31 Portland, OR
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My self-summary
Me? Later. Let's talk about you.

You're a reflective person who pauses to admire little things: fallen petals on the sidewalk, good design, and graceful movements. But you don't stop at mere appreciation- you're fascinated by how things work, and probably love science, 'deep' conversations, and all that jazz.

What else? You have a rich inner world, full of metaphors and visualizations. So of course you're a little weird. That's fine, I love it. And you see that nothing is atomic; everything is connected. Maybe you've had a peak experience about it. As Antoine de Saint Exupéry said:

"Behind all seen things lies something vaster; everything is but a path, a portal or a window opening on something other than itself."

Even so, friends know you as practical and determined, and you feel accomplished if you go to sleep with dirt/paint/flour under your fingernails.

And of course you think cigarettes and random hookups are lame.
What I’m doing with my life
Originally studied international econ, poli-sci, and phil. Current profession? Accounting. Yes, harrowingly mundane. Next topic.

Please complete the following sentence.

I want something:

Profound + Inspiring!
Sweet + Creative!
Nah - I just wanna dance my ass off....
I’m really good at
Not talking sports. I swear, darlin', I will never subject you to that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Re-purposed, to explain that:

I like chivalry, but I have a fairly egalitarian idea of it. Let me paint you a picture.

You're the kind of princess who, when kidnapped, single-handedly takes out all the guards in the castle by the time I ride up on my bitchin' white stallion. Inwardly, I'm disappointed because I wanted exercise after my long commute, but outwardly I say 'I've brought the wine, darling!' in a hokey English accent. You smile, but don't care to ask what kind, because wine is just wine. We share a toast in the amber evening light, get silly, and you provoke me by tickling (which I hate) until we're wrestling across the courtyard. Whereupon one of us bangs a shin on something, and there is just cursing and laughing, and then kissing. And they lived happily ever after....
The six things I could never do without
The ecstasy of Cholula, my love!
Elixers of vitality from my Vitamix.
And... I like tasteful minimalism (have few but extra-nice things).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Becoming a better human becoming.

How to get rich. So I can co-found an intentional community/utopia and not worry about cash flow.

If Buddhism still holds together without the reincarnation bit.

Awkward things I did today that make me burst out laughing in retrospect.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out boozing with friends, or cooking (mostly vegan) and yoga to de-stress, or pondering the Tarot with tea in my cup and Tool in my headphones.
You should message me if
Earnestness and vulnerability are sexy; inspire my mind, move my heart, and you can have my body.

You're likewise looking for an equal/companion/friend, and believe that two strong wholes can make an even stronger whole.

Myers Briggs-wise, I sync best with fellow iNtuitives, and cherish introverts. Mild extroverts are great too. Basically I'm looking for someone who understands the occasional need for solitude and quiet contemplation.

*No thanks if: you're poly or have kids. I respect ya, but we're in different places.

**Spirituality? Yes! Philosophy? Yes! Religion? Hell no. When extraordinary claims are not allowed to be questioned, sooner or later people start dying. I studied history, so I know this.

***I have a slim build and am only attracted to women with average/fit/slim builds. However, height doesn't matter to me, and age is flexible; self-knowledge and a positive attitude are much more important.

Oh, and expect a hug at the end of a first date; it takes me a little time to decide if desire is in the cards. Victorian-style. This is the only way I'm old-fashioned.