40 Santa Monica, CA
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My self-summary
Ivy educated east coaster that recently moved to live on the beach near the Santa Monica Pier. I'm looking to meet a smart, fun, curious girl to hang out with, casually at first and see if it leads to something more serious. Who wants to do the ferris wheel with me and split a funnel cake?

I have degrees in both film and finance and try to keep both sides of my brain engaged while working in both the arts and business world simultaneously.

Hit me up and let's meet if anything here strikes your fancy (or if you think I'm cute ;) ) . I'm more into meeting in person spontaneously than chatting endlessly on here.
What I’m doing with my life
My perfect first date

We meet. We click. We want to boink but have dinner reservations. Did I just say boink? We laugh at strange quirks we have in common that both thought were completely unique to ourselves. I look into your eyes and feel something. You look into mine and don't run away screaming. We part feeling that strange tingly sensation they describe in toothpaste commercials . . . but in our hearts.
I’m really good at
Communication and sense of humor are key. Physical chemistry alone isn't enough. As the saying goes: For every supermodel, there's a guy sick of boinking her. Ok, is boink even a real word? Finally, if it's truly broken, give it a proper burial & move on. But I'm an optimist so if there's any spark left, I'll fan those flames to get that fire roaring again. See you in my dreams!
The first things people usually notice about me
My energy, wit, offbeat sense of humor and warm smile. I'm also told I have a fantastic butt, (but) I'll leave that for you to judge.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My Ideal Relationship:

Equal partners with an unpredictable edge. Unquestioned trust. The rest is an open book but might include: Hitting every new restaurant, comedy and live music, Deep discussions about things that matter...world events, politics, the arts, the state of world boinking (ug...again!) Vacations to interesting places and the occasional cheap dive because we're just so cool together it doesn't matter.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out to dinner and perhaps a movie or at a bar with friends. Then usually end up on the beach in front of my place in Santa Monica having a beer and pondering life or something else more fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My left thumb is slightly shorter than my right. Not exactly sure why.
You should message me if
If you laughed at any of the above then just hit me up and let's talk. Let's face it. It really doesn't matter what I write or you write. We're all great guys and girls, in a great city in a great country, top of our game, rulers of the universe, whatever. Doesn't mean squat if we don't click in person. So let's just grab a coffee, a beer, a cosmo or a kool-aid. You choose, I'll buy (cause i'm good like that)...and if we're excited to be with each other we'll take it from there . . .

If you like what you see and hear in my profile I really love a confident woman that isn't afraid to say hi and make the first move. Unlike in the real world where a guy can tell if a girl is interested by her giving him a look, bumping into him etc, on here it can be tough to tell. So go ahead...don't be shy. Besides...the sooner we get together, the sooner I can 'make you smile'. 😉