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33 M Chicago, IL

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Aries, but it doesn’t matter
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Open relationship
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Doesn’t want kids
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My self-summary
I am in love with people even though I'm fairly shy and a bit introverted. I enjoy talking about, watching, and listening to all forms of art and entertainment: movie night with a partner or bad movie night with a group, listening to some records over conversation and company, a social game night, and occasionally heading out to see an film/exhibit/show. I am a social gamer, and primarily the analogue kind. This mostly means table-top games (board games and RPGs). I have frequent meetups where I either host, run, or play games (and if you're interested in hanging out for one of these things let me know). I pulled my bike out of storage a couple years ago for the first time in over a decade, and I really love riding around the city. I am also recent grad from UIC with an English Degree, and hoping to get a job working for a social justice related non-profit.

I used to think of myself as a writer, but now I just dabble. I am a fair entertainer and enjoy discussion and critique of all forms of art, although I am less educated in some than others. I try to spend my evenings with my friends, you're welcome to join me for table-top games, bike rides, dinner, or possibly more. That can make finding time to meet up sometimes challenging, but if I'm excited about you and want to meet up we'll figure it out.

I'm in a metamorphosis as a recovering introvert, and I'd love more company. Until a few years ago I was in a marriage where I didn't get to meet many people, or sustain close friendships. I will not try to pretend that I am a well versed socially. I still feel like I'm new to the city even after being here for a few years, and I'd love to be shown more of it. I am queer and non-monogamous, and looking to make friends and meet similarly minded people for dates/hangouts/socializing and take it from there. This means that I have many unique relationships with people that can take myriad forms.

I'm better at communicating in person, and far less awkward than any message I may send you might seem to indicate. I've recently been told that I'm really awesome to meet in person, and particularly in a one-on-one scenario. I'm not trying to be egotistical, just trying to paint a broader picture of myself.
What I’m doing with my life
I volunteer to do the photography at a monthly storytelling event in the city. I also occasionally get other photography gigs, which I try to take when I can.

I spend a lot of my hobby time (when I have any) with friends or playing table-top games these days. It's my main squeeze hobby right now.

I'm also still adjusting to city life and looking to meet more friends to hang out, game (board/rpg/video/card), chat, explore and photograph the city with, and ride bikes with.

I'm a recent grad with an English major, but sometimes it felt like I was a German major (it's a pre-req and it takes up most of my studying and complaining time). I am no good at German (you're welcome to try to help me get better if you like). I also minored in Film, and absolutely love film. I'm currently "fun-employed" and working part time until I find a better gig.
I’m really good at
I'm a good cook, writer, critic, photographer, gamer, and a few other skills. I'd love to master one or more of these skills, but for now I like to spread out and be able to dabble all over the place.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair? My eyes? Sometimes it's my lovely hats or my classy clothes (I love cardigans). I'm not sure and my descriptions are probably pretty close to getting smarmy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TL;DR: Books--Yes please. Films--Oh my!. TV--Sure. Music--All over the place. Podcasts--Quite a few. Food--Spicy.

I have obsessions with authors and consume them like water. I identify more with authors than books. Possibly my favorite book of all time is The Sailor Who Feel From Grace With the Sea by Yukio Mishima. A great author and intriguing man. I also have read a huge chunk of Philip K. Dick's works, and love his veiled social commentary more than the plot of the stories. I was turned onto Octavia Butler recently and can't recommend Blood Child enough. I used to think that comic books are for kids, but Alan Moore and Grant Morrison proved me wrong. The Sandman series changed my young mind about literature and the art of writing. Alison Bechdel made me wish I were a Dyke. I've recently decided that I need to read Urcula La Guin.

Here too I tend identify films more with directors than individual films. I pride myself on my collection of films. David Cronenberg was at the top of my list of highly respectable directors (recently he's made some films I'm not happy about). I love his campy early b-horror films nearly as much as his later works. I'm still inspired every time I view Videodrome and Naked Lunch, and I love reflecting on them even after at least a dozen viewings. David Lynch is the director who shocked me into realizing that a movie is more than just 90 minutes of brain pleasure: it can be something to look at, decipher, and discuss. I've spent countless hours pouring over Kurosawa and Ozu films, which has even led to my interest in understanding Japanese culture and films (though that has waned of late). I went as far as to collect most of Hitchcock's films in an attempt to understand what the general obsession with him as director is: I learned that North by Northwest and The Birds are crap (although Lee Edelman made me rethink the later), and his greats are the slightly less popular Shadow of a Doubt and Rear Window.

I'm not all serious and high brow about film though, my comfort food of film is horror. Every October I watch at least one horror movie a night, and I try to make as many of those nights horror films I've never seen. I enjoy 80's-esq speculative fiction action movies a lot: Total Recall, Robocop, and Starship Troopers will hold special places in my heart forever. I enjoy a good cry from time to time as well: I still need a box of tissues every time I watch Grave of the Fireflies.

When I say that I can listen to every kind of music besides pop-country and contemporary pop music, I'm not lying. I'm even flexible about both of those categories. Artists that I continue to find myself floating back to include: Talking Heads, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Sufjan Stevens, Fever Ray, Scout Nibblet, The Avalanches, Ani DiFranco, The Knife, Akron/Family, Ween, and Animal Collective. Sometimes I'm in the mood for not so great music that I can bounce my head to or space out with The Sword, Bloody Beetroots, and Slugabed. My tastes are all over the place, and my mood greatly effects what I'm listening to. Also, I'm horrible with names. I usually forget lyrics and artists names. I usually feel lucky when I remember band names.

I love food. On a first date once I had fried intestines at a Chinese restaurant for the simple reason that I'd never had the opportunity to try them before. When I used to live in Louisiana my favorite delicacy was boudin, a rice filled sausage in natural casing. I love Pho, and fell in love with it at a Vietnamese friend's house. His mother handed me a piping hot bowl of broth and a plate with raw meat on it and a giant bottle of sriracha hot sauce. I was in heaven. I love cooking, and eating all forms of food. I'd love to have or make some food with you, or for you. The only stipulation is that I can't eat red meat (I'm allergic to beef proteins, and so my stomach has problems digesting other red meat since I don't eat it a lot).

TV Shows:
This is at the bottom because I have a hard time with this category. Getting me to watch a TV show can be like pulling teeth. However, once I've been prodded enough to realize a show isn't going to be Full House I do enjoy quite a few shows. Game of Thrones, Girls, Mad Men, Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, Doctor Who, and Flight of the Conchords are all shows that I'm grateful to have been pushed into watching and have rewatched many of them (except Six Feet Under, which I really want to see again). I also have a tiny crush on Chef Ramsey, so I’ll watch anything with him in it (almost).

I'm sorta new to these! I have an Android phone that allows me to sync these up w/o any hassle. If you think of anything I need to add to my list let me know, I'd love more. Currently listening to: Grammar Girl, Savage Lovecast, RPPR, Radiolab, This American Life, Know Direction, Polyamory Weekly, and Freakonomics.
The six things I could never do without
I hate "Top X" lists and this seems to be one of those. Hopefully my answers will be sufficient.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Where did all the time go?
-Where to bike in the city next.
-What harm our culture has done to us.
-Gender concepts. Particularly gender binaries, or lack there of.
-How I need less possessions in my life.
-Why everyone with a high match rating seems to love Scrabble, and why am I a terrible speller.
On a typical Friday night I am
I've left this blank for a long time because I don't have a typical Friday night. I could be playing games, listening to music, watching a film, meeting friends, chatting over food, cooking, relaxing... Perhaps soon I'll know more about what makes a for a typical Friday night for me.
I’m looking for
  • Guys and girls who like bi guys
  • Ages 25–55
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
You want to explore and/or photograph the city, talk/read in a park, ride bikes, or game (particularly strategic ones). Or any combination of these! And, if you know of a rooftop to show me (I'd love to see more rooftops).

You're OK with the following things about me:

-I identify aspects of my life as queer, but try to avoid labels.
-I'm indecisive, and have bad date ideas.
-My opinions about movies will not be the same as yours (I'm OK with this too).
-I don't smoke (quit two years ago), but I do use a e-cig vaporizer.
-I do not identify as monogamous.
-I have stopped wearing men’s underwear.
-I prefer to ride my bike and can meet near Uptown the easiest.