27 Oakland, CA
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My self-summary
I just found out im an RGSD; and its absolutly true. Quality over quanity
Also: the personality chart on here is laughable in how innaccurately it reflects me; Pay it no mind.
Hello all humans! I'm a cool, chill guy with many opinions on many things. If you wish to converse, let's ditch the site at earliest convenience and act like socialable human primates that we are! That being said, i am here for DATING and meeting people who live in my city or live next door. Clarification: "dating" means YOU+ME+an Event or Location. This is called a DATE. I enjoy these DATES and hopefully so do you.

*ATTENTION: these 'human relationships' only work with COMMUNICATION. if you receive a message from me, it means I desire CONVERSATION with your PERSON. if I ask you out for a drink, it means I want to SEE and SPEAK with you(and DRINK!). I think its pathetic how many people 'respond very selectively'. what are you, scared? Let me buy you a drink and hold a conversation!!

Soooo, about ME:
im a MOSTLY Vegetarian, POST-9 YEAR Vegan who is currently Pescaterian (i will eat and enjoy raw fish and thank the fish for its gift of flesh) this was a long transition and i wouldnt change a thing.
Im fun, witty, nerdy/dorkish and more than a little weird in more than a few ways.
i work weekends which leaves my weeks pretty free for fun stuffs and day-dates and merry-making.
What I’m doing with my life
Living this current life. Attempting to decipher this world and us in it. "What is a soul?; A Mind? I work for a local organic Tofu company in Oakland and I have THROUGHALLY too much tofu in my fridge now. but I cant complain. VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY!!!

If im not out and about, i find only one reason to put myself in front of a television screen: to watch a movie, or to watch a documentary and learn something. Here are some recent sessions
Nat geo Shark Superhighway, Secrets of the Dead/battle of stalingrad, walking with dinosaurs, the Doors in europe, jethro tull live at isle of wight, battle of guadalcanal/ nat geo. :)))
Now go look at the 'message me if' section!

I like the occult and things esoteric. I believe in Chakras, kundallini, astral projection, MAGICK, and Love under Will (thelemic lifestyle)

Ive got Star Wars tattoos (yes, plural), a MIGHTY FINE record collection and a bad-ass stereo receiver to do my favorite bands justice!. I am a collector of eclectic and interesting things including books, art(books&otherwise), music in the forms of Vinyl LPs, CDs and tapes and an 80 gig ipood, and movies in the form of DVD, VHS and Laserdisc, but sorry no Beta :(
I’m really good at
MASSAGE (if you dont believe me, ill give you a one-minute sample that will change your mind) - foot massage, neck massage, back massage, and scalp massage, and lower/mid/upper back and shoulder. If youre not afraid of a little intimacy, full-body massage is my speciality; muscles and ligaments run through your whole body: there is a natural and organic flow to a body, and GREAT massage will ride these waves. (also; every body is different, and flows differently)

--Record shopping (vinyl LPs are my cross to bear in this life)
finding the good stuff at the flea market
--Reading and studying the occult, the esoteric, the spiritual, the known-yet-unknown
--memorizing movies
--re-mixing my favorite albums with my equalizer and stereo
The first things people usually notice about me
That im a metalhead. With star wars tattoos. And a nerd/dweeb
Or im generally not noticed in a sea of people.
Such is life.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
DOOM METAL, 1960s-70s-80s RockNRoll, Heavy Metal, 80s-(Thrash, Death, Black, Speed)METAL.,PunxRock, Soundtracks. and more weird stuff like Noise, ambient and experimental.

SUNN O))). Sleep, OM. Black sabbath. Rush. Led zeppelin. Alice in chains, Boston. Jethro tull. Yes, Deep purple. B.O.C, Nazareth, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix. Ted nugent (donttalkshit). Pallbearer. Goatsnake. Rage against the machine, 80s Soundgarden,
Hellhammer, Death angel. Exodus. Celtic frost. Nuclear assault. Venom. Motorhead


Movies/Cinema - Animation, Documentaries, Classics, Criterion Collection, Sci-Fi. I like movies by the same director, and search out their other Films and compare their changing style over time.

Dr strangelove. Star wars. Children of men. Sunshine. The Thing (john carpenter) Aliens. From Beyond, Jacobs Ladder
Princess Mononoke. Dark city. The fountain. The professional. Youth without youth. Sin city. Snatch. Rock'n'rolla. millers crossing, Naked Gun/Airplane/Kentucky Fried Movie

Akira kurosawa Stanley Kubrick David Cronenberg Hayao Miazaki/Studio Gihbli Coen Bros Steven Soderberg Christopher Nolan David Fincher Ridley/TONY Scott (RIP)

Breaking Bad. Tudors. Early Californication. Futurama. SuperJail!!. Boston legal. POLICE SQUAD(80s)
I just started watching Game of Thrones about 3 weeks ago, and im pretty hooked (I LOVE MY Khaleesi!!!) but I will say this: GoT season 2 was a steaming pile of horseshit. good thing season 3 more than makes up for how little actually happened in season 2.
The six things I could never do without
y'know, I could do WITHOUT a lot of things, so heres a list of NOT-NEEDED THINGS

1 Vinyl LPs
2 My bike (which was recently STOLEN, but i found it and got it bqck because im AWESOME)
3 A person to hold, to keep warm at night, to cuddle and caress and kiss the back of their neck
4 a driving force in life
5 Going to shows/ Listening to Music (HEAVY RESONENCE)
6 the company of excellent human-beings (you know who you are, and we are the 1%)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My life.
how to make MY world a better place.
what I WANT in my life and what I don't NEED in my life.
GIRLS, ladies, women, and females
how can i please girls W/O using my penis (notice how I worded that?)
Existence after life. The future/the past.
The countless and innumerable ways the world could be better through positive, forward-thinking State of Mind and life choices.
How to make my stereo sound better
On a typical Friday night I am
at a punk/metal/doom/grind show.
smoking weed
hanging out with friends at a venue
drinking good beer (not bad beer. I hate that.)
at a class.
biking somewhere
listening to a record (most assuredly)
watching a television screen (we don't have cable)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I stuck my little finger in my bottom-hole once or twice.
It felt funny. As in made me laugh.
You should message me if
You want to watch hours and HOURS of documentaries on netflix and then quiz each other afterwards; this is the only allowable reason i give myself to sit in front of a tv all day.

you want to have a drink with me (coffee, good beer, wine, vegan milkshake(I know a place...)

If you want to watch your favorite movie and smoke some weeeeed
OR play some old school video games (clarification: Sega Genesis, Playstation1, Nintendo64, original XboX and/or Playstation2)

If you like to wear a dress on beautiful sunny days (i have a weakness for pretty girls in pretty dresses)

If you believe in Magick.
if you believe in Thelema.

If you want an awesome MASSAGE with no expectation in return

If you want to fool around and cuddle and be friendly
If you want compassion and intimacy(but not required)
If you have as much to give as you have to recieve
If you want to be Friends with Benefits (Friends comes first, this is important)

If i rated you highly (4 or 5 stars) it means i like you so far!