30 Berkeley, CA
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My self-summary
*So you know, I have the 'NI, INM, NO' message system going. If you don't know what that is, read the 'Message Me If' section at the very bottom of my profile. (You might decide to use it on your profile too!!) The rest:

Hey there! I'm just getting back in to trying OK Cupid. Sorry for not checking in that often. Hopefully, I'll stick at it now.

I am a diverse person with a lot of influences from a wide range of experiences from my past, and from living in China, Russia, Germany, Japan and Taiwan and traveling in many other countries.

I like: travel and adventure – getting off–the–beaten–path and exploring exciting places; humor; the outdoors; culture; mischief; why things are the way they are; apatheist; it's about everyone else, not me; music – anything interesting, alternative, indie or underground rap...and stream-of-consciousness...(obviously).

I have just found out that I am ENFP but I took a simplified test.

I studied astronomy and geology, worked for NASA and studied Russian and Chinese. Now I am the founder and director of a company that explores the intersection between adventure and technology through internet projects and start-ups, and through which I also run adventure tours.

I'm pro-women's rights. I know how to respect boundaries, know that "no" means "no" and will never be antagonizing, sneaky or be aggressive. I'm a firm believer that cautiousness in meeting-up/hooking up is not a result of stand-offish women, but due to reckless, chauvinistic or inconsiderate men.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm making a life of off–the–beaten–path travel around the world. Usually for about 9 months out of every year, however, I am in Berkeley, CA, creating all of this.

I am the founder and director of Earth Cubed, which focuses on adventure travel trips around the world, but also on innovative adventure–related Internet startup projects.

Kind of my mission statement is, these days there are few prospects of space exploration by humans, but what I strive to do is even more exciting: create some of the most innovative and interesting ways to explore our own world. Fair game is the last unexplored 'in-between' places, the microworld and simulated adventure such as treasure hunts, etc, etc.

Right now, most specifically, we are working on a website project that follows, in realtime, other people's amateur and professional expeditions around the world. I am building a team of businessmen and investors for this project. Recently I've been partially bought and will soon have a nice injection of money!
I’m really good at
People– and social– related things, arts and creative things, languages, have a large range of outdoor skills, individual (as opposed to group) sports, making strenge accent, stunt driving, french kissing, adapting to diverse conditions and cultures, walking on my hands, being aware and observant, empathizing, having good instincts/in touch with my subconscious, sneaking into places, adventure...
The first things people usually notice about me
I have long-ish hair these days. Keep in mind that my prof pic is a good pic but now my hair is longer so check out my other pics to get an idea.

I have my own style. I don't want to be a hipster, but people keep saying that I'm sporting a hippy/hipster look - go figure, it's just my own style.

My eyes have crows feet.

Once people start talking to me, often the first thing they notice is that they feel comfortable and at ease around me, and I'm going on what other people say here.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: White Stripes, The Strokes, Beck, Pixies, Pavement, Black Keys, Digable planets, A tribe Called Quest, Jurassic five, the roots, Kendrick Lamar, MGMT, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, talking heads, David Bowie, 9 inch nails, Cat Power, modest mouse, MF doom, dangermouse, Dan the Automator, gorillaz, beastie boys, the yeah yeah yeah's, Radiohead, outcast, Wilco, The Sea and Cake, Elliott Smith, Vampire weekend, Spoon, André nickatina, Busta Rhymes, the libertines, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Saens, Creston, Ives.

Movies: the fight club, oceans 11, being John Malkovich, the Truman show, Shawshank redemption, the matrix, 12 monkeys, dark city, the big Lebowski, Pulp fiction, something about Mary, blade runner, David Lynch and Tim Burton movies.

TV: the daily show, the office, community, Parks and Recreation, curb your enthusiasm, South Park, Seinfeld, home movies

Books: I don't really give myself a lot of time to read, but I really enjoyed reading the classics while growing up. However if I do have extra time I enjoy books about thoughtful science-fiction topics and adventure.

Food: My favorite is Asian food: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian and Korean. I also really love Italian, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Mexican. I'm not a huge meat or dairy fan, but I like lean, non-red, non-processed and organic meat. Could the world's best dish be Kung Pao Chicken (real Chinese style) or Chicken Tikka Masala?
The six things I could never do without
1. Free time (to travel and explore) 2. Good music, 3. Good food, 4. Caffeine, 5. My overactive imagination, 6. Cuddling while sleeping in late in the morning.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to explore, right?! How to explore music, places and things, new and interesting and exciting information, food, and just about everything.

Other things I often think about: how to make a fantastic future, why things are the way they are – i.e. what it all means, philosophy, the universe, etc.; I am often concerned that so many people in the world are not happy, and I think a lot about how to eliminate misery.
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe hanging out with friends at parties or bars in Berkeley, the Mission, or other parts of San Francisco. Truthfully there is no 'typical'.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, sex is totally natural but seems a little 'dirty' to some people right? It's probably our Puritanical origins that make it into something 'dirty', so it's really almost certainly a distortion of reality. I'm totally into things being natural and organic so I never thought I could ever give praise to our Puritanical origins, but it's really nice that it's a little, well, 'dirty', don't you think?

I kind of like the song "Call Me Maybe".

I've had enough experience with the complexity of the female anatomy that I've got it pretty well figured out how to touch/what to do for the variety of women who are 'configured' sort of differently.

I wrote down 5 others but I took them off! Just a little too private for OKC...
You should message me if
You should message me if you have any inclination that we might have fun hanging out together. I'm fairly open-minded to a wide range of personalities. I think you'll have a blast, and hey, there's really not much to lose, right?!

These days I am just struggling to keep up with the messages I have been receiving, and I get a lot of visitors every day so please don't think I can visit your profile if you visit mine (I also feel that visiting you infringes on your freedom to passively browse my profile before you have decided anything). I will, however, ALWAYS look at your profile, and I will usually write back if you send a message. I also prefer women who are in charge of their destiny and not passively showing they visited and then waiting.

It's also so easy just to go grab a coffee and then – done – you already know 100 times more than you did from reading about me online! I've heard some people suggest Skype messaging first - that sounds like a good idea and I'm open to that.

I have one question I was hoping someone could answer: I don't always answer all messages, but do you think a girl would be more likely to message me if my message tab was green or red? I'm worrying a bit that my tab might be red.

*I am using the following system which seems to really work. I see those of you who visit my profile anyway. Were you interested but changed your mind and are definitely not interested? Are you still interested but want me to write you instead? The purpose for the following is to eliminate this OKC aspect of total lack of information. Please, please type one of these and the system will work:

1. 'NI' If you have visited my profile but are just not interested please send me a message with the number '1' or 'NI' (meaning 'checked it out but not interested')

2. 'INM' If you are interested even a little bit please send me a message with the number '2' or 'INM' (for 'interested but no message'). I'll probably check out your profile and may write you.

3. 'NO' If you really have no opinion or are not sure what to say, please send me a message with '3' or 'NO' (for 'no opinion)


**If you want me to use this system on your profile, please tell me and I will.