49 Haarlem, Netherlands
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My self-summary
I'm an American (yes, how boring) currently living in the Netherlands and working in London, I commute about every week. I just moved to Haarlem in the Netherlands - as a sort of resting stop. Hopefully I'll be able to sort out a residency permit and move to London full time before the end of the year.

I have been an ex-pat for nearly eight years now and love living outside the US. At my last home, in Geneva I'd been active in rock climbing, cycling, and mountaineering. Now in NL, I'm looking to make friends and find new activities here.

I have a lot of freedom with my work so I have time to workout at home in the mornings or evening and spend my weekends in the mountain or doing anything else that sounds interesting.

I would be nice, though not necessary, to find a partner who is also wanting physically active and interested to find common activities. I do eat well and exercise as much as possible, I would probably only get along well with someone who also takes care of their body.

Having common interests, especially recreational, is always a great foundation to build a partnership. Of course, there is also a need to have strong physical attraction too. I need a partner who is adventurous, open minded, curious and constantly needing to try new things, both in and out of the bedroom. So I'm a nice and naughty guy. Looking for the same in a partner ;) The naughtier, the better - you really can't scare or surprise me....

I also enjoy travel to exotic places (and hopefully to climb mountains in far-away places like Nepal), and many of the other finer things in life, art, music, wine, food, and lively debate. I've visited plus 50+ countries. Airport lounges and airplanes are sometimes my second home.

By the way, my US home is in Austin, Texas, I visit there usually twice a year. I have lived in Houston, Southern California, Manhattan, Chicago, Riyadh, Bahrain, Geneva and now Netherlands - the UK is next!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living abroad, letting the other mice run ever faster on the treadmill of life, enjoying outdoor activities, exploring my limits, and seeking a like-minded partner. I'm blessed in that 'work' is essentially a hobby for me now, I do what I want, when I want how I want. Yes, I worked like a mad-man earlier in my career to earn that, and now I'm enjoying it.

For the last 3 years or so I have been leaning toward Asia as being the place for the next phase of my life. I've been to China 8 or 10 times for business (but could never live there), Singapore too many times to count (absolutely could live there), love Hong Kong and I spent 8 of the last 18 months in Thailand (great place to consider as my next move). I've lived in US, the Middle East and Europe, so perhaps the east is next for me!
I’m really good at
Solving complex problems, making great tasting meals from leftovers and random things in the kitchen, planning exotic trips, and testing limits (both mine and my partner's).
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I typically don't care about what people notice. I live my own life in my own way and don't seek the attention or approval of others. My friends and family back in the US think that it's quite abnormal that I don't own a car, a TV, or a microwave and that I can quite easily move my limited amount of stuff via checked baggage.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - all sorts of non-fiction, book on history, science, physics, astronomy, mountain guidebooks.
Movies - ones that make you think. I haven't been very impressed with movie lately, most are just 'fluff' entertainment. Last good movie I that left an impression were Gravity, Insterstellar and the Kingsmen unexpectedly quite entertaining.
Music - anything non-commercial, I've been away from music for 3 or 4 years, but I like creative, interesting things, not money-makers.
Food - everything exotic or from a far away corner of the globe. #1 is Thai with Mexican a close second. India, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Nepalese.... pretty much anything from Asia that is not China.
The six things I could never do without
Climbing equipment,
My two bikes,
My great job,
Sex with an imaginative and adventurous partner, and
Mexican food (though sadly unavailable in acceptable quality in Switzerland).

Oh, and I've been told, Oxford Commas.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why women squeeze the toothpaste from the top.

An acceptable punishment for people who don't know the difference between you're and your and there's and there are.

What country should I visit next?

The USD/CHF/EUR rate.

Sex. Sex. Sex.

What to write on the landing card as occupation.

How some women put bi-curious on their profile? Wouldn't you have decided already?
On a typical Friday night I am
Home of course, why else would I be on a dating site?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've had a vasectomy.

I'm left-handed but can't use left-handed scissors.
You should message me if
You'd like to have some intelligent conversation, lots of ethnic foods, random exposure to culture (museums, concerts, opera, etc.), trips to countries not accessible via direct flights, and if you are passionate and honest about your sexuality and your cravings. Or if you just want to let go and let someone else show you the world....

If you're seeking a short-term summer romance that could turn into something more substantial.

If you are bisexual (or also bi-curious I suppose) as for some reason I usually really get along with girls who like girls.

If you're not looking for a soulmate and not in a hurry to get married anytime soon. And if you're not looking to have children - as I can't.

AND if you are NOT in Brazil or Ukraine or Russia. I'm not sure why I get so many random messages from those places.