46 Santa Barbara, CA
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My self-summary
I'll let my publicist write this part:

"My client is quite a catch. He is funny, thoughtful, smart, drama-free, and eternally positive, and his optimism is contagious. He makes people feel comfortable in any situation, because he himself feels comfortable most of the time. He has no "perfect match" in mind, just someone who is generally accepting of his frequent puns (which are usually pretty amusing) and the medium-sized pouch where his flat belly used to be. That could be fixed with TENNIS, he loves to play tennis and if you do, even recreationally, that would be a YES. But if you don't, that's ok too.

Oh, and he LOVES making out. Cuddling, too. But making out? Jeez, don't get him started on that. Or, do.

He likes cheezy displays of affection (leaving flowers, hiding love notes in your pocket, taking out full-page newspaper ads apologizing for bumping your head with his when he clumsily moved in for the first kiss).

He's lived in Paris, England, and Czechoslovakia and has travelled almost everywhere else in Europe, and I'm sure he'll bore you with TONS of stories from those travels. You have been warned.

He misses his first car, a 69 convertible VW Bug, but he loved his 1970 VW Bus the most. He lived in it on various occasions and he'll undoubtedly bore you again with stories of that shit. But don't think that he's a verbose, pedantic story teller, he's just had a lot of stuff to tell about.

He loves thrift-store shopping and antiquing. Vintage stuff is his life. He drives the coast to Ventura twice a week to hit their (cheaper and better) thrift stores. His apartment (he lives alone -- YES!!) is a shrine to vintage stuff -- his friends call it the "Brier Museum". His silverware is all vintage and doesn't match. He loves to hike & walk -- his favorite thing is the hike up the back of the Douglas Preserve, then across and down the Mesa Lane steps, then down the beach back to his car. Then to Lazy Acres for his favorite pick-me-up at the juice bar: All greens with ginger/lemon/apple. And to try the cheese samples.

Did i mention that he's a New Englander? He grew up just outside of Boston, in a house that was built in 1884. The house that the guy who plays Big Bird on Sesame Street (Caroll Spinney) grew up in. And he's friends with him. Yeah, he's got tons of Big Bird stories. Buy him a drink and he'll spill all that stuff. I hope you like stories, for chrissakes. Brier has some stories to tell ya, if you really want to know.

He tries to go to the gym more than once a month, really he tries, but something keeps getting in the way. Maybe he needs a gym buddy. He likes to feed the birds, and they seem to appreciate it. He is slightly apprehensive about the okCupid thing, but is curious to try.

Did i mention cuddling and sleeping in?

Watching movies and making dinner are both plusses for him. As are hiking, camping, and sleeping in. He sweats more than most boys do, but he always has a bandanna with him.

P.S. He loves cheese."
What I’m doing with my life
After winning the New Yorker Magazine Cartoon Caption Contest...

...i joined an amazing artist's collective where we make incredible vintage-inspired industrial lighting, housewares, and other designer decorative items. I have finallly fulfilled my dream of being a Craftsman! We've been lucky enough to travel to New York City in February as exhibitors at the New York Gift Show, and we're going again in August! And I'm going travelling in Europe this spring, a short hiatus from the collective.

I also love: Searching for beach glass at Butterfly Beach, searching for treasures at thrift stores, (I'm also a professional picker & reseller of antiques), eating the most unusual lunches i can find, and always plannig Big Sur camping trips.
I’m really good at
Talking to strangers, making people feel at home, finding thrift store treasures. And winning the New Yorker Magazine's Cartoon Caption Contest, which i did last year!! If that means ANYTHING to you, then you're already in.

The first things people usually notice about me
That i am friendly & weird. And that i never capitalize the letter "i" except at the beginning of a sentence. It looks too much like a lower case L. And my dirty fingers from hand-crafting my artisian lighting and homewares at the collective.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
WRITERS: Kerouac, Salinger, Bukowski, Vonnegut, Henry Miller. MOVIES: Any Woody Allen, Tootsie, Judd Apatow's stuff, Spinal Tap, War Games, Fargo, etc. MUSIC: The Smiths (*), Belle & Sebastian, Rilo Kiley, Decemberists, Beatles of course, etc.
The six things I could never do without
1. Great food
2. The beach
3. Good beer or wine or spirits
4. eBay (it's my bread & butter)
5. Thrift stores (see #4)
6. Antique stores (see #5)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Oh, so much. I'm a list-maker. I'm always making lists about the things i need to do, remember, find, or notice.
On a typical Friday night I am
A night in, or else having drinks with friends. Typical, i know, but fun. I love laughs with good friends. Often we'll watch baseball. I do like watching baseball. It's ok if you don't. I'll teach you how. Or accept you if you don't want to.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When i was a kid i thought my dad was Buddy Holly. I never told him that. I never told my dad either.
You should message me if
Well, obviously, if you want to. And if you share any of the joys that i mentioned.