31 Madrid, Spain
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My self-summary
Hi There! The whole scene of Nicholas Cage and the typewriter in "Adaptation" is so true…it has taken me a while to get down and write. Well it actually is taking a Madrid-Kuala Lumpur flight… Now I'm sure it will be too much to take!

My name is Luis and I am back to Madrid after 6 years moving between London and Canary Islands. To summarise what I do, let's say I work in the TV/Film industry and maybe settling a bit after a few years trying different hats and never quite feeling I could wear them for the rest of my life. The good thing is that such a ride has given me a good insight on how things are done and allowed me to meet loads of great people. Now I have been offered a good job and back to Spain (I would like to say for good, but to be honest, I keep thinking life is more exciting when you don't know what will come next!)

I think you are meant to say how you consider yourself here but … ehm.. I don't usually consider myself… Well, I don't take myself seriously very often, which I never know if is a good thing or not. My friends tell me that overall I am a very easy going and laid-back guy, but that I have a clear view of what I want and what I don't. I do care about things and specially about what happens to people around me. Would that qualify me as friendly?…I hope so, but let's leave it up to you to decide!
I’m really good at
-Remembering songs within the first 5 seconds of title (Not very useful in case of an alien invasion, but it helps when DJ'ing!)

- Getting excited at most things, it can be as simple as suddenly hearing a song I like on the radio and getting super high (it helps a lot if I'm surrounded by friends) or trying a delicious new dish, or discovering a new beautiful place for the first time.

- Fixing stuff. I suppose that comes with my job, but I'm always the guy to go when something goes wrong (mostly technical, but getting really good at fixing people! :P)
The first things people usually notice about me
-Usually my eyes (there is no global agreement whether they are green or blue)

- I can't stay still. They thought I was hyperactive, but they could never prove it… (muahahahaaa) I think I was a dog on a previous life. I'm either non-stop or completely hibernating in bed. I will possibly be steady and seemingly calmed if we meet for the first time, but that would be until I get over my initial shyness….

- I have a camera with me most of the time. I think I am a decent photographer, never made a live out of it but the film studies helped with that!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh no…. DISCLAIMER… This is going to be endless!!….. Well… if You really want to dive in….

I'm sure I'll forget something, but I will keep adding… Anything David Fincher does (Seven, Fight Club, Panic Room, Zodiac, The Game), Frank Darabont's stuff (The Green Mile, Shawkhawk redemption, what a couple of good films! and The Walking Dead which is a TV show, but is his as well). Truman Show (and almost any film that plays with parallel realities or cheats on you until the end), The Matrix (it has to be here as is the film that made me want to be a filmmaker), L.A. confidential, Robert Zemeckis films (Contact and Forrest Gump are among my favourites, Flight was pretty good), Cinema Paradiso (The only film I ever remember crying on; this and "The Lion King" when they kill Mufasa, but I was like 10yrs old on that one) Most of Tarantino's Stuff (Pulp fiction is a must, but also got hooked on Kill Bill), Amelie (Which might seem a super cliche, but it makes me feel something special everytime I watch it, and also introduced me to Yann Tiersen, which is now one of my favourite musicians) Spielberg (Despite what people say, I loved War of the Worlds (I might be biased by such good sound work from Randy Thom, but still good),Woody Allen's stuff, Darren Aronofsky (The fountain, Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream), Indiana Jones and , of course, Star Wars. Most of John McTiernan Action Films (Die Hard, Hunt for red October, Predator), yep, James Bond films as well. Regarding spanish filmmakers, my favourite one is Julio Medem (Lucia and the Sex, Lovers of the polar circle), Good Morning Vietnam, The boat that rocked (and mostly any music related film, In the next life I would love to be a 60's radio DJ doing late night shows)…

It would have been easier to say the ones that I don't like!


Music is my biggest passion (and If you're wondering if I play an instrument, I could only say I hit the drums and sometimes there is rhythm coming out of them, but can't consider myself a drummer, still getting there!) and spend as much time as possible listening and producing it. I'm mostly a Rock,Blues and "anything acoustic and/or with energy" guy but I get easily distracted with any good music of any style. If you want to have an overall sense of what I like, you might as well listen for a while to my favourite radio station ( (yes, Is french and I'm not , but I have never heard a selection so eclectic and so good!)

If you prefer names…. Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys (Massive fan of "Favourite worst nightmare"), Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Them Crooked Vultures, Led Zeppelin,Nirvana (Mostly "Nevermind") The stones, Jimmy Hendrix, The Last Shadow Puppets, Brian Setzer orchestra, Santana, Royal Crown Revue,Portishead, Green Day, The Prodigy, RATM (The first and second albums are the ones for me), Audioslave (In love with the first album), System of a Down, Massive attack (specially "Mezzanine" It feels super intimate and dark , but love all of them) The Dead Weather (or maybe is easier to say "anything Jack White gets to produce or release"),Placebo, Radiohead (Mostly OK Computer, masterpiece!), Bon Iver, AC/DC, Muse (For me the last one I liked is "Black holes and revelations") Michael Jackson, Moloko, The Chemical Brothers, Justice, Morcheeba, Lenny Kravitz, The Doors,RHCP, JET, Beatles, Kings of Leon, Dap Kings, Amy Winehouse, Faithless, Yann Tiersen (yeah, mentioned him before), NIN,The Haggis Horns, Alabama Shakes,Cream, Emir Kusturika, Gogol Bordello,Jamiroquai, Franz Ferdinand, Dave Matthews band, Daft Punk,Miles Davis, Any given good brass band, Black Sabbath, Beyonce, Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, Madonna (Just "Ray of Light" the rest… not so sure), Gregory Porter, Diana Krall, Amon Tobin, Dinah Washington, Sara Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins, Incubus (Mainly "Make yourself" and "Morning View"), Mogwai, The Mynabirds, Juan Luis Guerra, Michel Camilo, Kiko Veneno, Grace Slick and the great society, Jefferson Airplane…. Are you still awake? Sorry! :P


Six Feet Under (BEST-ENDING-EVER, made me cry and speechless for hours),Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, The Newsroom (Or anything Aaron Sorkin ever wrote) Lost (Yeah I too was disappointed with the ending, but it had a couple of great seasons!), House of Cards, True detective, The Wire and Tremé (NOLA + David Simon + music on every episode = winner!!), Peaky Blinders (I worked on this one!), Black Mirror (and on this one as well!), Band of Brothers, Dexter,Family Guy (It is scary how the flashbacks resemble my thinking sometimes), Big Bang Theory, Friends, Nashville (really!!!??. Yep, it's almost a soap opera, but it´s all about the music business!)

I'm reading magazines most of the time. I'm a super fan of Wired (UK Edition mainly) and also spend good time reading Lonely Planet Traveller. I also read a lot of music production magazines which people tend to find boring, but I've learned a lot from them!

Anything Nick Hornby (The first read was High Fidelity and been a follower since then) and Anything James Ellroy. More to follow!


Hmm… I'm very partial to spanish food, but really into pasta, indian and thai food. I love cooking and will hopefully have some more time to cook from now on (Working in film post-production is not good if you need time to yourself)
The six things I could never do without
- Family and Friends (which I read somewhere "is the family you choose")
- Loud Music (bonus if I'm listening to it while driving)
- The Sun and the Sea (I know, they are two different things, but I grew up in the coast and they are both a pack for me!)
- Films
- Travelling (Still haven't decided if I love driving over a good train or a plane… I like to be on the move!)
- Bed (Still haven't found anything I dislike about what happens there, apart from hangover damage control, of course...)
On a typical Friday night I am
- On a gig (my favourite plan)
- On a plane somewhere (Did I say I love travelling?)
- On the cinema (if work has been tough during the week and there are no good gigs around. I actually prefer cinema on weekdays)
- out and about with my friends (very likely)
- Chilling out at home
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Maybe that I can't eat cheese (I know, I know, I'm missing something very good and blablabla…. sorry if is a deal breaker, but I react really weirdly if I eat it (Remember the girl in "The exorcist"? Something like that!) so I avoid it. Also, I am a bit of a shame for a spaniard since I don't like watching sports on telly (I really enjoy working on broadcasting them, which is a funny one) and still, after many tries, I'm not so much into beer.
You should message me if
Well, if you made it this far and are not:
a)completely bored
b)reporting me to the okcupid police
c)already asleep
d)all of the above
and would like to meet up or just have an online chat, hit me!.

Please, don't be offended if I take a while (or long while) to reply. I always do my best to reply quickly, but I keep falling on my own trap of "Oh, this person deserves a proper response, so I'll do it later when I get home……" and 3 weeks after, suddenly remember…. Hell, it has taken me a year and being on a looong flight to get to write this profile!

PS: Forgot to say, if you are a maniac or serial killer, please let me know in advance!