27 Bristol, UK
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My self-summary
Aha! So you've come thus far and you haven't relented (yet) from reading this very verbose and possibly uselessly meandering description of mine. Very well, my dear reader! The problem at hand is that I am at a loss myself to put into words my very own quintessence, especially in a few words, and at the same time make a good impression. Maybe I could start by making a big list of things I absolutely love: old books, abandoned places, the smell of a forest, movies, a good wine - alas, that list would be overlong. I also have no guarantee that all the parts would correctly sum up to constitute an accurate image of my persona. I guess you will have to find out in due time, if you're still reading. I haven't lost you, have I?
What I’m doing with my life
Working here and there, going with the wind. Currently trying to become a freelancer so I can volunteer, work and/or study as I please.
Improving my drawing and language skills, learning more about the world (history, biology and memetics mostly).
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
They don't notice me because I am a ninj-

All right, I wish I were. People usually think I am a good, reliable person. I am not. I like to lie about silly things / come up with random practical jokes, preferably involving lots of sellotape, and if I'm not doing that then I'm probably in my corner reading a book.

Also my lazy eye. Seriously lazy. The other eye is an asshole eye so that does not help either.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books! I've been reading mostly non-fiction lately. Especially biology and sociology. E. O. Wilson, R. Dawkins, J. Diamond are my modern day heroes.
But I also enjoy good fiction, such as Perutz, Meyrink, Zweig, Palahniuk, Fowles, J. Coe, Lem, S. Fry, Vonnegut, Wu Ming, Vian, Queneau. And lots of comics (Sam&Max, Little Nemo, N. Urasawa, Watchmen ..).

I am also a deeply entrenched cinephile, meaning I watch all sort of unheard/foreign movies, contemporary and not. L. Anderson, Parajanov, M. Oshii, Gondry, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Germi, Petri, Scola, Risi, Kubrick, Lumet, Malle, L. Wertmuller, Forman, Jeunet, Coen brothers, Maasaki Yuasa, Fosse and Cronenberg are among my favourites.

I don't watch many series though I am following True Detective and a few others.

Music: anything that is not too dull nor involves lyrics about hot asses, boobs, gangsta fights or intolerably agonizing love stories.

What I eat: I love to cook and experiment, mix up traditional Italian recipes with whatever is at hand. Veggie for a few years now.
The six things I could never do without
Good stories
A backpack (with a bicycle inside, please)
Visual arts

.. is that five? More chocolate, please.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to fill these things with. How many are there?

(uh, well, I guess I think a lot about the fate of humankind, the usual where-do-we-come-from/where-are-we-going thing, but saying it like that does sound really unimportant..)
On a typical Friday night I am
It doesn't really matter where I am, but who I am with. Chances are I am discussing how to create a religious sect based on panspermic theology so that I can make money out of it, or maybe experimenting new recipes on my friends.

Disclaimer: I don't like clubbing/binge drinking/pub-crawling, I don't really appreciate drinking liters of unidentified beverages, and loud music and loud people are not my thing.
You should message me if
If you like to go out in the wilderness.

If you like to watch movies that nobody else has seen (and then pester all your friends about it).

If you think a lot about human nature, human societies.

If you think ants are really cool.

If you don't mind somebody who likes being (at times) quiet.