28 Bonn, Germany
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My self-summary
preparing myself for this ludicrous task that is finding a "soulmate" or someone who gets near that. yay -.- no high standards here, aye? could be I need some time before I start.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Be respectful, be open about how you feel, be decisive, be honest, no games (just the fun ones), don’t have a cat allergy, be tall ( sorry, but AT LEAST 1,80m, or let's say if the attraction is right I can do with "as tall as I am". But I have seen the sneaky-height-profile-lies some of you guys do. I mean 1,76 no less ; ) )
I hate long distance relationships, so if you do not live near bonn or cologne you can already stop reading.
Your relationship should be a priority in your life and at least be as (or better even more) important than your career.
I want to share my life when I am in a relationship, not just meet up from time to time.
You should have some degree of introspection, so that you know what is going on in your heart and head. If you are closed up, indecisive or ignorant about your own feelings we will not work.

About me:
I love being outside, go for long walks (with or without a camera), riding my bike alongside the Rhine or through some summer fields is one of my favourite summer activites, just like barbeque and hanging out in parks with my hammock, reading a book. I have 2 cats and a laserpointer and three blisters of batteries that occupy some of my time at the moment. Yes, it IS fun : D I love a good evening out drinking with friends or talking about everything I can think of (which often is a lot of fantastical bs put in sentences). I can be very childish and playful but I can behave when needed. I fall in love quickly and that is why non-relationship modes are not my strong suit and I have all these criteria. It is just a precausion for me not to fall in love with people with whom a relationship will not be working in the long run. Basically so I do not get hurt so easily.

In winter I try to get creative inside with everything from painting, to sewing, to working with glass or whatever I can find to tinker with. If I am feeling... well ... something out of the ordinary I like to write about it in weird but as I think highly lyrical (yeah sure...) language. At least at the time it is written I try to find words to paint a picture of a feeling/situation or problem I am confronted with.

Also I am a non-smoking atheist.
Jobwise I am in training to become a psychotherapist (psychodynamic not behavioural) and of course that means that I can see inside your head and read your thoughts! No seriously though – I am kind of a nice person and try not to confront people with their childhood trauma in my free time. Although it is kind of fun to use a bit of my knowledge in a conversation with a stranger. I explicitly have to say that I do not aspire at all to function as a full time therapist for the person I am in a relationship with. That does not work in the long run. I would only refer you to another colleague ;)

I just got through a 2-year rough patch with weekendseminars and a high workload, so that I rarely had time to party. Currently I am trying to start my catch-up-mode, which is turning out to be a tiny bit difficult as it is saturday night as I write this and I seem not to be at a party at the moment. How odd. : ) I am trying to not let that happen again in the future.

I love weird music. It is absolutely ok if you do not know any of the bands I like (yet) but you should have a music taste that is compatible with mine (or has intersections of some kind) because I like to party to that kind of music as well as go to concerts. I can do that alone, but together it is more fun.

I also like art, nature, films, TV-series and good food, single-malt whisky (Islay rules!), wine and all sorts of things one can savour. I am in a heavy green-liking-phase. It is my favourite colour so I am surrounding myself with it whenever I can. (Note to aspiring date: Wear green sweater. Nah, just kidding )

With me it is all a bit on the dark side… humor, music, art, films, Monday morning mood (although I am quite the optimist when I think about it. One could even call me idealistic. In contact with the real world that does often lead to some kind of resignation though) I think if we all had some common sense this world could be such a nice place, and then I see how it is instead and it bugs me, so that I have to focus on my personal world (and improvement in this) so that I can deal with the overall buffoonery that is this worlds politics.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to be content with what I have. Helping people I care about to make their lives (and mine) better.
I’m really good at
creative stuff. I am not very good in a special field but I am doing a lot of different things. Sewing, painting, carpenting, all kinds of tinkering, writing pseudopoetry (it does not rhyme most of the time), photographing, gardening, and decorating. If I have the chance I like to build or repair most things on my own. I also think I am a good listener in terms of : People tend to open up more to me than to others during intense talks.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am tall (1,76m)
blue eyes but brown hair
apparently I can be categorized as nerdy (heard that several times now)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The lord of the rings, the dark tower, a song of ice and fire, the name of the wind, hannibal lecter novels, the expanse

Kick-ass, sin city, Moon, 300, pan's labyrinth, requiem for a dream, scott pilgrim vs. the world, 7 psychopaths, black swan, leon the professional, the truman show, downloading nancy, lord of war, never let me go, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Fight club, perfume, sucker punch, le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, helden des polarkreises,sightseers, Hanna, Stoker, american beauty, filth, the way way back, only lovers left alive, Tale of Tales

TV-Shows: ( I am a serious series junkie :) this is only a selection of my favourites)
Dexter, Doctor Who, Scrubs, Boston legal, Suits, Weeds, modern family, futurama, Game of thrones, carnivale, skins, firefly, the following, Angels in America, Last week tonight, Jessica Jones, six feet under, Transparent, Rectify, The Expanse, ... and many more,

postrock, noise, industrial, goa, trip hop, progressive metal, new metal, electronic music, rock, Indi, sometimes pop

Monophona, race to space, Korn, Tool, Archive, Rammstein, Younger Brother, Sonic Area, The Editors, florence and the machine, Arcade fire, radiohead, Björk, fever ray, Gorrillaz, VAST, Muse, Placebo, Marilyn Manson, I was waiting for you last summer, the black heart rebellion

Sushi, Lasagna, Pizza, Potatoes in almost every form, green thai curry, CHEESE, single malt whisky, good carrebean rum, red wine
The six things I could never do without
tv shows, plants, music, internet, books, my 2x2m blanket, friendship
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can become like I want to be.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Why should I?
You should message me if
I am not going to answer people who live too far away, are too small (sorry but it is what it is), have obviously not even read my profile or try to pressure me into answering. Don't waste your time!

... you want to get to know me. If I meet you I do not want to be impressed or entertained. I just want you to be you and let me see for myself if I like you the way you really are