31 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
Robot walks into a bar, orders a drink, lays down a bill.
Bartender says: "Hey we don't serve robots."
And the robot says: "Oh but,
Someday you will."

My interests are wide-ranging, with a bent towards the weird. I work at some desk job while I try to milk a career out of creative writing. In the meantime, I'm interested in having a good time and just getting classier and classier every year. UPDATE: I am even classier.
What I’m doing with my life
In the week, I work at a desk, solving mysteries. If you've assumed I'm a 1920s era private dick, I will neither confirm nor deny that conclusion.

Pretty much daily grindin' then nightly writin' and trying to get some stuff out there. My plan is to make it big and immediately become an anti-social recluse. Fingers crossed!
I’m really good at
Diffusing tense situations with absurdly dark humour. You'll laugh, but may have nightmares.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As a certifiable geek, going into specifics can be a bit overwhelming. So I'm just going to keep it current. I'm watching Veep, Game of Thrones, Community, and It's Always Sunny, while revisiting The Life and Times of Tim. The last good book I read was Inherent Vice, and the most recent movie I liked was Fury Road. I've also been watching a lot of Miyazaki movies, and playing a ton of Mortal Kombat X. I've been big into the new stuff from Cannibal Ox and Kendrick lately, and getting back into some Earth albums I never really spent time with. When it comes to both music and food, I'll try anything.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Makin movies, makin songs, and fightin round the world.
You should message me if
you like tales of high adventure, sex and sorcery, and are not deterred by subtitles, pot, or haunted houses.