24 College Park, MD
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My self-summary
I am rocky, proven by my snapchat "thisisrocky"
I enjoy wearing black/gray. No I am not an alternative style person (even though their gorgeous)
I really enjoy audio books because I don't always have time to sit and read. I used to drive and read... but that was a bad habit.

I'm not a health nut, but most un healthy things don't sit well with me. Besides the obvious foods I also mean drugs and alcohol. Plus excerise is a must, if I'm not healthy I'm not happy. Well ok I'm not happy anyway, but muscles are great so shut up.

I really like anime and sometimes manga, but I tend too binge read it and then my eyes hurt from staring at my computer for so long. So I mostly stuck too anime.

I've recently taken too cooking. It's actually quite enjoyable to get a recipe correct.
Though baking is better, because.. I mean come on. The cake is not a lie, it's just gone because I ate it all XD.

I'm perpetually alone because i haven't made any friends here yet (Moved semi recently). I think I'm a sociopath because I'm very happy this way. But it couldn't hurt too have someone.

I don't use social media very much. So I don't have a constantly updated thing for you too check... sorry. You should talk to me instead :).
The six things I could never do without