26 Reno, NV
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My self-summary
Here's a little experiment!
If you're a man messaging me, better start with the sentence "Your boyfriend is cute!" And mean it. :) otherwise, I'm not really into it.

Doesn't seem many of you read profiles let alone the first paragraph.. let alone the first sentence. Yall just see a face and hit send. Horny fucks. Haha don't waste my time. :)

- I am currently living with and dating a lovely guy. With that said I only need one man unless that man is bisexual and thinks my boyfriend is cute. We're an open couple exploring polymory. With that said, I'm really just looking for like minded lady friends that may develop into something more for myself. If you happen to take a liking to the boyfriend too, awesome. If not, that's gravy too, my stipulation is you should probably like ME. ;) Lets get to know one another and not make things complicated, eh?? We meet, we become friends and see where that takes us.

-I'm a no bullshit kind of girl, I will tell you how I feel, I don't play games and I expect you to be the same. It may take me a little while to gather my thoughts. But it all comes out eventually.

-I'm the girl who will run to find a cup of some sort, and a paper to catch a spider in the house to let it go outside. The girl who will get in the mud to kill a curiosity. I'm simply not a pushover, and I would hope that you weren't either.

Some passions of mine:
- I love body modification i.e. piercings, hair dye and tattoos.
- I love the outdoors!
- Painting and crafting
- I'm a sucker for a critter. All except for flying stingy bugs with STINGERS. *run away!*

-I hate lies, and I hate being lied to. Plain and simple.

So don't do it. =]
What I’m doing with my life
-I live with my boyfriend
-Making plans to travel and explore the world.
-Going to school for associate of arts degree. Be an art teacher or something?
-I thrive to find things to do, new hobbies. I'd like to be a well rounded person with good stories to tell and always have something to entertain myself with. I'm re-evaluating my passions and where it is I want to be going in life, and I'm happy to have a decent job and friends to get me there. Any suggestions to try something new? Toss me a line.
I’m really good at
-Laughing loudly
-Cheering people up
-Giving good advice
-Amongst many other things. I guess we will have to get to know each other, yea?
The first things people usually notice about me
-What we really want is YOUR opinion here. Please, tell me what the first thing you notice is. I'm intrigued!

I'm guessing though that I used to have a Mohawk? The fact that I'm a rather short, bust-less, and broad woman? That I now have dreads?

Maybe my rather forward and quirky message that you found in your inbox recently?

People also tend to notice that I hiccup an awful lot. They come periodically and randomly throughout the day... every day...

Oh, and my rather attention grabbing laugh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-This is a difficult question, My favorites change on the daily according to moods and influences..

-I do love a good four inch thick fantasy novel. Favorite series would be Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.

-I love a good Comedy and a good suspense film any day
A few examples would be thw SAW movies, Mirrormask, disney flicks, Son in law, Encino man.. yadda yadda.

-Food wise... I love me some Sushi, Italian food, steaks and Lasagna, bread n butter and taters.

-I enjoy all kinds Genres. Rock, Metal, Punk, I like soft melodic music, Sometimes even trance. I don't like much rap country, or techno. Sometimes if the mood ticks just right, you might catch me listening to some R&B or a little bit of country (SMALL doses.... small) ... hmm, must be an off day...

-If the song is good, and I like it I will listen to it shamelessly even if the band in general sucks. Hmm. I like whole lot of stuff and I'm not big with remembering names of the bands and the names of the songs so don't ask.
The six things I could never do without
This seems to be the section where people like to state the obvious, with a little thinking, this is what I came up with....
-Being around 'good' company (friends and family)
-Charlie, my Pup

Secondary Choices would be
-Open Minded individuals
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-What if the world were made of Glazed doughnuts....

And how to better myself. A lot of that, really.


Career goals
On a typical Friday night I am
More than likely Looking for something to do.
You should message me if
-You emanate positive energy.
-You are looking for friends.
-You are geeky and active.
-You want to meet a friendly Couple, and are Bisexual (or at least Flexible).

Hey look! You've managed to make it this far!

Uhh.. Wanna be Friends?

Things We'd love to do with you!
Rock climbing, Sky diving, Snow Boarding, Painting, Petting zoos, Photography, Martial arts, Body modifications, Drinking Coffee, Drinking Tea, Hiking, Walking, Talking, Archery, Crafting, Arting and overall adventure seeking.