28 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
Artsy fartsy. Indoorsy and outdoorsy. Creative with an eye for details. Reading, DIY anything, exploring, and doing all the other yuppie/hipster things that I’d prefer to avoid spelling out further.

Grew up on an Island 2,696 mi from Seattle
Brunch is my favorite meal
Recovering workaholic
I barely cried during the opening montage in Pixar's ‘UP’
Your parents already like me
Also feminist

There's a decent chance my kids will be architects, after all the goddamn pillow/blanket forts we're going to build
What I’m doing with my life
Each day is different from the last. And I love it.

I run a small business. The work we do is thrilling & fast paced, yet its also an outlet for helping people. And I'm wildly passionate about it. Can't help but feel lucky and inspired, as I'm surrounded by hard working, creative people every day.

Out chasing endorphins at some point most days

Weekends Include
| Getting brunch drunk&goofing off at museums |
| Exploring those tiny / hidden parks sprinkled all over Seattle & bringing a good book to read |
| In-line skates at Green Lake or Longboarding on the Burke Gilman | Open houses |
I’m really good at
Forehead kisses; re-designing kitchens; quoting 80's & 90's movies; finding undervalued real estate; flexing my smile; not talking about the weather

Spending too much time at architectural salvage shops-–looking at vintage light fixtures, hardware, & antique furniture items for projects

Also, Cannon Balls: the key to a good cannon ball is making sure everyone knows you that you're about to do a cannon ball.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
//Books// Vonnegut, Emerson, McCarthy, Dawkins, Ariely, Huxley

//Music// Above & Beyond, Atmosphere, Neil Young, Grimes, Disclosure, Purity Ring, Mat Zo, Rebelution, Modest Mouse, Andrew Bayer, Pepper, Lane 8, Iration, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Ray, Empire of the Sun, Santigold, Alt-J, ODEZA, Buena Vista Social Club, Lykke Li, Flume, The Clash, Radiohead, Warpaint, Velvet Underground

//Movies// Hook, Magnolia, Good Will Hunting, American Beauty, Dumb & Dumber, Apocalypse Now, The Sandlot, Wedding Crashers, American Psycho, Step Brothers, Happy Gilmore, I Melt With You, Fargo, Boogie Nights, A Beautiful Mind; A Clockwork Orange

//Shows// Rehab Addict, Breaking Bad, Workaholics, This Old House, House of Cards, & a dusting of HGTV, stuff made by Larry David
The six things I could never do without
friends/fam + tears of joy + music + good vibes + passion + a smile to flex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Empathy, staying present, random acts of kindness, mindfulness, navigating w/ a moral compass, and keeping the one's I love happy--are values I like focus on. I'm certain the woman I choose will have a similar list

Where to find the cheapest Carrera marble tile mosaics & hardwood floors; there should be a font for sarcasm; *I wish I was better looking so I wouldn't have to write this

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm watching my height, my Dr. doesn't want me to get any taller
You should message me if
*Some* of these apply in a major way:

-You like sound of being my date for a costume party, dressed as Wendy Peffercorn & Squints www.youtube.com/watch?v=io4RWV681wQ
- You aren't a serial dater.
- *In the event of an emergency, it would be possible for you to do your makeup & get ready to go in under 10-15 min.*
- You tend to err toward unpretentious.
- You have mad skills to share w/ AutoCAD, pro-tools, or cameras.
-You surround yourself w/ good people
-You're insatiable when it comes to learning new things, meeting new people, connecting w/ like-minded people
-You're unafraid of a little vulnerability
-Would be glad to tell me (or any other asshole) how it is
-Variations of the word Passion get thrown around a lot when describing you
- You talk to strangers.
- You want to help me better understand the interior design preferences of females.