31 Southampton, UK
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My self-summary
[I'm not single and not looking. New friends are always welcome though]

I wrote the following in what I would guess is the order of importance for people wanting to know me. I've expressed a few moral and political stances, but I don't require people to agree with me about everything (in fact, it may be better for conversation if you don't)


I'm introverted, reserved and often described as 'quiet'. I tend to prefer talking to people I know in small groups than being in large crowds of people I don't know.

I find a very diverse range of topics interesting. If you're interested in something that I've never taken the time to think about before then I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.

I'm more likely to enjoy a positive conversation about what someone loves, than a conversation about what (or who) someone hates.

I'd rather have a conversation with someone I disagree with but who has a good/interesting argument for why they believe what they do, than have a conversation with someone who shares my beliefs but without having ever thought about why they believe what they believe.


I have a simple morality based on valuing happiness, thus I consider all people are equally valuable in moral terms because we all have equal capacity for happiness, as well as for suffering.

I'm entirely opposed to pointless suffering, by which I mean any suffering that does not serve any purpose. I don't think anyone should be caused or allowed to suffer purely and solely for the purposes of retribution.

Sometimes we (regrettably and hopefully not often) do need to behave in a way that causes someone to suffer, but only if we have very good reasons to do so.

More on my moral positions -here-


My politics is (in theory) reducible down to the preservation of liberty; the state's purpose is to help us live together in such a way that we can all live in (so far as is possible) according to our own goals, beliefs and values.

More on my political positions -here-


I don't believe in any form of deity, nor in anything supernatural, but I don't think people can be assumed to be stupid if they do believe in such things. That being said, my opinion of obvious superstition is not favourable.

In most ways, I'm your pretty standard secular atheist, but I'm not technically a materialist... more on that at my website
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated from a philosophy degree at the University of Southampton back in 2007. I now work at the University of Southampton in the admissions department.

In my spare time I enjoy a lot of different things. I enjoy camping, LAN parties, board games, roleplay-games, wargames as well as the usual nightclubs and parties. My facebook feed is populated mostly with news articles and opinion pieces that I've posted to prompt discussion.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favourite Hobbies

Exploring/Camping: caves and abandoned mines mostly. It's a good excuse to spend time with friends in unfamiliar surroundings.

Board games: I've built up a fairly sizeable collection of boardgames. If you hear 'board games' and think 'monopoly', then you may want to look into what board games are like now. I'd suggest Settlers of Catan as a good gateway game.

Computer games: I grew up on adventure games like Monkey Island and now I have a Steam account full of games that I don't have enough time to play. I especially like cooperative online games.

Wargaming: I've not had much time for miniature war-gaming since graduation but, every now and then, someone kicks off a Necromunda campaign or Blood Bowl league.

Roleplay games: I still own a catalogue of the old World of Darkness line of roleplay games. Vampire and Hunter were my favourites.

I'm also quite interested in Philosophy, Theology and Sociology.

Favourite Music

I've got fairly wide tastes in music. I've enjoyed Classic Rock since I was small and was a big Beatles and Led Zeppelin fan. Had a fairly stereotypical period during college of enjoying Industrial Rock bands like Marilyn Manson or Disturbed. At university I got more into Goth bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees or Sisters of Mercy. I also listen to some Glam Rock and Synthpop type bands like David Bowie and Human League. There's a lot of very good music out there so it wouldn't make sense to me to listen to only a handful of genres.

Favourite Films/TV

Some of my favourite films are the ones I watched as a child and can be nostalgic about, like Flight of Dragons, Labyrinth, Last Unicorn, Watership Down and the Dark Crystal. Since then, I tend to keep an eye open for sci-fi and fantasy, which I watch more than any other genres.

I do watch a lot of television shows... but I don't like to just sit down and watch whatever happens to be on. I'm more likely to watch a television series after it's finished and thus avoid the wait between episodes and not have to put up with advert breaks.

Favourite Books

Some novels that I've read more than once:
• Tolkien's Lord of The Rings
• Frank Herbert's Dune
• James Herbert's Domain
• Lewis Carol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

My general reading habits, judging by the books on my kindle, seem to be mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy

There's also a bunch of non-fiction books that I'm keen on:
• Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
• Thomas Kuhn's 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions'
• George Berkeley's 'Three Dialogues'

Unfortunately, finding the time and will to keep read philosophy when the opportunity for much lighter reading is so abundant is very difficult.
You should message me if
I'm seeing someone and not looking for anything more. New friends are always welcome though. :)


One or more of the following descriptions seems to fit:

1) You're a bit geeky and want someone to play miniature war/board/computer games with.

2) You find politics and/or philosophy interesting and fancy chatting about it with someone.

3) You like Goth/Industrial music and want to meet someone to spend time with at club events.

4) You like camping and exploring and want to meet someone to go exploring abandoned mines, old caves, ghost towns and derelict buildings with.

5) You're a poly person who thinks that I seem interesting and we seem to have broadly similar attitudes/values.

If you get your kicks by hating groups of people then I do not want to hear from you. If you hate people purely on the basis of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or anything along those lines then we're not likely to get on.

Similarly, if you're the sort of person who maybe doesn't hate people based on the above but are inclined to make assumptions about them (women are bad at X, gay people like Y, religious people believe Y) then we're not on the same wavelength and probably won't get on.

Okchoices tags:  Genderqueer,  Heteroflexible &  Polyamorous