, film, or food. After all, can you persist your entire life on one and only one particular food? So while still on movies, if you want to pressure me for some likes: Forbidden Planet, Barbarella, Star Wars (1977), Dark Star, 2001, Galaxina, Flash Gordon (1980--hell, Any of the old serials just not that new "Sciffy" channel abortion), Star Trek The Motion Picture, Silent Running. I'm guessing that the original Star Wars is the only one here you can possibly relate to. Lucas should've quit when he was ahead! There are a thousand 'B' movies you never heard of
which assholes today would laugh at for possessing no or next-to-no budgets, but I grew up with them eagerly gluing my eyes to that phosphor-dot reality tube. They walk the line between science fiction and horror. They stretch back 50+ years. They require the ability to suspend disbelief which
is a quality lacking today by most everyone, especially laughing little girls who can't appreciate the evolution of cinema and think that Beavis & Butthead are funny and worth emulating. (And, yes, I Am probably the only guy you'll ever meet who Hates MST3K for precisely this reason. Making fun of old movies because they are flawed or lacked a respectable budget is just short of going to a hospital and making fun of handicapped people or burn victims, in my not so humble opinion!) Thanks to the dumbing-down of society and judging films by their budgets and FX. If the likes of Roger Corman (Not Of This Earth, Attack of the Crab Monsters) and Mario Bava (Black Sunday, Black Sabbath) come to mind, you might know where I'm coming from here. If anything, these old films have Atmosphere and made me appreciate the lost art of film making. Probably one of my first and most chilling SF-horror movie experiences on TV when I was a child was a forgotten classic called Donovan's Brain.
I'm Sick of "generic" overrated actors like Johnny Depp. According to modern Hollywood mythos, should Depp die, Hollywood would lose their only wacko-actor and would not be able to make more weirdo movies. Tim Burton would have to retire.

Yes, I'm very good at discussing, debating, and expressing my feelings and thoughts in regards to movies, books, and all manner of media. Unfortunately in this "bright-sided" age of America, women tend to be binary-brained, one-sided, and cannot conceive of such a concept. That is, if I say I don't like a particular movie (and endeavor to Explain Why in minute detail--from the writing to the acting to the subplots to its violation of physics and common sense in certain scenes, to how the film could have been vastly improved If only...)--the woman only hears the first part of the argument: this guy doesn't like a movie she Loves (and one her friends and everyone she knows are absolutely in love with). Conclusion: This man is Not for me! This is another example of how I
differ from the bullshit artist who would Use an element like a movie to woo a girl by Blindly Agreeing with whatever she says, and she would call this "positive thinking" and I'd end up getting her in bed with me. If only I were so lucky. I'm astounded by the number of women who fall into this category, thanks to the modern American meme of "I don't want to hurt your feelings or dare to diverge from the majority's opinion." If everyone Loves a movie or everyone Hates a movie, then so must you.

Shows: sitcoms are now dumber than ever; most shows are drawn out snore fests with no meaning Or originality. How many of these things are they going to remake or ripoff? They might have been funny the first time around. Not anymore.
Is it asking too much to have Plausible characters we actually Care about? Not anymore. They're cartoon caricatures. Come to think of it, all series and movies of recent years have been cartoonish and geared to the minds of little ones. Why shoot for intelligent, reasoning adults anyway? So much easier pleasing the teens since they're the ones on here Voting Positively for them! I think the last two sitcoms originally written by adults and for adults were Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond--and only the first couple seasons before they went derivative with generic formulaic writers corrupting the characters. We have seen this pattern all too often, dating back to how All In The Family went from classy to crapola in an attempt to change things, lure in younger audiences, and Simpler audiences.

I'm big on science fiction TV. Very big--or Was. Again, retro-me.
You can't beat the classics which will always be classics which Were classics. But Today...
Over the past five years, I've painfully watched two of the greatest science fiction franchise series in history go to hell: Star Trek and Doctor Who. By remaking themselves to appeal to a wider, dumber, younger audience. Again, money talks and whoring to the majority rules. Because catering to a "niche audience' just isn't Profitable enough for greedy bastards. They want more and more, even if it means absolutely destroying the core elements and alienating the oldest and most loyal fans. They don't give a shit! My Doctor Who died somewhere around the time of the Fifth Doctor. My Star Trek died somewhere during Star Trek: Voyager (and that's being Very generous, as I'd just as well have cut it off after Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and before the infinitely-disposable Enterprises were rolled out). There was a time when science fiction used to make you think and expand your mind to new ideas and concepts or to at least re-evaluate old ones. Today, it's about Shutting Off your mind and taking in pretty imagery! It's "Harry Potter" with techno-babble terms bandied around, and at times doing "Harry Potter" a disservice on several levels. The Science in Science Fiction is totally irrelevant now. There is no decency left in this media, even in the fantasy entertainment genre. I guess I will have to again stick to old reruns and tapes which will never die...the original Star Trek episodes before they were "remastered" with CGI shit FX littered throughout... Can't they leave Anything alone anymore?

For music, give me classic rock and roll, R&B, disco, hell I'll even take heavy metal and those old country songs. Just keep Rap, Hip-Hop, House, and the other dreadful Noise out of my ears. Today's performers have little-to-no talent, their songs are forgettable, and they don't deserve to be making one-tenth as much as they do. Rap is outright Painful to my ears and extended exposure can induce a migraine headache. Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump! Accompanied by the crudest lyrics imaginable. Yet people are programmed to listen to this crap because "everyone else is listening to it so it must be totally fucking awesome!" And it's a badge of (Alpha Male?) honor to be man enough to endure it, no doubt. My thumbs down opinion may even offend someone (I'm not running for office or anything so I don't care!), but I'm being honest based upon my firsthand, lifelong knowledge and experiences of music across many genres.
Rap screams tasteless, talentless, inner-city Ghetto (and that's generally Without analyzing the so-called lyrics!). If you can talk loud and fast, Anyone can be a Rap Diva, err Rapper! You don't need a singing voice. You don't need rhythm. It's the bum-on-the street's dream come true. Ethnic conformity does the rest to elevate this crud. There's no escaping memes and tribalism. It's a crying shame that Black music up to this stage was progressing and even becoming outstanding. The Coasters, The Stylistics, The Fifth Dimension, Michael Jackson... Then the ball dropped and I guess street gangs entered the arena and took over, for I'm sure some form of Capitalism is in there somewhere poisoning things as usual.

Food is the stuff we eat here in America; none of that new wave crap from the East. I'm not Vegan. I don't eat raw fish.
I use utensils not chopsticks. If you dare call me a Racist for my Preferences, then please get lost. Perhaps the greatest vice of this body is that it refuses to grow up to accept "classy" foodstuffs. It was spawned on McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Dominos, and the like, and still craves it. And you know what? I'm even healthier today on this stuff than I was 30 years ago! Though that's maybe because I'm eating less of it. Again, I want to emphasize that I'm American and I don't fear American food and I'm not ashamed of American food. This surely makes me a hell of a lot more different than you.
"You" being the average woman who puts down Asian, Mexican, Tai, Mongolian, French, Italian, and you-name-the-frigging-country's food. Because you're Ashamed of your American heritage's food. Admit it. Because it's no longer "in" in your oh-so-special clique of friends. Instead "Vegan" is.
This is so sad to me.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: You are Vegan, you Love sushi, you Love crap-I-never-heard-of from India. Fine. You can still date me you know, we don't have to agree on everything. We don't have to eat the same stuff or shit the same stuff out.
I eat Chinese food on occasion, but I don't use sticks! It would take me an hour to eat using sticks and it would be cold by then! I'll eat some Mexican food, too, but I am above all else Selective in what I choose to eat. Not fussy, per say, but selective. I eat Italian food, too, but not Everything Italian.

The problem I have with health food freaks is that a large number of them are (at least borderline) hypochondriacs and the fad-driven ones are yuppies who shop at elitist health food stores where they're taken in to blowing ridiculous sums of money on scam products. Yes, this is the same lot who think bottled water is better than tap water and nobody's gonna convince them otherwise! In fact, the more expensive the "vintage" of bottled water, the healthier they believe it to be!
I have little tolerance for fools. Mose especially fools who've gone bankrupt through the purchasing of expensive bottled water!

Industries have gained a powerful foothold in America because of the efforts of a relative handful of very wealthy, extraordinarily powerful, self-interested inside players, their paid-off henchpeople, and agencies such as the FDA, as well as the unwitting participation of millions of bit players and
trusting consumers. So we can’t really say that this is a conspiracy—except insomuch as it is a conspiracy to protect shareholder profits. Nevertheless, the end results (our epidemic of obesity and disease) are just as horrendous as if these contributing players had reconnoitered in a back
room and agreed, “Let’s get rich at the expense of Americans’ health.” And it's not getting any better. It'll get worse, much much worse. But the powers that be will keep a damper on it, how people are suffering more and more from malnutrition, are developing cancers and diseases faster than ever before...and the game of pointing fingers at one another for the blame. Blame the smokers, blame the soft drink industry, blame tap water, blame... The billions of dollars in profits racked up by these industries through the sales and consumption of their products wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for tickets and invitations to sports events, operas, symphonies, theater performances, and invitations to prestigious movie premiers, lunches, dinner parties, birthday parties, weddings, golf games, and exotic vacations, as well as the honorariums, grants, donations, kickbacks, payoffs, and miscellaneous and sundry “favors” accepted by the support players. Most studies are paid for by the industries that stand to profit by the results of the studies.Most scientists rely on funding from industries to do research. If they don’t cooperate (i.e., provide research results that are consistent with the views of their benefactors), they have their funding (salaries) cut off. It's a massive Capitalism love story. And this is just the food industry--the Cell Phone/Telecommunications Industry continues the legacy building upon it. Microwaves and living organisms cannot perpetually live in harmony! It'll be covered up for as long as they can cover it up, and because it's even bigger than the tobacco industry that means more or less forever. Is it so negative to state the truth? How about the fact that my neighbors are living like kings and queens in a palace next door to me, having become immensely rich by Being One These People? And how about pondering the fact that you would rather become my next door neighbor's queen
than date me, because materialism plays an extremely large role in your life? A larger role than true compassion and integrity? Did I hit a nerve? Regarding the average single (and let's face it, not-so-single) American woman of the 2000's, Statistically speaking I'm right.
So getting back on topic (or sub-topic) what am I getting at here?
So-called "health foods" are scams, too. Aimed at suckering-in health-conscious types, they're put out by the same "factory food" vendors! They now Contain the same unhealthy junk as any other foods! So you're only fooling yourselves (and your purses) into believing that you get what you pay for. Their constituents are extracted from genetically-engineered plants and so-called heart-healthy ingredients are just that in name-only. Okay, enough babbling, I know I'm typing to the wall here...

When it comes to hot beverages, I drink ordinary boiled black tea.
I've tried green tea--to me it tastes like diluted battery acid.
I've tried Captain Picard's favorite, Earl Grey, only to find it tastes like soap.
I'm not a yuppie so I don't drink cappacinos, lattes, java, or anything else with an exotic French or European-sounding name, regardless of how popular it is or how it's jammed up everyone's ass in movies, commercials, and television shows. 50 cents is reasonable for a drink (we are talking primarily about water here). 5 dollars is ridiculous. For it is, after all, just a drink. I would just as well spend a minute hunched over a water fountain machine. $5 can get me 5 2-liter Bottles of
coke in a typical supermarket, and I can bathe in it for all that. The practical cumulative upshot of this in the long run is that I'll be comfortably retiring around age 50 (with or without a girl at my side) because I can. Delayed instant gratification is the mark of maturity. A rule few Americans couldn't possibly fathom because they've grown soft, lazy, and pampered. I was raised in the opposite court. Many will never retire because they Can't. The whole concept of saving for their future is lost on them as they live paycheck to paycheck. These are the same big mouths would would mock me: "Live a little!" They are working their asses off at near-minimum wage jobs and saving Nothing. They blow their paychecks on fancy restaurant meals and clubs, and all manner of brand name items to show off. The latest games and toys in commercials they Must Have. Commercial after commercial: "I gotta get me one of them!" They buy them all without thinking. "It's only money." Or as a demented relative of mine frequently says, "money is for spending!" When they're not buying what's being advertised everywhere they're planning their next vacation, as if they can permanently escape their rising debt by "getting away" somewhere, which only adds to their debt. Finally when they lose their jobs they panic because they have nothing saved to draw upon. (The idiots think the company needs them for life and can't do without them!) But they are accepted by the majority of people for hob-nobbing with them at bars and cafes. That's all that's Really important to them: to be Accepted by the like-minded masses (who probably draw Their inspiration from film and television, Sex in the City comes to mind) with whom they gab and proliferate their bullshit stories they so delight in spinning. They are all living dangerously on the edge. Should so much as their car break down or should they require medical treatment, face an eviction, or any number of out-of-the-blue inconveniences surface they'd be near-panic in paying the expenses. In the process, should they come across me, well, they'd probably take out their misery On me since I am after all where they wished they Could be...and never will be because retirement is an impossible fantasy for them to reach for, regardless of how much they lie and brag about it.
Perhaps I will smile at them, because I have a couple more brain cells than they. America's become a nation of liars and braggers. I've personally seen this pattern over and over again. Call me "negative" all You want...but I've personally seen this pattern over and over again.
That's called The Real World here in America.

Since this is the entertainment section...
I don't follow sports. I don't care about football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf... The zeitgeist mentality is all the same to me.
In fact, I can't see how so many morons can become so caught up in their fanaticism as though their heroes not only Know who they are personally but Care about them when, in reality, the sports stars are Using their fans to make themselves all the more wealthy at their expense! If their team wins, it's an orgasm of pleasure! If their team loses, it's the world's end! If someone doesn't Like their team--watch out and prepare to get beaten up! You would think these idiots were physically connected to, or channeling the brainwaves of, their heroes or reaping some of their profits. Furthermore I think the whole concept of giving scholarships away to guys who can perform simple feats (like putting a ball through a hoop or using a bat) is absolutely
ridiculous. Just for typing this opinion, I'm sure that 4 out of 5 guys would probably call me a faggot.

Carl Sagan, George Carlin, and Cody Lundin are my role models. I'd name more names but they'd be even more obscure to the average reader on here. Some of them died of poverty and some even took their own lives. So just take these three and be happy.
I know, for you it's probably Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Kardashians!
Now ask yourself what these different people stand for and what they represent. In fact, I dare you.
This simple comparative example explains why I am a social outcast. (Of course it would probably also help immensely if you knew who Carl, Carlin, and Cody were or are, which is not necessarily a foregone conclusion.)

You NEED to be a part of the crowd. I DO NOT.
I'm true to myself. Curse me out about it, but I am true to myself.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
Air, water, food, shelter, heat, and even electricity.

What'd you think I was gonna type?
Jesus, Rolex, McMansion, bottled water, SUV, and i-phone6?
Yuppies: Fuckoff!
I need none of that showy, Status crap.
I've had it up to here with people who prove their worth through conspicuous consumption. People who judge others by what name brands they flaunt--and being judged by these people. Maybe a shirt I'm wearing has a little rip in it. Maybe my cap is a little dirty. Maybe my wristwatch is a piece of crap but I wear it because it keeps decent time. And if the watch I'm wearing looks like a piece of crap I'm sure I'd get a mental mark against me in your book! If you call me Inferior based on superficial minutia, perhaps you should take a closer look at yourself. These people have pushed me Away from modern American society with their judgmental attitudes.
I'd rather be alone than put under a microscope to be compared and contrasted with a rich, full-of-himself asshole.
Needless to say, I don't get along very well with Republicans (or should I just say Mafia, Mafia-like, or Mafia-wanna-bes?).
I'll try to avoid politics here and why I'm a Democrat--for that could easily be a Book in its own right! Starting with the story of the lake with big fish eating up the little fish and how Republicans value cutthroat politics, and ending with how Democrats tend to believe we are all in the same boat together and we should cooperate and work together for the greater good. One is for the animal, the other for the intellectual. And if humanity is to evolve and even survive it has to choose one over the other. The Republicans absolutely excel at channeling and controlling Hate and Fear to discourage policies they are opposed to and push forwards those they are for. There simply is no equal to their loud-mouthed, irrational pundits. You could say that the key Republican principle is to rely upon raw Impulse rather than Reason because, otherwise, they'd lose most of their backers if they actually began to Think over the issues at hand! Just try to debate some of the finer points and inevitably they all lead back to the Christian Bible and "God's word" being the undisputed source of their stance on issues. They are also Major crybabies. Sure, both sides have them, but Repubs
outnumber and outdo the Dems to no end, and often very tastelessly and Loudly. They rely on the average idiot to identify with the loudest asshole as possessing the greatest
"leadership" quality (again, a Mafia attribute). The "killer instinct" and "warrior gene" saturates the Republican party, overriding reason and diplomacy, which is why they are constantly pushing for a stronger, greater, and more intense
military--at the cost of human rights issues, the common man, and our own common good in general. "Peace through superior firepower" is their motto, even if achieving it means dropping our country into non-recoverable debt. They don't care because they're at the Top of the food chain here! The manipulative super-rich ones, that is, who use religious dogma to con the simpletons at the bottom into voting them into office. And then there's the Republican party's Faith-based core falling back to literal biblical interpretation which denies such things as Global Warming, to say nothing of Evolution. Sure, Creationism isn't all that big a deal Here...but it's the path towards rejecting Science and when it comes to the Global Environment they possess a To-Hell-With-It attitude because the End Times are near and Jesus will come down and rescue all Faithful and F-the planet. Something they've
incidentally been saying for centuries and it hasn't happened yet. So basically they Don't Care about wasting resources, contamination, overpopulation, saving for the Future... It's all a part of Jesus' Plan, so fuck the Earth and just enjoy yourselves! Fuck future generations! They're not Your
responsibility but God's! Just have Faith and all will be well--and when things are Not well, just blame the Liberals for invoking God's wrath. Another component of Republicanism is Selfishness. Sure, it's there in all political parties as we're only human but it's a pretty hardcore element to the Conservative mind. Even the few Atheist Conservatives are there voting Republican, not because they believe in the Bible but out of sheer greed because that's where all the money is.
I care about nature and wildlife and I simply Can't sit by and accept this kind of fairy tale dogma taking root, any more than I can accept Sharia Law being instituted. Because they're both oddly enough one and the same mindset that can't be allowed to spread and encompass our world or else humanity's future is hopelessly screwed. If Americans would vote for candidates based on what they Supported and Stood For rather than
the guy with the biggest smile, the greatest idiotic one-liners, and the one claiming to grant rhetoric-talk favors without any real substance behind them, there would be far fewer jerkoffs in power within the government. But the average person is a moron--and only a fraction of them actually vote, too. I can't help thinking "Win one for the Gipper!" and "Read my lips, No new taxes!" (the latter worked Twice in a row!). Then there's "Tax and spend!" and "The Great Communicator" to say nothing of "L-I-B-E-R-A-L"... What's so pathetic is that if this crap is regurgitated enough, sooner or later people start believing it. That's also how religions work.

That's vastly oversimplifying things of course but again I Don't want to type a book about this! I recently came across a remarkable free online book by Psychology Professor Bob Altemeyer called "The Authoritarians" which delves into the psyche of the Right Wingers. Basically this guy nailed them down--every characteristic and every personality trait they possessed were the same ones shared by virtually every person who bullied, slandered, or abused me all my life. From my school days to my current elitist neighbors infesting my town! And all those conformists types in-between who bad mouthed me on internet conference threads--Especially those yield-to-authority zombies:
I can't over-emphasize the importance of this quick read enough. RWAs are the antithesis of a growing civilization. They are the ones who start wars. When it comes to illogical thinking, highly compartmentalized ideas, double standards, bullying, and hypocrisy, the RWAs are there. Being an atheist And an introvert automatically puts me in their cross-hairs. If RWAs were sharks, I'd be a piece of dead meat on a hook to them.

As I grow older--as I mature--the less I require, for the less Importance I place on physical goodies. It's a far cry from being a teenager and buying things to showoff to your rivals.
And no matter how much you buy and own, you can't take them with you. Satisfaction only lasts so long. Novelties turn sour mighty fast.
It's often more desirable Wanting than Having.
(That's paraphrasing Spock's statement to T'Pring in "Amok Time"--Oh, that nerd part of me leaking out again!)
And during my life I have had collections which have literally gone up in smoke. I ask myself: What's the point?
You do know that there is no end to collecting--unless you call bankruptcy an end to the collecting! There is much room in there for foolhardiness, too. I'm amazed by people willing to fork over hundreds or thousands or even millions for a piece of paper or a painting or even a ball with a bit of ink on it. Or a piece of metal or crystallized stone. Just to Have It. Just to Own It. And just to brag about that. I won't even touch upon the subject of forgeries and countless fakes. I think about how much good that amount of money could do elsewhere and to people who could really use it to survive and live. I also think about how quickly it can turn to nothingness with just one

"I gotta have this! I gotta have that!"
Why? Does it make you more of a person? A better person? Cure your illness? Will it extend your life span?
Will people walk around in Worship of you because you Have this?
Usually the real consequence of the purchase is literally it's cost and a deduction in your savings.
How does this impact, say, that bill that coming due? Perhaps you should have used the money there rather than on a pointless trinket? What's the matter, babe, getting a little...Uncomfortable...reading this? Maybe I hit upon something unpleasant you'd rather I not have touched upon? Feeling somewhat...stupid or guilty for having done something recently which you regret now? Now the question is whether you're going to immaturely take it out on me for reminding you (effectively "killing the messenger") or embrace it like a grown woman and accept the consequences of your own actions and keep reading. Well, I did warn you ahead of time that I'm the thinking woman's man. I'm not going to make this easy for you like other guys do on here, filling it with cheerful fluff and showing off assets: "I can't do without my muscles, my manhood, my wheels, my gold chains, my tattoos, and awesome sex!"

I think one good Swiss army knife could better all six.
Of course you have to have the brains to know how to use one, to get the most out of it...
Yet I'm sure most people on here Do or are at least striving for all 6. You wanna marry one of them, girl, don't you? Some guy with money streaming from his ass so you don't have to ever work again and you can just play-play-play and wallow in jewelry and fur coats. Spend-spend-spend. Show it all off to everyone. Yeah, that's really productive. Growing up though is about learning to Do not to Play. And you can't take all those cute items beyond the grave, you know.

Technically, if you put it all together, I would be a Survivalist type of guy. There is however one serious flaw here. You see, to be a survivalist I'd have to be willing to trap and kill wild animals for food, and I don't enjoy killing animals much less eating them. Oh, sure, I eat Processed meats all the time, but that's a bit different than doing the killing and gutting yourself. Besides, I haven't a clue about preparing animal corpses for personal consumption. I guess I'd fail as a survivalist unless there was plenty of berries and things growing around for me to sustain myself upon.

This field should be titled "The six things I could do without."
I've already typed six in jest.
Though, on second thought, it would be far more than 6. More like 600 or 6,000. That'd be a massive waste of online space, especially if you're not going to be reading it.

Getting back to the new world and where it and America is going... Having everything and everyone Linked Together is asking for trouble. Now the latest craze is "cloud computing." So what happens when there's a massive failure? There's
a massive Cascade failure where otherwise unaffected systems would be affected. Like rows of dominoes going down. To say nothing of people losing data, maybe very important personal data that can never be recovered because they trusted the Internet to store it for them. But you'll keep on saying "it won't happen to me" and you've got "faith"--whatever That means. Cloud computing is just the latest all-prevailing step towards "pay services" which is Capitalism's dream. So instead of getting a piece of paper and a pencil--or even a pocket calculator--to add 2 plus 2, you Send the equation/data Out on the Internet, some service does this computing for you, charges you a Fee, and sends the answer back. A ridiculously over-simplified example but one that bears examining and expanding upon. Allow it to continue and hand-held calculators will no longer be manufactured (rather like the way wired phones and convenient telephone booths bit the dust). If you're Not a part of this pay-system, you're screwed. Does the principle sound familiar? It's the direction yuppie (a.k.a. Corporate) America's been moving through for some time now. Instead of bending over and picking up that foot-long twig from your property--you call the Fancy-Dancy-Named Lawn Service so guys in cute uniforms come over in their truck and pick that little branch up and Charge you for it. When you add all this up, everyone's making a shitload of money--off of You and your laziness! And Americans are becoming inbred, weak beings incapable of the most basic self-sufficiency, and in so doing are going broke because they don't understand that these simple idiot services are costing them money, like their
life-savings (assuming they actually have life savings!).
When you think along this wavelength, it's also another reason why bottled water is so successful, even pushing aside the "health" benefits of holy water from a sacred glacier: it's too much Trouble to fill a glass of water up and it's Far Easier to buy a container already filled! And it looks so much Cooler, too. Just as it looks Cooler to have some professional service guys stop by to pick up that twig or professional exterminators kill that baby spider in your garage. You Look Good and you don't get messy! It represents or implies Power over other people, too.
Once again Looks are all that matters, Appearance is everything to the 21st century American asshole. That and Money to reinforce appearance.

"The more you know the less you need" - I think Cody Lundin said that, but don't quote me on it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
* The Future and The Past.
How the Future isn't the way I envisioned it to be.
And how things were so much better in The Past, especially the imagined or fantasized Future. How to make or do things for the better. After a while I begin to look at not just human beings but human society and history. About progress and the lack thereof. At violence and insanity. What people are doing to each other. Why people behave the way they do, why they Think the things they do... And how overall STUPID some people can be--good, educated ones among them--because of irrational thoughts or religious indoctrination.
And the Past. Yes, the past... Probably the greatest time of my life was when I was a boy in the 1970s, in the single digits, say around age 7. Everything was beautiful and wonderful then! Not a care in the world; no fears, no anxieties. I had two good, caring parents to take care of me, my grandmother was still alive and well. I was surrounded by pets and animals. Friends and good neighbors. My only care in the world was getting to the TV set on time to see my favorite shows, and all those scary Saturday monster movies. I could wander around and play in the woods without limit. I looked forward to eating out with my parents, annual vacations to Disney World and the beach. My homemade backyard shacks I built and decorated. Campfires. Pinball machines. Funky disco music. Fireworks. Exploring. Collecting. The old stores: Valley Fair, Two Guys, Alexanders. Toys! Cartoons, candy, junk food. No rivalry, no hate. Just love and caring. Fun everywhere! Again, no real fears. I thought this was Life and everything would last forever like this! Following this idyllic period, of course, things began to fall apart. Friends and family died or moved out, pets died, forests were cut down and replaced by concrete. Crying: lots of it. The simple pleasures of boyhood evaporated. Pretentious neighbors in super-mansions moved in and fences and security systems sprung up everywhere. Lots of "Trespassers will be Prosecuted" signage. Threats. Vandalism. Suspicious and paranoid (Mafia) neighbors. Learning to fend for myself and often failing. Adulthood met with bullying, fears of jobs and work, endless competition and back-stabbing. Slander, blackmail, manipulation, persecution. Users and abusers. Being judged and prejudged (where you live, what you drive, how you dress, what you wear, what you believe, what you eat!!!). Getting robbed and cheated. I was invariably the fall guy. Death was a real fear, always around the corner--not my own but those close to me, because my own life hardly seemed important. Ultimately my father's death, and the unstopping deaths of my pets... Having to take care of my disabled mother. And rejection, plenty of rejection; more rejection than acceptance. Tiny victories which hardly compensated for the failures. Pain in mind and body. Escalating social phobias, self-esteem problems. The more I learned new things, the more I came to realize how incredibly screwed up this world is. How incredibly ignorant people are. How Intolerant. The things they do to one another, be it for money or prestige or sex or religion or no good fucking reason whatsoever. Science taught me to reason, to research, and to question. In the decades since then, I changed: call it maturity. You know the rest. Today I feel like a prisoner in a dystopia. I do not make friends easily. But I've always managed to maintain my sanity and do the right thing.
Comparing and contrasting the two periods depresses the living shit out of me!

* What history is Reality and what is not? The history we are taught is a pack of lies. The more I delve into it, the more I research it, the more I come to this conclusion. What's not made up out of whole cloth is seriously warped one way
or another for political or religious reasons. Christopher Columbus: not the discoverer of America but America's first butcher and slaver (For me just stating this, most flag-waving Italian-Americans want to beat the shit out of me because they take it as a personal insult for some reason! Then again, this is the same gang that supports the Mafia while being ultra-Conservative Catholics, go figure! Then again, Columbus brought Christianity to America, so there you go!), Thanksgiving: a victory celebration over the slaughter of 300 Indian men, women, and children (which is why Indians--err, Native Americans--never celebrate it--because they know the truth), Christmas: look up Yuletide and the Winter Solstice (it predates Christianity by a considerable period--and all that tree-decorating was stolen from Pagan religions!), Abraham
Lincoln: American's most Hated president of all-time (the Republican PR campaign should receive a lifetime award for turning That around!), Nikola Tesla: the Real inventor of the electric lamp and the refinement of electricity--not Edison (yes, Thomas Alva Edison was a Crook, big-time Crook!)... Steve Jobs: an arrogant, narcissistic, demanding, short-tempered shithead (ask the people who actually worked under him). Marijuana: demonized for nearly a century by DuPont and Hearst--just to dominate the newspaper industry! (It has to do with Hemp and Pot being of the same family--do away with Hemp products via Pot). On and on like this. Do the homework yourself. Go to the books, especially the "forbidden" ones. Cross-reference them with other sources. And remember: bibles and other religious texts are Not history books! Far from it, they are fantasy indoctrination works, sometimes rewritten over the centuries to better blend with the times. Oh, how infuriated I become when I come across some jackass trying to tell people that The Bible is a History Book and that everything in it is 100% documented Fact! I wonder if a few centuries from now The Lord of the Rings will be considered an historical account of true events, too. Maybe it's best to be ignorant, deaf and dumb--those people Are happier. And more importantly they're Accepted by the majority. That's so Very important, now isn't it?

* I question everything. I question what the media is presenting and what they're Trying to get across, consciously and unconsciously. I question their ulterior motives. I question what They have to gain by presenting such-and-such a story such-and-such a way. Are they politically or religiously motivated? Is there a payoff somewhere in there? I'd like to dive in and view it from different perspectives, do my own research; come up with my own conclusions. Always remembering that Capitalism and Big Business usually has a hand in there somewhere.
What's wrong with this society isn't technology per say but the principle of What Makes The Most Money Rules, even if it's at the cost of better living conditions and human lives. They don't matter to the almighty dollar. When you come to accept this principle, your eyes will open to reality, as pathetic as it is under Capitalism. It's everywhere even where you least expect it. Do you think your doctor has your best interests in mind when he giving you some new drug? He's a pimp for Big Pharma and you're a guinea pig.
Maybe this is too much for you to accept on the surface but just think about it in your everyday life. How new things are built and designed, how new products are shoved down peoples' throats without sufficient testing. Why people do the things they do and what they hope to get out of it all. Ask yourself why things are done This Way rather than a more direct, simpler, easier That Way? Because there's little to no Money to be made in doing it that way, that's Why. Even if it enriches or saves some person's Life. Once your eyes are open to this, you can't escape from seeing what this form of control has done to humanity. Anyone can be bought off by big business, and that includes modifying science books if it means hiding some factual information which might take away some capitalists' power... No, I'm not a conspiracy nut but I can follow the money trails and see where they're coming from and more importantly Why. It pervades and poisons all of our society much like religion but it's taken for granted. But few can grasp the Scope of it all--or how far people/corporations will go to secure wealth for themselves. You see, if there's enough money in it, even Science itself can be bought off...

I've even found myself questioning basic scientific principles and reality itself: if a perpetual motion machine is impossible then what the hell do you call the Earth forever spinning on its axis and orbiting the sun? Granted, "only" for 5 billion years or so but that's as "perpetual" as things go. Conservation of energy: what's the deal with natural magnets that constantly put out magnetic fields? Unless you heat them or bang them they'll stay stuck to your refrig forever...

* Is this place worth my time and effort? I come on here reading these different bios and I'm telling myself that I also do not belong here. Obviously no one is interested in me and all the ladies seemingly enjoy very shallow lives. Very Shallow. Maybe I should type that in all uppercase characters.

* I fear that soon America will become a Catholic Nation and my life will be threatened. (All Atheists face persecution in one form or another already. Atheist Introverts doubly so.) What country will I be forced to migrate to? Should I start learning to read and write Russian now or just head to Scandinavia?

Otherwise I'm pondering everything. People say I think too much. About scientific theories (including crackpot ones like Expansion Theory and Vortex Theory--if the latter is true, then everything is hollow. If the former is true, then gravity is an illusion). About historical mysteries (going back beyond a few thousand years, our planet's suffering a form of global amnesia: where did the Knowledge come from to build the Pyramids and other monoliths across the planet?). About why people think and do crazy shit. About coming up with solutions to problems which have otherwise evaded other great minds. And I love formulating my own, sometimes outlandish, theories for some really funky things. I will not state them here. I get enough ridicule just coming out of the closet to announce that I don't believe in god!

Being an introvert I can be very Intense on many diverse subjects. You merely have to possess the patience and interest to hear me out. Few do!
Too bad they don't. You want to date a Simple asshole. Preferably one with a big wad of bills in his wallet.

Rant Mode Engaged - Why I'm Single and a "White Minority" in America:
We all do stupid things in life but hopefully we learn from them so we don't repeat them. But the problem is, getting someone to admit that they've done dumb shit or believe in dumb shit...and are probably still doing dumb shit and are proud of the fact. How do you tell a person that she should quit giving her life-savings away to a televangelist?
How do you tell a person that she's being used and manipulated by some smiling, lying bastard?
How do you tell a person that her favorite celebrity hunk is slime and she should see beyond the surface into his background? How do you tell a person that all the money she's thrown into a brand-name product could very
well have been saved had she instead bought a generic brand? How do you tell a person that her expensive exercise gizmo won't give her a super body and she's been had?
The answer is, in today's society: You Don't!
Because if you do, you're automatically on her shit list of non-datable losers. This is a lesson which I must learn.
I think it's too late though as I now embrace Loneliness.
Mark Twain once said that it's easier to fool people than convince people that they've been fooled. Nothing truer has ever been said before.
I don't believe in god. I believe in Evolution rather than Creationism. I believe in Global Warming rather than a Global Flood. I don't believe in the power of prayer or in karma or in the power of the cross or prayer beads or Tarot cards or lucky rabbits feet. I don't believe in fairies, ghosts, spirits, demons, or some horny guy with a pitchfork. For that matter I also don't believe in the meritocracy principle (because the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the rich have the money and the means to Make and Keep the poor poor--this isn't negativism but Fact or simple statistics, unpleasant though they may be, like statistically speaking the odds are that you won't reach age 100--and all the wishing, praying, and paying in the world isn't going to alter that either!). All these things are held against me. It is so ridiculously easy (or should I say childishly simple?) to take the path of least resistance and label me as a nay-sayer or, more generally speaking, as a negative person.
I deal with reality, facts, objective observation, and statistics. Women as of late do not. They would much rather be wooed by a bullshit artist who agrees entirely with whatever they
say than be told the truth, or would rather date a guy with brains up his ass so long as he says everything is great. The thing is, reality doesn't work that way. People don't want to face the fact that chances are they'll be dead long before the age of 100, probably through stupidity on their own part like texting while walking into a driving car. People don't want to face the fact that their pet cat will probably be dead before the age of 20, either. Or that the news people are reading scripts, right down to smiling and saying stupid jokes on cue. Or that those commercials are scams designed to separate you from your well-earned money. Or paying several hundred dollars for a fancy pin that's really made of copper and not gold. If that's not ignorant enough, to State a simple fact that's Unpleasant puts people off. Just being an Atheist puts me firmly into this category to most women (who can't even spell the word!).
Should I tell them they are wrong, I am alone.
Because I don't believe in mass bullshit they think there's something Wrong or Bad or Repulsive about me.
In other words, a Man of Science is not wanted.
Conversely, should I lie my ass off and go along with them, I've got a date.
I've never been good at Lying...and I must remain true to my self and my ideals.
You can't fight bullshit artists. So I'm not even going to try.
It's left me without a date for some time.
So I'm here, trying to rectify that problem.
Too bad that wherever I go, whether online or offline, I keep running into the same kinds of people. They call everything "awesome" and have dumb smiles plastered on their faces 24/7. If they meet someone who doesn't behave like them or Agree with them, they give him the middle finger and move on.
Too bad I can't collect middle fingers. I might be able to do something very creative with all of them.
I don't belong in your world.
I should have lived a century earlier.

Women would rather date Muslims than the entirely God-less. See, they Believe in God, they Know they're going to Heaven, and they are inspired by Holy Scripture (the Koran), and ultimately they're Simple and therefore likeable because they Believe--in everything.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Oh, how I spend too much of my time thinking.
I'm all for establishing an Atheist colony on the Moon or Mars. We're obviously not wanted on Earth so it's about time we got the hell off of it. When the Christians, Muslims, Jews and all
the rest finally nuke the shit out of each other over their delusional fairy tale books, we'll have the last laugh. Even if it's only for an hour or so or until the colony can't sustain itself with Mother Earth gone...

Simply horrible, having bad thoughts like this, right? Maybe I should just say Fuck It and become a druggie or alcoholic, right? They are at least artificially happy--until their fix runs out.
Today's yuppies live within a self-deluded world of their own, thanks to best-selling feel-good bullshit books. One of which claims that "we all create our own reality" so only positive thinking is needed to become wealthy and powerful and live forever! This shit is right up there with the worst of Islamic beliefs and Neo-Stone Age crocks of shit. I tell them I don't buy into it. They tell me I'm a negative-thinking loser because of it. I'm amazed these people actually buy into the Earth being spheroid and orbiting the sun. They are so self-deluded. It's not wonder that Aynd Rand's novels are making a comeback, to say nothing of Fantasy material like Tolkien replacing Science fiction. The dumber and less-cerebral, the better of a chance of it flourishing again.
Ultimately all it comes down to is making Themselves feel better, usually at the exclusion of Everybody Else. Even if they have to perform virtual self-lobotomies on their minds.

Finally, having had ample time to read hundreds of female profiles online... I think if I read another "LOL!" again, I'd be tempted to slit my wrists. Ditto for "I love to laugh!" (that's got to be the #1 bimbo phrase of all-time on here!). These super-happy laughing cow people need wake-up calls to return to reality. Either that or else I am the only person who has suffered and faced personal tragedies throughout life. If they are so happy then what are they doing on here? I've joined OkCupid to Become happy. So far it's had the unfortunate inverse effect. Indeed, these super-happy people only want to befriend other super-happy people (some even say something along these lines in their profiles!). Maybe they're all millionaires or something with too much time and cash on their hands?
More likely they are so shallow, they must continuously delude themselves into believing "everything is awesome!" by isolating their thoughts from the real world. Anyone, such as myself, who so much as encroaches upon real-life reality is a Threat to their happy, secluded delusion. So I must therefore be rejected by them, the same way alcoholics reject treatment and the fact that they can't put the bottle down.
Okay, enough theorizing and philosophizing on my part. You're not going to read this anyway, and if you do read it, you'll reject it just as easily as you reject me.

Maybe that sounds a little bit pessimistic but I deal with statistics and facts. I also have a good understanding of the human condition, with emphasis upon the modern American mentality. First hand experience is also an excellent teacher.
I know what I'm typing about.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Enjoying my own company at home.

You are free to join me.

So much for honesty being the best policy.
I guess people who type "I'm really good at making people laugh and not taking life seriously" get a billion date offers.
Is that all it takes, a stupid one-liner cliche?
How many fall for that?
That's rhetorical--I don't want an answer.

You see I'm ultimately a long-term keeper for the right woman who, basically, no longer exists in this society. So I'll take it slow and one step at a time, starting off as friends. We can chat about things, but you have to be willing to do it all Offline because I rather despise Online relationships. Because they're not real relationships.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Despite what some people say, it's not true. I don't have sex with squirrels.
Nonetheless, many squirrels Are sexier than several of the women on this site!
And easily, far more Sociable.

Likewise I will Make No Claims... To having dressed up as Luke Skywalker one Halloween, complete with a certain rodent perched on my shoulder likewise dressed up as Yoda (complete with a small robe, walking stick, and green-tinted fur makeup). Or to attempting a piss-poor Yoda impersonation while simultaneously performing piss-poor ventriloquism.

On a more serious note, I'm dedicating this profile to thinking women with I.Q.'s above 10 capable of Reading entire profiles and who still embrace 20th century values of free thought and independence.
Where Are You?
Dead probably. There's this Dwindling Intelligence Epidemic in 21st Century America! It again goes back to modern technology: If little kids are raised relying entirely on the internet and portable devices, they will never be able
to think for themselves. It's bad enough that I see this problem with Adults who were Not raised on plastic boxes!
It makes me want to seek out older women--unfortunately older women want little to nothing to do with a younger man and most older women fall in the "sheeple" category of being Conformists and are the first of the fools to lap up the latest laptops or whatever they're calling them today (tablets, pads...). This comes from following the attitudes of their mindless sons and daughters. Whereas, in the other direction, the Younger the woman the more likely she was raised having tantrums with her parents about having to Need to carry a Nintendo around with her and the more likely she's even more of the sheeple breed of constantly-connected, non-thinking, tapping and yapping airhead. Remember: this is all about the Need to be Accepted by everyone else in modern society and women are far weaker than men in this regard; just look at their Hollywood addictions.

Maybe seducing squirrels Is a viable alternative...

Could be that I'm looking to meet a miserable, traumatized girl who needs comforting and relief because she's actually experienced The Real World, and has the guts to continue with her life unimpeded?
Better one of them than some super-cheery airhead who thinks everything's wonderful, won't shut up talking about celebrities and trivial shit, constantly runs around in need of attention, cares only about her smart phone, and Knows she's gonna win the lottery thanks to the power of prayer and
her psych(ot)ic friend!

So you see, I might be incomplete, but I've got my own act together as a human being. Others are not going to change that in me even if I have to die alone.
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
* You're not a mental-midget extrovert, and If you're looking for a new friend. Friends first, then we shall see what comes of it.

* You actually Care about something other than your own self-centered self and fulfilling instant gratification. You're low-maintenance: You're not a materialistic, fashion-minded broad obsessed with your own narcissistic self, spending hours in the mirror getting ready.
This is my definition of an Adult. Amazingly, there are too few of them about.

I find "The six things I could never do without" to be Most telling. Unfortunately there are profiles wherein I cannot tell whether they are serious or not. I'll dig anyone who Doesn't put "cell phone"--or tech-clone thereof--down under "The six things I could never do without." I just think that it's absolutely pathetic that people today can't live without a
Phone. It's right up there with Zsa Zsa not being able to live without diamonds, in my opinion!
That goes double for "God." If these guys' God happened to vanish overnight on a 5-year vacation to another universe, would they even notice that He was gone? Seems to me that they could do without Him indefinitely if they put their (rational) minds to it.

I Only Date Adults.

* You're not hyperactive, ADHD, impatient, or have a short attention span. In other words, you can function for hours without a phone or other pretty-piece-of-plastic in your hand without going to the company of a Real Man.

* You don't talk to God and God doesn't talk to you. Come to think of it, that goes for any invisible imaginary friend(s)!
(Trust me, you're better off talking to squirrels! They at least Listen, probably more attentively than most humans.)

* You want a real-world relationship not a virtual-world guy to play with. This place is a tool to Meet people not strictly an on-line Game of texting. Understood? The more time I spend online, the less comfortable I am, in accord with the first and second principles typed atop my profile.

* I am obviously not here to partake in some form of soap opera fantasy game. If you are not serious then don't play with me. The more women's profiles I digest, the more I am convinced I've entered an online role playing game for little girls. Or big girls who think and act just like little girls. If your concept of a "conversation" consists of replying to me with one-liners like "LOL!" or "ROFL!" then just Don't Bother contacting me in the first place. Curiously, many of the same who "communicate" like this also proudly boast in their profiles how much they love to smile and make others laugh, as though it's their profession. If you're not applying for a circus position, try putting that on your resume and see what happens.

* You live somewhere in my vicinity. I don't do long distance, despite the fact that ladies from other countries are becoming far more appealing to me than the local mob. Northern New Jersey/Bergen County is ideal. Closer to 5 miles than 50.

* I have since loosened my "looking credentials" and relaxed them to the max of Ages 18-99 for I don't want to die alone and this is now my only real avenue of meeting someone.

* I don't have A-List so I can't tell who you are if you rate my profile highly. Please, either e-mail me here or don't bother. I view it like the theist who "donates" to a disaster victim in need by praying rather than paying or providing.

I don't expect any woman on here to come anywhere near to being a complete carbon copy of me. I respect diversity if you respect me. How we differ in size, age, shape, nationality...matters little to me in the long run.
(Which is far more than hundreds of demanding women can say for themselves since they obviously have preconceived notions of their Mr. Right lodged in their craniums and won't budge one quark beyond their comfort zones.)
Just don't try to change me into you and I won't try to change you into me.

Feel free to contact me.
Thus far this message box is empty.

Peace and Long Life!

Here's an END Summary for you to chew on...

Captain's Log, Final Entry:
I'm sorry but that's Me up there. Me all over.
Frankly, I've given you far more than you deserve to know about me. Too much and none of it is appreciated.
I hang my guts out here on the line to dry and what kind of responses do you I receive?
"nobodys gonna fuckin read all that! i dont care abot u or ur life story i just want 2 see pix!"
What's really scary: that's just fine coming from a 14-year old but I expected a much more mature response from a 40-year old. What's extra scary: That's not an isolated case from one retarded lady.
My collection of "pix" consists of photo albums, physical ones you handle with your hands and fingers, containing real physical "analog" photographs, predominantly of my past. I don't own digital video snap toys and you're lucky to just have that one photo up there of me. I don't put much stock or faith in photos. Even my aunt who's a professional photographer won't take snaps of me because it goes against her personal agenda (i.e. should I meet someone, as in the potential of gaining a future wife, it would have financial repercussions on her offspring's inheritance!). Yes, I know, nothing is very simple or uncomplicated anymore, now is it? Horrible, being a Neo-Luddite, absolutely horrible, isn't it. Maybe that's my mistake right off there since 9 out of 10 people Don't Know what a Neo-Luddite is and I spared them the intelligence insult by Not defining it via Webster's. My mistake.
Don't get me started on the ladies here who think I'm lying through my teeth because they "can't imagine" a guy like me living this way. Funny, I can't imagine people living paycheck-to-paycheck who save $0 yet apparently are pissing their money away via smartphones and other unnecessary
showoff crap, and who'll be in deep shit should they suddenly lose their employment. I also can't imagine said people not only existing that way but supporting children at the same time. Maybe they really don't care about their kids Or their own future? From what I've been reading, there are
also quite a few of them in America. Most of them live with the credo "It will never happen to me!"
I don't carry tech toys. If I were black in the 1980s I'd be the only guy Without a ghetto blaster on my shoulder. Funny how the blacks back then could afford those huge whopping boxes but where unemployed, too. I know, I'm from a different world than you guys. I sometimes think I'm the last living Rational guy on this planet simply because I Don't follow the crowd.
I'm white and this is the 2000's and I don't drive a SUV either. Wow!
After reading all of this (no, let's face it, after browsing this for 2 seconds and screaming they're not going to Bother reading all of this) most women quickly vacate my profile with their mind made up that I'm too intelligent and too intellectual a person for them to possibly tolerate, since they basically don't want to look "dumb" in my presence and above all else are just looking for some asshole to hang out with and buy them drinks. (And yes I've actually been told that nobody's going to read all this I've typed--Imagine going on a dating site and being Instructed by women how to post a profile! I get more Tutorial crap than a shot at a date. When I'm not getting that
kind of response, some woman is taking me up on my Opinion of Rap or some other minutia statement I've made in passing! When it's not those it's the Jesus conversion crowd pounding on my ass or the plain old "you're such a negative person" flag-wavers.). Then there are the ones who say I'm full of it because they cannot conceive of anyone living today without a phone in their pocket. The boldest ones of this category come straight out and call me a liar or some sort of con artist.
The harder I try--the more I reach out and post about myself--the more "desperate" I appear or so I have been told (some would prefer to substitute the word "pathetic").
It is a losing battle.
The end result is always the same: I'm alone.
So my typing all this is for naught.

You have to understand that this is the way I am and I'm not like other, competitive, bullcrapologist guys. Re-read that several times and when you finally crowbar that into your cranium, Maybe you'll be able to understand me. I sound frustrated because nothing is working for me or Wanting to work with me or for me. I am, in fact, very much discriminated against. If you don't know what I'm talking about go to the start of this profile, re-read it, and try to put yourself in my place. I keep reading how women "hate these summaries" as in they can't so much as talk about themselves, as in they haven't Got a self because they're supremely shallow people. One step beyond not so much as qualifying as an Adult in my opinion puts you closer to being more of an animal than a human being. A slave to fulfilling your own immediate desires. Very little thought, if any, is required on your part for that. Younger women tend to be extremely immature and behave like children. That's okay since my
success rate in dating them has been virtually nil and so much as saying Hello to them on here usually yields the response that I"m a pedophile; which only makes sense since they consider themselves to be little more than babies whether they admit to this or not. In the other direction, older women can't fathom why I would want anything to do with them, even when I explain that I value maturity they feel I have some deep, dark, dirty ulterior motive in mind. There is just so
much deeply-rooted anxiety and paranoia online that it's a wonder I'm still wasting my time here.
My experience here tells me that it all boils down to the great majority of women on OKC having no intention whatsoever of wanting to actually meet guys. It's all a put-on and they use this site not for dating but for passing the time Flirting with lonely guys like myself. To top that off, their "flirting" is of the simplistic level indicating a gross lack of social skills. We're not talking about even semi-intelligent conversations here but utterly pointless exchanges of abbreviations and smileys! "u like me? i type 2 u 2nite" - I am told this is tied to America's dwindling literacy and the overriding need to Play. If you want me to spell this out for you: intelligence is a major
turn-Off for women, as is the ability to communicate on a somewhat deep level.
I've had it. All of this was a waste of my time and My typing abilities.

This dating profile came to you courtesy of the old axioms "be yourself" and "honesty is the best policy." Outdated axioms for the new millennium. Now confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt!
For the best of six months, my presence here has garnered exactly zero dates. An exchange of a couple of very short hardly worth noting. And not so much as one face-to-face meeting with another human being. Not even a seconds-long, tiny-talk get-together at a street corner.
Most women just glimpse the profile: "This guy's too complicated for me. I want Simple. Fuck it! Fuck him!"
They don't even bother reading beyond the first few lines. Can you read? Can you Comprehend?
Even an introvert cannot continue indefinitely without some form of semi-intelligent contact, no matter how brief that may be. Whether beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, young or old...this "has-been" is deemed unwelcome by all.
I'm not fussy, you see. Frankly, I don't care if you were born in the USSR and speak with a broken accent.
But They are: fussy, picky, judgmental, and impossible. They cannot agree to disagree. They cannot take the bad with the good. They want it all their way and only their way. I bet they're all Republicans. Not willing to give me a goddamned chance. I guess it's Safer for them to date a loud-mouthed shithead, because he's a Known quantity. For all I know, maybe the women of today Want abuse because they've become so conditioned to it from dating asshole after asshole
after asshole. They demand it on a subconscious level. If they don't see it coming at them from the next guy in line, maybe he's a faggot to them.
Having now studied hundreds of other dating profiles, be they women or my competing males, I am not at all surprised in the least. America has become one hundred percent artificial to its
core, as reflected by its faux people. They've reached the level where they are deluding themselves. Not only do they post complete sugar-coated nonsense of themselves but they judge others by the same nonsense criteria.
I'll ask those questions again: Can you read? Can you Comprehend?
Many profiles read like they were drafted by high school dropouts, penned by people a fraction of the age they state.
Women of the year 2014 live for five P's: Prestige, Power, Perfection, Play, and Penis.
(Well, maybe not explicitly stating that last item, but it is an extension of Play. Most don't want to outright look slutty, so they distort that aspect with a blurry "romance" facade.)
In excess without end: Enough is never enough. And at the exclusion of others.
Be happy. Be Simple. Be full shit of shit. Above all, steer clear of anything and everything which intrudes upon your comfort zone. Anything which challenges your so-called mind. Any original thought which goes against the grain. Like honesty; straightforwardness; Integrity.
Do you have any of these traits left within you? Are they even allowed on here?
How about simple, good old fashioned Compassion? I didn't think so.
Different is Dangerous. No room for non-conformity. Those who dare think out of the box should be imprisoned In boxes. That's the lesson I've learned here. That's what you preach to me. This last grasp for a mate, a lover, a companion, a friend, or even an approaching its inevitable, solitary conclusion. Social Darwinism demands it. It's a de-evolving civilization.
The oddball element's gotta go. It's not only unliked but unwanted. In an extreme way.
Plastic people surround me. One cannot co-exist amongst plastic people.

So what Am I seeing that's so disturbing, frustrating, and ultimately depressing? Well, basically, total asshole guys getting women. Low-life grunts who use, exploit, rape, slap around, steal from, and otherwise destroy women who are too good for them. Women go for those kind of men, ironically, believing them to be Masculine. All that guy has to do is act like an asshole, smile and laugh. Being a Man today is synonymous with being a pinheaded rude, crude, fist-pumping moron. Give that ape a Hummer or otherwise fancy sports car and forget it, he's got what it takes.
Dress him in a T-shirt, give him tattoos, muscles, and let him use the word "fuck" at least once in every sentence...women will wet themselves. I can't compete with that, nor do I want to.Here I am asking myself if I'm even on the right planet. And I'm not even asking for a super model, just an ordinary, half-decent woman. My retro genes are telling me that I should be living in the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s...anytime earlier than Now.

The bottom line:
The average woman on OKC would prefer to date an Idiot rather than an Intellect.
A smart guy would only make Her look Dumb! Best to have it the other way around!
And women would prefer to be bombarded with false praise about their bodies than stand for intellectual conversation.
What they really want is a one-dimensional Cartoon Character--a lobotomized moron with a
perpetual smile plastered on his face who's always happy-happy--not a Real man.
You should checkout a mental ward, girl, you've made a wrong turn onto here!

Here's a rant on "You're So Negative" because apparently anyone who sees things in a bad light should be avoided like freshly smeared dog shit. It's so easy to nail someone with this that I think it's a prime decision-making factor in meeting people here. I've HAD IT UP TO HERE getting pinned with "You're So Negative!" “Be positive” they say. “Focus on the good in life” they explain.
“Think, you could be in a much worse situation so you should be thankful for what you have” they command. Well, screw that. I say, forget being positive…being negative has its own virtues. Honestly, I’m not some weirdo who goes out of his way to find things to be negative about.. Nope, I’m not going to tell you that you should be always pessimistic and pissed off with the world. But I am going to tell you that it is absolutely ridiculous to focus 100% on being positive in your life. Being super incredibly uber-positive is detrimental to your health (much like eating lead paint). You see, optimism is a good thing…but blind positivity will keep you from actually changing your life or making a meaningful impact to this world.
Let me explain... The common thought is that being positive means being right, happy, and good. Why wouldn’t it, right? Positivity = good. Negativity = bad. Isn’t that obvious? Well, the short answer is “no.” There is an annoyingly long answer…but I don’t like long answers… When you’re 100% focused on being positive, you miss room for growth. You see, every important thing that’s ever been accomplished is because someone was pissed off or frustrated at something.
They saw something that was wrong, or evil, or broken, or just annoying, and they found a way to fix it. Every person who’s every quit an awful job, every person who’s left an abusive relationship--were driven to do so because they were rightfully being negative. They didn’t discount the negative in the world. They acknowledged it and worked to do something about it. In many cases that negativity is what will drive you to succeed and change your life. That burning sense of being unsatisfied with your current situation will often be what drives you do achieve. Negativity isn’t necessarily pessimism..Just because you acknowledge the crappy parts of life doesn’t mean you need to be pessimistic about life. Nope, you should be optimistic, but it shouldn’t be some sort of blind optimism. Don’t tie your optimism to a vague sense of positive thought; instead, tie it to your plans, your goals, and your abilities. Be optimistic about your future because of what you will be doing to shape it. Be optimistic because you know that you’ll be working your ass off to make it better. Your optimism should be your celebration of overcoming or improving the negative crap that you see around you. Give yourself your reason for optimism. Don't just blindly accept everything around you as GREAT! Question everything. Otherwise some asshole is going to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge or something...
I'm leading into a popular catch-phrase I keep reading in profile after profile here: "I'm a glass is half full kind of woman!" (or variants on that). This is blind optimism again; optimism without reason. I like to replace that glass with either a canteen or a fuel tank. The former for a long trek across a hazardous, dust-dry desert. The latter for a passenger airplane. We are now talking about potentially life-or-death situations. Die of thirst in a desert or run out of fuel in mid-flight! A wise man (or woman!) would not stick with this idiotic catch-phrase but would Acknowledge the (Negative!) problem at hand and rectify the situation: refuel that canteen or tank! Better safe than sorry! Just remember, if you make the wrong mistake once there might not be a second chance. Ever. Better to be overly cautious than overly Stupid. When I confront women who post this phrase, I am condemned by them. If I do get a response it's usually something along the lines of "Well, I have Faith!" which is another idiotic expression saying you're trusting your life to pure luck or chance or some invisible guy in the sky who has your destiny mapped out for you! To that I say you're not quite rational in the head! And it again backs my conclusion that religion is a form of mental illness. Not surprisingly these exact same women are the ones who typically state that they're looking for guys who don't take themselves (or life) Seriously... Yeah, I Can believe that! I can almost pity them, because odds are they are not going to live very long (or pleasant) lives. A.K.A. Spontaneous guys or to give an example some jackass who hops into his sports car (without wearing a seat belt) and takes off at 80 MPH. Now all this scenario takes is a sudden stop, a sudden crash, or someone or something cutting across the path of the car. We're talking Death here, Pain, Crippling. Not so much for the asshole driver but for whatever other party unfortunately became involved. Jail time too maybe. Relatives grieving. Oh, yeah, this jackass didn't only screw himself but maybe he got lucky and without a belt flew out of the car and died instantly. That's being Spontaneous or Not Taking Himself Seriously.
Go ahead and call Me a chicken or a pussy or un-manly or something for not being reckless or foolhardy for Thinking ahead and being a bit cautious.

None of what I'm saying is "being negative" but about being Real, applying logical deduction. If a stranger comes up to you and says he'll give you $10 if you just give him $1, this "Negative" person will scent a scheme and call him a con-artist. Maybe to you and everyone else who's bright-sided will fall for this scheme because you and they are "Positive" people. That's called non-thinking. I call that ignorance. And I am fucking sick to death being called "Negative" and passed by, probably For some bullshit master who'll steal your purse, rape you, but with a cute smile on his face and a "Positive Attitude!" That's all that matter, right?

I am really shocked by the immaturity of online women. "LOL! ROTFL! I like to smile and laugh!"And how everything is "Awesome!" That's the best the friendly ones can do in chat or dialogue. One astoundingly childish profile after another reads the same; a virtual cut-and-paste story of fun and success, of world travel, extravagant dining and living super-healthy politically-correct lifestyles. No hardships. No losses. Nor do they want to hear of others hardships or losses. In fact they'll instantly steer away from anyone or anything the least bit unsettling to them; the least bit real. They are not troubled in fact by others for they are so self-centered and soulless they could not care less about nature or wildlife. They are externally pretty mannequins emphasizing their smile, their eyes, their hair--their body. If they are so happy and perfect, what compels them to come online here?
I think if I read another "I love people who make me laugh!" or "I like to make people laugh!" (purportedly typed by an adult woman not a little girl playing with her dolls) I'm going to go catatonic! Uh, you have a career as a circus clown, maybe?
Peoples' minds are being Simplified in this new electronic age. They are not Maturing but Regressing!
It does not surprise me that guys get stood up frequently. Everyone is fooling each other here, even themselves.
This form of dating is not taken very seriously at all. A man like myself who does take it seriously is mocked for being "too" serious. Come on, wake up or grow up or better yet do both.
Or perhaps You should be stood-up? "Ahaha! I was laughing so hard and I take life so Un-seriously I didn't Bother to meet you for our first date! Ahahahah! Aren't I Funny! See, I'm laid-back and I don't take Anything seriously! And This makes me Laugh! Hahahah!"

Those four qualities in myself that I have emphasized have doomed me to die alone and unwanted. I have only wasted my time here and shattered what little hope I had for securing a friend for myself. That makes sense because those I approach looking for a friend say they want a lover. Those I approach for a lover tell me they're looking for a friend. Regardless of what my profile has checked off, because they don't read that far down, they don't care, they just want
that all-encompassing photo album because that's all they can Understand!

And they'll slam me with that "Negative!" word, too. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't one woman after another after another after another after another after another after another. But some are very nice because they say "Keep looking. You'll find someone!" one after another after another after another after another after...
I imagine myself locked in an auditorium full of single women and I'm having a heart attack. I pass out. I need someone to perform CPR on me (and they're all qualified). Every woman comes forward and says "Let someone else do it!" Eventually I die.
If that example was too much for you cranium to handle, how about a first person one: You're beaten up, robbed, raped, bones are broken, you're cut up, bleeding, smeared with animal shit, urinated upon and find yourself tossed into an alley. You're all alone. People see you, smell you, and will not help you. "You smell!" "You look like shit!" But, you know, being Positive there's always some guys passing by to say "Someone help this woman"--after Not helping you since they've got better things to do with their time and want nothing to do with what looks like a horrible mess.
You're judged Externally and that's All that matters to all passers-by. Nobody helps you in the end. You die. Because you're somebody else's problem. And that somebody
else never arrives. Problem solved, though!
Maybe some day this will happen to you? Oooh, there I go again, Not thinking Positively! Yeah, this will Never ever happen. Impossible in America. Absolutely fucking impossible.
Because, you see, we've got Jesus, Superman, Batman and other super-heroes to do this work for us. Yeah, that's reality-thinking for you! And when people read about it in the newspaper the next day--oh, they won't read it--they'll pass it by and move on to, say, the sports section or the comics. No point in reading Negative news, right? Now That I Can believe.
In fact if you permit me one final line of negativity, you could say this is the American Way of the 21st Century.
My current situation now really is no different than these, if more internalized and more psychological than physical. Deprived of love and, yes, even friendship, I will die sooner or later.
So, following the whole "He's negative!" rant rampage, let me now precipitate your next thought: "This guy is a desperate loser." No, I've both physically and mentally proven my strengths. But in the latter category, I can only hold out for only so long because the damage is cumulative over the passage of time. Like slowly running out of oxygen or drinking water. I can only hold on for so long. You see, we're not talking days or weeks or even months here--but Years. That's right: multiples of 365 days. It's taken its toll as exemplified by this LONG profile. I'd say that a typical woman in my place would be insane by now. Hahahah! Then, well, maybe a quick death by my own hand would be more preferable...
I know that sounds kind of crazy but, I've managed to conquer all other problems in my life including wealth and health. I'm set. Now it's only the Social Factor--friendship, love, intimacy,
sex--that's missing and so incredibly impossible to fill in this superficial age of nit-picky bitches.
I've been turned down by the most beautiful and the most ugly--for entirely different reasons each, I can only surmise. ("He's got a chipped tooth = Loser!" & "He's too cute to Bother keeping me around; best to dump him Now!"--those are my best guesses.) The latter has long-term psychological repercussions since it's a
severe blow to my self-esteem, as I'm not a bad looking guy!
Blow after blow.

I don't date anymore. That includes online and offline. It's just too much trouble and when you get kicked in the head ninety-nine times out of a hundred, this guy can take a hint that the hundredth will be none better. As women read my profile (those who actually bother, how few of them there
are--I'm repeating myself again, yes, but it's necessary considering the short-attention-span Epidemic!) they mentally checkoff how Different I am from them and quickly discard me as a "fuckup" in their opinion since there is nothing in common. There are nothing but extravert "party girls" here.
Well, this fuckup is checking the fuck out of here. Because a man can only take so much rejection, including some colorful metaphors delivered via e-mail. Even low-blows about the
"vermin" on my shoulder and how I belong with those "rats." Then there are the hypocrites who "love animals" which translates to loving cats and dogs--squirrels they'd like to shoot down from trees or run over with their SUVs! Go to hell, animal lover. How many insults can a guy take--on a
Dating Site no less which emphasizes Love! And oh yeah, some women bitched at me "because you Hate dogs and cats! I want nothing to do with Haters of dogs and cats!" Listen, I'm seriously allergic to cats, as in breaking out in rashes, choking, and triggering my asthma--by not even having a cat in the same room with me just the pussy's fur! Dogs: they go after me ("that's a sign of you being an Evil Atheist! You have mo moral framework to live by and the animals Sense this at a primal level..."--yeah, I know, I've gotten That bullshit too!) and I still have some teeth marks on parts of my body to prove that. Nonetheless my parents had both animals and I had to suffer through my childhood growing up alongside them. I assure you, it's Not the same as saying I want to boil them alive! If you can't understand this simple concept, then you're not ready to date me--or probably not any other adult man, for that matter. And, finally, I will again repeat myself regarding pet squirrels and how beautifully well they get along with cats and dogs--especially the former which stalks them and shreds them into little bits, usually slowly and painfully. If a mother squirrel, her babies are left alone, unprotected, and also condemned to death. It's why I prefer the company of prey rather than predator, be they four-legged or two-legged.
But they're just "tree rats" or "vermin" so you don't give a shit. So long as your pet pussy had a good time! Hypocrite. Makes me wanna let loose a tiger or, more fitting for this site, a cougar in the house... "Oh, isn't she Cute! She's just Playing with you!" FYI, It's amazing how closely related squirrels are to rabbits. Oh, pet bunnies are So cute and precious to you--you wouldn't think of butchering them (unless if you're maybe Australian!)--but if they had shorter ears and big, bushy Tails, then they'd be Vermin, right? Conformist sheeple have difficulty seeing thing from different perspectives. No, let's face it, they Cannot see things from different perspectives since they don't have the mental capacity to Reason at that level...

I'm resigning from humanity because humanity does not want me. It's just too much for me. There's no magical soul mate out there for me. Just one more person to make life even more hellish for me. Hopefully it will be short and sweet. Above all, no more trembling while I type my heart out on here for people to "LOL" at!

A reflection back to one of my earlier lines here: Everything Good Was In The Past. How true! People were Good in the Past. Were! Not anymore. What we have here today are McDonalds Girls.

If I come across as being a little bit uncomfortable, unlikeable, and intense it's because I'm a "minority" for reasons previously stated to death above. Sorry but facts are facts, unpleasant though they may be. Essentially, I don't fit into Your world anymore and if that's not enough, people make a Point of reminding me of this every day. In fact some of them go out of their way to "remind" me: "Get with the times, upgrade, be outgoing, and accept Jesus!" pretty much sums it up. A middle finger from me to all of them.

Lots of visitors to the profile but No Communication, no dialogue; no action. Some even as far away as...Norway?! Am I an international freak show amid the online dating community?
When there IS, it's nitpick-the-shit-out-of-RetroActive2014 Time! Behold:
"I can't date a guy who doesn't text or play Modern video games."
"I can't be with a guy who listens to Old music and watches B&W flicks."
"You've got to put up more pix!"
"I Love Indian food--you don't so we Can't ever be a match!"

Then there is that other category of women who are a bit smarter and craftier. I don't like to face them because they are, quite simply, Users. These are desperate women stuck with kids to take care of who are looking for some rich guy to finance their screwed up lives. Fortunately, not being a millionaire, I'm not considered a viable commodity here, but that doesn't stop them from treating me rudely and crudely...projecting their own feelings upon me... It's easier to do that than be forthright and say "I need a rich man to put my kids through school!"

I possess genuine emotions and feelings; genuine Concerns for things other than myself. I'm not afraid to show or talk about these things. This alone, to many, is a Weakness. Well, you won't be seeing me around, thank you very much.

Moral of the story: the more Shit I reveal about myself--my pet peeves and personal preferences--the more Shit Excuses gets thrown at me. Maybe I should have just typed up a 5-line asshole profile: "I love All music" "I love Everything." "I can't do without Anything"
Summary of the Moral of the story: Women here are Very simplistic, one-track minded, and Don't understand Flexibility. They think in Constants and Black&White terms. I really don't know what else I can say. I can give more examples, or "furnish them upon request" as they say.
This place is a lost cause. As a microcosm of the real world, oh yeah. Now some woman reader will come along, nitpick, randomly read this one little piece out of context and conclude "This guy hates women." But again it's an example of the Simplicity of so many women on here! How about reading the whole profile from top to bottom? I'm not making this stuff up, and if women here Say They Hate Me without so much as meeting me...well, put yourself in my shoes.

I take everything very seriously in a world full of idiots. When life and death are on the line--be it present or future--life can only be taken seriously. Make a mistake with a detrimental backlash and my conscience starts acting up. I know that's not very appealing to say on a dating site, but that's the truth. ("I wanna date some guy who doesn't take himself seriously!" --I've read several times!) Too many little girls here in grown up bodies. Far too many. Perhaps they should be envied for having No conscience and for being completely innocent of their actions. So it comes as no surprise to me that 77% of Americans believe Angels are real and U.S. children were in the 25th place in Math and the 21st in Science out of 30 "developed" nations tested. Yeah, Science and reasoning in general are becoming naughty words, party girls. One of my predictions is that science fiction will become extinct in the near future. It will be replaced by comic book crap and idiots running around shooting one another. "Hardcore SF" will vanish because it requires intelligent people to read it and to write it. It's a lot easier to appeal to the lowest common denominator and that's the path of least resistance for the flow of ca$h. It's a lot easier to replace cerebral writing with kiddie fantasy writing which requires No science... Lord of the Rings would therefore outshine and outdo every 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mystical BS rules in this environment.
OK, enough, I'm going into philosophy mode again!

I'm tired of rejection after rejection after rejection. That's Online rejection, for not one of them will so much as meet me face to face and Then reject me. They reject me without so much as giving me a minute of their time. All in all it's led to alienation and the life of a loner. A person who used to bust his ass for Others and would go out of his way to help Others is rejected by society for not being of the selfish-me crowd of obnoxious extrovert BS-ing showoffs. Wonderful.

I know what you're thinking: "While I like nature I'm a Christian and you're not so I won't date you!" or "I like dancing and you don't so we'll never get along" or a trillion other variants thereof. The more info I type out about myself is all the more ammo to be used in an argument Against dating me. I'm basically stacking it Against me here. And that's not even taking things out of context, as in the case of one women who says I said she's an ignorant fool because she's a minority and I said so in my profile! It's impossible to reason with these people. Impossible. They have their minds made up well ahead of time to discredit me, even if it's because I type too much or I'm too open about myself. They also have preconceived notions of what their Mr. Right is like from cover to cover--one inherent flaw in their mental sculpture of their man and it's Off to the next profile. Oh yeah, I've actually cornered a couple of these women and nailed them on the spot. Wrong hair color, an inch too tall or too short, a year or two older or younger, and it's Fuck You! Above all, none of them know what the word Compromise is either. None of them are willing to meet and talk to get to know one another. Not if there's some Flaw that can't be addressed and which compromises their Dream Guy image. Oh, and did I mention that most women believe in destiny and "sparks" flying between two people as a Sign from God of their future together? Perhaps I should drop out of the human race now... I think we have Hollywood preconceptions to at least partially blame this bullshit on. Yes, I know how you reason better than You know how you reason. Because I pride myself on asking questions like this and figuring out what the hell's going on out there or inside that skull of yours. I'm not always right but I'm pretty much well within the ballpark. It invariably boils down to wanting some simple-assed guy to buy you drinks, compliment you on your hair and breasts, and laugh at all your stupid one-liner jokes as though you're a dumb blonde (and yes I know I'll take some flack for this in e-mail, insulting women and blondes in particular--I've been there already, but I'm trying to make a point here!). But if you want to play the numbers game, the Majority of women on here fall right smack into the middle of this category. Like it or not. Smart guys with brains and who Care about things other than themselves and you Intimidate you.
That thought is worth repeating, so here it is again:
I've generated a Shitload of Honest statements and opinions.
In most every woman's mind she's compiling a checklist of "Things We Don't Have In Common."
I'm only Fueling that list; self-incriminating myself.
To these women, Less is More.
Nicola_bee has a 94% Match with me, but because of my statement about despising Rap Music we Can't Date, We Can't Be Friends, We Can't Be Pen Pals. We can't agree to disagree. Case-closed! Next!
Everything else she's fine with but I'm not a 100% Match so I'm fucked off. That's the story of my life here.
If I'd Only posted up photos of myself and a Blank profile, you'd be interested in me otherwise and I'd have a Chance of at least getting a date with you and we would probably be able to work out our differences.
Instead, I've gone for the direct approach--and the price I pay is sitting here as a lonely fuck with replies such as "We have nothing in common!" or a wonderful nitpick of some passing statement I made in regards to minutia like my choice in music or some other media. Yeah, that's a date-killer because we can't agree to disagree! "I like chick-flicks, you like horror flicks--we won't get along!"
Yes, they will fixate on a particular Line in my profile and build a mountain out of a mole hill from it. As in me not being a Vegan SO IT LOGICALLY FOLLOWS (from a Certain narrow perspective) that I can't date someone who Is a Vegan and that person will tear into my ass accusing me of slaughtering animals because I eat more meats than veggies. Wow. Her screen name's Vegnaturelover.
Because I enjoy burgers and steak I had to endure e-mail after e-mail of her on here ranting at me and personally blaming me for animal slaughter!
I used to think the "I believe in The Lord and you do not!" was bad enough!
This Is Fucking Unbelievable.
IS THIS SOME NEW MENTAL SYNDROME brought on by the new generation of spoiled "I have to have Everything MY WAY or NOT AT ALL!" crybaby Brats?! Is there some virus loose which attacks the IQ or the hgher reasoning centers of the brain? I'm ready to give up. I'm torturing myself here afraid to open the next e-mail response, wondering what fresh new BS will be coming my way.
Yes, I've actually been e-mailed by some people who were trying to Instigate A Fight with me. Though they were mostly religious extremists who can't conceive of a guy like me not accepting their god. Therefore anyone who isn't religious is perceived as a THREAT to them or an Insult or else I'm a dangeorusly delusional nut since I Don't Fear HIM! Maybe these women are on Here because they're nowhere to go in the real world beyond the asylum door?

Writing my phone number on a wall is more respectable and less stressful than going online, I think.

I'm also sick and tired of being prejudged. I don't follow fashion trends; I don't wear flashy outfits. Don't nitpick and take apart the Non-brand name of my shirt or sneakers, my crummy watch, my non-bleached worn teeth... If you're going to condemn me within the span of 10 minutes for this and for being Honest with you, then just get the hell off my case.
Yeah, because Ten Minutes is all it takes to get to Know a person. Now you CAN LAUGH. I'm Real and in another reality I would be considered a hero for taking stands no one else would dare take. Yeah, keep looking, Retro, you'll find someone--that someone just isn't going to be ME. I've heard that shit line enough times. It's the same bullshit logic as saying "Somebody else will do it" or "Everybody's doing it so why shouldn't you?" It'll just drag on decade after decade until it can't any longer because I'll be Dead. If you won't even give me a Chance to be a friend, just how many times do I have to submit myself to this (PRE)Judgment? I'll tell you what, one day will be the last day because I won't have the stamina left to go on and torture myself AGAIN.

Critical, superficial, judgmental bitches. Read that over a few times. It's burned into my brain. Why? Because I've been dissected like a bug under a microscope, that's why. A nice, stress-free, informal meeting in a cafe or someplace. Emphasis on informal, as in a brief get-together. "Your shirt's Way out of style." "Did you lie about your age?" A glance at my coat with the little stain on the pocket (it's below freezing outside and I'm bundled up), yields a roll of the eyes. Right on down to my sneakers: "Don't you wear Shoes?" And I should mention Her flaunting of Her brand-names. You should have seen the Look I got when I glanced at my watch--the old one with a piece of Scotch tape holding the back plate on. Where's this lead? "We're too much Unalike, this will never work." I ask if we could just be Friends. "NO. We can't be friends! Ever!" She walks out. Total time elapsed: 10 or 15 minutes. Won't e-mail me. Nothing. Where'd she go, back to her fashion show world?
Would I have received the same treatment had I flaunted a gold-plated iPhone 7 in her face and allowed her to stroke it, to demonstrate my class and sophistication? Or maybe just shoved a $100 bill in her bra? Perhaps if I dated women of the ghetto instead of women who worship Hollywood royalty--and likewise Judge others by that criteria? Is this the future of America? All that media programming sinking into simple minds. Well, credit must be given to her because I wasn't stood up...unlike from others. "You're so negative," she would curse me. Well, if I was successful once, just once, perhaps I wouldn't be so negative? There's this thing called Cause and Effect, you might want to look it up sometime... Like maybe once a Year. Go ahead and laugh at that. I have been laughed at all my life. The alternative is to quit trying.

And what of the few I actually meet from here? All these super-critical, fat-and-ugly women should shut their mouths and take a good look at themselves in the mirror!
You're not worthy of me.
See, I can turn the tables on you, too!
The fact is that we have nothing in common. For I have nothing in common with ANYONE.
That's why I'm alone and will remain alone presumably until death.
Because I'm surrounded by dumb asses incapable of accepting differing viewpoints. They won't even bend one iota--it's easier to snap and strike it out! Okay, so you're going to behave like a bitch towards me. Fine. Let's go with that. In fact, let's forget about Everything I've typed up on this profile. Every shred of intellectual discourse. Let's just be sex partners; starting from that very basic level. What? I'm not even good enough for that category because you want to Use me and there are bigger fish out there to exploit than little old
me? So why do I even bother being here? And yes, you ARE telling me, "We can't even be friends, romantic, platonic, or otherwise!" Maybe I Should look into hitting on Guys here. For what does it take to make a Friend these days? Men outnumber women roughly ten-to-one here. So women on here have their opportunity to Trash guys like me for no reason and just Move On to the next available guy to Use.
That's not fair. That's not decent. Unfortunately that's another unpleasant Truth about online dating. If you're saying I'm wrong then fine, Prove Me Wrong. You can't!

I apologize for wasting your time, for those who actually took the time to read all that I have typed. If any. Because it seems nobody gives a damn anymore.

A gut-wrenching profile posted up for party girls to laugh at.

You glance at my profile and proclaim, "I'm not reading all this shit!" and that's that.
Those of you whom I've e-mailed (and there have been quite a few of you in the past year) haven't even the decency to respond to me.

Nobody around here is interested in me.
Nobody wants to even have a little chat with me.

Probably what burns my ass the most on here are the snotty, over-the-top attitudes of some women. For instance, Just Viewing a woman's profile because she lived near me and looked somewhat intriguing--not e-mailing or anything--just Viewing a particular woman's profile got me this the other day: "Stop looking at my profile. If it continues I will report you!"
And you guys wonder why I keep saying that America has CHANGED a bit since the 21st Century rolled in! Excuse me, but I thought most women who Post Profiles On A Public And Free Dating Website WANT To Be Viewed!!! Well, that e-mail was like a blade through My Heart, but I guess that's kind of fitting for a website with such a name!

It was also the first e-mail I had gotten in a month.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to take a hint from this.
I send a "Hi!" out and I receive something along the lines of "im laughing at ur profile... ur such a pathetic pieceofshit get lost"
Oh, the love and happiness that fills me from e-mail of this caliber on OKCupid. Love, love, love everywhere. the biggest laugh is that it comes from uber-positive people who claim to be so happy and full of love In Their Profiles yet when it comes down to personal e-mail, it's obviously another story. Or maybe I just deserve this because I'm Mr. Reality encroaching upon their happy fantasy sphere of influence and am an un-needed disease worthy of being stamped-out.
Type what you want. I still have my integrity, decency and honor INTACT. I'm glad you show your true colors to me, even if it's done secretly through e-mail. I know the type of person you Really are. I thank You for that.

Conversely, I hope you get that bad boy you want. The kind that slaps you around and humiliates you; Uses you, steals from you, dumps you. Because that's what you Really want, whether you openly admit to it or not.
I've been told that that's what passes for a "real" man these days. I'm opting out of this one, too.

I'm too good.

Good guys finish last. Nobody's behind me.

Once you get by the Atheism, the Introversion, the Neo-Ludditism and all the rest of my quirks...
Well, here's the Real Reason Why Women Don't Care To Date Me:
Most women on here are intimidated by intelligent guys.
Big-time intimidated because they don't want to look stupid.
When the vast majority of women are of the "party girl" variety, the last thing any of them want to do is associate with a thinker. And that's pretty much why the movie "Idiocracy" is prophetic and will come true.

So there you have it.

Be yourself, they say.
I am myself and I've gotten nowhere.
I Could play the part of someone I'm not but I'd only be fooling you and myself. Besides, I'd never be able to maintain it.

A lot of time and effort went into developing this profile...for What?

Yes, what's a few more Years without a date? I'm learning to live without sex, too.

All of this typing and what do I typically receive? "I can't date you if you only have one crappy pic up."
Typically posted by women who don't type Anything in their own profiles.
All this typing.
All this typing.
All they care about in guys are Pictures.
Don't bother me. I won't bother you. Ever.

The more I read of these women's profiles, the more I wonder Why they are on here. They are all Happy-Happy-Happy, have friends and family, love their jobs (which are all Happy-Happy-Happy and high-paying), surround themselves with Happy people ("yes men?"--curse anyone who'd dare offer constructive criticism!) and lead such rich and fulfilling Perfect lives. Why must they Bother with a dating site? Or is this just to pass the time of day? A big Joke to them?

Well, I've generously answered all of the dating questions.
Does anyone really read them? I've got a lot of great answers in there, which range from thought-provoking to funny. Or does this have to do with the rise of illiteracy in America?
Even that "perfect" match on here from the next town over hasn't the decency to answer my e-mail.
What can I say? What can I do?
I'm not a happy person because You have made it so.

I now live the life of a loner out of necessity.
Thanks to the kind "patronage" of American society.

Please don't bother "liking" me electronically on this system, for it's no different than sending me a "Keep looking, you'll find someone!" e-mail. Both are the equivalent to passing by a starving man and telling him "I'll pray for you!"

I don't belong in this world.

Over and out.