36 Taipei, Taiwan
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My self-summary
An open-minded with skeptical & easy-going but not whatever lady always carries herself with ease and confidence.

(Will be in Europe till the middle of December, then back TPE before X'mas 2014.)
What I’m doing with my life
Always enjoy healthy & simple lifestyle!

Body Balance
Body Combat
Skiing in snow
Shooting in range
Traveling, especially road traveling
Swimming with snowing or in ocean
Enjoying good food with friends of mine, and eating, eating and eating.. Lol

Have a wild range of interests, and always keep myself active, learning something new.

Especially have a huge passion for good food & imtimacy! Also I can't stand being staving nor overweight at all, guess this is one of the reasons why I do yoga and combat in gym 5~7 days a week.
I’m really good at
Making a plan, setting a goal, then achieving it!

Being a friend, caring thoughtfully, forgiving leniently, listening patiently, learning quickly, giving massage, reading maps, and eating all day long. lol
The first things people usually notice about me
Long legs, nice butt with a easily get blushed face.

NOT into fashion.
Dislike to wear a bra and make-up.
Do enjoy being myself/naked, and have my own style.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Chinese medicine

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Michelle Pfeiffer
Meryl Streep
Julia Stiles

Breaking Bad
Persion Break
Grey's Anatomy
Master Chief Australia

Hip Pop
Modern dancing
Ballroom dancing
Percussion performance

Julie London

Dim sum
German Grieβ pudding
Cracker Jack & French Fries
Most of Seafood & Asian cuisines
The six things I could never do without
-Nice Food.
-Good Friends.
-SEX with LOVE.
With my Tempur Pedic will be perfect! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to cook for the next meal? How things work? How to improve myself, and..
not to think too much. Lol
On a typical Friday night I am
-Taking one Combat and one Yin Yoga classes, then go swimming or Jacuzzi in gym;
-Attending to a lecture/seminar/concert/dancing or music performance.
-Packing my backpack for weekend travelling.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'd say I am most of a phone or meet in person type of people, so pls forgive that I am not a good pen pal, may reply you once or twice only, kinda easy to lost contact here or any kinds of msg apps. I can't stand wasting time in typing, why not just make a call or set a date?

And I believe the regular sex is necessary in maintaining a healthy relationship; Once we're intimate, I need intimacy every single day. If not sex compatible, it's better we just stay friends. Unless you feel like to have an open relationship. And no, I don't have any partners for a while; so yes, I am looking for one.

Furthermore, I don't think I will be so lucky to find a husband here. But once I get married, just wanna be a house wife or take care our own businese, don't have any ambitions about my own career anymore.

Family is the most important thing to me! I am active, but stable; Besides, I am quite serious about my relationship, so don't wanna jump into it just because of some chemistry.

Think friends, FWB, open relationship before serious relationship -- that kind relation process might be a better idea. (Two of my German friends got married with their FWB.) Also guess open marriage might work for me. Basically I am an one man person, but I don't mind open relationship at all.

I am not a tough women, more like a housewife type of person, just maybe much more active in bed and outdoors.. Feel like to try all kinds of outdoor activities that's all.

Although I don't mind having sex before the serious relationship, if you're up to be my FWB - I only need a regular and stable one, so we need to meet up quite often. And we should be real friends for a while first!
You should message me if
1. You are a member of World Gym NeiHu branch, and would like to be my dancing partner when both of us are in TPE.

2. You are mental balanced. Neither wanna miss the chance to know a decent lady nor just be penpals, willing to meet me in person and be a true friend of mine.

3. You reside between TPE & Europe or you're interested in Deutsch/中文 language exchange. (Ich verstehe nur ein bisschen Deutsch.) I had lived in states for a couple of years, but not anymore; Live in Europe from time to time these few years, so maybe we will have a chance to meet up somewhere in Europe. ;)

I may not reply your message, if you're far away from me or looked just like a pen pals type person. I don't like texting or chatting online at all, think it's wasting time.

ONLY wanna make REAL friends here. Hope you can understand and forgive my rudeness for not replying even a word, because one word leads another and it will never be ended..

But if you're coming to visit TPE, just feel free to drop me a line. We could have some phone talk first, then I may show you around or explore TW together; I didn't live in TPE for years, also wanna know what is new here and maybe try to restart a new life here.

Furthermore, apologize I may not reply your message immediately, because it takes time for me to read your profile and those questionaries you answered to know you better before write you bck.

Except casual sex, clubbing, drinking, coffee/tea, I am open to almost everything. ( I am not a night person and unfortunately have an allergy to caffeine.) :(