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34 M Lancaster, United Kingdom

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Apr 12
5′ 9″ (1.75m)
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Mostly anything
Christianity, but not too serious about it
Virgo, and it’s fun to think about
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i have to use Nappies , due to a accident on 2/03/2012 & 1:41pm Westend road ,when a car drove straight into me ,side on , got 3 brocken ribs / 2 cracked vertebrae / damaged detrusor muscle (bladder)/ metal plate+6 screws holding my sholder in place ,......
What I’m doing with my life
i have to use Nappies , due to a accident on 2/03/2012 & 1:41pm Westend road ,when a car drove straight into me ,side on , got 3 brocken ribs / 2 cracked vertebrae / damaged detrusor muscle (bladder)/ metal plate+6 screws holding my sholder in place ,......
I’m really good at
Fixing , electronics,electrics, Pc`s
The first things people usually notice about me
How im dressed , im told im very easy to talk to
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In just her flannelette nappy and sundress Ruth looked sooo cute… there was no way you would recognise her as the 18 year old who had just started at Collage… With the baby pants now down around her ankles Ruth tried to push her nappy off … … After a few minutes of unsuccessful attempts she realised it was pinned on tightly above her hips and looked over to see how Dawn was doing…. Dawn had removed her baby top and was hunched forward…. Ruth recognised the pose from her babysitting days and knew what was about to happen…. Dawn was about to empty her bladder unconsciously…. “Dawn no… not now… STOP!!…. we don’t have much time… you need to get your nappy off before Jane comes back” Ruth refocused on her task…. She couldn’t push her nappy down so had only one option… she would have to try and undo the baby pins…. Pulling up her sundress she started on the left side, luck was on her side, Jane hadn’t slipped the locking cap back down and Ruth was able to release the pin by pushing the end up into the cap using her thumb and forefinger… …with the left side undone she pulled on her nappy until it came apart leaving the pin hanging from the soft cloth…. …. Taking care not to stab herself Ruth ensured the left side was free before moving to the right hand side to repeat the procedure…. After struggling for a few minutes she realised her attempts were futile. The second nappy pin was securely in place with the safety cap pushed back onto the head. The one thing she had been so careful to always make sure she had completed during her own babysitting jobs was now foiling her escape attempt… Dawn was struggling….…. Jane had skilfully applied Dawn’s nappy and it was pinned on tight for the duration of its intended anointing. Dawn tried in vein to release the baby pins but they refused to budge…. The safety caps were securely locked back preventing accidental opening. “Ruth… I’m stuck….. I cant get the pins undone… help me!!” Ruth started to panic, she had been unable to release the pin from the right hand side of her own nappy… time was running out… … Jane would be back any minute and she felt her nappy become damp as her bladder involuntarily released…. Luckily at this point she remembered back to her babysitting jobs and realised what they had been doing wrong…. “Just push it down Dawn… over your hips… your nappy is now loose enough and I’ve got one of my nappy pins undone already ….” Dawn continued to struggle in her attempt to shed her unwanted nappy. Finally she managed to push it over her hips one side at a time … she bent forward and pulled at it from underneath trying in vein to get it off… … as her fingers grasped the soft flannelette cloth she felt the damp spot where she had began to wet herself. With no choice she grasped her nappy in both hands and pulled it down over her bottom. Ruth meantime had made major progress, although her nappy was now also wet she had managed to slip it off her hips and was busy pushing it down her legs. As the girls concentrated on the task at hand to make good their escape they hadn’t noticed Dawn’s new Mummy , Jane. Jane had been in the kitchen preparing bottles for them and had become suspicious at the lack of noise coming from the room. Although it would come as a complete surprise to the eighteen-year-olds Jane wasn’t about to be fooled easily. Any Mum with two toddlers in the house has a sixth sense… a deathly silence means only one thing… trouble is brewing…. Jane had left the part prepared baby bottles of formula on the Kitchen table and quietly moved up to room, on her way she stopped to check on Misty who was playing quietly in the playpen in the sitting room with a doll. As she stood at the door and watched it soon became clear to her that Dawn and Ruth were planning an escape. As Ruth pushed her damp nappy down her legs she didn’t notice Jane who was now standing at the nursery door… “AND JUST WHAT DO YOU TWO THINK YOU ARE DOING” … Ruth concentration was broken by Janes voice… she looked up realising she had been caught…. Flooding her nappy in the process. Ruth needed an alibi and quick…. “We needed to go potty Auntie Jane” “Oh really… well lets get you sorted then shall we” Dawn in the meantime had managed to pull her now damp nappy down her legs and was left standing with it around her ankles… Jane moved into the room and over to Ruth…. Lifting her up under her arms she let Ruth partially unpinned nappies drop to the nursery floor. “Well it looks like I’m too late for you to go potty… I know a little lady who has already wet her nappies!!” Jane lowered Ruth to the floor in a sitting position…. “You stay there Ruth and don’t move, or else!!” Moving over to Dawn, Jane repeated the procedure, lifting Dawn up her nappy still pinned on both sides stuck on her ankles until Jane pulled it free letting it drop to the nursery floor. Lowering Dawn to the floor, Jane reached down and picked up the nappy her new daughter had been wearing… “Well Meggie.. at least your nappies are still relativity dry… lets get Mummies Baby on the potty shall we ?” As her bottom touched the cold plastic her bladder released and its contents filled the potty with such force that it splashed on the plastic surface and back up, soaking her bottom. Ruth watched on in dismay, realising that their one and only chance at escape had been foiled… Dawn on the other hand was no happier… …She was being potted like a toddler … her cheeks grew rosier with the embarrassment of her situation… As both girls continued to watch, Jane picked up Dawn’s nappy and unpinned it before refolding it on the changing table. “Well little lady… finished are we?…. Mummy thinks this nappy is still dry enough to wear again so lets get you back into it before you cause any more trouble shall we.” Lifting Dawn from the potty Jane placed her on the changing table. Taking the two open nappy pins she placed them between her lips, swiftly she pulled the now refolded nappy up between the girls legs and brought the first side together, taking a pin from her mouth she slipped it between the folded layers of soft cotton , ensured the nappy pin was securely fastened Jane slipped the safety head back. As tears filled Dawn’s eyes her new Mummy repeated the procedure with the second side. In less than a minute Dawn was back in nappies, and damp ones at that. Jane reached under the changer and pulled out a pair of white heavy-duty plastic pants. “Ok.. Meggie lift up while Mummy gets your baby pants on.” With her baby pants on Jane Lifted her off the changer, finished pulling the plastic pants up over her nappy and pushed back the cloth where it has escaped at the legs holes. “Ok Meggie, be a good girl and go get Mummy one of the your JCollageor disposables from your pushchair for Ruth to wear” Dawn waddled off in her thick nappy in search of a disposable for her new friend. Ruth looked out through the nursery French doors to the reserve beyond…. …. not more than twenty yards away was freedom and a chance to try and get her old life back…. Her small size wouldn’t help her and would have made it difficult convincing people she was eighteen - but dressed in nappies and toddler’s clothes it would be impossible…. Time stood still for no more than 30 seconds before Dawn returned and waddled into the nursery – her thick nappy restricting her ability to walk and the plastic pants crackling loudly…. Ruth looked up to see Dawn was carrying a “thick” disposable and recognised it from her babysitting days as a “Cosies night-time” nappy. Ruth looked at Jane…. “I don’t want more nappies Auntie Jane… please nooo…” “ “Really… well I’m sorry Ruth but little girls who don’t do as they are told and wet their pants get to wear nappies 24/7 in my house….. you WILL be wearing a disposable and be in a soggy one at that I’m sure when your Mummy comes to collect you.. so you had better get used to the idea” Ruth tried to resist but was no match for Jane…. Jane easily rolled Ruth over onto her back, slipped the disposable under her bottom before pulling it up between her legs and taping it tightly shut. As Ruth pulled at the tapes trying to undo them Jane laughed…. “These are toddler proof tapes Ruth…….. try as much as you like you won’t undo them, Dawn can’t so you wont. And don’t forget, Dawn has already filled your new trainers with her lunch so your Mummy is in for more than a surprise isn’t she? ” Jane lifted Ruth into a sitting position and removed her sundress, Ok baby, lets gets a dry top on you and you can have a bottle of formula in the playpen before your Mummy arrives back from the City… As Ruth sat in just a disposable Jane went to Dawn’s nursery dresser and pulled out a clean top. As she opened it out Ruth realised it was a little girls nightie, in pink cotton with cute nursery prints. Jane slipped it over Ruth head before lifting her up and carrying her to the playpen in the living room. Within minutes of being deposited in the playpen Jane passed her a warm bottle of infant formula…. “Drink up Baby… Mummy will be here shortly” Fifteen minutes later Kim arrived and came to the open back door to be met by Jane with Dawn in tow. Ruth meantime was thirsty, she took the bottle of infant formula and started nursing on it. The warm formula relaxed her, she closed her eyes and sucked greedily at her bottle, all of a sudden she felt her bottom become warm. Reaching down she felt the plastic waterproof covering of her nappy, its warm feeling coupled with fast disappearing animal prints on the front meant only one thing.. She had wet herself. As Jane filled Kym in on the days events they entered the living room to find Ruth sitting in a now soggy disposable nursing her bottle…. “Well my little one… looks like you are well and truly “Back to Babyhood” aren’t you…... “ “ Lets thank Auntie Jane and get you home to your cot for sleepies… its been a big day and you have many more to look forward to in the next five years!!” Jane turned and took a red toddler sized potty from the dresser. Placing it on the floor next to the playpen she dropped Dawn’s damp nappy alongside. Dawn was about to relive another experience form her childhood – potty training. Embarrassed she had no choice but to comply as Jane took her by the hand and lead her over to the waiting potty before gently pushing her down onto it.
The six things I could never do without
mum ,dad , Pc ,All-Fammily , Bike, nappies
On a typical Friday night I am
at home,writting this
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have to use Nappies , due to a accident on 2/03/2012 & 1:41pm Westend road ,when a car drove straight into me ,side on , got 3 brocken ribs / 2 cracked vertebrae / damaged detrusor muscle (bladder)/ metal plate+6 screws holding my sholder in place ,......
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 25–60
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating, casual sex
You should message me if
if you'd like to chat ,about anything.