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25 Boston, MA Man


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I’m looking for

  • Everyone
  • Ages 18–29
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  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, casual sex

My details

Last online
May 5
Sapiosexual, Bisexual, Homoflexible, Gay, Questioning
Asian, Middle Eastern, Black, Native American, Indian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic / Latin, White, Other
6′ 3″ (1.91m)
Body type
Mostly other
Not at all
Other, and laughing about it
Taurus, and it matters a lot
Graduated from space camp
Less than $20,000
Mostly non-monogamous
Doesn’t have kids, but might want them
Likes dogs and likes cats
Spanish (Poorly), French (Okay), Irish, Yiddish (Poorly), Sign Language (Okay)
My self-summary
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I think I identify with being a distributed network consciousness by now, respectfully placed. Brove me wrong, plz, Jove mc Brove?


{Okay so I am going to start giving sirius attention to this profile for like the first time in a year or so. May the 4th be with you in this year of our lord 2015. So please bear with me. Or wolf. Or whatever....}

{.......Jynx if you thought lynx.}

Also: Wicca is Wicked awesome, go Beantowwwwwwwn!
{{Also realizing that strange head injuries have rendered me weirdly and intriguingly amnesiac at conveniently awesome parts of my half hyperover/halfhyperunder matured and 1/3 literally dead brain's development, which have altered my uniquely trademarked but freely proffered [under a Creative "Boston" Commons Licesnse], umm, what do earth people call them, "Ideas"? But idk could you believe yin-yang dyslexia could be a thing? For instance I am just now realizing that I am also this dude named Svoric? Among others? Weird right? Cool to finally be in agreement tho lol. Or hot. Idk the difference. Whoops. Sorry, but in the most hollow-yet-hilarious manner that yes that wilmington lol yes that "kurt Vonnegut" Yest THAT Spriggs, Briggs." I INVOKE JOSEPH V -
Basically my responsiveness derivitives have been strange over time which has weirdened my world integration over time. I already forgive any mutual misunderstandings which may have been my fault and/or responsibility over intriguinglyly defined time; if you want, that is ;3 ) ~

I am a friendly, easygoing, outspoken, uninhibited, adventurous, playful, and somewhat whimsical individual. I enjoy life and am passionate about existing.

I have an extremely expansive imagination.

Grunge-stoner-hippy-raver-bohemian-indie-science-prep is kind of my scene, if that means anything. Oh, and I can append "punk" to pretty much any of those, once you *really* get to know me.

I love everyone & everything, and see this as the natural state of existence. While there may be objectionable behaviors that hinder the propagation of this, I see the rectification of such as a zen puzzle of sorts, that will necessarily be solved, given the exponentially increasing level of self-directed energy that is being devoted to such noble and beautiful ends.

I don't allow many things to hold me back, and seek creative resolution to my obstacles. I experience a high degree of personal freedom as a result. This has brought me to new heights of creativity, spontaneity, and happiness.

According to Miss Myers and Miss Briggs, my "personality type" would seem to oscillate between ENFP/INTJ. Further studies reveal startling accuracies.

I love nature and the outdoors - camping, hiking, stargazing, beachgoing, and outdoor festivals are really up my alley (I'll up YOUR alley). Preparedness and sustainable living are of significant interest to me. I'd like to visit some national parks with somebody. I practice Yoga and Tai Chi and respect all forms of martial art. Health and diet are important to me, as is anything that promotes physical and mental well-being. Meditation, energy, Reiki and Chi factor in to my life. I consider myself a Universalist at this point. Toltec, Native American, Shamanistic, Buddhist, Celtic, Norse and Taoist views feature heavily in my philosophy, among many others.

I recently became aware that in addition to my primarily Irish/Celtic background, there is a little Viking blood in my descent. I greatly enjoy celebrating both of these aspects of my cultural heritage.

I love making people laugh - being an eternal optimist, I enjoy using facetiousness as a means to bring light to any situation. In fact, the metacognitive exercises involved in perceiving levity in any given occasion serve to sharpen the mind and broaden the spirit. Resultantly, I have a strong sense of humor and can be rather playful in its application. Word games abound, as does the questioning of status quo and what we take for given in our society. I love cuddling and physical contact as ways of fostering strong interpersonal connections.

I'm looking to forge strong and deep bonds. People I can spend time with, experience things with, and just enjoy being with for a long time. I'd like to meet someone (or some people) I can really love, share my life, and leave a great legacy in the world with. I know you're out there....


"Though free to think and act, we are held together like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them."

-Nikola Tesla
What I’m doing with my life
Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day.
¡Actively looking to make connections, meet new friends, travel, hang out, and have fun within the Greater Boston area and throughout the northeast!

I just moved to a part of the South End that I consider to be one of the nicest areas in Boston. I'm super happy and excited and grateful about this turn of events. My front yards are two parks with fountains, my side yard is a cemetery, the silver line stops at my doorstep, the community is bouncin', I have an amazing view of the city, and dayum, I got mothafuckin' skylights. Awesome shit.

Planning on spending a significant amount of time in Maine during this spring/summer/fall, and hoping to travel to the UK near the end of summer.

Also, I'm officially bisexual now, or something along those lines. I still prefer and will generally actively seek out male relationships but am definitely open to female companionship at this point in my life.

Right now, I work as a paid consultant for an organization that provides a drop-in center as well as support services for LGBT youth and their allies. It's great fun and very meaningful to have a job actively building my community.

I'm planning on resuming progress on my degree (Track: AS Biology -> B.S. Biology/Psychology -> Graduate study in Cognitive Neuroscience) this fall.

Just started crafting necklaces, bracelets, and other bead/gem/metal work that I plan to wear, share, and sell. Also picked up a flute, which I plan to start learning while simultaneously taking lessons to improve my current level of vocal talent (Jethro Tull much?).

Other than that, setting a lot of things in motion to make my present and future life as awesome as can be (and the lives of all those I can reach as well).

I identify strongly with the dualistic but united elements of canine/feline spirits, and seek a closely-knit pack of individuals to go around helping people, making the world a better place, and getting the most out of life. More than anything, I am looking for a partner I can love on the deepest level, with whom I can synergize my pursuits and creative potential to make the most out of our life experiences. That'd really be something.

I've been practicing Tai Chi and yoga on my own for a bit, and they've done wonders for increasing my range of motion, flexibility, balance, and agility. Good for releasing years of stored tension in the body, too. As I heighten my proficiency, I'm actively expanding to other disciplines, with particular interest in Krav Maga, Akido, Capoeira, Chi Gong, and Kung Fu. However, as I am still relatively new to the martial arts, I'd like it if someone a little ahead of me in that regard could show me some of the ropes, so to speak. It'd be nice to have a partner to spar with (among other partner-oriented activities in to which that may directly segue). Integrating parkour, dance, and running in to my routine has certainly made travel-by-foot much more enjoyable. It might be nice to get back in to fencing as well.

Though a certified bio-manufacturing technician, questioning the ethics of the industry has lead me to pursue alternate pathways in my goals. I'm now at the point where I've taken weighty lived experience pertaining issues of societal, interpersonal, behavioral, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. With the understanding and empathy this has afforded, I've crafted a powerful set of tools. I find myself with the capacity to reach out to those marginalized for their race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, location, nationality, education, finances, ethnicity, or anything else they have been told is "wrong" about them, and lend a helping hand or shoulder of camaraderie. I can work with the disabled, whose physical forms might not be able to express the true measure of their intent (as well as those in active addiction - the characteristics of which in this respect are remarkably similar), have the capacity perceive that, and be an advocate for those in need. It is truly an honor to be able to hold this station, and I thank all who have been a part of its fulfillment for the blessing of their presence in my life.

With this being a core theme of my life intent, there are a plethora of means I am continually exploring to bring it to realization, having a lot of fun all the way through. I don't know if there is a more concise description of an actor-scientist-rockstar-linguist-writer-orator-engineer-designer-chef-healer-herbalist-narrator-singer-counselor-therapist-traveler-masseuse-negotiator-ambassador-devicer-artist-metaphysicist-explorer-naturalist-producer archaeologist-craftsman, which is in and of itself a shortlist of the many facets through which I conduct my endeavors (I suppose the concise job description would be, "me"), but, out of respect and gratitude for all I have been given, I plan to use this lifetime to cultivate whatever I can to the full extent of its fruition. I'd like to see the good things I can create, to find out what I'm capable of bringing to the table.

Presently, I work as a consultant/adviser/ambassador for an LGBT-themed youth drop-in center in downtown Boston. I plan to pursue a degree in biology/psychology/communications in the upcoming fall. I'd love to put together uplifting, inspiring, good-sounding music (with EDM/Psychedelic rock being my main field of focus, but also indie rock, alternative, classic rock style, hip hop, and metal), and to take on a Carl Sagan-esque role in an independently produced documentary series is something long to which I've aspired. While the intricacies of the details of the experience remain as of yet to be seen, one thing's for sure - it's gonna be wild. And as to just where it takes me - well, again, that's more of an afterthought - wherever I go, I'll be happy beyond all measure, so long as I go there side-by-side with the man (men, women...) of my dreams.

Oh, and speaking of cultivation, fruition, fields, bringing things to the table - I think this would be a very good year to get to tending that organic garden....
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
Helping people - I am fiercely loyal and would do anything in my power to be there for a close friend. I am good at mediating and resolving conflict, and it feels good to know that I've been able to benefit someone and make them smile.

Listening - I very much enjoy hearing what people have to say, and offering feedback/discussing in turn. I do my best to take people's concerns in to account, provided they are clearly stated, and respond accordingly.

Learning - I highly respect intelligence and wisdom, and do my best to actively cultivate this resource within myself and others. I am very eager to take in any knowledge one may have to offer, and in turn take any opportunity to share my own experience with those who may be so inclined to hear it.

Being positive - in any and all situations, there is something inherently positive if you know where to look. Even the most unpleasant of occurrences can be viewed a a learning experience, or even a catalyst for change if approached from the proper viewpoint. I enjoy framing my perception in a manner that perceives the positive, and perpetuating this sentiment among those who choose to be with me.

Articulating myself - I enjoy the English language - speaking it, writing it, playing around with it - and I maintain a rather large vocabulary in my common lexicon. Sound grammar comes naturally to me and earns my respect.

Special Relativity - It's literally how they fucking work.

Cooking - I love making new and interesting dishes, and the one thing I enjoy more than eating them is sharing with someone. You get the ingredients and I'll cook for you every night =]

Science and critical thinking.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
My eyes, my smile, my demeanor, my positivity.

I'd be kind of what you'd expect if Sora and Riku had offspring? Also, I've picked up the nickname "Shaggy" in numerous circumstances... can't imagine why.

I try to be helpful, courteous, and appropriately respectful at all times, whilst maintaining an air of lightheartedness and humor. Given that I treat people how I want to be treated, I tend to get along with almost any [reasonable] individual.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Help your potential matches find common interests.
Books - I am a major Vonnegut fan. The Brothers Karamazhov, This Side of Paradise, The Old Man and the Sea, Inferno, The Bell Jar, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Tangerine, Holes, Harry Potter, Animorphs, The Gunslinger, and lots of others. I also read a great deal non-fiction, particularly in the realm of personal development.

Movies - I tend to favor weirder, more intriguing, and funny films over plotless action or drama. Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Being John Malkovich, Zoolander, Ferris Bueller, Austin Powers, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Rocky Horror, Fear & Loathing, and The Neverending Story come to mind. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy could perhaps be considered an all-time favorite... for the time being (Yes THAT time being yes T-). I've watched a lot of documentaries ever since I can recall, as I always value and derive enjoyment from the chance to learn something new.

Shows - I don't really watch much television. Anything interesting, educational, inspirational, or that genuinely makes me laugh. Ghost in the Shell, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, The Big O. Scrubs, Metalocalypse, Mission Hill. Star Trek. Cosmos. Miracles. I trust there'll be much more to watch as the media production base shifts in to the hands of the independent (You mean something better than tawdry sitcoms written around product placement? Huzzah!).

Music - I like a huge variety, including Indie, Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, Metal, and especially Electronic music. I love raves, festivals, and other EDM events. I love to sing, and am looking to get in to audio production and eventually guitar and/or drums, though now I'm thinking I might ditch the guitar for now and go for flute.

Food - I like to eat (almost as much as I like to cook and share the eating). Especially anything you can get at trader joe's. Healthy and organic is a plus. My diet of choice is currently pescetarian, with eventual plans to transition to pesceveganism. Sushi, miso, rice & beans, couscous, granola, fruit, pizza, spaghetti, soup, yogurt, protein powder, salmon, quinoa.....
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
-Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
-and then "les squellettes" popped out
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
Many, many things - how the world works, science, why people do what they do, how to make things better, interpersonal relationships, mathematical/spatial relationships, technology, where I want to improve, how to be happy, what I'd like to talk about, entropy/random thought generation, novelty, problem solving, space, hot guys, hot girls now too, sex, what I ate for breakfast, what I forgot to eat for breakfast, what atoms sound like, what's my resonant frequency, other dimensions, the flow of energy, the application and development of varyingly alternative cognitive styles, the universe, pretty imagery, music. My mind is quite active at all times (which isn't always appropriate!).

Google chrome thinks "varyingly" is not a word. I insist to differ.


You know, there's a lot of problems that stem simply from applying a dualistic, egoistic, or otherwise limited perspective to an overwhelmingly multivalent world - then declaring it's the universe that's wrong and swinging off on a chain of blitheringly dumbfounded assumptions. Go meta for a change. It may prove fruitful.

You can be in constant conversation if you so choose. Whether it's with your idea of god, some other entity, a partition of your own consciousness that functions to emulate such, or if those things are one in the same, there's always someone, or something, there to listen to whatever's rattling around in your brain. And it's helpful; sometimes just putting a thought in to words and sending it off makes all the difference. It's why I am always chattering to myself when I am shopping or something.

I write cognitive scripts and mental codes and build them in to the custom-tuned consciousness I wish to experience. Yeah, you can do that! NLP erryday.

Most importantly, where I want to go and how to get myself there. And how to get the most out of life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Finding something interesting to do - preferably with friends or while on a date. I really like going to shows - particularly raves, festivals, and other EDM events. I'd be really interested to meet people who are interested in going with me - intelligent raver dudes are a HUGE turn-on!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
I recently realized I really do want kids (but not for a while)); however, I would want to raise them in a non-traditional manner, which, ironically, would be more similar to the means that was prevalent for the majority of our evolutionary history. I would wish to emulate the tribal atmosphere, with numerous individuals providing parental support, rather than have that be solely limited to a pair of individuals. I believe this would help prevent character flaws in a single individual from becoming magnified in to full blown complexes and neuroses in their offspring, something much more likely to happen when that single individual makes up at least 50% of the parental influence in a generally limited and stifling environment. With a great deal many more of lenses to emulate, a child is exposed to vastly more styles of being in those who have a part in its formative influences. As such, he has both a larger pool of experience upon which to draw, and many more opportunities to compare and contrast the effects and outcomes of a variety of characters. I believe this will result in a greatly more well rounded individual with a head start on life experience, which is the only type of preparation with which I would feel comfortable sending an offspring in to this world.

In practice, this would translate to me and a male partner having a surrogate who is also somewhat involved in the parenting, as well as potentially other people. I do not plan to have children until [A] I have had my Saturn return (age 29); [B] I have completed formal schooling and gotten the main degrees I want; [C] have a diesel resume and multiple promising career options to be sure I can provide for the long term; [D] have accomplished certain life goals that would definitely be more conducive to being done before having kids, predominantly travel-related; and [E] of course, found at least a male partner and female surrogate partner whom I've known for a substantial period of time and would be comfortable to be totally on board with this for the long haul.

In the event that I accidentally got someone pregnant earlier than anticipated, I'm prepared to take responsibility and alter my life plans in order to accommodate doing the best job raising it. Only under very extenuating circumstances would I consider the option of terminating a pregnancy, such as for instance if the mother had consumed copious amounts of drugs/alcohol during pregnancy that would severely diminish the quality of life of the soon-to-be-being; in such a case, I'd just ask the spirit of the child to come back next time and it will have a more spiffy vehicle for the ride.

I'm open to having multiple (3 is a good number), but I biologically want at least one to be mine. The Universe has kind of been letting me know that part of my responsibility for having use of this form, which took 3.5 billion years of evolutionary experience to create, is in not letting that go to waste, and to perpetuate the cycle of continuous improvement and give the next generation something even better. Part of my choice to accept an undertaking of such great magnitude entails my commitment to be at and do my very best, and I look forward with great anticipation to having it come to fruition. I think I will be a good parent; after all, I already have the majority of my life as experience being essentially the second parent for my younger sister, so I'll be extra-ready when the time finally comes.

How I'm envisioning things, in the ideal sense would go something like this: there'd be three males - wolf, coyote, fox; an alpha, beta, omega, (, vers, bottom.....) if you will - one more dominant, one more submissive, and one more balanced - who would be the primary caretakers, with my role being the one in the middle. There would be at least one female who would act as the surrogate, and there would be at least some form of bond/involvement but they would not have a primary parental role. Each male would be the father of one offspring (to start, with potentially more down the line) and we would raise them together, as well as certain other close, intimate friends/family members taking a role in the kids' upbringing. That way they will have a plethora of social experience early on in life and a solid foundation on which grow, as well as security in the event that something should happen to any one caretaker or should someone decide to leave. I think this would be an amazing gift to provide to someone who I'm bringing in to this world.


One of the reasons I make this profile so detailed is so that when I'm feeling down on myself, I can look at this as a concrete reminder of all that I have and remember how awesome my life actually is.


I recently celebrated one year since I've had any alcohol or cigarettes. Feels good man. I also don't use any hard drugs. I am, however, exceptionally 420-friendly. I consider cannabis to be a gift and consider partaking in what this plant has to offer to be a celebration of life.


I am of the resolute opinion that buttsex is one of the best things ever invented ever. Feels so gud I don't even. I enjoy undergoing this activity from a variety of perspectives - depending on who it's with, I'm comfortable being anything from a dominant top, to a mutual vers, to the role I'm pretty much made for - power bottom. Ultimately that last one is my favorite overall - I can think of nothing better than being tied up and bent over the side of the bed while a strong, powerful, intelligent, athletic, dominant, respect-worthy compatriot puts it to me for as long as he wants. Oh, yeah, I'm kinda in to BDSM/kink a lil too. If you sound like you fit this description, head straight on down to "You should message me if...."


I tend to growl a lot during sex.
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
You've read my profile and think I might make an interesting friend, partner, roommate, etc.

I appreciate when someone can express that they've actually read [at least some of] what I've put up here. It comes across as "I am actually interested enough in you as a person to want to explore deeper aspects of character than your profile picture."

I try to get back to those who contact me, but the nature of something like this site can make it difficult at times to sustain a balance of producing a volume of genuine, meaningful, personal responses without being jaded by information overload. So, I apologize if I happen to not reply in a timely fashion - I'll get there! (hopefully)

As long as you can respect an opinion and allow someone to express one without getting heated, and are laid-back and generally drama-free we should at least get along. I love meeting cool people - don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Note: If you send me a one-liner, chances are I'll reply with one (maybe); if you take the time to compose a more thoughtful statement, I'm likely to respond in a similar fashion.

I'm really looking to establish strong bonds with people who aren't afraid to be loved, while reaching out helping hands to those who are.




SEAN M. >;3


.......Also, as literally TWO EMCEES, FAIR AND (triangle)........
.....................oooooor do ya?>

...............Mic check? Is this clown still on?