32 Tampa, FL
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My self-summary
INFJ, (according to 16personalities.)

Full-time student, an English major, who is looking to meet and become more social with women. Though I typically enjoy spending a lot of time alone. I am interested in everything from conversation, to coffee, even to dates and sex.

I like, scratch that. I love women, and yes all women, (I'm only sexually attracted to most though). I especially like women who are feminists, but the kinds of feminists that don't utterly disregard femininity, (the ones that don't embrace their womanhood while supposedly fighting for it have always seemed weird to me). If you wear a dress you are most likely on my radar. I live women that wear dresses.

I will steal all of your time if you let me. I have been called a time thief. If we're talking or hanging out I will keep you there for hours, or if we're lying in bed alternating between sex and sleep I will most assuredly steal that day from you.

I am very shy, until you get to know me then I usually do a 180.

I can be awkward, but I think that is a byproduct of my lonliness.

On "Which Star Trek character are you?" Quizzes I always get Worf.

I don't care for denim.

IG: @DamianDimock
Twitter: @DamianDimock
What I’m doing with my life
Going to school for creative writing, (currently living on campus), and attending Soccer games. Want to get into all facets of writing: video game writing, screen writing, stage-plays, poetry, novel writing, writing articles, and graphic novels. My focus really is on poetry.
The first things people usually notice about me
Fat, hairy, bad teeth, and a big bulbous nose. Also have blue eyes, big cheeks, and usually something interesting on my T-shirt.

I don't know, I'm not "people."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Solaris (Stanislav Lem,) I Am Legend, Anerican Gods (Neil Gaiman,) Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss,) Old man's war (John Scalzi,) The Forever War (Joe Haldeman,) Ocean At The End Of The Lane, The Vampire Lestat (Anne Rice,) Blue remembered Earth (Alastair Reynolds,) Ready player one, Dune (Frank Herbert,) Snowcrash (Neal Stephenson,) Pattern Recognition (William Gibson,) Hamlet (Shakespeare,) The Road (Cormac McCarthy,) The Psychopath Tedt (Jon Ronson,) Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell,) and more.

Graphic Novels: I am heavily influenced by Grant Morrison.

The Maxx is my favorite graphic novel series.

I also love Transmetropolitan (Warren Ellis,) We3 (Grant Morrison,) Pride of Baghdad (Brian K. Vaughan,) Animal Man (Grant Morrison & Jeff Lemire,) Swamp Thing (Alan Moore & Scott Synder,) All-Star Superman (Morrison,) Seven Soldiers of Victory (Morrison,) Sandman (Gaiman,) Safe Area Goražde (Joe Sacco,) Fun Home (Alison bechdel,) Maus (Art Spiegelman,) Britten and Brülightly (Hannah Berry,) and A Contract With God (Will Eisner.)

Poetry: Li-Young Lee, Charles Wright, Alexis Orgera, John A. Nieves, Pablo Neruda, Wallace Stevens, Adrienne Rich, Michael Hettich, Kim Addonizio, louise Glück, Robert Hass, John Donne, Meg Day, Sandra Beasley, Charles Simic, Robert Lowell, some Allen Ginsberg, and some William Burroughs, some Gary Snyder. I pick up The Poetry Foundation's Poetry Magazine and Poetry East's magazine regularly.

Movies: Solaris (1972), Alien, Terminator & Terminator 2, The Saltin Sea, Hamlet ( Ethan Hawke), Closer, Gattaca, Escape from New York, Planet of the Apes (original 5), Metropolis, Citizen Kane, M, The fountain, Cool hand Luke, Children of men, Captain America, Chinatown, Day of the Dead (but only because I like seeing my hometown in the opening sences. Looks great covered in waste and crawling with zombies,) and more.

TV shows: 1st season of The Walking Dead, The first 4 seasons of Lost, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The venture bros, Ren & Stimpy, Ghost in the Shell, Blood+, Code Geass, Terminator: the Sarah Conor chronicles, the original twilight zone, Jerhico, Frisky Dingo, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Community, X-Files, Star Trek (TnG, DS9, Voyager), Daredevil, Chowder, and more.

Music: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Squarepusher, XXYYXX, Iggy Pop, Blue Sky Black Death, Cursive, Circle Takes The Square, Atari Teenage Riot, Saul Williams, Sage Francis, Evol Intent, Father John Misty, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Deftones, Leonard Cohen, Straylight Run, Hank Mobley, Miles Davis, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Tool, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Bloody beetroots, The Black Keys, And so much more.

The six things I could never do without
I dunno...probably doing it wrong, anyway.

1.) potable water
2.) a knife
3.) comfortable shoes
4.) paper and pencils (does that count as two?)
5.) firestarter (like flint)
6.) company, (a girlfriend, or a friend, or just someone I like, or a dog, or maybe a god of some kind. I don't know.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The relationships I wish I was in or had been in, and the sex I wish I was having or had. What could be and what could have been.

Bettering the world. Designing an ideal world. I've been called a techno-utopianist. I've also been compared to just as many supervillians as superheroes.

Art, film, poetry, architecture, design, nature, books, industry, economics, biology, psychology, exercise, cooking, etc.

Marx, Kurzweil, Kant, Aristotle, Matthew Arnold, Sam Harris, Malcolm Gladwell, W.E.B. DuBois, Nietzsche, etc. Sometimes I hate that I find myself thinking about some of these guys.

Occasionally I think about my future...the void it seems to be, could be. Then again maybe the lights are burned out and it is really a tiny 8x10 room ::shrug:: Overall, those kinds of thughts.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on poetry while at Starbucks downing coffee, or trying to read...alone, or at a party (usually at my apt), or maybe (more rare nowadays though) at a concert.
You should message me if
Our match % is somewhat decent.

You want to go with me to shows. Still annoyed I had to go see Cursive alone, (and basically threw away my extra ticket.)

You'd like to come over and spend the night, and you'd like to feel my arms around you.

You actually understand what an introvert is.

You like poetry. Seriously, you actually like poetry, (not just the idea of it.)
You have opinions, thought out opinions that are somewhat educated/informed.

In this section on your page you didn't list traits that a person has no control over: height, body type/shape, eye color, skin color, level of masculinity, etc. It doesn't make people feel good about themselves, (no matter how "honest" it is,) and I don't know that I want to spend time with someone that is okay with this behavior, (does that make sense?)

You know something that I forgot to add here.