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My self-summary
Ruled more by emotion than by logic. I have extremely vivid dreams which I remember. Affectionate, truthful, quite shy at first, multilingual, have a cynical streak that I'm working on keeping in check, have an overdeveloped sense of the absurd. I tend to be the bigger spoon. I'm prone to foot-in-mouth issues, but working on this. I love planning trips and then having the plans go splat when I get there. The experience of living in Europe has formed me in significant ways. I have a mind that collects useless information but isn't so great with the other kind. I'm very clumsy with technical things but quite handy with a hammer and duct tape. Numbers are not my friend, but cats love me. I am a terrific enough cook that a straight guy friend called me Husband Material. Life without music would be ashes for me and I have extremely varied taste, with a special weakness for Victorian and Tudor choral music. I like extreme weather, windy northern landscapes, moody North Sea skies, and the vacant desolation of southern Italy. I have a very strong emotional connection to Holland. Snuggling under the covers and hearing rain pelting on the roof makes me happy. So does an evening spent in a cozy pub or making jam on a snowy afternoon. I enjoy life's comforts and pleasures but I'm not particularly materially aspirational. I prefer quality to quantity. Never been into what we call 'The Scene'. Happily out, but don't make a career out of being gay. You better reckon with the fact that I totally can't dance.

A keen interest in the arts is important to me in a mate, and I feel a strong attraction to skinny younger men. It would be essential in a prospective mate that he be a good and fairly adventurous travel companion. I am attracted to intelligence, but skeptical of people who call themselves 'intellectuals' because that seems to bring along a particularly corrosive breed of arrogance. I would like to meet someone in touch with his juvenile side, who isn't too cool to be enthusiastic over small things or laugh at inappropriate jokes. Knee-jerk PC humorlessness is a deal breaker. So is the constant use of cliches like "deal breaker".

Things I love:
Red heads. My cat Lola. Boys who embrace their inner nerd. Skinny tattooed boys who wear glasses. The smell of wet cement. Single Malt Scotch and small batch Kentucky bourbon. Vermont in October. Traditional Dutch pubs. Chaconnes and passacaglias. Learning languages. Long train trips in Europe. Violent storms. 17th century music. Entenmann's raspberry danish. Romanesque churches. Dutch landscapes and still lifes. North Sea skies. French cooking. English choirs. Road trips.

Things I hate: Wastefulness. Aggressive people, especially loud ones. Abusive punctuation. Wind chimes. Mindless resistance to change. Inviolable itineraries. Smoking. Litter. Noise. Close talkers. Rap and Hip-Hop. The tyranny of arbitrary diet restrictions. Scent worn in enclosed spaces. Belligerent tradesmen. Sticky heat. Jagermeister. Zoos. Careless cooking. Getting stood up. Pets' lifespans. Queue-jumpers. Couples who fight in public. Chewing gum noise. Waking up with a hangover.

I am a terrific cook, an aesthete, and a loose cannon.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an organist and choir director for an Episcopal church, and I do occasional side jobs as a caterer and pet sitter to fill in the gaps. Aside from working I'm probably preparing for my next trip.
I’m really good at
Cooking. Spelling. Traveling. Playing 17th century music on the organ. Making up stories about strangers in train station waiting rooms. Sensing the emotional weather. Living on almost no money. Procrastination. Getting painful crushes on totally hopeless boys half my age. Over-analyzing perfectly simple situations. Enjoying the details.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm absolute crap at small talk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Non-fiction books: Medieval history and books on European and Chinese history and current affairs. Travel books, especially by Paul Theroux and Eric Newby. Peter Hessler's books on China are favorites.

Fiction: Iris Murdoch, Barbara Pym, Muriel Spark, Anita Brookner, Joanna Trollope. If you know who Angela Thirkell is we would probably get along. Would you think less of me if I confessed I'm also a Stephen King fan, or that I usually have a John Grisham novel in hand for long plane trips?

Magazines: Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, New York Review of Books, New Yorker.

Music, a partial list: Bach is closest to God. Playing Sweelinck is better than therapy. Franco-Flemish requiems,Tudor choral music, anything 17th century, late Beethoven, Brahms, Scriabin, Rautavaara, Fado, Rai, Javanese Gamelan, Ghazals, Edith Piaf, Mahalia Jackson, Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Adele.

TV: Downton Abbey. Absolutely Fabulous. Iron Chef. Chopped. House Finders International (which is only fun if you watch it with someone else so you can jeer at the couples.). Madam Secretary. The Good Wife. The Walking Dead.

Movies: 1950s Sci-Fi paranoia movies, low budget Film Noir, Ponderous 1950's Biblical epics, anything Kurosawa, anything Merchant-Ivory, anything with Joan Crawford or Bette Davis (did I tell you I was gay?), Busby Berkeley musical spectaculars.

Food: Everything. Foie gras, bi bim bap, pasta carbonara, sushi, mouhammara, kimchee, North Carolina pulled pork, and most stinky cheeses are favorites. In 2016 I will be taking a cooking course in Thailand.
The six things I could never do without
Something to read.
Good bread.
My Le Creuset 12 qt. bouillabaise pot.
Access to a beautiful organ.
My next trip to look forward to.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The walk across Spain I just took.

Survival post apocalypse.

How to spend the check that should be coming any day now from Publisher's Clearinghouse.

Why men claiming to be straight and tarty looking girls keep checking out my profile.

Whether I should "get some work done".
On a typical Friday night I am
As I'm not a nine to fiver Friday is much the same as any other night. I wouldn't mind being out and about a bit more.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I finally got braces on my teeth at the age of 53.

Oh, and I talk baby talk to my cat. Don't judge.
You should message me if
...having read the above it seems like the thing to do.