29 Brooklyn, NY
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My self-summary
This guy is a lefty, feminist dude, student and recovering chef.

He was born in Colombia, grew up in a quaint little over-privileged NJ suburb (think Princeton). He is a Brooklyn resident of 5 years....6...years? (He's losing his mind). He recently transplanted to Crown Heights via Park Slope, and recently held a funeral for the aspiring professional chef within while deciding to return to school. Adjective-wise, his friends have said he is high-energy, strong willed, intelligent, loyal, humble, inquisitive, goofy, trusting, extremely patient, trust-worthy, and a fun drunk. Realizing that he shares many similarities with a dog, he has grown tired of this game. He will now stop speaking in the third-person.

I spent the past five years in the city cooking, even became a master butcher serving the likes of Henry Kissinger and the Upper East side for a few years. That was my thing. I did it. It was real. Then this year while summering in the land of alcoholism via hard "work" at some crazy bar in August, I woke up one morning, took a serious look into the future and said sayonara to the culinary field and all related subsidiaries for life. God bless the saints who build empires on the inestimable strength of their culinary vessels day in, day out, but it wasn't for me. I need something more stable than the particular brand of madness that occupied oh so many of those kitchens I poured so many hours of my life into to prevent myself from going utterly bat-shit insane. I've always loved advertising and human rights. Now I'm heading back to school in Brooklyn after a seven year hiatus to finish up a B.B.A. with a minor in Global Studies and Marketing.

I took a little break there.

At least I learned how to properly use a chef's knife and dice an onion. And/or a whole bison. You know, in case you need one of those.

Over the years, I've found peace with having lived and learned and don't take myself all that seriously. If you don't see this as an asset I think you should GTFO post haste.

I'm looking for someone smart and funny or just really quirky and kind where the conversations are open and feel like I'm talking to a blazing fire, but, you know, not the type that's going to burn my house to the ground. Basically I'm just an "animal," looking for what we would call a "home." If you're out there, let's hang out.

Also, this may alienate me more than help my case but when I was around 19, I stopped saying "I can't even" as an effort to express myself in complete sentences, which has mostly worked out well.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying the ride.

These days I strive to balance responsibility and relaxation. They're my cats. One is fatter. Shit gets real hairy sometimes.

Full-time student finishing up a degree in Business Administration and minoring in Political Science while all my friends fall in love and get married. The idea is to use that to then earn an MBA and kick some ass in a field that looks something like the intersection of advertising and human rights. Or at least keep myself from entering into a series of unfortunate events that lead to me living in a tent or a box under a highway or something. Not that's necessarily a bad life decision, I'm just not doing that. #Goals.

Gotta say, after working in kitchens for 6 years, you could throw pretty much any class or professor in front of me and it kind of feels like I'm on vacation and I'm seriously digging it. Not that going back to school isn't hard, or won't at points be hard over the next year or two. It's just a different kind of hard. I'm having lots of second thoughts. Mostly thoughts such as "yes, this WAS a good choice," and "Yes, Andrew, this is exactly what you needed to do with your life." So that's just fucking great.

Familiarizing myself with the landscapes of gross human rights violations and modern advertising.

Cooking, laughing, research, yoga, warming my way through another terrifyingly cold New York winter.


Learning Java. Putting all my ducks in a row. Exploring the great unknown.

Teaching myself Spanish and French to make the most of eventual trips to South America and North Africa/Western Europe.

I read and write poetry when emotional. Don't judge me.
I’m really good at
Godel, Escher, Bachamole, back massages, Netflix and chill (sorry, it's cold out), exploring the great unknown.
The first things people usually notice about me
I drink inordinate amounts of water.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
READ: Melville, Hofstadter, Coats, my New Yorker subscription (not a book but whatever, you're probably not reading this anyway).
WATCH: Star Wars, Seinfeld, House Of Cards
LISTEN: all things sonorous. I'm down for whatever, but it's winter so right now I'm into American string and folk, jazz, Kanye, J Cole....basically anything that warms the soul. You do have a soul, DON'T YOU??
EAT: Seafood, Italian, ramen, risotto, homemade smoothies, BBQ, good sushi, terrible fried chicken. Edit: I'm trying to eat obnoxiously healthy whenever it's not terribly inconvenient, so if you want to do that together/have some experience (which I don't) shoot me a line. I need help.
The six things I could never do without
The internet, brain, music, real-life Tempurpedic, real-life people, goals.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music; coincidence; what we're all doing on this planet; the perfect home-bar; daily free-form prose; financial accounting; green tea; RBG doing a Judge Judy cameo; the importance of kindness; live music; America's despicable image abroad; how composers think; Javascript; human rights; gun-control; the state of my grant money and Scholarships; hypocrisy (mine, everybody's); finding new friends who like to cook and aren't married; quantum computing; artificial intelligence; big data; astronomy; strategies for crushing school and how to motivate my roommates to help me clean the next black hole in the bathroom.
On a typical Friday night I am
Getting cathartic.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
We're at the stage in our lives where we're either getting married or raging alcoholics and sadly neither of these things are for me.
You should message me if
are into

freezing to death in the snow this weekend.
blankets, Netflix, home-cooked food.
board games/cocktail parties.
staring at screen until your eyes fall out, as opposed to IRL human interaction over drinks or something equally uncreative.
meeting my crazy friends/yours.
seeing shows.
different languages/cultures.
seeing music/need an audience for yours.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg OR Bojack Horseman
being a fun drunk and a neat freak (a rare combo)
not drinking at all
taking this fool (me) to a beginner yoga class.
or if you have a Hang drum I can come over and folk with
also, I don't have the paid thing so I see a lot of likes, but I have no idea who any of them are. Please message me?

you know you can find prestige and money anywhere in New York City but sometimes feel the heart is MIA.