34 Aberdeen, MD
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My self-summary
okay everything i wrote down there (we're imagining a down-pointing arrow here) is super old. things are a bit different now but some things are the same. bear with me as i edit.....

i'm a little white girl that hates describing herself. i'm a dork in the sense that i love to read and am constantly doing it when there's nothing else to do(and even when there is sometimes). and also (we're refering to dork here) in the sense that just about anything can make me laugh. within reason. like dead baby jokes don't really make me laugh. {old stuff: and more often than not i am behaving in a quasi-immature, spontaneous, random fashion. but i can up the maturity level and switch into solemn mode when required.}

i WISH i could still be immature, and i still am more so than i should be but i have a son and a daughter now and ONE of us has to be the mature one so i elected myself lol. (i was the clear choice really being the adult :) ) i love my children more than anything, they have saved my life almost literally. they are my heart.

{REALLY old stuff that i used to do:love to go to parties, small ones, house ones, at big clubs and small ones, bars from time to time. i suppose you could consider me sociable (see my wings? the butterfly ones...). i love to dance. i'm that person people make fun of for listening to edm (house, progressive, trance, breaks, dnb, etc) all the time.}

stuff that i ACTUALLY do now: pretty much nothing. take care of the kids. if i could, i'd love to just go hang out with someone, have a drink, watch a movie, talk. i wouldn't be averse to a bar either. or a club, even though i'm old.

{i love people} now i kind of hate people a little but ....okay not really. i still generally give them the initial benefit of the doubt every fucking time which doesn't always end well. but at the same time, i'm somewhat untrusting. i call myself an oxymoron (for a lot of shit). i have been told i am good hearted. i feel lost a lot of the time but try not to think about it. to sound all cliche-y...i go with the flow...and just deal with whatever life decides to throw at me. which is a whole lot of SHIT apparently. and i refer you to the aforementioned fact that i hate doing this so i'm just going to be done now. if you want to know anything else, just ask.

randomness: once i jumped out of a third story window to escape from cops who weren't trying to arrest me. i used to run at least two miles everyday but only because they made me. 7X3=21. sparkly things amuse me. shiny things are cool too. i detest lemon coolers. i detest even more, japanese beetles. or any thing with more than four legs, really. 'cept potato bugs, they're cool. my favorite color is blue. if it were possible to live consuming only cheese and chocolate (seperately of course), that'd be the way i'd go. i can easily wash my own back. i think i'm the only one i know who still constantly rocks a bandana. i love big pants (but i no longer wear them). sometimes i can't stand to be alone while other times i go crazy because i can't be. for some reason, i can type really fast. i firmly believe in the Oldest Child Theory. i used to keep my pills in a contact case. nacho cheese isn't yours. wouldn't it be cool if snow was a different color? i speak in very low tones, generally. you shouldn't tell the nice police man that you wouldn't be able to walk on a straight line even if you weren't drunk. also, microwaving gummi bears is bad idea. well, touching it afterwards is really where the "stupid" comes in (molten gummi bear does not easily come off your finger). i miss climbing trees. half the time i don't notice those damn instant messages that come up at the top of the page every now and then. hey what's that over there? *points*

I am tired, strong, and sweet
What I’m doing with my life
not a god damn thing which makes me hate myself. my life fell apart completely, all in one month, many years ago and i have not come even close to the semblance of recovery. although sometimes it seemed like i was. i had a son four years ago, he saved my life almost literally. he loves any kind of trucks
or cars, especially monster trucks. he is my heart.

i recently had a daughter as well, she is the other half of my heart. we're still figuring each other out, her and i, but we'll get it. she loves her swinger, laying around with her pants off, and apparently crying from 8pm to 2am. (she's 6 weeks old)

what i'd like to be doing? finding a job i don't hate, finding a job at all really, doing my best to take of my children and myself, and trying to restore my dwindling faith in the opposite sex. or give up on them entirely.
I’m really good at
typing things in these boxes, pressing the update button, and yet not having them save, apparently. and climbing on stuff. dancing most times. well i'm decent, depending on the music, the people, and the atmosphere. i don't suck, how's that.
The first things people usually notice about me
dude, i'm not other people so i couldnt tell ya...mm, except for my eyes maybe. very blue. as for anything else...i don't know, i'll conduct a census.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) george r.r. martin- A Song of Ice and Fire; jacqueline carey- Kushiel's Legacy; juliet marillier- The Sevenwater's Trilogy; michelle west- The Sun Sword; sara douglass- The Wayfarer Redemption; melanie rawn- Exiles, Dragon Prince, Dragon Star; elizabeth haydon- The Symphony of Ages; ken follett- The Pillars of the Earth

b) goonies, boondock saints, pirates of the carribean(sp), a knights tale, clerks, mallrats, aladdin, sin city, etc. etc.

c) metal(unearth, slipknot, more of the same...yada yada yada, and of course anubis, my brother's band, check em out on my space or noise in the basement) and edm (bbb, tall paul, feelgood, scott henry before he sucked ass, josiah, and P.O.P, my boy johnny, etc...),some screamo

d)i don't eat. i nibble. cheese from work. cheez-its. fucken chicken from silver spring mining company. some shit i made the other day. tuna balls. i dunno. i seldom eat, these are just speculation foods. i like milk.
The six things I could never do without
this is excluding things that no one can do without, yes? (ie: air, water, food, lungs and heart and that other shit...sex?...etc)

in no particular order:

some sort of book

music (edm, metal, or anything else that i don't abhor.)

my family and friends (it counts as one, damn you)

my journal

the ability to stay in contact with people somehow (ie: phone, internet, mail, whatever)

my sanity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i think too much and too fast but i'm gonna try. currently i'd have to say most of my thoughts gravitate towards, a) what the hell my direction is, b)and me talking on the phone at present moment and finishing this later
On a typical Friday night I am
{the old me: getting drunk somewhere. it happens in various places. bars, clubs, swimming pools, the woods at carsons run, someone's house, my house. this happens on saturdays too. and sometimes sunday. or thursday. or any day. but i don't drink EVERY day i swear. it just happens randomly. but always friday.}

*present day me*: playing with my son, holding my daughter, sometimes dancing with them both...basically read: nothing, really
You should message me if
you're interesting and i could talk to for long periods of time without getting bored (and if i say i'm going to go smoke and don't come back, i'm not being shitty, my dumb ass really does just forget sometimes).

you're witty.

you're interested in speaking to me for more than just the usual "these sites" reasons.

i know you already