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29 M Chebba, Tunisia

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My self-summary
Please Read:I AM STRAIGHT! I WILL NOT REPLY OR TALK TO ANY GUY/TRANS Instant block from now on. LEAVE ME ALONE DAMN PLEASE. I got like 300 men trying to meet me and msging me wtf. I am not homophobic this is just getting annoying as hell. I have enough friends too

rant over.

I am pretty much a stand up guy, which basically means I don't take any crap flakes or liars, I am a loyal guy, don't hold grudges. I say what's on my mind but don't let that intimidate you i am actually a nice guy, just talk to me and see for yourself.

I like meeting new people and seeing how things go, i never assume things about anyone and give everyone a chance if there is initial attraction. I'm generally a chill guy, I enjoy experiencing new things. I'm all about meeting new people and making new friends. If you can stimulate my mind and can hold a conversation we should probably get along.
What I’m doing with my life
writing in forums among other things : like this latest post : Finally , a post of mine that gets accepted and published.! Wow. I have been trying for a while to post on this website. I kind of like this website because it is so well made, clear and everything. However I am having a hard time understanding or accepting the fact that no «bad words " are allowed. I mean: really? Do you guys actually live in Tunisia? I live in Tunisia and I can assure you that every Tunisian hears a lot of bad language daily. On a daily basis. Actually I am really not a frequent user of «bad language" in comparison to most other Tunisians. Actually, I have been thinking about this: Tunisian cursing and «bad language" is really rude and always involves sexuality and Deity as well. In English for example it is common to hear bad language in movies for example or when Street Jargon is being used. Most of english cursing however doesn’t involve Deity or the word of God. In Arabic however, cursing often involves religion. But that's another story.
Well I am not going to to literally say everything about me. That would make me so recognizable. Or that would strip me out of every single cloth of privacy.
But with that said: I loved the one comment that was about saying that my English is good. Because I love to think that I speak good English. It's a kind of refreshing comforting thought. Amidst this harsh incredible sometimes senseless Tunisian reality I live in.
Anyway, to answer some of your much appreciated questions: I am 100 percent Tunisian. I never set foot in America nor England. However I have been dreaming about it a lot. I think I am part of a new generation that is getting used with the English Language and that is very influenced by English and American culture.
I mean, let's not try to hide facts here; basically England was kind of the boss of this world throughout its history.
Like it was a huge empire. Maybe it still is. I saw documentaries, back in 1920 when Tunisia was nothing much, England was booming with cars and technology already.
So I get that. We missed the industrial revolution. We don’t have no " Adam Smiths" , no " David Humes " and no great inventors or scientists. So I kind of always looked up to the «West». It has always fascinated me. I never entertained the idea of going east though. You might call me «a West man ". Like all the culture, the whole attitude, the capitalism (though not every part of it), the freedoms, the mentalities, all that I like and cherish a lot and I wish that Tunisia would adopt more and more of those ingredients of success.
However I don't want to wake the illusion that I am a successful man. By no means. On the contrary, I disappointed a lot of people and I have made a lot of trouble. Actually life hit me with hard bricks often times and I got injured. Some injuries are even not curable. But what choice do I have but to carry on and try to make the right decisions in the future?
What do I work?
A stupid job. A job that leaves me empty hearted every time I go back home. A job I have been doing for the last 4 years. A job that I am doing out of necessity and that changed my mind state. A job that is a daily reminder for me of the way this world works after all: Money rules everything. Money buys happiness. Money. Money. Money. Yeah, typical Tunisian thinking I guess. I am very superficial actually. And I know it. You know what I am saying? Like I know it shouldn’t work like that but I see everybody doing it so I do it like most people do it.
And no, I don’t have that mighty great necessary and much demanded University Degree. Does that already make my life a failure? I don’t know. I’m going to have to find that out. Even though I must admit that these guys with them university degrees seem to be doing real fine on the long term: those doctors and architects, those engineers and accountants. Like banks would lend them a lot of money and they can invest in real lucrative projects. Well, me, I am a not a big player. I never was good with money.
I should have watched “Money Talks “earlier in my youth. Instead of watching “Forrest Gump” and other romantic and misleading movies.
So a middle class dude. Even though I happen to live in a kind of real poor and destitute neighborhood. Yeah , so I know all of the ghetto violence around here and I got a lot of stories about that.
Yeah another question: I am not in a relationship with any woman. That’s also another part of my tragedy. Maybe the biggest part. Because . Well that Subject is huge. Maybe now is not the time to start it.
I live in a small city in the vicinity of Mahdia. A city known for its nice beaches among other things.
Well I think I answered all the questions for now. Feel free to ask more. I kind of like talking about myself. It’s like a therapy. It helps me work things out I guess. Anyway I love also to entertain the idea that I could interact with some people outside of the box. Meaning outside of the box I am finding myself in right now. Like sometimes, Tunisia with all its beauty and nature and history and bla bla bla, it just sometimes all seems like a huge sad prison to me. I’m just saying. Or maybe I am just trying to rationalize and find excuses to my own defaults.
How many moderators are here? Like what if one particular moderator has a problem with one of my posts? Does that mean my post doesn’t get published? Is it me or is this system of wating to get your post approved by an unknown moderator not really compatible with ideals of English or American Freedoms. Like I had some posts deleted without even an explanation.
Who decides what is clean or not? By whose definition? Many questions. Let’s see if this gets approved and unedited.
I’m really good at
writing : check out this text of me :
Well hello there.
First off I am real. If anyone doubts that, add me in Skype and you will have me live. I am Tunisian and I never set foot in either America or England. Only in my dreams. I have never been in Australia either. I don’t want to go to Australia. I don’t want to go to India, no China, no Japan, none of that. I want to go west. I want to go the land of the brave and home of the free. I want to go to the new world. But before I get lost in the description of my longings, allow me to address a few remarks that some of you guys made towards me.
I hate my reality. I am not satisfied. I miss something. I miss something big. I told you guys I do write in other forums and I met people through other forums. The reason why I don’t want to do a blog is that I prefer to do this here. This thread has been already seen more than a thousand times if the statistics are accurate. It can’t possibly be that none of these guys have a sympathetic reaction.
I am literally crying here through this thread. It’s my life. A series of trouble and tragedies. I asked for permission to tell my story. This forum is a platform. I use it to tell my story. I don’t have any concrete intentions but I am open for any possibilities. Well I do admit that my life is kind of empty and I would appreciate if I get to know someone through this forum. Even if it is not that woman I have been looking for.
I must thank the one member who thought my English was good. It’s a good compliment every time and I do admit I like getting compliments. I don’t know why. It kind of feels good, doesn’t it?
I learned English in school. I already explained. I had that hot teacher. She was so hot. I never forget the way she pronounced them words. I do have a problem now. I can’t possibly imagine myself being with a woman who doesn’t have a good grip of the English language too. I think the fact that I have been watching only English speaking material has altered my view on things when it comes to that subject. Ok, that was very vaguely put but you guys act all shocked and dismayed every time I mention sexuality.
It feels like a mosque in here. I thought you guys were liberals. Even one girl was talking about staying virgin until marriage. Really? Just for the record: I was not hitting on you.
This world is weird: I know women who want me here in my town. I just don’t want them. Ok. I really would like to talk more about prostitutes and what they mean to me and my relationship to them but I don’t know .. You guys acted all offended. Maybe I have to keep that for myself, unless I get courageous like the last time.
Yeah, what else is there to say in this wonderful day? Maybe say some about my day? Yeah, I got some money today; I went jogging on the beach.
Oh now I remember, yesterday I was jogging on the beach, right? I have chosen a place where only a few people were scattered here and there. I don’t like overcrowded places when I do sports. People would think I am crazy. That’s a mentality thing here. People here don’t get the idea of Sports yet. Well most of them. I told you, I live in a small city in the vicinity of Mahdia. I can’t say more. I don’t want to get busted. I told you I can’t reveal my true identity to everybody, that would be crazy.
But anyway I was having my earphones on as usual and listening to a podcast of bbc radio 4. ( that’s how much I love England and want to feel like I am there, yeah, lame , right? I know but I don’t think I have much of a choice). Anyway all of a sudden, I see a bunch of girls coming towards me. They want to talk to me and I hear them saying things to me and laughing and smiling and waving but I can’t stop running because I do time exercises. Anyway after I finish, I go to them and ask them what’s wrong? It turns out one of them has a stupid crush on me. She is giving me that look and that smile and every time I ask her a question her face illuminates with excitement and she does all she can to keep the discussion going. I just continue being nice just not to hurt her feelings. But I really have no interest. She is not my type. Well she is not a perfect model for a start. She doesn’t have what it takes. I could have fun with her, if she wants. But more than that, I wouldn’t be ready to do any kind of other stuff. Weird, isn’t it ? Like women are in 2 classes or maybe 3.
The dream women: no. now that I come to think about it there are more classes than I can count : the dream women, the fantasy women, the lust women , the marriage women. Maybe those are the most relevant types of women in my situation.
There are women you would sleep with but you would never consider having a real relationship with.
Some women are just hot. But they don’t have anything besides that. Or it just doesn’t work. Well I am saying rubbish now. I lost my concentration. I don’t know. Don’t take what I said in the last paragraph too seriously. I’m not sure I mean everything I said.
Oh before I go: a few other things, I think I am having a problem with my vision. I was driving last night and whenever I saw lights (either of cars or in the street), these lights were always forming some kind of long lines across. This is adding to my paranoia. Like I see lines of light and not just the lights.
Wait, so there is this guy who thinks he can make fun of me and there are these other girls who think that he was hilarious. Wow. I don’t know. I never said that I expect to have a line of women waiting for me. I was just addressing the virtual friend who is obviously not you.
I will not be dragged in any conflicts with other members. Have your laughs. Hell, just do whatever you want. This text is not meant for anybody anyway. It’s meant for a liberal person, a progressive thinker, a free spirit. That’s what I am talking about. I am coming clean. I am telling my strengths and my weaknesses. And yes, it is evening here and I don’t know what else to do except to write and keep hoping that my horizon would be widened.
The thing that is bothering me right now is my belly. It’s getting fat. Well I am not really fat but I don’t have a flat stomach and that is really bothering me.
To my body: I have brown hair, brown eyes, I am 189 cm tall and I weigh 85 kg with my clothes on. I don’t know if you guys can take a joke but it’s 7 inches.
The first things people usually notice about me
how brilliant I am. Check out this latest post I wrote : Yeah, what happened next in Djerba has become a distant memory. I think it was 2 months ago. The road reminded me of several movies I have watched. Those movies which were shot in the desert of Nevada. A very long road in the middle of nowhere. I found myself thinking about how big and vast our world is. They say Tunisia is a small country, yet I see a vast country in front of me. There were no mountains and no hills to see. Only flat vast dry land. I got the feeling that the desert, the Sahara, must be close now. And I couldn’t help but feel small, irrelevant and powerless in the midst of this immense overwhelming landscape.
I don’t remember the exact location but at some point the driver stopped the car in front of a restaurant that was just by the side of the road. It looked like most of the louage cars had the custom of stopping at that particular restaurant because other louage cars were parked there. One of the cars had “Tataouine “written on it. Another one had “mednin “as the destination. There were other restaurants scattered across the side of the road. So why did the driver stop at this particular restaurant? And why did the other drivers prefer this restaurant as well? Maybe the owner of the restaurant is giving these drivers incentives to do so? Because he would profit from the eventual purchases of the customers, wouldn’t he? Why was I even asking myself these questions? Is it just my paranoid nature? I should stop listening to the Alex Jones podcast. He is starting to influence me with his crazy conspiracy theories.
I watched how the driver took a seat at a table and he ordered a rice dish with an air of monotony and with such a habitual demeanor as if he was in his own home. He must have been eating in this restaurant for years, I thought. The way he talked with the waiters there and the familiarity he expressed were signs and indications that definitely strengthened my supposition.
I ordered a Tuna sandwich without frites. And a small bottle of mineral water. I finished my food quickly and went out and stood besides the car waiting for the other passengers and the driver to come back.
I found a girl in the car. A young woman.
- You are not eating?
- No, I don’t want to. Every time I travel, I prefer not to eat during the trip.
I sensed from her reaction that she had nothing against engaging in a spontaneous quick conversation with me. So we talked until the others finished eating and were ready to go.
She was originally from Djerba yet she found work in Mahdia. She said that she only has her parents. Her mother is in Djerba. She rented an apartment in Mahdia and her father has moved in with her there because it can’t possibly happen that a girl would rent an apartment by herself in a foreign city. What would the people say? What about the honor of the family? After all traditions and customs are to be respected. So her father , a very old man, had to go through this long exhausting trips every weekend or every 2 weeks to uphold the moral standards of the family and so that people and neighbors think highly of him. Actually at some point during the trip, I remember hearing the salafi driver telling another passenger with admiration that that old man is known among the Louage drivers in Djerba. Because he takes his daughter every weekend back to her home in Djerba. And that he scarified his rest and his time and moved in with her in Mahdia so that she would not be alone and so that he would protect her. I looked at the old man. He could barely move and he was obviously beyond 70. A sad feeling took hold of me when I thought about their situation. Her job wasn’t even paid more than 400 dinars a month. She said that she is hopeful that the government will place her soon in a city closer to Djerba. The girl was of no erotic interest to me so I was sticking to the formal friendly serious conversation code. Yet I couldn’t help but sense that she was a bit too zealous. She told me where she worked and asked me where I am from and she made it pretty obvious that she didn’t mind if I would break the ice. However I didn’t. What’s the use? I thought. She and I, we come from different worlds. She didn’t wear a Hijab though. Anyway, it was just another conversation that made you for a moment see things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. Things that you can as well continue your life without caring to see them. She was complaining about how expensive life is and she was in her mid twenties. And she was single.
As the engine of the car started, I put my earphones back on and closed my eyes. Yet I couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts were swirling in my head. I opened my eyes again. I looked in front of me. There was the road. But what is that thing on the front window shield just in front of me? It’s a sticker. A piece of paper that was glued on the glass. Yet it should have been a bit more to the right so that it won’t annoy me. I just realized that it was just in front of me. And I couldn’t watch the road without seeing it. Yet I don’t want to see it. It is ugly and it is stupid that you would put that sticker just in front of the eyes of the passenger whereas you have so much space on the right side where it won’t be an issue for anyone. I got angry and infuriated. How is it possible that no other passenger has dealt with this problem before? I had to do something. But if I even move my hand or stir a bit now, the drive would automatically look at me. He was obviously bored. I am sure he would have something to say to me if I ever touched something in “ his” car. Yet I didn’t want to even look him in the eye, let alone speak with him.
To be continued.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
. My dad has insisted that I meet a girl lately. She is the daughter of a friend of his. And he was saying that he thinks that she would be a suitable wife for me. My dad has obviously a very different perception of life than me. We disagree most of the time on most of the subjects.
Me, on the other hand, I found me a perfect looking 18 years old girl through a dating website. I was very excited about her also because she had Italian papers. So she invited me over to her place and I went there, her mom was nice and welcoming and she said I should bring my parents over so that we would get to know each other and she said that she doesn’t see why I wouldn’t date her daughter.
She was very open minded and liberal at heart which I loved and appreciated. I had a great date with that girl, we went to Sousse and we had fun. She is a shorter version of Kim Karadashian. I swear people were staring at us wherever we went. We just made a perfect couple. Her beauty was stunning and the smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger. She really knew how to turn me on too which I thought was incredible considering her young age. She just knew how to touch me in the right spot at the right time and she definitely knew what to say and how to say it. Her brown eyes were fantastic and there was some inexplicable connection between us. She also was very honest with me and told me a lot about her and about her life. To make a long story short, I thought I was on to something.
So I told my family about the situation and asked them to come with me because her family wants to know my family. My dad said that he would only go see her if I would first go see the woman he told me about.
My dad is very stubborn and manipulative so I said yes. My hope was that he would go with me to see my Italian friend. My sister organized a date with that girl and we met. Well she looked good but I didn’t feel any sexual attraction towards her. Maybe the idea that this date was set up by my dad and her dad was the main reason why my sensors and signal detectors may probably have been blocked anyway. So we drank some non alcoholic beverages, I was being nice and polite with her just for the sake of courtesy and good manners. She obviously is very well educated and she is over 1.75. Yet I didn’t feel that spark. It didn’t hit me. She was dressed too conservatively in my eyes. I tried to look more in her eyes and look for a trace or a sign of that inexplicable thing I am always after yet I didn’t find anything. Just normal. Yet I aspire for more. I remembered that Italian girl and the way she was dressed, the aura of absolute grace and elegance that she displayed and her body, her curves, that girl is something else.
My dad as I feared refused later to go with me to see my Italian friend and he was saying that I should forget about Europe once and for all. He said that people are fleeing Europe and coming here and that I shouldn’t do the opposite. So I confronted him and called him a manipulative liar and we had big argument.
The Italian girl was disappointed and her mom thought I was not right for her daughter since I am actually very dependent on my family. They went back to Italy. The other girl is showing interest and asked me to go out with her today. She would bring her sister and I would bring my sister and we would drink a coffee in “alasfour” in Mahdia. But I refused, I just went back home, felt depressed, had a relapse if you know what I mean, slept, woke up, and here I am now writing this.
I feel like I’m in the sky flying with the fishes or like I am in the ocean swimming with the pigeons. Actually that sentence is a quote from a great song of lil Wayne that I posted here earlier today but it was deleted, can I know why?
There is nothing to be proud of. There are a lot of wrong things. Things are complicated. Some situations just get twisted and things escalate. Yeah.
The name of the song that was deleted is” the sky is the limit”.
What’s wrong with sex? I am not sex-obsessed. Well if you guys are married and having fulfilled sexual lives, good for you! I am not married; I don’t even have a girlfriend. The idea of having a girlfriend in my city is absurd anyways. No one has sex here unless he is married or if he is a thug or something. I am not a gangster. I think it is normal and legitimate for me to be having these thoughts and these cravings. My blood is hot, my hormones are swirling, I can’t help it. Simple biology.
What’s wrong with being self-centered? I don’t have a woman in my life. When I have her, I would be then Wife-centered. You dig? Right now I don’t have but me.
And I don’t like self pity and wallowing in self pity as you put it but I’m telling a story here. I didn’t make this stuff up. Everything I say here is true. I’m in trouble. This world is wrong. I bet there must be a girl in Europe who could need a man like me. I’m just in the wrong place. I need a visa. Anyone can help? Just get me out of here would you? I would work as the man who collects garbage if I just get the chance to leave this cursed continent. I would do anything.
The six things I could never do without
So anyway I am not desperate. I am just frustrated and fed up and I don't know what else to do. I am out of options. Lately I found an advertisement in a newspaper. Some British Company based in Tunis looking for English Speakers with talents and I guess they are some kind of a sales business, anyway they are based in Lac 2 or something like that, some fancy place I guess. So the guy I talked to on the phone was an English dude, I suppose. He sent me an email and asked me to come to a meeting for a job interview. I told him I lived far away from Tunis and that I prefer that we would talk on Skype first. That way he would get to hear me and listen to my experience and I would know more about the job. He refused and so nothing came out of it. I will not spend over 15 dinars for a trip to Tunis; endure the agony of being in a louage with strangers and with a smoking reckless driver in a clumsy seat and suffering from the unbearable heat for over 4 hours, then find myself in a city that looks like a whole different world to me, struggle to find a taxi or a way to get to the address he gave me, sit there and get interviewed, then get myself back to my hometown losing some other 4 hours and more money along the way. Whilst we could do the same thing on Skype.

It doesn’t make sense to me. And if this interviewer can’t see my logic than I guess that job wasn’t meant to be. So I do have a job though. A one that sucks. Big time. Actually I just have a dream. And it has nothing to do with MLK. It is a whole different dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in my sexual fantasies. I have a dream. That one day I will be able to meet one girl who looks like them girls on those pictures. Yes you might call me superficial, stupid or even disturbed. But I am convinced that my motives do not lack any sense of purity or honesty. Women like those on the pictures do not only fascinate me, they inspire me and they motivate me. I have this dream, that one day, I will meet my Linda and be her man and that she would be my woman. Yes, I have a dream. That one day, I will find her. I will not care less if my fellow Tunisian citizens think badly of her. I will not care if they call her a ***** or a prostitute. It doesn’t matter to me if she already slept with a thousand men before me.

Now, you all know that the chances of me meeting a girl like that are pretty dim. I do not have access to that kind of entourage. My environment is different from hers. And she is impossible to be met or found in my city. Well, she probably could spend a short vacation in a luxurious hotel in a Tunisian city but even if she did, I wouldn’t know.

Oh I remember this song now :

This song is amazing and I sometimes exactly feel like that.

I feel tired right now. Getting late. I have to wake up early tomorrow and deal with same monotonous situations. I wish I could take some sleeping pills. Why can I not sleep? Because there is no satisfaction. Because there is an awareness of missed chances and lost opportunities. Regret, frustration, despair, agony, anguish, irritation, stress and sadness are ceaselessly beating me up with all their might and sleep doesn’t dare to come and help me.

I went to the gym today. I had a very unpleasant situation there. I just did a few chin ups and pushups and some bar exercises. And there was this guy who I never liked. He always looks at me in a peculiar way. He is kind of short and his face is full of “what are they called?” Acne or something.. Very ugly stuff. Anyway I could tell that he disliked me because we had a big argument one time and we nearly got in a fight. So his friend who happens to be the responsible there was eying me too. So I felt really uncomfortable and decided to leave after only about 5 minutes there. As I was leaving the responsible of the gym approached me and told me that I have to move the iron bar that I used back to its place where I first found it. This was a straight provocation. The bar wasn’t annoying anyone where I left it. It was on the ground. He said I have to put it on the ground but closer to the wall. I looked at his face. I could see a mix of hate, boredom and ignorance in his eyes. So I just did what he asked me to do. The other acne dude was looking at me and enjoying the moment, I guess. I put the damn bar where he said it should be and then I smiled, said goodbye and left.

About the dream: here is the sequel: I know that looks aren’t everything. However I do believe that looks are a reflection of the inside of a person. And they also indicate the lifestyle and the convictions and beliefs that a person has. When I see women like that, I can’t even consider being with other kinds of women. Maybe that’s why I am 28 and desperately single. I heard there is a member here from Sweden. Well if you or any other member know a girl who looks like that and who is single and who would be up for an adventure, you might want to tell her that there is a ragazzo out there in Tunisia , he is 28, he is fairly good looking, can be witty and amusing, has a tremendous sexual appetite, lol or shouldn’t I mention that? That could be a turn off, right? Hook me up! I know. Silly, isn’t it? To even think this stuff might work. But just in case, tell her to give her skype or facebook. Tell her that I can’t wait to talk to her.

Thus, after having made a fool out of myself again, I think I might better go to bed.

And for all you guys who want to start making quotes and having laughs on my account, please refrain from doing so because it is not cool to take things out of context or to judge me when you do not know the whole story. I am fully aware that I was not thorough and consistent in the description of my dream and motives and the meaning of the pictures and where I got them from.

I will do the explanation in the future. Sadly I lost a recording that I did just to explain the whole thing. But I will try to do it again later. Or maybe write about it. So anyways. I am not here to make enemies. Why did you delete my latest post? Inappropriate content? Come on! We are all grownups, aren’t we? And are you guys serious? You never swear? You never talk graphically about sex? You never watch porn? Really? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn… Something is wrong with me then! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I close my eyes and I open them again. I am still here in Tunisia. In this land that I never really got to understand. I am standing on the street in the center of Mahdia waiting for some friend and watching people. I found a somewhat clean place near a tree so I sat down and was watching the people and the cars roll in the street. I was thinking as usual. I seem to never get a clear empty head these days. I seem to always have something on my mind. I was thinking about the beautiful porn actress I watched getting gangbanged last night. Her name is Faye Runaway. Well that must be her nickname. Anyway she is an American, splendidly beautiful and I was wondering why she would do a job like that? Was it out of need for money? Maybe is she a drug addict? It is hard to fathom how a dream girl like that could let herself get abused in that terrible way. I mean it was totally abusive and demeaning. Yet she seemed to enjoy it. She seemed to be participating willingly in the whole thing. And weirdly enough she even seemed to get a sense of pleasure and ecstasy out of it.

The images and the sounds wouldn’t get out of my mind. For some time I felt haunted and I felt helpless and didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was wondering : Now here is a super looking girl who you obviously don’t know but you do find her totally attractive and you wouldn’t ever possibly miss the chance of getting to know her and possibly marrying her and spending the rest of your life with her, so much her beauty and her body language enthrall you. Yet this same woman is not in Tunisia, you would never get the chance of meeting her or her alike here, instead she is in America doing porn and getting abused by some people who don’t seem to hold any respect for her. Isn’t that both funny and absurd?

As I was swimming casually in my endless ocean of thoughts and memoirs, a man who just passed by caught my attention and got me out of my stream of thoughts because he definitely had something about him that made him protrude out of the mass of the people around.

Well the thing that caught my eye is that he was wearing a very nice Shirt. Tommy Hilfiger was the brand and in case you don’t know that brand is very rare here in Tunisia. I mean the original one. It is a fact that there isn’t a single official Tommy Hilfiger shop in Tunisia. Anyways that shirt seemed real and just seeing it made me have a second look at the man wearing it. He was in his mid forties and as he went by someone greeted him and he greeted him back. He was wearing black leather shoes and blue Levis jeans and had an elegant aura about him. He held a suitcase in his hand. So I assumed that this man must be known around here since he is getting greeted by others and that he must be the owner of one or 2 of these big buildings in the center of this city. After all, these high buildings and nice lavish houses must belong to some people. Some people who must live here too. Some people a man like me doesn’t get to see unless he pays some attention.

As I was following this particular man with my eyes as he went along. As I was still watching the way he walked , wondering what else there might be to know about this particular man and holding him already in the highest esteem, he made a terrible noise with his nose and then basically spat on the asphalt and went on as if nothing happened.

I was both shocked and disgusted. Totally wrong was I about this man. He doesn’t deserve any esteem and he obviously doesn’t have any class at all. Anyway I thought, this country is weird anyways. A President flew to Saudi Arabia, Ex convicts are now rulers, Allegedly conservative girls are getting to Syria to have intercourse with War fighters, Tourists coming here because they want to spend a vacation, Tunisians wanting to get out of here and everyone is dreaming of hooking up a tourist and getting a visa to Europe, some people living in abject poverty, other people living in incalculable wealth, people watching people, everybody in somebody’s business, dirt and filth on the street and everywhere except in some places reserved for tourists or if it is a private place, people driving cars without proper documentation and not caring about it, policemen literally asking for bribery each time they make you stop and want to see you car’s papers, nobody is respecting any rules, it’s like a zoo or maybe a jungle, people starting to build houses and then stopping to continue only years later , that is if they ever to decide to continue what they started, people putting stickers on their cars with religious sayings such as : “ don’t forget God”. Do they never wonder that someone may want to forget about God for some time? That it wouldn’t be such a terrible idea? To forget for some time that you are going to burn in hell if you do that and do this and so on.

I mean these people they be putting religious car stickers “If god is with you, then you can’t lose” .. “ God is with those, who wait” , “ God is greater” , “ Thank God” etc and other Islamic proclamations. Now as you enter Mahdia from the route of “Ksour Essef”, there is a big advertisement saying : “Do your prayers before you die” referring to the five prayers requested by the official religion of this country.

Meanwhile girls are not allowed to date, that’s why I am here writing this stuff instead of spending some quality time with a new punani. They are in big trouble I must admit. I do feel for them. And as a consequence we, Tunisian men, are in trouble too. Well I don’t speak for all Tunisian Men. I speak for those who want to break the rules set by our fathers and grand fathers. I speak for those who want to get to know someone first before engaging in a serious commitment. No pins attached, no guarantees, no promises, no lies. Most fathers here wouldn’t let their daughters go out with a man who isn’t officially their fiancé. Basically no women are self independent. Hell, Not even I am independent. We are all in this hard position. Tied. Who cares?

Just as last comment for this time. I heard the new album of drake. You know? He is selling millions copies of his albums and is famous and everything. I suggest you hear the song “The language”.
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My motto is whatever happens happens, I'm not here to find the girl of my dreams or my next best friend but who knows? I'm just here to see where things might go and have some fun, if it leads somewhere long term great, if not that's cool as well. (I would prefer it to lead to something serious)

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