47 Bend, OR
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My self-summary
Coming soon. Until then, you are cordially invited to regale yourself with a sampling of the 1,500+ (often embarrassing) questions I've submitted to.
What I’m doing with my life
Coming. Hang in there!
I’m really good at
Listening. Responding.
Showing you who I am, over time, rather than filling your head with a bunch of labels I've concocted for myself.
Giving nicknames to people I like. If I grow to like you, rest assured, you will garner a nickname.
Getting to the core of stuff. Dealing with said core.
Fixing things.
Scratching where it itches.
Working my ass off; hitting client deadlines.
Partnering as a team.
Helping out.
Being there, in the moment, with you.
Practicing lovingkindness (emphasis on "practicing"). Meaning, sending love instead of letting my ego retaliate. (give this one a try sometime—this is what I consider true courage)
Having adventures.
Being real.
Being a great graphic designer.
Being a friend.
Being affectionate.
Telling you, straight up, how I feel about myself, about you, about "us".
The first things people usually notice about me
From what I've heard first-hand, people tend to notice that I embody a warm, calm energy. Unpretentious. Easy-going, what they see in me is what they get.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read, especially at two distinct times: at bedtime, and Saturday early afternoons (especially when raining). What I am reading depends on where I'm at with myself in life at that moment. Sometimes I read for inspiration (Ken Robinson, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Pollan, etc.), sometimes to learn more about myself (David Riccho, Tara Brach), and sometimes I read to escape (Bukowski, Mailer). I'm woefully behind on my 20th century reading list. We should really have a 'books' conversation. Over coffee and danish. It'll take at least an afternoon. Don't worry, it'll be fun, and very impassioned.

What do I listen to? Like most everyone on here (it seems), I love variety in music. Very early Blues is a favorite, as is mid-century Jazz. Motown. Funk. Vintage and some contemporary Bossa Nova. 70s-80s wave/punk/rock (XTC, Fleshtones, X, Muffs, Fastbacks, Throwing Muses, etc.) The Beatles (goes without saying, but I'll state it anyway). Newer stuff I'm currently loving would be Kristin Hersh, Future Islands, Alt-J, can't get enough of The Avett Brothers, Trent Severn (I'm an absolute sucker for beautiful female harmonies). Too much to list, and it seems like my tastes keep expanding to accommodate a larger variety of music as I get older. I'll try anything once, and I LOVE live music.

Movies: Like music, it's all over the place, except for pretty much the entire Horror genre. Love suspense, but can't do Horror. I'm likely to enjoy most any type of film, provided it's well done. Yes, this even includes the venerable 'chick flick' category, just as long as it's a good story, and well made. But you'll owe me an action movie as payback.

Food: Spicy. Lean. Healthy. Mexican, Italian, Thai, Korean BBQ (!), authentic Chinese. As with movies and music, if it's well done, I'll probably be very happy, regardless of the dish's ethic origins.
The six things I could never do without
In no certain order, ignoring the 6-count:
My bass guitar.
Good food & drink.
Good, restful sleep.
My workouts.
My friends.
My family.
My work.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Existing fully in the NOW, loosening my grip on the past, intending good things for the future, and detaching from outcomes. Meats and cheeses. Loving as courageously and honestly and fully as I am capable. Presenting my full self to this world, and not worrying so much about what everyone thinks. Owning a house one day. Whether I ought to expand my business, or go work for someone else. Health insurance. Student loans. My parents getting older. Why Brits add an "r" to words ending in an "a" sound. Loving and appreciating each moment and opening to the lessons and wisdom of this universe. Bacon. Regaining the curiosity and wonder of my 6-year old self. Similarities and differences between men and women. Sharing my self with a wonderful, kind-hearted woman, and embarking on life's adventure together.
On a typical Friday night I am
Might be hanging with friends, might be working on a deadline project, or I might be putting in my weekly catch-up phone call with the parental units. Could go any direction.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Probably weird to admit: when I see someone walking down the street with a severe limp, it makes me very sad. This person might be perfectly fine, no suffering, and just grateful to be walking, but it just strikes me in such a sad way. I hate to see animals limping, as well.
You should message me if
You are genuinely, unequivocally, and without a doubt "single".

You actually have time, attention, and energy to put into creating and sustaining a real relationship.

You've read through my profile, perused my pictures, and you've discovered something about me that resonates within you.

You have made the decision to be responsible for your health, so you enjoy eating well, getting out-of-doors, and being active.

You have a good sense of humor. Maybe you're even a little bawdy. Bawdy's good. Or mischievous. Are you capable of impish?

You have a favorite song, artist, art, activity, natural space, or other source of beauty that moves you in emotionally powerful ways which you can't comprehend, and cannot control. Something you enjoy simply for the way it makes you feel inside.

You've sorted your baggage (we all have it) into neat-ish piles, let some of it go at garage sales, and lightened your load.

You are forgiving yourself. You are forgiving others.

You bring with you a modest-sized operator's manual for yourself, the thickness and heft of which more resembles the phone directory of a small municipality, and less that of the I.R.S. Tax Code.

You appreciate that I truly like women (in the larger, gender-specific sense), and that a good 80% of my carefully curated cadre of buddies (including both of my best friends) are women. P.S.: every one of them is rooting for me with this crazy three-ring-circus of online dating.

You view life as a crazy, one-time-only, multifaceted adventure—a ride that you just want to keep ON riding—and you're looking for someone special who will sit in the seat next to you, put his arm around you (and only you), and hold you until our ride ends.

You are genuinely kind-hearted, warm, giving, and self-aware—and you are shopping for these same attributes in a man.