28 Panorama City, CA
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My self-summary
Be aware before reading: I'm polyamorous so that should be considered when scoping me. I have two incredibly wonderful partners in my life, one of whom even has OKC; RaeLeeTheCat.

I'm not just open to romantic partners, I'm also happy to expand my circle of friends. If you get a message from me and we're wildly incompatible, chances are good I'm not cruising for a date. Best bet is to just ask what I'm up to.

A direct approach works best with me pretty much across the board. If something is on your mind, tell me. If you're curious about something, ask me. Just be straight as a board and subtle as a T-Rex and we'll get along fine.
What I’m doing with my life
I dunno, what the fuck is anyone doing with their lives anymore?

Politics is a big part of my world; if time spent with radical leftist isn't your thing then you may want to move on. I spent a very limited time with Occupy and I have taught classes for medics who accompany protests and other activist actions. If politics isn't your thing, that's cool just understand it's a big part of my world.

My "afford rent job" is with a non-profit as a counselor for adults with special needs in Santa Monica teaching life-skills (if you're one of the residents and reading this, congrats you found me, now go do your cleaning). I also do some freelance home and computer repair on the side.

The list of things I'm involved with has gotten so long and it changes regularly. I'm more than happy to talk about anything I'm doing at any given time.

- I build bows for archery. I'm currently toeing into using carbon fiber as well as experimenting with the materials and construction to adjust the weight and draw for different shooters. It's quite a bit of fun. If you'd like your own bow, let me know; materials are less than $10 and it's a fun afternoon project.

- A lot of legal research pertaining to a project to secure more permanent housing. In the same vein, I'm a FOIA nerd so I'm usually babysitting one or two requests at any given time.

- Looking for a place to start growing things again. I kind of hate living in the concrete jungle sometimes. If you've got some open ground and like plants, let me know.

- Writing a polyamory-centered romance screenplay. What? It's LA. Are you *really* that surprised?

- I'm working to start a not-for-profit to refurbish computers for low-income residents. This is a fucking gargantuan task and if you want to lend a hand, I'm all for the help.
I’m really good at
going back to Home Depot five times in two days because I miscalculated the size and number of bolts that I needed. -headdesk-
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically, I really couldn't say. I tend to dress a little odd; workboots with a leather welding jacket (weather permitting) does tend to draw some stares. Other than that I'd assume not much particularly sticks out about me but I'd rather know your answer to that.

There are two key considerations with me. Take these into account carefully.

The first is this

This is a good reflection of how I look at the world.

The second is I tend to live by the idea that "no one has ever, when facing death, wished they'd spent more time at work and less time doing the things they wanted to do with the people they loved."

If these two ideas are acceptable and appealing, we will probably get along just fine.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have too many favorite books to list and I constantly rotate my collection and give books away. I love the used bookstores that have walls made of towers of books. I favor non-fiction pretty strongly; it's hard to overstate my determination to absorb information and learn new things It borders on an obsession thus my mainstay for reading is non-fiction. I have an e-book library that is, by now, probably in the tens of thousands.

With movies I can never predict what I'll like and what I won't. I love a lot of the showy, over-the-top martial arts movies ('Iron Monkey," "Red Cliff," "Ip Man" etc), wushu dramas, and period Asian flicks are particular favorites. I also really dig off-the-wall "make you think" movies. This is dangerously close to being the hipster "I don't like mainstream stuff" but I get excited when a movie starts going places movies don't tend to go. "Circle" was a recent really good example.

My TV taste is limited because I don't have cable. That said, Netflix and shadowy corners of the internet have turned me onto a few things; Alphas, Walking Dead, Firefly, Terra Nova, Rome, Vikings, and Outcasts. The new Spartacus series, as cheesy bad as it looks, is actually fantastic once you get into it.

My musical taste is impossible to present with any degree of brevity. You probably wont like most of it and that's OK.

A few sample tracks:
Track One The Casualties - Soldado
Track Two Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah
Track Three Ryan Harvey - I Won't Be Part Of It
Track Four Arabic Orthodox Hymn
Track Five Eisenfunk - Skudrinka
Track Six Crucified Barbra - The Crucifier
Track Seven Sister Sin - One Out Of Ten
Track Eight GBH - Timebomb
Track Nine Groupe Badar - Allah Wastajib
Track Ten Percival - Jomsborg
Track Eleven Garmarna - Gamen
Track Twelve Finsterforst - Mach Dich Frie (Make Yourself Free)
Track Thirteen GBH - Sick Boy
Track Fourteen The Revels - Rolling Down to Old Maui
Track Fifteen The Wolfgangs - Cannibal Family
Track Sixteen Seaside Rebels - Abandon Ship

Food is also a mix (-rimshot-) though I do have a fairly restricted diet due to health issues (I cannot eat dairy, nuts, beans, or soy) but I still eat well. I rarely eat out (eating out with food allergies is balls) but I'm not against a good meal at a place I know wont attempt to poison me.

I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer. I have a long list of favorites but for the sake of space I'd have to go with Arcanum, System Shock 2, Thief 1 and 2, Minecraft and Black & White. And no, I'm not a WoW player, sorry.
The six things I could never do without
Ginger. I fucking love ginger. I'll give you one guess how many times I've heard the "a ginger who likes ginger" jokes. Go on. Guess.

Something to read or a project to work on. I simply cannot sit and do nothing for long periods of time. I'm kind of like a puppy when I get bored. Not in the cute way, more in the "why did you destroy that?" kind of way.
On a typical Friday night I am
If it's not already abundantly clear, I'm somewhat of an introvert (though I don't have trouble with social anxiety). I do enjoy getting out and spending time outside but I need a little quiet recharge time after being out and around.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My brain doesn't function quite the same way as most other brains as I have dyscalculia. (Mobile app users, Google that shit) This is kind of a big deal because its influenced quite a bit over the course of a lifetime.

It isn't something you notice hanging out with me until I get handed a math problem or have to read an analog clock. I will probably at some point ask you some bonehead math question that a six year old would be able to answer.
You should message me if
-If you are polyamorous, poly-friendly, or just curious. I kind of love talking about poly so if you want to ask questions I am more than game. I'm also pretty much impossible to shock or embarrass so don't be shy if you're curious about something really juicy.

-If you're looking for a tabletop gaming buddy. I'm down for most games, doubly so if it's Shadowrun or Legend of the Five Rings. Matsu!

-You're curious about any of the projects I'm doing and want to know more or want to collaborate on something.

You should NOT message me if:
-You want someone to bar-hop or club with. If you want to go, more power to you, not my scene.

-You have no passions; if you hate everything, everyone, and everywhere, if looking at a basket of cross-eyed kittens does nothing to you, if nothing at all makes your heart pound and your breathing pick up.....don't message me. The world is a fucking vast place, there is no reason other than spite to find ALL of it dis-interesting.

-You're half a world away. I'm sorry, I'm looking for someone local. I'm not interested in LDRs. Best of luck to you.

You made it to the end, congrats. If you read the whole thing but still didn't find it to your liking, I still want to leave you with something for being awesome willing to read the whole thing. Enjoy! (Mobile app users, this link won't show up for you but take heart in the fact that you're a good person for being willing to read this far or if you just -have- to have that endorphin rush, manually type into your browser )