33 Fair Oaks, CA
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My self-summary
Do not let my overabundance of self imposed confidence fool you; I am shy and very self aware of social interactions. I dont give out me completely. However, this is how I view myself in snippets:

I use words like snippets, curmudgeon, and epitome. I have a penchant for idiomatic speach. I used a spellchecker for these words.

I am a man of many -isms. I am told I am way to often sarcastic. Enough that HR has told me to tone it down. But they cant contain what I got. Which also happens to be way too many bad dance moves (most of which include the sprinkler and ill timed pelvic thrusts; oft combined).

I can be honest to a fault and will man up to my problems instead of ignoring it or letting someone else take the fall. I believe that chivalry in the way you live and not in how you act on an individual biases.

I live with my best friend and her husband (we all met in college). Neither of which are related to me though I often call her my sister. There are also 2 cats and a beagle. Also not related. I am only close to my grandmother, G'ma, family wise and I only see her about 2-3 times a year and talk to her on the phone maybe twice that.

I would much rather go hiking (I took this picture) in Desolation Wilderness or anywhere in between highway 108 and 120 than swim in the ocean. Sharks. Octopi. Or think about it.. Shark-ta-pus.. terrifying. (I still go and enjoy myself though!)

Besides okcupid and Facebook (which only contains family members) the only social media apps I use are Fitocracy (Im level 22! And down 40lbs last winter.) and Untapped.

I do have three major flaws. First being I have the facial hair disposition of a 12 year old Irish boy (it is red too). I am going to attribute that to my Irish and Native American blood lines. So, if you are looking for that full, lush, and awe inspiring beard, I am sorry, Its not possible. Secondly, I can be stubborn with my personal morals. Which is often the reason I friend zone myself... And third and lastly, I cant cook rice. Really, even the internet hasn't helped me.
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a manager at Target. I now, in my opinion, have way too much red and khaki in my closet. This is not a dream job by any means and I hope to find something a bit more mentally healthy soon.

Speaking of healthy; I am back on a modified paleo-diet until October..? I don't know. Which means, much to my chagrin, no beer or cookies. Or many of the other things black listed. I eat a lot... a lot... a lot of carrots, bananas, and nuts. (Its not all I eat. But a guys gotta snack!).
I’m really good at
I'm pretty good at being a dork, not remembering someones name, and cooking. I make a white wine pasta sauce and Dr. Pepper beef ribs that are to die for. Going through my teen years living with an uncle where I cooked all my meals gave me an appreciation for not using boxed food.
The first things people usually notice about me
I smile a lot; At children, cats, watermelons, and at strangers. And while I might engage the first few... I tend to let those unknown do their own thing. I've also been called metro on more than one occasion.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I try to read (or re-read) a book a week. I mostly stick to Fantasy; Goodkind, Weeks, Eddings, Hobb, or Gemmel. But I do dabble in philosophy or the occasional self-help book. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea / What Color is Your Parachute to name some. Even some physics books that catch my eye; The Elegant Universe or Hyperspace.

Movies: The Boondock Saints, The Legend of 1900, Pitch Black, Aladdin, 12 Monkeys, Being There, Valhalla Rising, Returner, Top Hat...

TV: Jeopardy, Archer, Lie to Me, Spy, Firefly, Grim, House, Bobs Burgers, Elementary...

Music: I like music..? I say this, thusly, because I'll listen to almost all types: country, blue grass, hiphop, the Spanish station, Tswizzle, Jarule..

My car radio: 93.7, 94.7, 98.5, 100.5, 106.5, 107.9... In that order from 1-6. I dont know why people drive around with their stations out of order...

Food: Mostly the edible kind. But Ive been known to sample a plastic pear now and then...
The six things I could never do without
Pants - I only really say this cause Im told I cant leave my room with out them. Some sort of 'courteous' regulation in play by the powers that be.

Sunblock - I'm white. And in about 2 hours of sun I turn pink then red in a matter of minutes. My tan is most people's winter coats. But my goodness. I love the sun.

Phone/internet - I really like to learn new things or recheck facts. I may have made something up. I swore up and down that the lead singer of Aqua died of helium asphyxia. Not true. Which my roommate continuously reminds me of. Ill never live this down.

Snack - I don't say this as a part of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I really like to eat. Cookies, carrots, watermelon, nuts, fruit, food it doesn't matter. But seriously. Cookies.

Dry clothes - There is nothing more miserable than being in your clothes and wet. Well.. Possibly cold and wet. Not to be outdone by cold, wet, and hungry.

Free time - Its mine. I want it. Its not a lot. But Ill totally use the #I(#*$ out of it. Or not. Don't question it. Ill do what I want.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The multiverse possibility, cats, watermelons, string theory, the number 3, dinner and the why of peoples actions. Also.. I spend way to much time thinking about how to keep the bathtub from slowly draining, whilst I read or watch a show, and having to continuously add water.
On a typical Friday night I am
its BBQ time; Jeopardy comes on at 7 and who ever guesses final jeopardy question and answer closest... heaven forbid correctly.. gets to rule like king for like.. 10 min... until everyone gets tired of it!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
After watching the Watch Me video several times... I still cannot whip and nae nae.
You should message me if
the above was intriguing to you. You know a good spot to eat ribs and watermelon along the river, you want to help me with rice dishes for meals, if you know a clause to get out of the "No Pants Policy", or you want to help add to my Fitocracy or Untapped. The 2nd one is arguably more fun.