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My self-summary
I have an artist's soul(must create:watercolor, glass jeweler, printmaker, clay, photographer, book artist), philosopher's mind(always querying: existentialism, epistemology, ontology) child's heart(open and resilient), dreamer's spirit(taking flight in mind), hedon's gut and appetite(foodie and sensualist) and iconoclast's edge(anti-dogmatic and challenging convention) and a buddhist/humanist view(respect, compassion and justice for all life big, small and inanimate).

I have a BIG personality and HUGE energy. I am an intense thinker, feeler and doer. I don't do well with vocational slackers. However, I am excellent at unplugging the task rabbit and chilling out. But I am very good at being ON! when necessary or inspired.

I know my weaknesses, quirks & irksome behaviors and invite your kind help in my "personal growth". I continually work towards finding a place of win/win in my relationships in love, family, work and friendship. I am not for the fainthearted, introverted, reserved and conservative. You will wilt in my presence. Really.

You are like my favorite cup of coffee: strong(in body, mind and spirit), stimulating(in conversation and in bed), more sweet(but not cloying) than bitter(critical thinking and edge welcomed) and have depth(like the touch of cream that I add).

You have boldness and a bit of swagger(confidence is hot) but also possess an enormous heart, equally large laugh, big brain, grand ideas and know how to execute and complete! smaller ego, substantial gumption and gusto...I need to be challenged by my man.

We need to be able to provide each other with a counterpoint, wise counsel, welcoming arms.

I have traveled a pretty winding road into many lands of the mind and otherwise--mostly as a visitor. Some past avocations: analog photography(shooting/developing back in high school); scuba diving (licensed in college), designed and built my coffee-table in law school.

I need a partner who is REALLY active/athletic. Toughmudder. Crazy fun but 2x was plenty. Hood-Coast could happen again if the right van group exists...really, I like a challenge and variety.

I need connection to others and to be in nature on a regular basis. I love trail-running, kayaking and snow play: snowshoe, cross-country...newbie at downhill--lessons this winter!

Okay, are you thoroughly lost in the maze/haze of my brain yet? Aside from all of the interests/inclinations...I am fun! Super fun! Really, really funny too and you must like to laugh--a lot. I mean a lot, lot.
What I’m doing with my life
Continually striving for a balance between savoring the now and pushing myself to be and experience more.

I spend a lot of time as a wrangler of small primates (two boys...need I say more?). It's the best and worst job ever--often simultaneously. Keeps me humble.

I teach and have a law practice. Social justice imbues and drives my focus in my professorial and advocacy roles. I am "working" towards working less with more time to pause, savor and just...be... gardening, a little traveling maybe, my art and other avocations.
I’m really good at
getting things done that no one else wants to take on, problem-solving, giving deserved kudos, seeing all the nuanced shades of grey in situations, ideas, theories, people, behaviors, etc...sticking through difficulties, giving more than asked, elevating expectations, listening deeply, empathizing like I've known you forever, being playful, exploring the unknown or forgotten...making you laugh(really--I'm good at banter/clever/dry and pithy but I will make you chuckle, guffaw, spit-your-drink-mid-sip), inspiring others to "be" more, making you feel good & wanted and making you want more(of me)...even when you're full(never enough!).
The first things people usually notice about me
I get carded regularly. People often think I'm in my late 20s/early 30s. Is it the pigtails, plaid miniskirts and knee socks?

Usually, people note my "quick mind". I have been called "over the top"(in a good way?) and extremely charismatic. Most of my friends see me as the "life of the party" because my energy tends to draw people in wherever I go...cashiers, waiters, random people on the street (not kidding). But, I enjoy and prefer the intimate 1:1 of deep connection. I am not superficial, and I truly engage with people in an open/authentic and caring way whether or not they are strangers or my closest friends.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I grew up in a house where books were loved, revered and consumed in huge quantities--I definitely am a bibliophile!

-The Unbearable Lightness of Being--Kundera explores the duality of being human/beast.
-Gilead--Marilyn Robinson. This book inspired me to want to write letters capturing the moments that make a life memorable and put them down for posterity.

Love great non-fiction: Lives of a Cell(Lewis Thomas), Tao of Physics, Natural History of the Senses(Diane Ackerman), Omnivore's Dilemma(Pollan); Guns, Germs and Steel(Jared Diamond).

Foodie, that's me. I would be in porcine heaven if I could eat for a living and then wax on about the perils, perfection and piggery. I love food unconditionally: cooking, sharing and thinking about the next locavore restaurant food cart to try.

Must see live performance and music shows! Mississippi Studios and Doug Fir are my favorite small venues for music.

Blind Pilot, Arcarde Fire, Stone Temple Pilots(really helps get me up those steep hill runs), Mazzy Star(what a voice she has!), Pixies(who has better edge?), Ages and Ages, old U2(War, Boy, Unforgettable Fire), Rolling Stones, Chili Peppers(old stuff), Kings of Leon, sweet jazz from Billie Holiday, Louie; good blues, Yo Yo Ma's Bach cello suites--makes me want to take up the cello one day.

I play music on my piano or guitar--almost daily. I enjoy listening to and playing anything that has edge, rawness, soul or lyricism to it.

I love quirky/indie movies/music...Wes Anderson, Judd Apatow, old Woody Allen, Bladerunner, Brazil(wrote my thesis on this)...okay I have a weakness for all romcoms because my sappy side balances the dark intellectual. Is Princess Bride not perfection?

I even enjoy those epic Shogun and Chinese dramas and big $ hero flix--X-men and Ironman...love the outliers!
The six things I could never do without
My Soul-kin(which includes my kids/friends/family)
My piano and guitar
Pen&paper to write and create.
Meaningful, deep, connected touch...in all forms(friendly, loving and burning).
Daily laughter.
Good food.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
way too many things...the mind does not turn off much. My curiosity is endless, and I have a strong concern for how my step lands in this world(ethics/justice/compassion). I always want to know how things work, how I can do something better or learn a new skill, why people do what they do(fascinated with sociology/psychology), how to be a better mom, human, and the list goes on...
On a typical Friday night I am
On weekends w/o my kids(have them 1/2 time) I am up for adventure: weekend away to Seattle? SF? or road trip(wine country? camping?), checking out the local art scene/live music, eating really good food at a cool locavore place, seeing a performance...but sometimes just ordering food in/watching a movie is perfect too. On weekends with my kids: getting physical! bouldering, hiking, reading, making art, cooking/baking, hanging with friends, playing games...still need to use those tennis rackets(Goodwill), golf clubs(craigslist), cross-country skis and unused snowboard snowshoes!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Plenty shared already...
You should message me if
DO NOT CONTACT ME if you are looking for anything less than a life partner who has kids. I am looking to eventually share my kids with a future best friend/partner. I don't want to go out with anyone on the fence about embracing kids and/or the sacrifices/challenges of parenting.

Please read my profile and be able to articulate beyond generic statements like "I have a good job, own my home and like movies and hiking too".

DO contact me if you are like that favorite cup of coffee!

You love banter, enjoy being silly but can also fall into intense conversation about things that matter and not mind lingering there...want to devour the best of life while putting your effort towards making it better for all people(not just yourself and those you are close to). Want to experience mind-blowing passion and continuously tend the garden that is a long-term relationship.

I want to connect with a person who can express himself with thoughtfulness, has an opinion/passion and can articulate how we can challenge/share things that will elevate our mutual experience of life.