42 Nottingham, UK
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My self-summary
I have a Beautiful Asain Princess now in my life, so all I am looking for are friends, and she means the world to me.

I'm a genuine guy Confident, assertive driven with a big heart and a great personality I like to make people laugh GSOH. I work hard and live life to the fullest, laughing, going to comedy shows or nights out on the town, I like going to gigs or just keep things low key, a nice picnic or go for a walk as i love the outside world. I am very open minded, and not to big to laugh at my self when i i fall on my ass as i can be clumsy. I meet friends and do wild days,something Random extreme sports or a charity Bungi Jump. Or get some beer, grab the tents and go somewhere remote and have some laughs.

I am a full time SFX Designer which i have set up charity based, working free lance Special fx makeup and do charity work when i am needed. I also train in (Combat International Professional Combat), http://www.combatinternational.com/ which is a stunt man, I am aiming to get into a full time Profession, I have not been in any films yet i have done a few Auditions, Been in a few backing acting for tv seres, but our boss has been in Brave heart and Gladiator, and friends with Russell Crow,SeanBean also.
I will be placed in a Film Casting list for backing Casts Fights when i am done with my training, I am Aiming for Game of Thrones, Vikings and movies. i also do jobs in Star Now,

I have been single for 3 years now, I got asked this. Q. How was you single for 3 years, part by choice I was ill, which caused allot of problems, and I don't take baggage with me into a new relationship, so I battled hard to get well took 18 months no more illness I am a fighter. makes you realise life is too short. I work hard towards my new career in film as a stuntman. I enjoy my own company, I live alone which doesn't make me lonely also I have a cat, and When I want to socialize, i go out and meet people alone or with friends.

I am from a large family, and that is important to me also a Big Animal lover, Animal protection/Rescue I am, honest, Direct, no baggage, down to earth, career focused, Has passions for Travel, Cooking, Making Wine, Music, Art, Cultures and enjoys life, Music Frank Sinatra, Rock/Metal i am Tattooed/ Pierced only a 8mil tapier left ear. i love body art as its expressive. I write in my spare time and already have a publisher lined up for my books, which are erotica vampire love stories.

Ask me anything else You wish to know
What I’m doing with my life
Acting and training to be a stunt man. training allot as in my new soon to be line of work I have to be very fit.

Writer Erotic vampire love storys

Being with Alf, My horse, learning horse riding and archery

Natural Healing.

I also council people with stress and relationship problems, wont be long till i am a full qulified stress counsellor. its good to help people

Sign lauguage, wicked fun
I’m really good at
My Special FX. Making costumes/Corsets/Puppets/Props/Scaring people always fun. I make Costumes also do some Vintage events.
Designing and Photography

Cooking and making wine. mead, or scrumpy

Being clumbsy, i am like Chaplin ill trip over anything but ill laugh, as i say if you cant laugh at yourself, your taking life to serious.
The first things people usually notice about me
I my Black eyes.
I am Tall
My vampire red hair
life of the party
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like to keep myself well Educated and up to date with Current events don't do news too depressing. But like Pod casts.
Books I like are Terry Pratchett JRR Tolkien, Population Genetics by John H. Gillespie. Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome by John C Sanford
Movies I like are Sci-Fi Horror Romance, Star Wars, anything with Johnny Depp in Monty Python, Aliens, AVP, B movies, and Pixar movies, Anime, Manga, to many to list
Food I love all kind of food but mostly love Chinese and Italian French, German foods as there are so many flavors and tastes
Music I love Rock, Some Classical, punk, Metal, Vampires, Static X, Disturbed, Rammstein, No Doubt, Pink, Smashing To Pumpkins, Jazz, Frank Sinatra,Queen Adreena, Placebo, Muse,Marilyn Manson,VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Evanescence, Manic Street Preachers, Combichrist, Nine Inch-nails,Apoptygma Berzerk,Deathstars,Eisbrecher
/supernatural shows. Supernatural/True Blood/ A town called Eureka Warehouse 13/Fringe/NCIS/ Dr who Too, The Strain,American Horror story many to list.
The six things I could never do without
why not ask me. and ill tell you
One is Suits,Silk shirts Nice shoes.
Vampire red hair
My SFX makeup, scela lenses
Jazz nights, The Rat Pack dressing in my suits and trilby, talking hey Doll.
Goth nights torture garden.
My cat,, I am now a full witch i have black cat named eclispe.
Doing charity events.

Ps naming family and friends they are not things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How mankind is killing the world. And soon the animals we take for granted our children and their children will only be able to see them in Museums
How much magic in the world people do not see.as you dont have to see it to feel it is real or there.
On a typical Friday night I am
Ask me what i am doing at the weekend. maybe its with you dancing..
Cooking some food for friends comming over, enteraining is fun

Getting ready for the Weekend, Making a new costume
Working on a film set.
Going to Comic Con
going to scotland for combat
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Yes I am a confident guy, and living alone does not make me lonely, but I do miss cuddles and going out for meals with that someone special I want to share my life with.

Before the family, I want to meet that special person that loves life as much as me. have fun go to Spain, Rome, Venice. and lots of laughs,.

I want a family one day a mini me, To Hold my Son or daughter in my arms. also wonder what they will look like. when i met the right girl that loves life as much as me. ill settle down. but life does not end there.
You should message me if
Just be your self, That is all I ask.
And if you love dressing up, then I love going to events like
Fashion and Photo-shoot events or movie openings.

Some one asked me a question
Q.will you cut your hair, R, Hell no, 1 its who I am, and its apart of being a Viking or a medieval knight. in my profession what women don't like a rustic man,