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38 M Kirkland, WA

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Apr 19
6′ 2″ (1.88m)
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Mostly other
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Science / Engineering
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English (Fluently), Spanish (Okay)

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My self-summary
I should probably just call this what it really is . . a blog, since the reality is I'm not all that date-able, at least not within the context of cultural dating norms. But my story is worth reading even if it means just one person manages to evade the hell on earth that landed me here on the Isle of the Misfit Toys.

I had a great life in my 30's as a self-employed technical professional working from home on my own clock, beautiful baby blue and chromed out Harley in the garage of my new townhouse a block from the beach were I surfed my brains out and ate like a king along Kenny Chesney's Miracle Mile Highway A1A. I was also playing in a band in Orlando with some national talents and on track to transition out of Engineering and Product Design to full time session, performance, recording and touring. I've had many "Almost Famous" moments as a musician. I've always been described as a fairly above average guy, people enjoyed my company and I loved to horse around with friends out on the lineup waiting for sets. Life was almost perfect . . then I mashed myself up on the coquina reef at my home break while trying to get out into the swell that came in just after Hurricane Bertha.

I wound up in the ER with the ball of my heel sheered clean off, blood everywhere, it was gnarly. The ER staff in Brevard county FL cleaned up the wound pretty good but couldn't stitch me up so they replaced the missing chunk of my heel with a synthetic that basically grew in to replace what was gone. As they were cleaning the wound, which really sucked, they asked if I'd had a t3tanus shot recently. I couldn't even recall ever having had one so I told them to "go for it" . . that was the beginning of the end of everything I had worked so hard for in life.

For brevity's sake, I won't get into the entire chronology of events that followed, the countless trips to the ER, week long hospitalizations, traveling to the 4 corners of the US and even into Mexico to consult with nearly 100 different practitioners that couldn't provide a diagnosis for the constellation of symptoms I experienced on a daily merry-go-round of physical torture. As if the physical part wasn't enough I lost my family, my friends, my wealth, my home, my rides, my possessions, my dignity, my passions and dreams, EVERYTHING . . . and then having to leave the sunny beaches of FL for the cloud covered Pacific Northwest . . If you're at all familiar with the biblical story of Job? . . and If you're still asking what happened, again . . it was the t3tanus shot.

Since the medical community will never acknowledge what countless parents of autistic kids already know, v/\ccines are KILLING people and worse. I know first hand. I was lying in a hospital bed at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and the friends that had dropped me off there, familiar with my once 240 lb 6'2" surf tuned physique were seeing me pared down to 150 lbs and clinging to life. They later said that "they never expected to see me alive again". But for some crazy reason I'm still here and I'm going to make a lot of f'ing noise despite the medical professionals, C|)C and big pharma's attempts to shut people like me up.

The main profile picture of me here is accurate and taken 9-7-13. By most counts, you wouldn't know that there was anything wrong with me at this time. As an engineer and someone with a strong analytical background, I've figured a few things out along the way and improved considerably . . but I'm still pretty screwed up. I have physical sensations that I lack the words to even describe. I've met many others like myself with almost identical accounts including nurses . . yes, medical professionals once working in hospitals that had received mandatory f|u shots . . which contain things that would land any parent in jail for wreckless endangerment over if they were to attempt to administer the same cocktail of lethal substances to their own kids . . the same formulations that the men with the white lab coats and stethoscopes around their necks attempt to push on any one of you during the course of a routine checkup or trip to the pharmacy counter. The reality is that they don't even know what's in the syringe. They just do what the regulatory bodies and pharmac3utical companies tell them to do. $ell $ell $ell!!!

I know everyone just wants to have a good time and dating really comes with the hopes of finding someone who will help distract us from the many potential drab realities of the day-to-day and show us a good time. I get it, I never thought I would be the guy on the sidelines or cheering for some social cause, and this is a pretty unpopular subject especially if you work in the medical field and your job relies on towing the line. If you're reading this, maybe you have kids or will in the near future . . I implore you, do the research . . as we approach the change in seasons with it's related immunological stresses . . when your "friendly neighborhood pharmacist" encourages you, no wait . . PUSHES you into "getting your f|u shot" . . think twice. They don't even know what strains they're supposedly "immun|zing" you against and chances are, if something goes around, you're gonna catch it anyway if you're susceptible. The risk of getting "the f|u" pales in comparison to the risk of losing everything if or when something goes horribly wrong . . which in some cases can cost you your life.

I hope just one person gets to read this and takes it to heart. I've had other posts scrubbed and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm cens0red at some point. There are very prominent and monetized voices pushing these programs.

Be well.
So this was my original profile before I decided to get real and face the reality that my dating life is pretty well on hold. It's still pretty funny though, at least, some of you seemed to enjoy it.

So apparently Staff Robot here says that I'm "less well- mannered" Seriously?! I really DO put the seat down! Gosshh

Seems I'm the guy you regret later for not having given the chance. You went for the other guy who was slightly more Alpha, self centered and fiscally whole but in the end, you wound up with nothing, years gone by and wondering where I went off to. Well, while you were enjoying the spoils of youth, I was busting my stones, building that beautiful castle by the sea . . the one you see from the distance and say "I wonder what lucky lady gets to live there? if only . . " and the reality is . . I live there . . have for a while, by myself.

"Youth is wasted on the young" - George Bernard Shaw

Abridged Version :
In a couple of years he'll be independently wealthy, he routinely calls his mother and he possesses the optimal amount of bad boy to nice guy ratio. You'll always be right and he'll always be wrong except when deep down you really want to be disagreed with in which case he'll disagree . . . In any event, he always pays attention to you.

Politically, Socially Correct and unimaginative Version :
I love my job, I love my house, I love romantic candle light dinners, walks on the beach with that speshul sum one and spending time with friends and family.

Expanded Version :
He has a rewarding career writing those ingenious quips for the Dos Equis beer commercial guy which in reality makes him "the most interesting man in the world"

It's OK if you're really 40 lbs heavier than your pics . . he's a foot shorter and lives at home with his mom.

God talks to him through fortune cookies at the local Mongolian Grill.

He's not really a bar, club or go-out-all-the-time guy . . doesn't know many people here in WA and he's never been one for swinging multiple branches which makes him a pretty safe bet in the relationship dept.

He's pretty good at fixing things . . even a broken heart here and there . . but then, folks out here on the east side can always just hire some grunt to do the heavy work . . it's an option though.

He Studied music professionally in Boston and played with several national talents.

He has an engineering degree

He gives insane foot rubs . . assuming you haven't got feet that put you on the call back list for a lead role in "The Hobbit" . . not that he's not into that sort of thing but it's a rule he tries to live by

He always puts the toilet seat down . . always.

His Type : He doesn't really have one, although kindness, compassion and sincerity are qualities he's a sucker for but doesn't see much of any more.

Sir Mix-A-Lot can speak for him on certain points. Call him Sir Mix-A-Little.

E Tru Version :
okc has been an interesting social experiment. The truth is, you can't really invent a life story like mine . . it's kinda like an episode of Jackass where the guy taking that major league pitch to the nuts is me and someone else gets a good tug from it. I love it when people chant their "think positive" mantra but have never experienced real turbulence, loss or the things that make life suck. Despite many successful periods of online dating in my past, I know the reality of finding someone here is pretty slim. People have told me in the past that I should write a book about my story. Maybe I'm just warming up here. Hope you at least get a chuckle from the satirical parts . . I really do put the seat down though. Cheers.
What I’m doing with my life
Building a small empire 12- 14 hours 7 days / week and not having much of a life at all actually.
I’m really good at
Whatever the last guy wasn't
The first things people usually notice about me
Height, Eyes, Arms, Shoulders, Insanity
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books : The Art of War - Movies : Nacho Libre - Music : anything but show tunes - Food : Gluten Free and not to be trendy but because wheat is no bueno para mi
The six things I could never do without
1. Hugs
2. guitars
3. the ocean
4. sleep
5. guitars with you
6. the ocean with you

I wanted to put a 7th one down but I'm trying to color between the lines for a change.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"You . . but in the most non-stalkerish and non-bunny-boiled-over-on-the-stove sort of way
On a typical Friday night I am
Being Freakin' Awesome . . alone actually, kinda lame I know but it gives me time to practice my Viking moves
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I watch romance and the kinds of movies that make most jar heads squirm in their movie theater seats on Valentine's Day
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 26–46
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
You're not on the show Hoarders, you're not the one your neighbors refer to as "the cat lady" and you're not a man hating feminazi. I'm all for "girl power" but the misandry needs to go.