43 Watertown, MA
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My self-summary
Humorous, easy going, spontaneous, friendly, can fix things, creative, musician, writer. Enlightened to one degree or another. Running to or otherwise getting there under my own power.
What I’m doing with my life
Add one part musician, one part independent audio/video engineer, one part consultant, shake, stir, gig, work, sleep, write. Being a part time grownup.
I’m really good at
Not taking this profiling business too seriously. Talking to humans and rocks, like they can hear what I'm saying. Making paper airplanes and crashing them. Appearing to be doing something or knowing exactly what that is. Turning night to day with sheer will and a flashlight. Causing winds to rise and fall with well placed notes. Inspiration, Improvisation. Imagination. Investigation, Interpretation, Instruction.
Providing a prop to the downhearted, drawing geometric doodles of a chicken or cow. Smashing atoms between my thumb and forefinger. Soliciting a smiley. Looking up, out, around. Making a molehill out of a mountain of spam. Not drinking alone. Being an animal among all the other animals in the human zoo with recently acquired notions of philosophy and weaker bars in the cages. Not worrying that I'm worrying about not worrying about anything. Wondering.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not short, my hair is doing something odd, my unblunted wit has a 300 yard range...set on stun.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Whatever's clever. Day five, found an edible plant and the means for which to make fire. In the absence of a brush, let the smallest finger go slack. Fashioned a working radio from spare airplane parts. All food is entertaining, more so if it tries to get away, six out of a possible five stars. I will have to paste this in later or not, the other 1,000 movies I liked/like. Music, the other 10,000 that change daily. Uh...Pixies, Anti Nowhere League? I can't start a list here, it will get ridiculous. Books, like them...words are neat.
The six things I could never do without
Creativity, water, notebook, basic human contact, air, nutrients.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Just forgot...probably unimportant. Plausibly significant. Got it now: Music, lyrics, the world, me, them, us, you, the physics of avocados, shark!, bass blisters, the wind, tidal forces, what done gone south, art up and gone bad, philosophy vs. photography, metaphysicalz, what was that, strings, amplification, boom sticks, intensity, magnitude, frequencies, that's my heart, la chica, one, echos, together or apart, reverb, tones, words, stopping, floor it, taking a deep breath. The rhythms. Homeless home remedies, happiness, fuzz, fizz, the sun, spot, pretty women on the radio I've never seen, why it's not ok to say ________ on the radio, wtf, ftw, signals, space, she leaves behind glitter and stuff, vibrations in forces, bliss, auras, grand designs, simple mistakes, fools telling everyone they are in love, manifesting, life, soul kissing, the perspective of a whale, everything, small or large doses, fire, ink, drink, dervishes, punk rock, rockabilly romance, industrial landscapes, black and white photos I never developed, the big picture, the little painting, fallen angels, rising devils, commerce, grilled cheese, bait, surf, depth, barnacle, joyce, choice, warp factors, 42, turf, logic, nonsense, mon plus grand amour, living outside the box, back inside it, home, vitamins, recourse, intercourse, poetry, war, passion, doubt, memory, courage, battle, anything fake or real to avoid or embrace, dreams...quiet. Rock. The universe, time and related history, memory, not spending too much of it writing this profile. Some mystery as being a-ok too cupid. Will you marry me, split up, then get back together again. Thoughts I have not thought about and thought perhaps I should think...would. What you are thinking about.
On a typical Friday night I am
Stuff, creative, excellent, regular, abstract, askew, or other.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book of private stuff and just don't care.
You should message me if
You are interested in inventing a new language and seek more action nouns.