66 San Francisco, CA
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My self-summary
Joyfully, I am seeing someone now and I want to give it time to see how things work out.

My long-term marriage is ending (hopefully by the end of this year). I have been separated for over two years. We drifted apart and are parting amicably.

I enjoy wit, repartee and humor. Humor-wise, I tend toward the self-deprecating, the deadpan and the ironic. If you laugh a lot, and without much provocation, I will be George to your Gracie.

I love Israel and am concerned for her welfare. Participating in Jewish community events and organizations is important to me, as is being a synagogue member.

I am stable, having worked for the same company for many years. I am financially solvent, own my own home and I live within my means. Responsible, yes; boring, no.

I have done extensive genealogies for many branches of my family. I find it very satisfying to know something about my ancestors and to find relatives from the current generation, even if they’re not always happy to hear from me. I have written a narrative history of my family based on my research.

I love the wilderness and try to backpack 2 or 3 times a year. The world looks so much different when you travel at 2 miles-per-hour rather than at 80. There’s so much more time for relaxed introspection and a closer examination of the natural world. I also enjoy week-end getaways, day hikes and just driving to someplace new.

Life for me does not have to be about one high adventure after another. Sometimes I am happy walking in a park or along the ocean, or taking a book, a water-bottle and MUNI bus pass and exploring a new neighborhood. I am often happy being a homebody. It would be good to share life's experiences with someone. I am sometimes bored with my own company and I would like to meet new people and make new friends.

Culturally, I am a bit anachronistic. The dominant cultural milieu I was raised in was ‘60s rock and roll, the Beetles and the Rolling Stones, but I prefer classical, the great pop artists of the ‘50s, big bands, jazz and folk music, especially Yiddish, Klezmer and bluegrass. I enjoy films, but avoid those with gratuitous violence. I like to try new restaurants. I like to go to lectures to expand my knowledge. I love to dance, mostly swing, ballroom and square dancing. I play accordion (polkas not included) and read music. I enjoy plays, love musicals and have always had an interest in photography. My reading taste runs to non-fiction (history & biography), Commentary Magazine and Joseph Epstein essays.

I follow political issues and I am interested in local, national and world events. I am conservative politically and on social issues I am libertarian. We do not have to agree on everything. No two people ever do.

I am a good listener, I do not criticize people and I do not try to fix every problem, although I am handy with fixing things around the house.

I have two wonderful adult children who live on their own. Fortunately, they live nearby so we get to see each other. I have no grandchildren (it's great if you do--I love kids), but hope springs eternal.
What I’m doing with my life
I would love to have some romance in my life and I would welcome the opportunity to share activities with someone. I am open to whatever direction things take.

I would love to be with a woman who has a Jewish soul and who sees the world through humor, laughter and irony. Someone quick to laugh, quick to forgive, with a generous heart and spirit. Someone comfortable in a synagogue who sees as important being part of the Jewish community. Someone who loves the outdoors.

No one is perfect and the ideal does not exist. So let's connect and see what happens. Maybe a first date will not lead to a second, and that's OK too. I welcome the opportunity to meet new people and make new connections.
The six things I could never do without
Things I Would Not Want to Be Without:
Love. Family. Friends. Wilderness. Coffee. The ocean. Books. Music. Ideas. Being part of the Jewish community. Dancing.
On a typical Friday night I am
I usually go to the synagogue on Friday evenings. I’ve been to bars on many a Friday night over the years. Now I want something else: to experience a bit of eternity and to be connected to something larger than myself.
On Saturday night I might go to a dance or to a movie or get together with a friend.