22 Glendale, AZ
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My self-summary
Truths: I'm terrible at first impressions. I'm shy, soft-spoken, proper, and always just uncomfortable enough to make people wary on what they say. But by the time you laugh at my apology for being so awkward, it's too late; my third tangent makes you question if I'm actually funny or you're still feeling awkward. And with one more missed anecdote, I make sure to exaggerate details til your eyes catch up to me; you smile and I take off, bringing you down my rabbit hole or up my castle in the sky.

My name is nico. How long do you imagine you'll be staying in this moment?

I have an unhealthy amount of passion for the things that amuse me. I get largely invested in my own fantasies, trust strangers too easily and am pretty subtle about being dynamically outrageous. It'll make more sense in person, I promise.

Bring on the friendly, flirty, and fun.
What I’m doing with my life
I go to school at ASU for Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance and a minor in Voice performance.

But really, I just fuck around, eat food, thrift shop for books, and dance. =P I'd enjoy going to grad school a year from now- but bet you're gonna see this face/hear this voice on a public spectacle!
I’m really good at
Music and cooking are probably my real contributions to society. Singing and piano. =P

And super smash bros. :3
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Magic Circle
The Brothers Karamazov
No Exit
Invisible Cities

Black Swan
Kill Bill vol. I
V for Vendetta
The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Julie and Julia

Alicia Keys
Janelle Monae
John Legend
Amy Winehouse, Caro Emerald, Lady GaGa,
Maroon 5, Missy Elliot,
Zedd, Noisettes, She & Him

EVERYTHING!! Food is an adventure. :3
Fried Chicken
Sashimi or nigiri
Curry (thai or japanese [duck and beef, respectively])
Steak (Ribeye, top sirloin)
Butternut Squash
Nori (roasted seaweed)
Crab Rangoons!!
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Gertrude Stein
Amy Winehouse
How loud is too loud to sing in public
How many fucks to give in a given day
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical friday night, I either have no friends and am Netflixing things while playing pokemon being sad and texting desperately...

Or I have all the friends in the world, and could be in phoenix or Tempe partying, or going to First Friday's.

Or eating my feelings of food I cooked for myself because my parents have more friends than I do. T.T
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a handful.
No, I'm crazy.
I hate alpha male, juice head, Guido douchery.
You should message me if
you had one of those feelings. Or made a double take. Surprises in-store. =P