28 Yorkville, IL
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What I’m doing with my life
Staying in, I'm not a cold weather animal, I need my hand warmers for the next six months or so. Im furloughed from my career till mid 2017, so right now I'm working odd jobs and Walmart, stuff like that. As to life for right now I'm just keeping it easy looking for love like everybody else out here and looking to settle down.
So if I need a women who is NOT in it for me to support them But for her to be in it for love of the person, not what he can do or what he has. I was brought up old fashion and that's what I want in a relationship.
I’m really good at
Being honest
Playing older video games
Taking care of you
Being there for you
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- Ghost Railroads of Nebraska, railroad Construction books, electrical and mechanical books following that nature.
(historical books of bygone eras)
movies, pretty much anything but horror, and an occasional holiday or chick flick or drama -
Hoosiers, chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob movies.
I feel very close to the movie October Sky, I rarely watch that movie with any one, you would understand why once you really got to know me.
-I also just watched Orange is the new black on Netflixs and loved it, when it comes out. Sometimes I watch shows like this or movies that a typical guy wouldn't watch, but I don't care about who thinks what of me, I watch what I like and yes I liked 13 going on 30 too. I dear you to find some one like me out there.......good luck!-
Adventure time, kitchen nightmares, House, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Spongbob (old ones),
Tom and Jerry, Acme cartoons, The Simpsons, Spy, The Regular Show, Beavis and Butthead (old ones), and other items that follow this trend.-

music- soundtracks, instrumental, Lone Star 92.5 (also on I hart radio). Enya, flatfoot 56, Green Day, All American Rejects, R.E.M., ELO, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Areosmith, Don Henley, U2, Tom Petty, Lonely Island, Little Texas, Kenny Rogers, Journey, Gorden Lightfoot, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Blink-182, Billy Joel, Boston, The Bloodhound Gang.( mostly 50's to today rock).

food- all American burgers and fries, fresh fruits and vegetables, water mostly, some times pop. I like to try new things as long as they sound good(not fish) and are not spicy.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wondering if I will find a good women and of course the general things like bills and income, where I will be in 1-5-10+ years, and I also think about summer and how it seemed better in years past and now it is just better then the winter months....
On a typical Friday night I am
Working or enjoying the little things in life.
for me Friday night doesn't have to be on the calendar of the real Friday night the way I look at things I make everyday count doesn't mean I'm going out skydiving everyday but it means that every day to me is just as important as the previous or the next, with that said I may not be able to make it four major holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other particular days but to me Christmas can be celebrated on any other day just like any other holiday can be moved and celebrated then. something you must know, unless I'm very sick I never call off from work for me work is very important and not just for the money.... to me it's about pride.
You should message me if
You think of yourself as cute and adorable.
You like to go out and look at the stars with me.
You like thunderstorms.
You like or love to cuddle (and sometimes go further and sometimes just cuddle).
You are or like to be clingy(I like clingy gals).
You like late night camp fires even tho we don't plan on camping.
You like to have random conversations just to pass the time and enjoy each others company.
Love sunsets
You want a great person to be with because you haven't had good relationships on here but you don't want to give up because deep in your heart you know true love is out there.
I will respond to all messages, because I know how it feels when people don't respond to me that I am interested in and I would not want to pass that along to anybody the feeling of not knowing.
you do not have to say yes to them all, if you just want to email me and say hello that would be fine as well...