22 Montreal, Quebec, CA
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My self-summary
Just an awesome guy not afraid to be myself, no matter how weird or what people think. The truest form of rebel.

I like to think I'm funny, my proof is that I constantly laugh at my quick wit, zingers, and well timed jokes :)

I'm also a nice guy! Too nice. I keep saying that my goal in life is to be the evilist of evils, but then I go and ruin it by running across the mall to open a door for an elderly woman with too many bags *SIGH*
What I’m doing with my life
Taking life easy, one step at a time! Looking to find a lady willing to walk with me!

Mostly work and I certainly plan on joining the ranks of the educated this coming fall after spending the last couple of years relaxing and enjoying my life :)
I’m really good at
Skills include:
- singing badly - listening - being nice - winning debates - falling down the stairs - falling UP the stairs - making burritos - finding my page in my book without a bookmark - laughing - telling jokes - laughing at my own jokes - getting lost in general - getting lost walking straight -
The first things people usually notice about me
Aside from the hairs upon my face, I've also been told my smile is quite warm! So, that's a plus. A beard with a smile!

People also tend to notice how much I enjoy laughing. I don't laugh at EVERY joke....but I'm working on it!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here we go! Hold onto your hats ladies and---well just ladies

Favourite books:
I almost exclusively read fantasy novels. Something about being taken away on a long adventure into a new world entirely created by the author....ahhhh
Favourite book series is Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Right now I am reading Steven Erikson's "Malazan Book of the Fallen" Series. That's some good stuff.

Favorite movie genres: (I'm serious ladies, hold onto those damn hats as I break man-code and tell you the truth) Mostly musicals, comedies, romantic tragedies/dramas, and a deep love for classic Disney movies.

Favourite bands/singers:
My preference is anything that revolves around the rock and punk genre; and can go from the catchy rhytyms of pop punk of Mayday Parade, to the heartpounding rifts of metalcores as August Burns Red.

I'll admit to being an undercover hipster in the sense that I avoid the radio as much as I avoid green bread. (That is to say, I might accidentally let my bread turn green, and it might sit on the counter--or in my head--for a little while. But I'll quickly dump it like the trash it is.)
The six things I could never do without
1.A book
5.July rain showers
6.My Beard
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Most of my deep thinking is when I'm nice and cozy under my covers. Such thoughts often run through my head:
What I forgot to do today
What I have to do tomorrow
Why is it only when I want sleep that I remember things?
What the next plot twist in the current book I'm reading will be!
And consequentially
What if I had spent the same amount of effort on my schoolwork as I did on analyzing book plots and determining what will happen? Would I have gotten 90s??
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't like to go out on weekends, places are too crowded! Not that I go out often, I'd rather go to friends' place and hang out. Or stay at home and enjoy the company of myself
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a hopeful hopeless romantic, with a knack of hurting myself in my own hope for my hopeless romances. But, that's not really a secret.
You should message me if
You enjoyed reading this! I promise you I am better when there's an exchange of words. Not just me and my profile talking to each other! (He doesn't say much)

Also, I've recently discovered that my err....sexuality falls somewhere in the "demisexual" range. That means that I'm not looking for sex, and probably won't be having sex unless we're really close.
You have been warned.

Oh, side note. Don't be intimidated about me having answered so many questions. It started off with a week of nothing else to do...then became an obsession to have that "highest match possible" rating reach 99.9%.......I made it......hi.