28 Chicago, IL
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My self-summary
I once had someone define the word "Quixotic" by pointing at me. That's a real good start.

ENFP, Slytherin, Gemini and Orzhov, as all of those have about the same weight.

I like words. That's a bit of a thing for me. They're like a utility belt for the world around you; education, entertainment, humor, making things change. There's a lot you can do with them. It's keeps me busy.

To be completely honest, I'm guessing you've already gone through my pictures and questions by now. Glad you stuck around.
What I’m doing with my life
While I'm currently employed at a day job I really do love, the end goal is to be a playwright. I love seeing something I've written actually happen, and I'm doing everything I can to make that more and more common these days.

When I'm not waist-deep in theater or other fiction, I try to uphold the proud Nerd traditions of my ancestors; D20 and Sheep resource card at the ready.
I’m really good at
I am excellent at telling stories, spinning yarns and building worlds out of words. I can remember trivia from books I read years ago and still manage to forget where I put down my spoon after I get my soup out of the pot. I can turn getting lost into a learning experience, and can make an irredeemable situation at least a little bearable.

That, and I'm a good cook.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'll be honest; I'm rather loud. With my voice, with my hand gestures, my opinions... I'm not rude or overbearing. I'm just loud. One of the nicest things I've ever been told is that you can hear my laugh from across a crowded room.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite writers are Rod Serling, Dr. Seuss, Warren Ellis and Jim Butcher. I'm a sucker for any good, pulp-y fiction, but I'll never turn down a recommendation for good non-fiction.

I tend not to watch television shows while they're airing because I seem to be some sort of Angel of Death and will get anything I love canceled. Firefly, Chuck, Breaking Bad and Futurama rank towards the top to the list. I even managed to do it three times for that last one. So far, Adventure Time seems to have been spared. As far as older shows go, I swear by The Twilight Zone, and Jim Henson is a personal hero of mine.

I've got a fairly wide taste in music, but I can't ever seem to escape Ska or rockabilly, and good lyricists like Ludo will always be favorites of mine.
The six things I could never do without
I don't see myself being able to function without something good to read, good company, some way to create, quality food and a bit of free time to enjoy the silence. But that's only, we'll say a giant tesla coil, too. Because let's be honest, indoor lightening is pretty damn great.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Plots and stories. It's just like when you sit down and work through an argument you'll never actually have with someone, but I make other people act it out.

Also about where I can find good barbecue within a reasonable distance from my house. But that's a bit less entertaining. Just a bit.
On a typical Friday night I am
I thrive off of people. If it's a show, a game night, or a night drinking, I'd prefer to be more choosy about the people than the what or where.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm willing to answer pretty much any question you throw at me, honestly. Though I generally prefer to trade.

If I have to offer one up for free, it'll be this: my favorite Star Trek movie is Galaxy Quest.
You should message me if
-You want to be the Lana to my Archer
--You understand that Lana and Archer have a more-than-mildly unhealthy relationship in a handful of different ways, but it still sounds fun.

-Jim Henson has, in some way, shaped who you are now.

-I probably won't end up calling you evil on our first date.